[Drama News] The Parents in The Heirs

The parents in The Heirs, as much as we hate most of them but in the end, they are only using their own unique, sick or incorrect ways to love their children because they have been brought up the same way.


Ki Ae started off in the drama being a woman who seem she doesn’t know what she has done wrong and covet others’ objects she should not. She dreams to be made recognized legally as Kim Nam Yoon’s wife. She dreams that one day Kim Tan will take over Jeguk and make her proud, save her from her current status.

Slowly, we see her change… she finally does something a mother would do for her son i.e. support him. And she finally let go of her false dreams and breaks up with Kim Nam Yoon. I am so happy for her to stand up for herself. A man like him with so much power yet has never made an effort to right his wrong and put all the blame on her is not worth staying with! LOVE isn’t everything as we can see…


I would say the only normal parent in The Heirs. HAHAHA! Hee Nam may be mute but her love and support for both her daughters are unconditional and she doesn’t expect anything in return. She has low expectations on her children because of their poor situation but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to give them the best. In my opinion, best mum in The Heirs! She even fed Young Do. HAHAHA!


Ji Sook puzzles me. Initially, I thought her intention was to destroy Jeguk and caused turmoil inside the Kim family. She may not be the birth mother for both Won and Tan but so far throughout the drama, she hasn’t done anything that would really hurt the both of them. She is stern and strict to them. Numerous times, I see her teaching Tan a few things about surviving as a Jeguk Heir so she is acting like a parent too – grooming him into someone who can take up the weight of the crown.


He’s supposed to be the best dad in my eyes until he went and had a smooch with Esther (Yuck!). I know he is single now and he should pursue his own happiness but… no, just wrong to do it that way and I don’t want to know. *Shattered Image of Good Daddy Yoon*

I like his relationship with Chan Young a lot. They are father and son but they are also like friends; their interactions are so easy-going which is rare in Asian family.


I call him the DV dad. Kim Eun Sook should really elaborate his story a little so we can understand this man a bit more. He is a man who isn’t good at expressing his love for his loved ones and because he possesses a personality of ‘scared to lose’ so he’s very competitive and expects the same from Young Do. Maybe he has some Japanese warrior blood in him whereby losing is a shame and not an option?

I seriously wish we know what went wrong with him and Young Do’s mother because in his character description, he started becoming a womanizer after she left him and maybe that’s when the domestic violence with Young Do started because Young Do reminded him so much of his wife.


Evil evil daddy!!! But is he really evil? I still find myself asking this question until now. He’s cold and also does not know how to express his love. I believe he becomes what he is because he grew up in a competitive family and had to fight with his own family to get to where he is standing now. Jeguk is his empire, therefore, he wants to make sure his sons take good care of it on his behalf. He has spent a life-time running his empire so I can understand that he takes pride in it and want his sons to carry on his legend.

*Sniff* – give me a tissue

I do understand from that POV. I do. The only problem is he goes about them all wrong which is why his sons resent him. He should put more trust in Won and Tan.


Esther is an extremely written character. I know nothing about her and her love for Rachel. I’m sure she loves her too, however, she hasn’t shown me what a mother does for her child. Therefore, I’m going to say… I have nothing much to say about her because Kim Eun Sook gives me nothing to work on.

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2 thoughts on “[Drama News] The Parents in The Heirs

  1. I like your comment, La Petite. It is very good. You’re amazed to write about LJSook. I’m confused about her but your thought helped me know what Iam thinking about this charater.


  2. La Petite, I don’t think Daddy Kim is that evil. From my point of view, he is trying to protect and safe guard his hard earned Empire. In order to do that, he has to make sure both his sons are very well trained and not spoon fed, have strong heart like him and does not easily get waylaid.
    That is why he has been harsh to them. The reason why Daddy Kim does not approved both his sons relationship with HJ and ES reason being both the girls are not from rich familes and Daddy kim might loose face with his circle of business associates for having such low class daughter-in-law.


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