More More Kim Woo Bin Hotness BTS in The Heirs

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The camera just loves this man!!! If I was the camera I would follow him everywhere as well. It has only been 2 days after the finale of The Heirs but I miss the cast so much particularly seeing the handsome face of Kim Woo Bin every Wednesday and Thursday night.
He is just so photogenic! I can’t wait for his next drama and hopefully this time he gets the girl!

Just gorgeous! Swoonnnnnnnnnnn
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Look at happy Woo Bin! I love his smile and perfect teeth!
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Drink up babe! I’ll take you home hehehehe
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What a lucky girl taking selfie with Woo Bin ahhhh I’m jealous! Deeply jealous!
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Whaoooo hug I’m even more jealous!! I want one too!
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The Heirs Photo Book? OMO I want one!!! I’ll pay an arm and a leg for it. Woo Bin looks HOT!
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Some more with the cast of Heirs!
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My two hubbies together!
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This is definitely picture perfect. THREE HOTTIES!!!!
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Goshhhh I miss them so much *cries*

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