The Heirs: Episode 15

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The previous episode left most fans of the Heirs with butterflies in our stomach. We eagerly waited for this episode with high expectations of more OTP moments after they publicly declared their love. Although the OTP moments were minimal this episode did meet expectations as it delivered laughs, relationship development, character development and lots of emotional scenes. If you have been waiting for bromance this is the episode for TanDo fans! 

We continue from one of the best scenes in the drama so far. Gorgeous Tan sweetly cups Eun Sang’s face in his hands and softly kisses her on the forehead for the world to see. Eun Sang closes her eyes basking in the love and feeling the moment. These lovebirds are in a world of there own not even noticing the shock reactions of those around them. This is the longest and sweetest forehead kiss in kdrama this year. Well at least it was for me. Such a beautiful moment between our Social Care Cha Eun Sang and Illegitimate Son Kim Tan!

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Bwaahahaha angry Rachel is outside annoyed that her evil plan has backfired on her. She is struggling to take off the corsage from her wrist. Young Do approaches and roughly takes it off for her. He is angry that Rachel deliberately called Eun Sang to the party as a catering service. He warns her that he will let this incident slide since Eun Sang had revealed the secret herself but this is to be the last time that Rachel should pull something like this.

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Rachel wants to know if Eun Sang knows about Young Do’s protective attitude. Young Do replies no of course not as it would be too embarrassing. Myung Soo comes out just in time to stop Young Do from heading back in and witnessing the awesome moment. Sweet cake Myung Soo distracts Young Do with jibber jabbers and Young Do asked him if he was drunk. His efforts are wasted when other students head out and start gossiping about the kiss. Heartbroken and defeated Young Do leaves.

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Hyo Shin arrives as Rachel is about to head back inside. Hyo Shin asks her why she is standing outside the venue. The liar said it’s because she waiting for him and wanted to see him. Hyo Shin is confused. Anyone would be!!!

Before he is able to digest what Rachel just said he gets a call from Hyun Joo. She yells at him for not taking the college entrance exam. She tells him his mum is furiously looking for him. Hyo Shin sighs that it took this much for her to call him. He said he will tell her his location if she promises to come alone.

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Meanwhile back at the house Ki Ae has enlisted Hee Nam to help her scoop around Daddy Kim’s safe. Ki Ae tries to open the safe while Hee Nam keeps an eye out for anyone coming. Ki Ae tries all birthdays and other important dates and none were a match. Hee Nam sees this and offers her expertise in safe opening. She uses the pencil sharpenings as dust and blows it on the safe buttons to locate the password. To Ki Ae’s disappointment it turns out to be Wonny mama’s birthday. Hmmm interesting! Seems like Daddy Kim’s first love meant a lot to him!!

Ki Ae rummages through the safe and finds an interesting envelop. She takes a look inside and is shocked at all the spy pictures taken. One particular picture sends her shock level higher.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0156_zps30397377.png  photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0162_zps80f763c8.png

Back at the party Tanny and Eun Sang are both happy after their public display of affection. The kids are asking Hyo Shin about his college entrance exam. He lies to them that it was okay. Unfortunately Rachel is also back at the party. Tan heads over to talk to her and tells Chan Young to block Eun Sang’s view.

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Bitchy Rachel asks is Tanny is happy now that everyone knows he is dating a charity case. Tan replies that he wishes Rachel can become happy as well. Vindictive Rachel says she can now give up on Tan liking her but she can’t let him be happy. Hmmm yep Rachel that’s how you show that you love someone!
She wants to see him to lose someone for gaining Eun Sang.

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Rachel walks over to Hyo Shin and kisses him. Everyone is shocked. At the right time Hyun Joo arrives and sees the kiss. Hyo Shin sees Hyun Joo as Rachel kisses him. They pull away and Hyo Shin asks if Rachel is doing this to get back at Tanny. Poor Hyo Shin being used as a piece of meat!

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Rachel tells Hyo Shin that she wants to ruin his friendship with Tanny and that she has no feelings for him. Rachel is about to leave as Hyo Shin stops her, tells her he has no feelings for her either and proceeded to kiss her for Hyun Joo to see.

Bwahahaha you use me so I’ll use you too! Nice one Hyo Shin. What a waste of an effort seriously. Generally you do it to make another party jealous but in this instance I think Tanny and Hyun Joo don’t really care. Futile attempt but at least they got some skinship which might develop into ‘feelings’ maybe?

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Bo Na is pissed that her party is ruined by all these couples kissing each other. It seems like Bo Na and Chan Young’s limelight has been stolen from them. Talking about stealing the cute couple’s thunder!! First TanSang and now potential Crazycouple!

