[Fashion] EXO and Seo Yea Ji as Sponsors of IVY CLUB

Everybody should know EXO, right? Right?

Okay, I’ll admit first. Not me! HAHAHA! I totally suck in following KPOP but their song ‘Miracle in December’ caught my attention when it was being used as a BGM for The Heirs fan made video. They are a KPOP boy band of… um… let me count… okay, 12 boys. LOL!

Anyway, EXO and Seo Yea Ji have been invited to be the sponsor / representative of the apparel brand named IVY CLUB and here are some pictures to ogle at. I apologize for my inability to name them all… I am unsure I’ll ever be able to remember them all especially up till now, I can’t even name all the ones from Super Junior & the sub SJ, TVXQ, JYJ and so on. sweat >> Too challenging for me when I’m very bad with Korean names.

Q _ Q

Okay, ogling time for you girls of EXO’s fans and calling Ducky and Hanjae. You two can start identifying the boys on my behalf!

Okay, I know this one… Luhan! XD

Behind the scenes for the Photoshoot:

Let’s listen to some EXO’s music:

Miracles in December (Chinese)

Miracles in December (Korean)

Piano Cover

Source: Sina | IVY Club Korea | Facebook | Youtube


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  1. I wonder why boybands/girlbands in korea n japan consist of so many people. I mean, do they really need that many in one group.. for singing? Weird at first, but getting use to… many cutties, better than few.


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