[Drama News] BTS Making Videos of Mi Rae’s Choice

This update comes out a tad late because Hanjae and I had to go on the mend after finishing off the recap, LOL! Our initial idea of this post is that we wanted to put up a compiled BTS makings and look back on how fun it was for Mi Rae’s Choice on the set even though the drama itself did not pan out the way it should be. We wanted to appreciate the casts and crews, the friendly atmostphere that enveloped the whole team and simply enjoy watching the couples interact in real life – something we could not be satisfied from watching the drama.

That said, here it is now and I just have a little hiccup with these clips, WHY ARE THERE NO HIGH DEFINITION? [泪]

Episode 10: Member Training

Honestly, I do kind of wish the drama can show a little bit more of the fun side between all the leads. I do understand the messages behind this drama but some light & fun would still be nice in between the seriousness especially Shin and the latter stage of SeMi.

Episode 10: Picnic Scene

SeKyung were so cute! Same for SeMi… and do I sense that the competitive Yong Hwa has come out?

BTS Video of the cheeky, goofy Jung Yong Hwa on the set

This boy can be such a goof it cracks me up so so much! You’re breaking the image of icy cold Chaebol Park I have about you, Yong Hwa!

Yong Hwa: Hi guys! I’m Se Joo Park… hahahaha ROFL!

Episode 13: Chaebol Park & Mi Rae at the Records Room

Episode 16: Last BTS and Wrap Up

Check out the Jung Yong Hwa’s style of running up the stairs! [偷笑]

At the Wrap Up Party

Image source: Twitter, DC & SureLUU


4 thoughts on “[Drama News] BTS Making Videos of Mi Rae’s Choice

  1. It’s nice to watch the happier times of this drama and the real ‘dorky’ Jung Yong Hwa. It would have been perfect if they had filmed a BTS of the 2 Miraes circling Seju while using him as a human shield, as well as the car wash scene. Now those 2 scenes would have been interesting.

    Seeing Yong Hwa’s BTS is not just breaking his cool Chaebol Seju image, but many of the drama fans at DC MHIYD site are pleasantly surprised to see the rocker and sexy side of him through his concert performances as well. This boy is a real chameleon and multi-talented!


    • my online korean friend did tell me that the drama fans are surprised that the cool, gentle sejoo is real rocker in real life LOL. they’ve been searching for his video performances and become his new fans in his music as well.

      same thing goes for him when he did shinwoo in youre beautiful. they said that the silent calm shinwoo is such a active, talkative, funny person in real life LOL

      such nice thing to hear 🙂


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