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The party has ended and Eun Sang is stumbling her way home. Tanny is following from behind laughing at her. He asks her what she had at the party. Tipsy Eun Sang says three juices. Tanny laughs realizing that Myung Soo must have spiked the drinks. It seems tipsy Eun Sang likes to aeygo which is making it hard for Tanny to control himself.

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Eun Sang turns around and smiles at Tanny complimenting him: “Kim Tan..extremely cool Kim Tan.”
Very pleased Tanny replies: “Stop being so cute. You’re very dangerous right now.”
Eun Sang keeps talking: “The one who walks over to me whenever he sees me, Kim. The one who keeps running into misfortune because of me, Kim Tan”
Tanny doesn’t want to hear it anymore and threatens to just leave her here if she keeps talking like that. Eun Sang cutely shakes her head.

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Eun Sang confesses: “Kim Tan, I’ve started liking you. That’s the truth” She takes his hand with a happy smile on her face. The look of happiness on Tanny’s face is priceless. Tanny can feel Eun Sang’s cold hands and starts to blow on them to keep them warm.

Eun Sang happily smiles as Tanny continues to blow on her hand but the sweet moment is interrupted by a phone call.
This definitely is one of my favourite TanSang scenes. The way they smile at each other is so sweet. Especially when Tanny is blowing to keep her hands warm – I just love it!

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So the person interrupting TanSang’s sweet moment is mummy Tan. She has called him to meet her at hotel saying that it was an emergency. She tells him she has a plan to fix the engagement with Tanny and Rachel. She tells Tan to first apologise to Rachel. Tan says he doesn’t want to live a fake life anymore. Ki Ae reminds him he isn’t a fake and he is Jeguk’s second son. Tan questions: “Then what are you? Is it not enough to just be Kim Tan’s mom? Am I nothing to you too if I am not Jeguk Group’s second son?” Mum doesn’t say anything just taking in what her son just said.

He thanks mum for bringing him clothes and leaves to go return to the hotel room but Wonny is not there.

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Hyo Shin is at home with mum and dad paying the price for not taking the college entrance exam. At first the parents appear to be understanding towards to Hyo Shin however, in negotiating the terms they gave him the option to do what he wants for one year but he still has to go to law school. Hyo Shin was hopeful for one second there only to be disappointed at his parents for not listening to him. He exclaims that they are suffocating him! Dad ignores Hyo Shin’s objections and explains that he understands that Hyo Shin has a dream but he must remember that dad also has a dream for Hyo Shin.
Goshh so sad so so sad! I feel so bad for him. Maybe Rachel can help him out? Yeah?

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Next day at school Tan sees Hyo Shin sitting by the bench. Tan scolds him for not taking the college entrance exams. Hyo Shin says all the other kids are looking and gossiping at them because of yesterday and shouldn’t things be a little awkward between them now. Tan obviously doesn’t care since he has like zero feelings for Rachel just sits down next to Hyo Shin and asks him about his parents.
Hyo Shin replies that his parents just said: “You can do it. Lee Hyo Shin.”
Tan asks what kind of hell Hyo Shin is living in. Hyo Shin apologizes for yesterday and that he just wanted to show someone something.
Tan asks jokingly: “Was it me?”
I love their bromance and I just hope Hyo Shin is able to escape his hell hole of a situation.

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In the school gym, three girls that were at the party, come up to Eun Sang to bully her. They are pissed that she lied about being new money and now dating Kim Tan. Eun Sang apologizes for lying. One girl pushes her and asks how she managed to seduce Kim Tan. White knight is there to scare the bullies away. Eun Sang thanks him for being her black knight. He objects that he is not the black knight because that would be Tanny gets to be the prince on a white horse. LOL OMG childish Young Do cracks me up. See Young Do this how you talk to a girl you like.
Young Do continues: “My face is whiter!” This manages to crack a smile from Eun Sang. Hahahaha adorable!

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They discuss about Hyo Shin and Eun Sang interestingly points out that they are having a normal conversation without Young Do threatening her about her secret. Young Do is slightly taken back by this and exclaims that Eun Sang is coming in too fast which makes him uncomfortable.
Eun Sang says to Young Do: “I was just wondering if you were not used to telling your story.”
Defensive but cute Young Do tells her to go on her way so Eun Sang cheekily asks if he was walking her to safety. Young Do complains that she never realizes the things he does for her. Young Do gets called out by the teacher.

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Hahahaha Young Do and Tanny are pretending to wash the windows as punishment. They see Daddy Choi and Hyung walking into the school. OMG I love their faces. They look like freaked out like little kids who have caused trouble!
Tan asks Young Do: “Did you tell your dad”
Young Do asks Tanny the same thing.
Tanny asks what about the report card and whether Young Do showed them to his dad. Young Do asks can’t they just say that Young Do hit Kim Tan.
Hahahaha OMG they are just adorable!

