[Drama News] Lee Min Ho Auctioning Kim Tan’s Clothes from The Heirs

First news of today is that Lee Min Ho will donate Kim Tan’s wardrobe for an auction event.

On December 11, Lee Min Ho’s agency Starhaus Entertainment representative says: “Lee Min Ho will select around 10 pieces of clothing he has worn and put up for auction. The money will be donated to charity.” The clothes that made Lee Min Ho looks exceptionally handsome will go through charity auction and help people with poor or difficult living condition.

Kim Tan’s wardrobe from The Heirs will go through a stylist agency named Euphoria Seoul for the auction. The event will take place on December 16 once a week and this auction would run in a total of 3 weeks. The first round, 10 of Kim Tan’s clothes will be available for auction.

According to Starhaus, Lee Min Ho is the person who suggested in participating in the charity auction.

P.S. I hope he keeps the Gucci blue sweater and coat!

From: Euphoria Seoul | MWave


2 thoughts on “[Drama News] Lee Min Ho Auctioning Kim Tan’s Clothes from The Heirs

  1. I know… He better keep that Gucci coat and turtle neck. Heard the coat alone cost almost USD 3k. Comparing his airport fashion to Kim Tan’s style, I bet he probably won’t wear most of these clothes anyway so it is such a PR savvy move to donate the clothes he paid for to a charity auction. I love that LMH is smart that way.

    Some people have complained about his agency’s drama choices for him. I disagree. I am happy he is now in a position to choose his projects and that big-name directors and writers want to work with him. I love that he makes his decisions based on the people he wishes to work with e.g.Faith (the sandglass PD), Heirs (KES). I hope he accepts the movie offer he got bec that director is also awesome. He does 1 drama project per year anyway – might as well make it count.


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