What’s Your Ending for The Heirs?

As requested, I have opened up a post where everyone can join us Crazies pitching in ideas on what you think would be the perfect ending for all The Heirs characters.

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Let the fun begins!

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32 thoughts on “What’s Your Ending for The Heirs?

  1. My first choice for the ending of the Heirs:
    Through KT’s b-party which is publicly noisy as Daddy Kim’s scheme, someone would recognise ES and then a twist of fate comes to her life: she is half-blooded sister of YD.
    YD who gave up on his love for her now finds a new bond with his sister. A resolution to YD because ES and KT always share everything together, now he has something to share with her half of his blood. YD may not find his mother but he is not in the pain of losing his mother any more as he has learnt that letting someone go is sometimes a peace for all. Instead, YD takes and is taken cared of by ES’s mother.
    Daddy Kim has no more reason to against ES as her new class status. But he has lost his woman, KT’s mother as she chooses to live freely out under the sky.
    KT-ES go to the US for college. ES promises with her mother that she would find her sister back to mother. KT would take ES to the Hollywood hill as he promised with her when they were in the US.
    KW with YJH’s support does the business so well that he is strong to defeat his father’s prevention of his love for HJ. He keeps going on with HJ.
    HS soon would be over his first crush when he finds his fluttering heart towards R. They would take some time to step up their relationship.
    This is my first choice. I may come up to another choice later after I dig again through the drama to find out some more hints the writer hid in the storyline.


    • Oh, I stay up late tonight and dig through the drama. This time, I watch it on the side of all parents and I find out something interesting from this drama.
      I can say all the parents in this drama all love their kids but they all (except ES’s mom) do something for their kids in their own way they think it is good for the children without understanding what the kids want from them. Daddy Kim is not exceptional. He loves his two sons and does his best to keep them have the empire. He is doing the things that other parents may do the same when it comes to the problems of class status, wealth, reputation of the family. There is something strange in his eyes when he met ES in episode 18, hearing her saying that she likes his son despite how trembling she is in front of him. It’s also a strange look on his face when he says to his second wife JS that he will make his family members come to him someday. I think that this father has understood or at least is in the process of understanding that his method towards his sons is wrong. That’s why I come to the second choice for the ending I hope for The Heirs that Daddy Kim finally lets his sons go their own ways in their happiness they choose.
      The same ending for other pairs of parents and kids like YD-his dad (which we watched in episode 17), R-her mom (as in episode 18). I hope HS-his parents will have the same happy ending as other kids when they will let him to select his favourite career.
      Of course, KT-ES who have walked a long path side by side will be together after all when they approve their love, their growing-up. No parent can deny them being together.
      This is my second choice for the ending of The Heir which has no twist of fate but full of understanding between generations, among family, and full of love which has passed all obstacles.


  2. I want all the characters to become mature and resposible and have careers of their choice….
    Tan- a writer..ES- a director…same for the rest…
    Lots of skinship and kisses for our OTP πŸ˜‰
    everyone united with no harsh feelings for anyone…


  3. I don’t really know what to expect from Kim Tan, given he’s the heir to a massive conglomerate yet ranked #100 in his class. I feel like he’s going to spend the rest of his life pining over Eun Sang. He hasn’t expressed ambition in his life other than her, but I suppose he’ll use whatever resources he has to care for his mom, including a live-in maid. Yes, Eun Sang’s mom.

    As for Eun Sang, she should finish high school and study abroad, away from Kim Tan, to figure herself out without him lurking behind every corner. Maybe after gaining perspective that he’s a bit of a stalker, she’ll find her way back to him or give Young Do another look.

    Young Do finds his mom and brings her back to Seoul. His dad is arrested after the investigation and is imprisoned somewhere, meaning Zeus is all Young Do’s. He’s ranked 98th, but he’s still a genius. He’ll figure it out, especially since he came in #1 on the finals.

    Hyun Joo and Won get married. He starts his own company, pooled with Tan’s resources, and is successful enough. He finds a balance between love and career that makes him happy.

    Bona and Chan Young continue to date and eventually get married and have adorable kids.

    Chan Young’s dad and Esther end up dating happily. It’s a merger of sorts and his status is further elevated with Esther’s connections.

    Rachel and Hyo Shin end up together. With Rachel’s good influence, he eventually enters college.

    Myung Soo becomes a night club promoter.