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0562_zpsf6c1303c.png  photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0557_zpsca49e953.png

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 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0594_zps24f38371.png  photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0596_zps91dfc69f.png

They all have a meeting with Ji Sook in her office. Ji Sook tells them that Young Do and Kim Tan causing trouble. First she tells Daddy Choi about Young Do’s ranking in class as number 98. Ji Sook then tells Wonny that Kim Tan is ranked 100th. Tanny bites his lips in embarrassment. Won asks if this is nationwide. Ji Sook replies that it is in his grade out of 100 students in class.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0626_zps2844ac9d.png  photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0627_zps20aa7434.png

Won looks at Tan in disbelief. Puppy Tan responds to hyung’s expression: “I don’t do middle.” Hahahahaha OMG this is hilarious! The look on Won’s face is priceless!!

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0648_zps8c7ab2dd.png  photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0674_zps161b0dd5.png

Meeting is done and Young Do is dreading what Daddy Choi would do to him. Daddy comments that Young Do’s IQ has no relation to his grades. To his surprise Daddy is happy that Young Do had beaten Tanny for the first time. Young Do escapes punishment for the funniest reason. Young Do gives a disbelief face. Hahahahahaha another priceless face expression!!! I love it.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0714_zps3ce40d12.png  photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0726_zpsfb378317.png

Embarrassed Tanny hangs his head in shame as Wonny gives him an earful for doing so poorly in school. Won asks Tanny if he intends take his finals the same way. Tanny replies no promises hyung he will do better. Awwwwwwwwww
Won comments sarcastically: “Well, is there any way that you could do worse?” Puppy Tan exclaims with a smile on his face: “Why do I like you being angry?
Tanny is happy that hyung seems to care about him. Wonny is caught off guard and asks if Tanny attends classes at all or does he wash windows all day? Tanny thanks hot hyung for coming before leaving. Hahahahaha I love it when Tanny and Wonny are together. I just hope they can just work together as brothers. You hear me Wonny keep showing affection and warmth.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0752_zps493306de.png  photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0743_zps4c4d361e.png

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0792_zps429ddb51.png  photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0805_zpsa1680d71.png

Hyun Joo is walking down the hallway. Wonny sees her but Hyun Joo continues to walk pass him. Won speaks up and asks if Hyun Joo is having a hard time at the school since her face looks thinner. Hyun Joo replies that the students are treating her like a teacher for now because the article about her being an orphan is not released till next week. Wonny informs her that there will not be an article. He tells her to answer her phone and he’s not going to kill her. Hyun Joo asks Wonny if he blocked the article but he doesn’t reply and just walks away. Both Hyun Joo and Wonny look pained, both suffering from love sick.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0823_zps8a20b7b7.png  photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0828_zps9e4e5b6d.png
Ki Ae is meeting Esther about Tanny and Rachel’s engagement. Ki Ae tells Esther she wants to formally end the engagement. Esther laughs at Ki Ae’s statement and thinks that it is not a decision they can make. Ki Ae tells Esther this is Tan’s and her opinion. Esther rudely replies she’s not interested in Tan or Ki Ae’s opinion and that she doesn’t need to have important discussions with Ki Ae. Ki Ae says that as they are important discussions it will be done with her since she is Kim Tan’s mother. Esther jabs that Tanny’s mother is the Chairwoman.
Ki Ae tells Esther that she doesn’t care what Esther thinks of her as. Tan and Rachel are too young to be caught between a promise of two companies.
Esther replies that this isn’t something that Tan’s side can call the shots in since he is illegitimate.
Ki Ae says she didn’t want to go this far and pulls out photos of Esther and Yoon kissing. Angry Esther is forced to agree to call off the engagement.

Woohoooo Go Tanny Omma!!! I love how she listened to Tanny and considered his point of view. She loves Tan and believes that this is the best thing she could do to ensure his happiness. She is acting as a mother who put their child’s happiness first. Bravo Ki Ae you made me proud today!!!

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0846_zps2e9b0d2d.png

Back at school Hyun Joo is giving the students in class an assignment to read one of five books from The Sorrows of Young Werther, The Great Gatsby, Les Miserables, Anna Karenina, Pride and Prejudice and produce a response to them in a unique and creative way. She wants them to work in groups. Rachel complains that these are all books in elementary but Hyun Joo tells them people change, so as the reader changes, so does the literature. Bo Na and Chan Young ask Eun Sang to be in their group. Tan and Young Do looks at Eun Sang.

 photo tumblr_mwxh37WRXH1t0z18io1_250_zps4c5e4ba9.gif  photo tumblr_mwxh37WRXH1t0z18io2_250_zpsde5a3c96.gif

 photo tumblr_mwxh37WRXH1t0z18io3_250_zps32272a90.gif  photo tumblr_mwxh37WRXH1t0z18io4_250_zps00587a41.gif

