The Heirs: Episode 16

Tan had lost the family that he tried so hard to make whole, because of the crown his father is forcing him to wear and Won’s greed to hold on to that crown. He was forced to lose everything, without a choice.

Eun Sang in going up to Tan’s room, I’m hoping she did not chose any of the options the Chairman gave her and made an option for herself.


We start with Chairman Kim showing Eun Sang two plane tickets while saying he will give her two weeks, she can see Tan as much as she wants. After two weeks, she will go where ever the Chairman wants her to go. He adds as a warning that it will not be in Korea, and will be different from the US, England or France. She can chose between the two, but only one of the tickets will allow her to go up to Tan’s room.

Eun Sang’s mom is doing grocery when she receives weird texts from people she owes saying thanks for paying her debts with interest. Eun Sang’s mom hurries to Ki Ae and ask if she had already given her severance pay, but Ki Ae assume that mom is in a hurry to leave and has already found a new madam and get all jealousy. Mom smiles at that. LOL! Why don’t Ki Ae just admit that she does not want mom to leave.

Mom, goes to talk to Eun Sang next and ask her if the Chairman talked to her. Mom shows Eun Sang the texts she. Eun Sang comments knowingly, that the Chairman made her the girl who took money. Eun Sang readies mom for something she has to say and ask for understanding.

Eun Sang goes up to Tan’s room she had obviously chosen to spend two weeks seeing Tan. Inside his room Tan watches the news about him and Jeguk and thinks about what Won said to him. He hears a knock and when he opens it, he shocked to see Eun Sang. He’s about to ask how she came, but she sushes him, smiles and asks if she can come in. Tan quickly pulls her inside and asks again how she came up. Eun Sang lies that the guards left their post a while, so she took that chance to go up because she miss him.

Tan hugs her and she says again that she misses him, not being able to call him, and not being able to talk to him even if she sees him that’s why she came. Tan tells her, he thought she was like a CGI, that he could see but can’t touch her. Eun Sang apologizes blaming herself for him being locked up. Tan corrects her that it’s not her fault he came home on his own, because the only way they could be together is no to be locked up together. He hold her face and adds that she have to trust him whatever he decides, because she the only one he have now.

Eun Sang asks Tan what’s happening to him. Tan answers that he’s liking her. Eun Sang hugs him and they hug tightly while she cries in his arms.

Won talks to Sec. Yoon about Tan daring him to take his share from him. Sec. Yoon suggest that he try to understand Tan. Won tells him that he has seen so much war within their family about business that he already see Tan and him fighting in the long run. Won also finds it unfair that they had equal shares now, since he thinks Tan has no talent. Really Won? You told Tan not to think and you think he has no talent? Sec. Yoon agrees, Won ask him what side he’s on Sec. Yoon answers that he’s always on Jeguk Groups side. Won inquires if Sec. Yoon is thinking about his Vice President offer. Sec. Yoon says he will give an answer soon.

Next Day, Tan watches the CCTV monitor from his room waiting for Eun Sang. Eun Sang goes out the gate and turns around facing the camera ans wres a message to Tan saying “I was happy to see you in my dreams too!” and mouths “I thought you’d be watching, I’m going to school.” She waves goodbye cheerfully, but when she get a bit far she is trying to suppress her tears.

Eun Sang is greeted by the sight of reporters interviewing students about Tan. One spots her and asks her it Tan is coming to school. Eun Sang is about to answer when Young Do and Myung Soo comes in. Young Do tells the reporter that asking Eun Sang will only make her cry and he tells her to move along. The reporter in turn ask Young Do who he is and if he knows Tan. Young Do answers that he’s Jeguk’s 3rd son and Myung Soo adds he’s the youngest daughter. Young Do “Let’s go Myung Soo(k), Ah!” Myung Soo “Yes, oppa!” OMO! this two cracks me up.

Inside, Eun Sang finds her locker had been trashed. Young Do sees it since he followed Eun Sang and gets upset for her. He orders boxes of soy milk and is ready to trash the other lockers. Eun Sang stops him, he says that he’s getting revenge for her. He figures that he will get the culprit if he trash everyone’s lockers. Eun Sang stops him saying what about the innocent ones. Young Do tells her she didn’t do anything either. Eun Sang smiles commenting she finally figured out Young Do, she thanks him and tells him not to waste food. Young Do says she smiles when she’s grateful. Eun Sang ask him what he’s going to do with the soy milk. Young Do gives it to her and cutely tells her to drink it all.

