Fan Made Videos for Mi Rae’s Choice

Even though Mi Rae’s Choice has officially wrapped up, it isn’t over because I only found time to start looking at goodies and videos. LOL. I stumbled upon a few really well made ones by Boice (I think) and just want to share it. ^ ^ The videos are high quality and very well done with suitable BGM so it is worth the collection. 🙂

Park Se Joo

Park Se Joo [Special Cut]

Park Se Joo: She has put a spell on me

Seo Yoo Kyung: Park Se Joo, you touched my heart

Park Se Joo: I can’t explain it but she is just that one

Park Se Joo’s Unrequited Love

Park Se Joo & Na Mi Rae

Na Mi Rae: Who should I choose?

Park Se Joo: Why won’t you see me?

Credit videos to lreeyw


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