Song Seung Heon The Man in MEN’S UNO HK

Ahhhh … Song Seung Heon – all suited up in December issue 2013 of Men’s UNO HK.

I think he has been around the entertainment industry for about 10 years + now and man, he still looks so good (except I see receding hair line, cough)! Nonetheless, the man still has got his charm and I will forever jealous of that long eye lashes. My only wish is that his acting and the drama / movie he does turns out as good as he looks. Sigh ~ After My Princess with Kim Tae Hee, I have actually suffered through both disastrous dramas of his namely Dr. Jin and When A Man Loves. T^T He’s lucky I liked the re-make of Ghost so that’s 2 Good vs 2 Bad.

Alright, on to ogle on the man and not his work! ^ ^

From: Song Seung Heon’s Weibo | Men’s Uno HK