Eun Sang finds Chan Young and Bo Na at the library. She gives them each a soy milk saying it’s from Young Do, Bo Na is suspicious that Young Do might have poisoned the drinks. LOL! Eun Sang surprises Bo Na with Chan Young childhood photo. Bo Na gets excited and asks if she has more, the kind she could use when Chan Young and her breaks up. HAHAHA!!! Eun Sang advises them not to break up. Eun Sang says sorry to Bo Na first then hugs Chan Young. Bo Na ask if she’s crazy but she gets hug too! OMO! Is Eun Sang trying to say good bye. Chan Young and Bo Na finds her behavior odd, and Eun Sang tells them she just wanted to do that suddenly.

Sec. Yoon goes to see Tan for their lessons. He asks Tan what he do inside his room all day. Tan says thinking of bad things, things that will ruin all of his relationships. Sec. Yoon carefully informs Tan that evil Daddy plans to send Eun Sang abroad. He also tells Tan that he know the Chairman well, he is ruthless than his imagination both as a father and a businessman.

Tan angry, goes out of his room wearing his uniform. He goes straight to his dads office and takes his phone even with evil Dads objection. He calls Ji Sook and asks her to pick him up so he could go to school. Dad asks him if he just called Ji Sook so he can go to school to see Eun Sang. Tan says yes, and Ji Sook readily agrees because of the stocks dad has given him. Tan tells dad not to touch Eun Sang and threatens to use the the stocks Dad has given like sword, they will not know who he will use it against.

Inside the car. Ji Sook tells Tan that it’s good he has money and power now, he can even order her now. She warns that Tan will have to pay her back for such favors someday, he might regret it. Tan retorts that she must be regretting now when he called, for everything she did to Ki Ae and him before. She advises that they should make it look good for the reporters waiting at the school.

In front of the school they make a show for the journalist. This is all being watched by Myung Soo, Chan Young, Bo Na and Ye Sul. Myung Soo says he’s been Tan’s neighbor for years but never seen anything like that. Chan Young thought Ji Sook was strict. Ye Sul says they are putting on a show, Bo Na adds that the more you have the more people are interested in you. Myung Soo comments that since Tan became a major share holder, even illegitimate he still is untouchable.

Tan first order of business going back to school is go straight to Eun Sangs class, pack her things and drags her to Myung Soo’s studio. He up-ends Eun Sang’s bag, goes through all her things and finds the ticket to Buenos Aires.

Tan fuming mad asks “Do you even like me? Do you even trust me?” Eun Sang ask for the ticket back but Tan just says if she want to die and rips it. Tan tells her:

“Do you think I’m an idiot? How can you not tell me after you received this? When did you get this? Did you come to my room after you got this? This ticket means you can’t go back to Korea. It means don’t even think to come back! Yet, you accepted this and came to my room? And smiled? Smiled?” Eun Sang answers; what could she do, she was scared that she could not see Tan again if she leaves right away. She had no other choice. Tan yells that she should have told him and let him handle his dad. “I already lost everything, You are the only one I got. I can’t lose you too! Please, don’t get hurt when I’m not there. That just drives me crazy, huh?” Eun Sang cries, and nods. Tan says sorry for making her cry, while cupping her face and whipping her tears.

Young Do comes in asking what they are fighting about again. Tan tells to take care of Eun Sang for him a while and will come back for her later. When Tan is gone Young Do asks Eun Sang why she cried. When she does not answer Young Do ask for the payment of the favor he owes her. She says she will pay him after school, will eating noodles be enough.

Jeguks Kim family goes to dinner covered by reporters. At dinner Won suggest they watch something next time, they don’t need to talk and still get pictures taken. Daddy Kim laughs fakely and agrees, he ask Ji Sook about the developments on the finding Won a wife project. Ji Sook says she just needs to  schedule everything and ask for Won’s free time. Won tells the he will get married when he wants to but dad overrules him.