    Daddy Kim and his first wife end up living in the same house again. He’s relegated to the house since his brothers have taken control of Jeguk. He has no sons, since they’ve all disowned him and forged out on their own. Tan’s mom has washed her hands of him and with no power or influence, no one is remotely interested in him… except his first wife, who nags him incessantly of regaining power, which is a distant possibility.


    • No offense, but if YD is a genius what is Kim Tan? I remember clearly that YD’s dad once said it’s the first time YD ever beat Tan in ranking 98 πŸ™‚


      • No offense taken. πŸ™‚ In a promo I read about Heirs, it’s mentioned that YD had an IQ of 150, but his intelligence is negatively redirected. It doesn’t mention Tan’s IQ, but that doesn’t mean he’s not smart.


  4. I only have a little in mind since its plot is so unpredictable sometimes.
    KT will propose ES to marry him (i’ll put aside their young age) & announce their engagement on his birthday party.

    Since he got supports from KW now, instead of accepting shares from daddy, he’ll refuse n give his shares to KW.

    Maybe daddy looks for another way to threaten KT, like kidnapping KA n say KT won’t see her anymore if he keeps on rebelling.


  5. So my prediction of the ending.

    Kim Tan and Eun Sang are going to get separated one last time for god knows why. ES will go study abroad and return 5 years later. She revisits the places that reminds her of KT. She is at the dream catcher shop and sees that it has been bought and still running. She enters and her eye catches the purple dream catcher hanging. Right then, you can hear someone walking in. The end. open ending.

    Don’t kill me.


  6. Oh! do you think the plan Tanny has to trump evil dad, is to give ES half his stocks? Because I remember him saying to Sec. Yoon that he asked Won, what if his mom had stocks will he be able to go outside with her? Tan also commented to his father that things changed when he became major stockholder that even 2nd wife follows his orders. If ES has her own shares Darth Sidious (Daddy Kim) πŸ˜€ will not be able to touch her. πŸ˜›


    • Genius idea Frau!!!! giving ES half his shares means she’s not poor any more! Plus she can easily live of the dividends if the shares does well (which I have no doubt the Jeguk shares will do great!)


    • He is still a minor and stock transfer needed parent’s consent. Despite all the selfishness of all the parent in the drama, they all want the best for their children. YD dad showed that he does care about YD’s future by ensuring that the hotel business will be flawless when passing on to him. Kim Tan’s dad is ruthless but he did pay tuition and secure their future to all the girls that both sons like. He has his reason for wanting the Empire business run only by his both sons. Revolution takes time, so eventually both sides (parent/children) will compromise for better result. Even it’s drama, still reflect real life.


      • I think you are not watching enough as you can see at the ending of episode18 it’s Tan’s 18th birthday meaning he’s of legal age and can decide for his stocks on his own.


    • After KT gave all his shares half to ES, half to KW, KT asks ES that “Now I am poor and you know how to protect me. Will you protect me?” ES agrees to protect her man with two conditions: 1. he works part-time job as her driver (he’s 18 now to have driving license) to drive her to school every day, 2. no skinship without her prior permission. Hahaha, poor boy


  7. I hope YD and ES ends up together coz YD could stand up and fight his father more than KT, and also, for a change, i wish the 2nd male lead gets the girl, as for KT, he runs the company alongside his brother and ends up with a girl that catches his eye and at the same time suitable for a 2nd son of jeguk.


  8. My predictions for the ending:
    1. Kim Tan gives his shares to Won or half his shares to Eun Sang at his birthday party. Daddy Kim can’t do anything about it because those shares don’t belong to him any more.
    2. Young Do finds his mum. She’s been watching him from afar but he doesn’t know this. She introduces him to a sexy Ducky who will cure his broken heart and appreciate his goodness (abs, guns and gorgeous face)
    3. Chan Young and Bo Na end up together hahahaha this is a given!
    4. I’ll accept Rachel for Hyo Shin if she keeps him from being depressed. She seems to be turning around already with her concerns over Young Do/Zeus going broke.
    5. Ki Ae and Hee Nam are reunited and they live together with Eun Sang and Kim Tan. Ki Ae has in fact secretly stashed away some jewels and money so they open up a convenient store.
    6. Won now armed with enough shares is the true president of Jeguk. He announces he will marry Hyun Joo and no one else. She’s the woman behind the successful man. She takes over as the Chairwoman for Jeguk High and changes the policy and bullying culture.
    7. Myung Soo becomes a famous photographer for night clubs. He is still waiting for his first kiss. LOL
    8. Sec Yoon can be with Esther if he wants to because I don’t care much for Esther.
    9. I don’t really care about what happens to Daddy Kim or Daddy Choi. They can do whatever they want!
    10. Kim Tan and Eun Sang go to college doing whatever course they desire. They hug and kiss heapssssssssss and maybe even “…..”


