[Drama News] The Fun & Laughters BTS of The Heirs

I love Lee Min Ho‘s infectious smiles or laughters and this is definitely my favourite from the lot! [太开心]

The Heirs will air its finale December 12 so be sure to stay tuned for tonight’s Episode 19 and tomorrow’s finale on SBS. I request no ‘crying’ in the comment section because uri Crazies – Ducky and BBSwooner have been wailing in despair behind the scenes every single day since last week. [哼] Let’s just smile like The Heirs casts and wish them all a happy, healthy and successful future after this. Besides, we will see them all together again for DVD promotion around the world anyway! Oh! Be sure to share the DVD BTS and NG scenes (bloopers) with me whoever that decide to buy it! HAHAHA! [嘻嘻]

OH! The interview that Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye went on will air tonight! Here’s a teaser of the interview:








(1) Tandoori Couple [鼓掌]

(2) MyungDo Couple [哈哈]

(3) Overly Lovey Dovey Goosebump-Inducing Couple

(4) TanSang Couple

The Heiress:

The Heirs


I forgot to put these ones up the other day…

Lee Min Ho Food Truck and Interview with Kim Woo Bin & Daddy Kim

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  1. Such gorgeous cast. I love them all!!! I’m not going to weep here but I’ll find another spot to weep my heart out hehehe I’m going to be like Kim Tan LOL I’ll miss them!


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