Daddy Kim informs him that there is a special shareholders meeting in two weeks about Won’s dismissal as CEO and the other nominee is Sec. Yoon. Won is surprised that even after he took out Dads people he was still that powerful. Dad reminds Won that Jeguk is still not his company and that he became CEO because he got sick. Dad and Ji Sook leaves after dad saying he lost his appetite.

Tan stands to leave too, but Won stops him wanting to talk to him. Tan tells him not to waste time since he need to talk to people. Won can talk to Tan last since he has always been last to Won. Tan leaves Won there worried.

Won calls Sec. Yoon. In his office, Won fuming asks Sec. Yoon if he knew everything and assumes that Sec. Yoon was laughing behind his back. Sec. Yoo just tells him that he just need to beat his dad and he will accept the vice president position.

Tan is back at Myung Soo’s studio, but Eun Sang and Young Do are not there. He calls Eun Sang but Young Do answers her phone. Tan asks where they are, Young Do answers they are in his heart and hangs up. LOL!

Eun Sang grabs her phone from Young Do asking why rich people always answers other people’s phone. Instead of answering Young Do guesses that Daddy Kim has made Eun Sang kneel. Eun Sang denies it, but Young Do does not believe her and says Tan must have caught her. Eun Sang changes the subject and ask him why they ate spicy rice cakes instead of noodles. Young Do answers, so they can eat again next time. He make Eun Sang write a contract that they will eat noodles and she does without reluctance. He point out that it’s not normal for Eun Sang to do that and asks again why she cried.

Realizing she won’t answer, Young Do let’s it go. He tells her to memorize Tan and his number and call if something comes up, then adds it will be better if she just calls for nothing. She tells him they should go home if he’s not eating her mom might be worried and it’s getting late. He tells her to go ahead since it will make Tan angry and let her take his car.

Young Do is sitting there alone when Tan arrives. Young Do tells him Eun Sang is gone and Tan answers he knew Young Do will send her home and Eun Sang will not stay. Young Do asks why he came. Tan just says thank you for helping him escape Dad. Young Do asks Tan if he have another secret, like if he was a girl before. He is annoyed that the secret he kept for three years is already out just like that. Tan gets up and tells him lets go. Young Do turns serious and informs him that dad got to Eun Sang already. Tan says he knows, so he should stay out of it. Tan tells him to go with him again, Young Do tells him to go ahead. Tan tell him not to sit there alone.

Ki Ae is slumped drunk on the floor while evil daddy Kim berates her for being drunk. Tan comes in and immediately tries to assist his mom. Ki Ae is happy to see him, and says she is celebrating Tan becoming a major shareholder in Jeguk alone since she can’t go out in pub;ic with him. Evil dad continues to berate her saying that this is the reason he can’t show Ki Ae in public and that she is Tan’s flaw. Ki Ae hearing that is hurt and asks him if she made that flaw alone, if she made Tan alone. Go! omma tell that evil dad!

Evil dad screams at her to go, but Tan screams back at dad to not scream at his mom. Tan continues.  “My life is already full of flaws and one more will not even be noticed. For mom the sky is the ceiling of this house. You’re the one who made that happen. Be a father and a husband you should be. I wont stand this any longer.”

Dad asks him what then is he going to do. Tan answers thet he wouldn’t want to know, he don’t know what he’s going to do next either. Don’t make him ally with dads enemies and don’t make him think about it. Eun Sang listens to all this crouched on the floor and scared. Evil dad is surprised. Tan takes Ki Ae to her room.

Won rattles Hyun Joo’s door, he shouts for her to come out. Hyun Joo comes out and tells him she will give him five minutes. Won tells her to go to America and stay there for three years until he comes for her. She asks why should she, it’s her life. Won tells her because he wants to be with her, but she shouts at him that he can’t. Won upset shouts back that she should go because he does not want her to see him fail. She asks what happened, Won tells her that is the reason he wants her to go, he does not want her to see what he got sacrificing her. Hyun Joo sees his despair and agrees not to read the articles about him. Won grabs her for a hug.

Eun Sang is staring at nothing in her room, she get a text from Tan asking where she is. She answers that she’s home about to sleep. Tan text back for her to come out and bring her passport or hell go in and look for it. When she comes out of her room Tan is there waiting and quickly takes her passport.