It appears that Eun Sang, Young Do and Tanny are in the same group. At the café Eun Sang is asking her hot group members who made group. Eun Sang ahhh just enjoy it!!! I can’t remember a time where I had not just one but two hotties in a group assignment.
Eun Sang continues: “Choi Young Do, was it you?”
Young Do replies: “This group of team members is not my style. His style is Choi Young Do, Eun Sang, Suzy, Hyuna” Hahahahaha LOL
Eun Sang asks Kim Tan: “Was it you?”
Kim Tan replies: “My style is Kim Tan, Cha Eun Sang, Cha Eun Sang, Cha Eun Sang.”
Young Do gives Tanny a disgusted look Bwhahahaah priceless!!!
Eun Sang tells them to help her out since she’s busy with her part-time job. She instructs them to watch the movie version and give at least some input while she reads the book. She says the person who doesn’t contribute will have their name removed. She tells them to sit quietly and not fight. Just think they are in different universes. OMG the boys’ face expressions just priceless! Bromance!!!

 photo tumblr_mwy4pbujnu1sffn8qo2_500_zps0baf3475.gif

 photo tumblr_mwy4pbujnu1sffn8qo3_500_zpse02ff5af.gif

 photo tumblr_mwy4pbujnu1sffn8qo4_500_zps9ba37537.gif

 photo tumblr_mwy4pbujnu1sffn8qo5_500_zps5ef1c5e3.gif

The boys are sipping their drinks and staring at Eun Sang working instead of watching the movie. When customer is rude to Eun Sang, they both get up to help, but Eun Sang gives them a glare, signing to them to just keep their eyes on the movie. The two hot puppies both quietly sit back down.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0899_zpsa140aea9.png

Suddenly bodyguards show up to take Tanny away. They have been sent by Daddy Kim. Young Do says Tanny can ask for help if he wants. Tanny says not today. He reassures Eun Sang, who is looking very worried, that he just going home first. He warns Young Do not to flirt with Eun Sang and leaves quietly.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0904_zpsfa57e1b8.png

Eun Sang asks her boss if she can leave work early. She starts to ask Young Do something but he cuts her off knowing full well that she wants a lift home on his motor cycle. He jokingly says: “The bus is a bit slow right?” She finally asks if he can give her a lift. Young Do replies: “There are only two of us left. I want to party but you ask me for a lift. What can I do?
He sees her turn around and says she’s indebted to him for today. The cute puppy cannot say NO to her!!!

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0912_zps15e2b0c1.png

Tan is unwillingly brought home. He sees more guards outside the house. Esther has returned all the engagement gifts. Daddy Kim is extremely pissed at Tan, even though Ki Ae explains she is the one who asked to end the engagement.
Daddy Kim tells them that ending the engagement would mean Tanny’s secret will not be kept. Tan counters that this will only help Daddy earn more money in stocks with everyone going on about the battle between Won and Tan.
Tan continues: “It’s not like you’re going to be worried about mom and me being hurt.”
Dad asks if Tan is acting like this because of Eun Sang. Tan replies it’s because of dad. Dad is about to hit Tan again but Ki Ae calls out “Chairman” to stop him from hitting Tanny.
Tanny also in a pissy mood from being dragged home yells at her: “Who’s the Chairman? At home why is he the Chairman?! Is father still your boss?”
Evil Daddy threatens Tan: “Must I have to put my hands on that girl?
Tan angrily responds: “Do you never want to see me again?”
Ki Ae tries to explain that Tanny is only young, it’s not like he is getting married.
Daddy gives orders that Tanny is not allowed to take even a single step outside his bedroom. He is not allowed to go to school and his phone is confiscated.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0969_zpsa486a0b4.png  photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0984_zps06bc73f3.png

In Tanny’s room Ki Ae asks why Tanny couldn’t just say sorry to Daddy then he would not have his phone and laptop taken away and getting locked inside his bedroom.
Tanny just replies: “They say when it’s dark you can see the stars well. Since it’s become dark, I guess I can see the stars well now.”
Tan then asks if mum had really called off the engagement.
Mum says yes: “I took care of it. I wanted to do something you wanted because I’m your mom.”
Tan asks if she regrets it. Mum confidently says no: “I was your mom for the first time today.” She takes his hand. “My son took my hand and pulled me out of the room.” Tan: “That is why I am now locked up. It’s your turn to take me out.” Mum pretends she didn’t hear that last part, and just tells him to rest. Good try Tanny!!!

