[News] Lee Min Ho Confirms for ‘Gangnam Blues’

After the success of the drama The Heirs, Starhaus entertainment has announced that Lee Min Ho will be heading to the big screen for the movie Gangnam Blues!

Representative of Lee Min Ho’s agency, Starhaus Entertainment says they have finalized their decision for Lee Min Ho to star in Gangnam Blues. The movie is set in 1970s when the real estate business went through a major change around the Gangnam area and will tell the story of the conspiracy of the government and underground forces at the time. The movie will be directed by Yoo Ha.

Lee Min Ho is casted as the lead – a character with sad, cruel fate and he will be challenging high-level of action scenes. The movie is scheduled to start filming next March and planned to premiere in late 2014.

“Many actors showed their interest in this movie but I had Lee Min Ho in my mind for a long time, even when I was writing the scenario,” said director Yoo Ha. “Lee Min Ho possess leadership quality with a handsome, charming personality, I look forward to create a synergy effect with him in the movie.

Last but not least, Lee Min Ho will attend the official event to launch Korean brand Innisfree’s debut store in Singapore on December 17.  Lee Min Ho is the global brand ambassador of innisfree, which is known for its products crafted using natural ingredients from Jeju island. He will be at the innisfree Festa event.

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7 thoughts on “[News] Lee Min Ho Confirms for ‘Gangnam Blues’

  1. I knew they were just waiting for The Heirs to finish before they confirm this. It would be foolish to let got of this opportunity. I am excited to see LMH on the big screen. My only worry is if he’s ever going to get a vacation before he starts shooting the movie.

    I wonder how it feels to be LMH – only 26 yrs old with highly respected entertainment people lining up to work with you. He has worked hard so I am glad he is in a position to pick his projects.


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