Tan takes her in the closet to scold her for not being at the studio like he said and tells her to do as he says. He begs her to listen to him and from now on go to and from school with him, she nods. Tan suddenly grabs her chin and kisses her. At first it was urgent with so much force and desperateness, fearing that she’d disappear wanting hold on to her tightly. Eun Sang surprised, grabs his shirt. Slowly as they get into more of the kiss, they take in the passion of the moment and kiss longingly. Tan hugs Eun Sang afterwards and tell her not to go anywhere and promise him. Eun Sang just hugs him tighter.

The next day Eun Sang gets surprised that Tan is already waiting for her to go to school. Eun Sang is scared, so Tan tells her it’s okay and get in the car since dad had already seen it on the CCTV. They go together.

Rachel reports about her book assignment about “The Great Gatsby” making it a point to take a dig at Tan and Eun Sang’s relationship comparing it to Gatsby and Daisy. Outside Rachel finds herself the subject of gossip together with Hyo Shin because of the kiss make that two kisses at Chan Young and Bo Na’s party. She calls Hyo Shin when she sees him down the hallway asking for him to avoid her. He teases her at first, but when they come face to face they both feel awkward and agree to avoid each other. LOL! there’s a new awkward couple in Jeguk High

Won with the shareholders. He meets with Esther, Young Do’s dad and Ji Sook, they all agree. Won meets Tan last, telling him to be on his side. Tan doesn’t like his tone telling him to ask not order him. Tan let’s it slip though saying he will side with Won since dad is bothering his girl, telling Won to get her an apartment in return. Won ask if it the girl in the maids room and he’s doing this for just a girl. Tan answers yes, he will do everything for just a girl. But, don’t call her “just a girl” because she is his everything now. Won agrees and adds a car and a driver with the apartment. Tan tells Won to call him when it’s ready and leaves. Won why don’t you just be nice to Tan?! Haist!

Young Do is at Myung Soo’s studio staring at the band-aid Eun Sang gave him. Myung Soo notices him and ask if he’s hurt. Young Do answers that he does not know when he got hurt and it’s still not healing. He asks Myung Soo where he’s going. Myung Soo tells him he’s going to dinner with his family and invited Young Do saying he looks thin. Young Do says he has plans. Myung Soo ask where, when and with whom. Young Do answers he knows who and where, but don’t know when. He gets up and leave, so Myung Soo shouts at him not to wait in front of Eun Sang’s place.

Which is what Young Do does. He waits there a while, but Eun Sang seems to be not going home so he leaves for the convenient store. There he sees Eun Sang staring at nothing and surprise her by putting his jacket on her. Young Do teases her to wait for him in a place with a roof next time, and advises her not to sleep outside since it’s cold. Eun Sang tells him she only did it once, but Young Do tells her he already saw her do that three times. Eun Sang apologizes and he says it was nothing he like knowing it alone.

Eun Sang wished she had known earlier that he’s is a bad guy and a good guy. Young Do says it’s not to late she can start now, but Eun Sang regretfully says no. She advises him that next time he likes a girl not to trip her to hold her hand or threaten her to eat jajjangmyun. She takes off his jacket and gives it back saying she got warm for a while, and tries to leave. Young Do stops her. Eun Sang says she has a date with Tan, but Yound Do knows Tan is at the shareholders meeting and has no time. Eun Sang insist saying Tan will meet her before going to the meeting.

Young Do tells her he knows about farewells and people running away. Eun Sang does not look like she is meeting someone but looks like loosing someone. He asks if she got kicked out or if she’s moving. Eun Sang says she moving out soon, and ask him to find a place cheap maybe even near his place so they can be neighbors. She leaves him there looking worried.

Tan goes to Won’s office to get the apartment key for Eun Sang, Won reminds him again about the shareholders meeting and how to vote. Tan is not surprised that Won does not trust him, but still gets annoyed. Won advises him to be careful dad will eventually find Eun Sang. Tan says he knows, he just want dad to see.

“I loved you and dad for the last 18 years, that love is now over. She’s the only one left for me. So regardless of who I am, my birth secret and my age, I will do everything in my power to protect her. It’s a warning not to touch her.”