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0988_zpsdacc226c.png  photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1035_zps12aa5763.png

Meanwhile Rachel also finds out that the engagement is cancelled. Rachel cries to her mum, upset at Esther for calling off the engagement and doing whatever she wants with Rachel’s life. Esther claims it’s because the Jeguk family is a mess, and she doesn’t want her daughter to marry an illegitimate child.
Rachel calls out her mum for being a hypocrite. Esther is the doing the same thing to Daddy Choi, marrying him and taking half his company after a divorce. Esther snaps and tells Rachel to watch her mouth.
Rachel really upset and crying confessed to mum that she really did like Tanny. Esther tells her that she also liked Rachel’s but they still ended up divorcing.
Mum tells her daughter to forget about Tanny.
Rachel yells at mum to stay out her business from now on not treat her like a business deal. She’s not the season’s latest product.

 photo tumblr_mwxs4zZFsy1qkb8gwo4_250_zps2d95e830.gif  photo tumblr_mwxs4zZFsy1qkb8gwo3_250_zpse28a7810.gif

Young Do gives Eun Sang a ride home. Eun Sang has been holding on Young Do by grasping his jacket. Young Do seems a little awkward by the close proximity and tells her to wait for him to give her a hand to get off the bike. OMGGGGGG he is so sweet! It’s snowing! So so pretty!
He teases her for not putting her hands in his pocket so if her fingers get cut off for being frozen don’t complain and regret for not putting her hands in his pockets just be because he likes her. Bwahahahahahahahaha I love him!

 photo tumblr_mwycxvqMqA1s5g2zro1_250_zps4779d187.gif  photo tumblr_mwycxvqMqA1s5g2zro2_r1_250_zpsbe598447.gif

Eun Sang thanks Young Do for the lift. She sees the guards in front of the house and worries that Tanny must be held captive. Young Do says this is the first chapter and there will be a fight between two men and not father and son.
Young Do tells Eun Sang: “Even if you live in the same house you will not be able to see him. That’s good news” Hahahaha it’s not the right time to joke Young Do.
Young Do leaves and Eun Sang tells him she will repay him back.
Young Do says to himself: “Why do you recklessly say you’ll pay me back when you don’t know what I might ask for?”

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1048_zpsfd452001.png  photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1044_zps1dc41749.png

Inside the house mum asks if they can’t move into their new place earlier. Eun Sang says the current tenants are still there. Eun Sang asks if Tanny is trapped in his room. Mum nods her head and tells Eun Sang to stay in the room. She’s afraid Eun Sang might be the next target. Eun Sang texts Tanny asking if he is okay, but Daddy has his phone and sees the message.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1054_zpsfbc00095.png

Evil dad is having a meeting with Ji Sook, Ki Ae, and Sec Yoon.
He orders Ji Sook to look for a marriage partner for Won and she must find the best one. He also warns her against using her stocks to challenge Won or he will take her off the register.
Ki Ae is next. He tells her to get out of the house if she is going to raise Tanny like that.
Followed by Sec Yoon, dad tells him to make preparations for when Esther breaks the news about Tanny. Yoon must gather all the stocks that Daddy Kim has set aside for Tanny. He adds: “Bring me your letter of resignation.” Yoon is shocked.
Dad points out that Won only left Yoon in the company after taking out all of Daddy’s people so this suggests that Yoon is helping Won.
Yoon understands he is being fired because he has never taken sides. Dad confirms this. Since Yoon did not take sides he has no enemies but he also has no allies either.
Daddy tells Yoon to start teaching Tanny about business again and then he will decide whether he will accept Yoon’s letter of resignation or not.

 photo tumblr_mwxio6NehB1r4mhpgo3_1280_zps8c0b0c8c.png

Sec Yoon and Chan Young are having dinner like a normal family. Yoon tells Chan Young he is fired and lost his chance at being promoted. Yoon says he didn’t know that not wanting to hurt anyone was also not taking anyone’s side. Supportive Chan Young says to dad that even though he doesn’t know exactly what is going on but he will support his dad’s failure. Awwwwww….

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1083_zpsf7f618ca.png

Tanny is pacing and thinking in room. There are guards outside his window. Mum knocks on Tan’s door but Tan has locked it. She wants him to open it, worried that he is not eating. Tan doesn’t respond.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1098_zpsf49659c3.png

Eun Sang is walking to school alone the next day. Young Do comes up from behind her asking if she is alone because Tanny is trapped.
Eun Sang explains that there are guards on the staircase and she’s worried that Tanny must be really scared at the moment.
Jealous Young D gets mad because she is telling him all this, being so open about how much she is worried about Tan. He tells her: “Just because I like you, am I on your side? Do you think I would be on Kim Tan’s side as well?”
Eun Sang asks if they can’t talk about things like this between friends. Young Do snaps back: “Who said I’m your friend? How am I your friend? Don’t draw a line even before I cross it.”

