[Drama News] The Heirs LINE Updated 2 New Pics!

Did you guys get the update? ^ ^

SBS has gone crazy releasing The Heirs photo stills today ~~ well, it’s the last week and the finale so I shall not complain. If you want them for collection, please go >> HERE

Hmm… now that I think about it. Tan is definitely not mini daejang. Why? Daejang holds grudges and Tan forgives her too easily! 😛

From: The Heirs LINE


3 thoughts on “[Drama News] The Heirs LINE Updated 2 New Pics!

  1. @La Petite
    But Daejang doesn’t hold grudges against someone he loves. 😛
    Tan is cute, but Daejang is sexy. Is that better?

    By the way, Tan has too many bruises on his face after a fight, while Daejang never got hurt from any fight, unless he’s fighting Dragon Face. 😛


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