[Drama News] The Heirs: Episode 19 Preview

Hahaha oh dear! Please tell me he didn’t score 100 again!!! Such a shit for pretending to be hurt by Hee Nam. Lol!

600 over years ago, Tan’s ancestor Choi Young gets hit by Lady Choi… 600 over years later, Tan still still gets whacked. Some things just don’t change. HAHAHAHAHA!


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  1. What’d happen to KW in the scene his car hit the pavement and then KT rushed into hospital? JS lined up her people for a war? I’m really worried.


  2. I am truly going to miss The Heirs. The writing was not pitch perfect for me. But the lead actors did a marvelous job and made the story alive. I think i fell in love by episode 5 – that revelation to ES was just done so well. I am truly amazed at LMH – he looked uncomfortable in the beginning playing an 18-year old but somehow the switch just turned by episode 5 & he was behaving like one. He may not have looked it but he certainly behaved like one.I like how consistent his character is – subdued, starved for love, never gives us, always opening himself up to be hurt by the people he loved. Kim Tan is so different from other roles he has done (always the strong, assured one) that I think I will treasure KT as much as CY and LYS. I am so proud of his improvement. PSH made me a fan – she cries so beautifully. I didn’t really notice in YAB but she cried so often here that its hard to miss. She made me cry before LMH did (when she apologized to her Mom after she came back from the US). KWB was good but I wish he would play a role other than that of a bully. He had definite highlights in the drama, but I hope he doesn’t get typecasted.

    I thank KES for her story even if I did feel she failed to develop the 2nd level characters. i guess at the end of the day, this was really Kim Tan’s story and that of ES, since she personaly sought out LMH for the role. LMH is really blessed – he’s got solid, strong writers creating their stories with him in mind from the vey beginning. (The other one was Faith’s SJN, right?)

    The PD team did a good job too. I can name a favorite scene from every episode. The drama wasn’t perfect. But the fact that I can remember specific scenes that moved me every episode is a testament to the fact that I will probably remember it for a long time and watch it over and over again just to see Kim Tan and Eun Sang fall in love. Last time this happened was Full House and that was ages ago.

    Nice to have met you, The Heirs. I’m glad I watched you as you were showing in KR instead of waiting for you to finish.


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