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1116_zps8843c841.png

Back at home Tanny is trying to go to school but the guards are blocking him. Dad comes out and tells Tanny he does not need to go to school since he only wants to and see Eun Sang. Evil Daddy gives permission for the guards to hurt Tan if necessary just as long as Tanny is still breathing.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1129_zpsd361187a.png

Yoon has come to teach Tanny about business management. Tan refuses to learn. He doesn’t want to or care about learning how to run Jeguk.
Yoon asks if Tanny has no desire for the company at all.
Tan explains why: “At 10, when I first started getting lessons from you about business I thought it was weird that Ji Sook had lots of shares but my mother didn’t. I thought if mum had more stocks would I able to hold her hands outside? So I went to hyung and asked him what I need to do to give mum more shares than Ji Sook. Hyung gave me an expression that I could never forget.” Tan continues: “Jeguk belongs to hyung. I have no desire for what is his.”

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1172_zps01b90096.png  photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1173_zps8ddc5618.png

At lunch time in the cafeteria Eun Sang sees Young Do eating alone. She takes her plate and sits down in front of him in the charity case chair.
Young Do tells Eun Sang to sit elsewhere afraid that Tanny might suddenly appear if she sits in that chair and that doesn’t make him feel good. Hahahahah LOL
ES reminds him that Tanny can’t come so they should just eat. Young Do tell her to fear him a little since her being comfortable with him is making him uneasy. The threat doesn’t work on Eun Sang and she just tells him to eat.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1193_zpsc2c5497d.png  photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1201_zps71349b19.png

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1217_zps6bba41ba.png  photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1221_zps97d85344.png
At the same time the kids around them start getting news about Kim Tan being an illegitimate son. Young Do’s pleb runs in to tell Young Do about the news. Rachel hears this and leaves the lunchroom immediately. Young Do and Eun Sang are shocked and worried. Chan Young and Bo Na are also in the cafeteria now. Bo Na doesn’t believe the rumours. Young Do asks Eun Sang how many guards are there in the house. She tells him about six.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1253_zps9897a711.png  photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1231_zps4b75edd1.png

Daddy finds out that the rumours have spread and orders his spy to release a news article about there being a battle now between Won and Tan for Jeguk, legitimate versus illegitimate, and also to make Tan officially a major stockholder.
Now everyone has heard the news including Ji Sook, Yoon, Esther and Won. Wonny is angry after seeing the shares figure on his laptop.

 photo tumblr_mwxt72HxGr1qkc652o3_r3_500_zpsd111bf66.gif

 photo tumblr_mwxt72HxGr1qkc652o2_r2_500_zps7a81c18e.gif

 photo tumblr_mwxt72HxGr1qkc652o1_r2_500_zps2ad675da.gif

Hot and sexy Young Do has brought his men with him to Tanny’s house. He uses his status as Zeus Hotel’s son to get inside the house.
He meets Daddy Kim and acts all cute. He greets the old fart. Daddy Kim wants to know why he brought men with him to Tanny’s house. Young Do plainly tells the old fart that he is here to do homework and Daddy Kim gives the funniest looking face ever! Young Do explains that he and Tanny has a group assignment and they have to read books, watch movies and debate together. Gahhhhh he is sooo gorgeous when being cheeky!!!

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1258_zpsa135d9e2.png  photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1261_zps7e0edfb0.png

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1280_zps731f674f.png  photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1289_zps102fa16a.png

Young Do knocks on Tanny’s door. Tan opens the door and the lovers meet again. The lovers bicker for a while Young Do complaining that Tanny didnt’ look happy to see him. Tanny said that the atmosphere here isn’t great. Young Do informs Tanny about the exposure of him being illegitimate and that he is now a major stockholder of Jeguk. Tanny asks Young Do to help him escape. Young Do says he will help only because he wants Tanny to be indebted to him.

 photo tumblr_mwxnui392E1qjkud7o1_250_zpsb9bc8eff.gif  photo tumblr_mwxnui392E1qjkud7o2_250_zps9db0b66e.gif

 photo tumblr_mwxnui392E1qjkud7o5_250_zps85f94c78.gif  photo tumblr_mwxnui392E1qjkud7o4_250_zps884f95f9.gif

Bwahahahahahah Young Do with his helmet on pretends to be nervous covering his face and walking down the stairs and outside the house. The guards are suspicious of Young Do’s deliberate suspicious behaviour. They chase after Young Do telling him to stop so they can check if it was Tanny. This causes a commotion outside the house. Young Do’s men versus Daddy Kim’s guards!

 photo tumblr_mwxnui392E1qjkud7o3_250_zps477998ac.gif  photo tumblr_mwxnui392E1qjkud7o6_250_zps5f24e88f.gif

 photo tumblr_mwxnui392E1qjkud7o7_250_zpsd96005ab.gif  photo tumblr_mwxnui392E1qjkud7o9_250_zps22e05b94.gif

Taking the opportunity Tanny leaves and jumps the fence! He tries to cover his half his face with the blue turtle neck acting like he his Lee Yoon Sung from City Hunter and looking mighty fine in that gorgeous coat he stole from Kim Woo Bin LOLLLL

 photo tumblr_mwxnui392E1qjkud7o10_250_zps749f39b5.gif  photo tumblr_mwxnui392E1qjkud7o8_250_zps59aef1b8.gif

Young Do seeing that Tanny has escaped takes of his helmet fixes his gorgeous hair.
LOLLLL OMG this has to be the funniest scene in this episode. Love it!!!!