Eun Sang is walking around looking at stores, while Young Do follows her secretly afraid she’s leaving. Eun Sang sees a couple inside on of the shops buying couple shoes. Eun Sang thinks about what evil dad told her about how she’s ruining Tan. Young Do watches Eun Sang while she’s reflecting on this. Tan shows up and surprises her with a back hug, they look so happy. Young Do looks sad and quietly drives away.

Tan and Eun Sang sits in a cafe sporting new couple shoes. Eun Sang is extra happy about it and Tan laughs at how happy she is. She tells him she’s happy because it’s their first couple item. OMO! Tan and Eun Sang looks so happy. Eun Sang ask if they can show the shoes off and Tan tell her they should since they are going somewhere.

Tan takes her to the new apartment saying it’s hers. Tan tells her she should move because he’s worried about evil dad. Eun Sang asks if his dad knows. Tan says dad will soo find out, but promises that he will not let dad touch her. Eun Sang asks if it the way Tan is letting her get though all threshold. Tan says it’s just the beginning. He apologizes for it being immature, selfish and one sided he promises to do better. He will try harder so it will be something she can understand.

Eun Sang almost in tears looks away and finally notices the dream catcher. Tan ask when she plans to move in. Eun Sang suppressing her tears, answers tomorrow and reminds Tan about the meeting. She tells him she will stay they a bit to take pictures for her mom. Tan ask how she will get home, she tells him she got to America alone she will be fine.

Tan agrees and they walk to the door. They linger there waving goodbye and smiling at each other.  Tan comments the look like a married couple. Eun Sang pouting tells him he said they look like a married couple and surprises him with a peck on the cheek. Tan complains for not giving him a warning. Eun Sang quips he never gives her a warning either. LOL! yes Tan this is payback Eun Sang should do more!

They say goodbye to each other, Eun Sang promises to wait for him at home. They wave and smile some more and Tan closes the door and smiles as leave. As soon as Tan is gone Eun Sang breaks down, all the suppressed tears burst out. Noooohhh!!! Don’t do this you promised to wait!!!

At the shareholders meeting the votes are cast. Won wins by a landslide which is odd, it turns out evil dad was just teaching his sons a lesson. Dad mockingly congratulates Won, but Won just walks out fuming. Evil dad then tells Tan that he was just teaching Won a lesson by humiliating him a bit.It’s not only for Won but Tan too, and reveals that Eun Sang has left an hour ago. Tan runs out trying to contact Eun Sang but her phone is off.

At the mansion Ki Ae reads a letter from Hee Nam apologizing for leaving without a word. Tan gets home and Ki Ae tells him they are gone. Tan rushes to Eun Sang’s room which is now empty. Tan goes to her part time job and is told she quit. Tan goes to the school and looks at her locker now empty, he slams the locker door frustrated. He calls Chan Young, but Eun Sang did not call him either.

Tan goes back at the apartment, alone in the dark staring out at the vast city lights. He remembers what evil dad told him after the meeting, about the price of the sword he wielded today was losing her. Tears starts to fall, and as if he can’t bear it anymore Tan falls on his knees and cries as if his heart was just torn out.


I don’t understand the logic behind Daddy Kim pitting Won and Tan against each other. Isn’t it going to be more beneficial for Jeguk Group if he thought the brothers how to work together and share, so that the mistakes in the past does not happen again?!

Won is seeing little by little how Tan fights for the people he love. I’ve seen Won look at Tan with admiration when he saw what Tan would do for Eun Sang. I wish that admiration will melt Won’s heart and accept his brother. They should help each other to beat their father at his game.

Eun Sang leaving Tan like that, had crushed Tan so hard. Perhaps Eun Sang wanted to ease Tan’s burden, because she thinks that him suffering is her fault. But unbeknownst to her Tan made her his anchor and without her, he will be like a ship adrift in a restless sea.

A part of Tan died when Eun Sang left and I hope that part not the goodness in him. If that part is gone we will see a destructive Tan and he might even come out worst than the Lucifer they experienced before he was exiled in the US. This time not even being exiled will change him, since he already lost everything.

I would just like to say kudos to Lee Min Ho in expressing Tan’s desperation and pain. That cry at the ending was so gut wrenching I was bawling like a baby. Awesome job Lee Min Ho!

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