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1290_zpsb6523332.png

Won is talking to Yoon about the news regarding Tanny. Yoon informs Won that that was the last thing he had to do as secretary. Now he is unemployed. Won offers him a higher position. Before Yoon can answer Tan bursts into the office. Yoon leaves so the two hot brothers can battle it out.

Tan approaches Won’s desk. Won doesn’t look at Tanny. Tan asks Won to look at him.
Won snaps back: “Why? Do I have to look good to you and listen to you now?
Tan replies: “That’ll be nice.”
Tan explains that the first thing he thought when he saw the news was that he needed to see Won right away:“So please look at me, listen to me, and trust my sincerity.”
Won scoffs at that: “Honesty? Do you believe in yourself? What moves people is not sincerity but the situation. I can’t trust you now, and I can’t trust you ten years from now. Today is the start of that and the fact that you now hold equal shares as me. That’s your honesty now.”

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1314_zps5263a81b.png

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1304_zps1f84d4fe.png

Tan states he never said he’ll have the shares, and is not planning to do anything with them. He tells hyung: “Do you think it was easy for me to come here today? “What do I have to do for you to trust me?”
Won: “Then go to back to America. Give up your shares and return to America and never come back. Then I will trust you.” Gahhhhh Won gahhhhhhhhh why do you have to say such hurtful things! Is having all the shares that important to you?

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1334_zps223e972e.png

Tanny with tears in his eyes, shocked and hurt by what Won just said asks: “How can you say that? I can give up all the shares but I don’t like America. How can you say never come back so easily?
Won replies: “Because that’s my honesty. And you’re not being honest.”
Tan yells at Wonny: “How can you say that? I said I’ll give back the shares I said I won’t be a distraction for you! Hating me and mistreating me, ignoring me I can handle it. But how can you throw me away again? How can you say to never come back?”
Tan pauses and asks hyung hopeful for a change of mind: “I’m saying this for the last time. Do you really have to be like this?”
Wonny replies: “I’m saying this for the last time. Just answer me whether you will go to America or not?”
Hurt and determined Tan says: “I’m not going. I don’t want to go. And I don’t want to give you my shares either. Right now I just changed my mind. If you want my shares, then try to take them from me.”
Breaks my heart watching the boys battle over some shares. If only Won can see Tanny’s sincerity! Won is just going to hurt himself by alienating his little brother. I feel like slapping Won several times so he’ll wake up to the truth that stubborn HOT boy!!!!

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1365_zps8c8b4cfa.png

Back at the house Eun Sang is shaking sitting in front of Daddy Kim. He says to her: “Right now I’m going to give you options to pick from.”

 photo tumblr_mwttvkcj8w1shftu4o2_500_zps0b5b88dc.gif

 photo tumblr_mwttvkcj8w1shftu4o1_500_zps1a8b309d.gif

 photo tumblr_mwttvkcj8w1shftu4o5_500_zps8f392259.gif

Eun Sang comes out of Dad’s office shaking. At the same time Tan is home and heading towards the office. They walk past each without speaking in slow motion. Tanny suddenly envelops Eun Sang’s hand with his for just a short moment. I think this scene is so touching since it’s the first time Tan was able to see her before getting locked up by evil Daddy. I just love what it represents. Tan is telling Eun Sang he is not letting go of her and maybe getting some courage and support before he goes and deals with Dad for the crap he has started.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1408_zps2af0ee56.png

In the office upset and teary Tan is talking to dad. He tells dad that today is the day that he is no longer dad’s son, but Wonny’s enemy. He thought he could persuade Dad. He thought if he didn’t want what belonged to Wonny and they went along their own path he and Wonny could have become a family, they could be a family in peace. But because of what Dad did today all his efforts up until now has been futile.
Dad explains that he is doing this for peace too. While Wonny is doing business, various things might happen, and when it does, people will try to take the company away in Wonny’s absence. So Dad wants Tanny to be there ready to fill in the spot when required.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1376_zps5f64e710.png

Tan responds to Dad: “So in case I steal hyung’s position, in case hyung steals your position and us having to be nervous about when each of us will stab someone’s back, this is the peace we need to uphold?”
Tan continues tears in his eyes and shaking in anger: “But father, thanks to you, I lost my family. Today, I became hyung’s enemy, not his family. So now even if hyung dies he can’t be mum’s family. And mum wasn’t your family from the beginning. And, father, now aren’t my family anymore.” OMG my heart breaks for my Tanny!!! Evil Daddy I hate you!!!! Hurtful hyung I hate you too!!!
Dad: “That is exactly…the weight of the crown you will wear. You have to endure it.”
Tan sits in his room in the dark following his heartbreaking conversation with hyung and Daddy Kim.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1454_zps3b345130.png

Eun Sang walks towards the stairs to head up to Tan’s room. The guards are not stopping her.
As she makes her way up we hear what Daddy Kim has proposed to her: “If you give up Tan now, I will send you anywhere you want, anywhere in Korea, US and France. Anywhere you want. If you feel like you can’t break up with him now then you can choose something else. I will give you 15 days to see him as much as you want. But at the end of that period I will send you wherever I want. And it definitely won’t be anywhere in Korea. It will definitely be different from the U.S. and France.”
Eun Sang is helpless crying at the threats and intimidation from Daddy Kim. What will she do? Is that even a choice? Daddy Kim you are too evil! STAB STAB STAB!

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E15131127HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi1515_zps67e01126.png

Eun Sang has made her decision and slowly she climbs upstairs step by step. I can just imagine the weight of each step, how heavy it would be. Every step she takes her heart breaks knowing the evitable will happen. These days might be her last with Kim Tan and thinking how can she put on a brave face to ease his pain for the time being.

 photo tumblr_mwxr491mDA1t3f3sro2_250_zps01409228.gif  photo tumblr_mwxr491mDA1t3f3sro4_250_zps94a359f4.gif

Eun Sang knocks on Tan’s room. Tan opens door surprised that Eun Sang is standing in front of him. He starts to ask her how she manages to came up stairs but she quiets him. She smiles widely and brightly. Gahhh don’t smile like that Eun Sang! Tanny don’t be fooled…I’m so sad. TanSang is breaking my heart into tiny bits.

 photo tumblr_mwxr491mDA1t3f3sro1_250_zps524f2cd1.gif  photo tumblr_mwxr491mDA1t3f3sro3_250_zps8cefdd9b.gif


This episode is full of mixed emotions for me. The beginning was filled with sweet TanSang moments. Then we get the two funny bromance moments between TanDo. One was at the cafe and the other with Young Do coming to the rescue. These are two of my favourite lighter scenes. TanDo has such great chemistry and they look so good together!

I’m particularly proud of Ki Ae. She really came to the party today. She proved how much a mother can love their child. Her behaviour can be contrasted with Esther’s behaviour who only care about her business deals and not Rachel’s happiness. This is the same with Hyo Shin’s parents who also put their needs ahead of his.To Ki Ae Tanny’s happiness is the most important so acting as his mother and cancelling the engagement was how she demonstrated her love and support for him.

The most heartbreaking scene in this episode must be the conversation between Tanny and his hyung and then his father. The poor boy! How far does he have to go to prove to them his sincerity? Won needs to open his eyes and heart. I know Won loves and care for his brother but that just doesn’t cut it and it doesn’t excuse him for saying those hurtful things. Are the shares that important to him. Will he be happy sitting in his position as the president of Jeguk and coming home to an empty house? Just like he abandoned Hyun Joo does he want to abandon Tanny again? Daddy Kim is just a crazy old fart for pitching his sons against each other. Can’t Tanny be Wonny’s back-up without being each other’s enemy? I’m worried about Tanny. If he loses Eun Sang how will he survive? He just declared that today he has no family. So the only thing keeping him together at the moment is Eun Sang. I hope TanSang can stay strong and weather the storm that Kim Eun Sook throws at them.

I love the scenes between Eun Sang and Young Do in this episode. It proves that Young Do has changed and he can be a nice person. He is still prickly with his words but he genuinely cares for Tan and Eun Sang. I like that Eun Sang is seeing a softer side to Young Do and so she is more at ease with him. She is slowly building her friendship with Young Do however Young Do doesn’t want this to happen given the fact that he is still aiming for more than just friendship.

What I love about Eun Sang is that she is a one Tan woman. Even with Young Do being nicer to her and being fully aware of his affections she’s not wavered by him in that way. Her heart is all Tanny and I hope it remains that way.

Seeing the ending I’m really nervous for TanSang. Will Eun Sang really leave Tanny after 15 days? Will Tanny find out about his dad’s evil plans? How will Tanny protect their young and fragile love? Will Eun Sang have the courage to fight next to Tanny? I hope these two will not be manipulated by Daddy Kim. Even if they do separate, which I expect at this stage of the drama, I hope the break-up is only short.

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