    • Hi Ducky,

      i love your ending, totally agree with it especially the no. 10.. hahahaa. Tan already turned 18, so it’s legal now.. *badme*


      • Hi Maisara
        High five to skinship! Hahahaha we are bad but you had me laughing at the legalilities for “…..” LOL I guess 18 means Kim Tan is an adult now so Tanny fighting!


        • After that closet kissing scene, I just can’t help it, haha. I read many reviews regarding that kiss, but to me that kiss was really daebak!
          I never thought that PSH can kiss him back like that!
          But again, it’s LMH who’s kissing you rite?
          How can you resist? Haha..
          So, let’s us high five again!
          Tanny hwaiting!


  9. OMG I got dumped by a HOT mummy’s boy! *cries* can’t I just wait for him to grow up?
    Okay I’ll just take Kim Soo Hyun then my hot 400 year Alien from another star!!!
    BTW Sia – I love that you tied in Faith Eun Soo and Lee Shin from Heartstrings in your alternate endings hahahahah ROFL!!!!
    I LOVE IT AND HATE IT because you are blocking me from my Young Do and Kim Tan *hmmmmmm*


  10. ROFL at your alternate ending…
    SBS should hire you to write the ending for them.
    At least we will get a good laugh out of it. πŸ˜›


  11. For the Finale I would like to see Eun Sang walking in the altar while Kim Tan on the other end is admiring her Regal Beauty & Sophistication in a wedding dress which accentuate her purity and innocence. Before this event, both Kim Tan and Kim Won succeeded in their chosen path. For Kim Tan & Eun Sang they were able to fulfill their chosen career while being together with the support of their mothers. Kim Won had taken the top spot on the Empire Group & he defended Hyun Joo against his father. Finally, Chairman’s Kim respected the decisions of both his sons.

    with all the trimmings of a Grand Wedding fitted for royalties


  12. They get engaged at his birthday party but don’t get married yet. (Too young!) Daddy Kim gets sick or leaves for the US and leaves Won to run Jeguk with help from Yoon and Tan. Tan-ES goes to university either US or KR and pursues their own interest – they are engaged and trying to make something of themselves. After a while, Tan becomes a writer (or is working in Jeguk now); ES a director. They are both very busy with their careers they rarely see each other. But ES lives with her Mom and Tan’s mom while Tan lives in the that little condo he chose for her before so they are very much together and planning a wedding. ES visit Tan at the condo and prepares breakfast for him since they haven’t seen each other a long time. He’s happy to see her and back hugs her, telling her he misses her. *Full make-out session follows* LMAO. Then either Ki Ae or Hee Nam(or both) walks in on them and tells them to wait until after the wedding, which is in a few hours. Both are embarrassed. Then the two finally gets hitched.

    Hahaha how is that ending? I really, really want a time skip, a make-out session and no more separation angst – KES needs a new plot line.

    Obviously I’m not too interested in the other characters. LOL but okay, YD finds Mom. Won is head of Jeguk but not with HJ. Hyosin ends up with Rahael.


    • Lol you are funny!

      The drama has shown that when the chips are down, Tan & YD still consider themselves as best friends. They help each other out when it counts the most. Thus I’m not too worried about YD distancing himself forever from Tan & ES. I do agree he kinda needs to mend his broken heart on his own first. That’s what unrequited first loves are like.


  13. Note: To continue with the last line on my initial comment due to the malfunction of my mobile.

    Finally, Chairman Kim respected the decisions of both his sons, as long as they won’t do anything that would entail the downfall of their empire. Despite the unsophistication of Tan’s mom, Chairman had realized that he does love her, to straighten things out and legalized the existence of Tan, he divorced his 2nd wife and married Tan’s mom. Eun Sang’s Mom had been cured with the help of specialists from overseas (considering the fact that her daughter is now a blooming business tycoon).

    For Young Do, he eventually reconciled with Tan and was able to meet a new girl while running Zeus Hotel. Chan Young & Bo Na’s relationship continued to flourished. Hyo Shin & Rachel started to see each other in a different level. Myung Soo became a professional photographer. What I would like to see to the whole teenage characters, that they would eventually managed their parents companies one way or the other including Tan and Eun Sang’s independent company who was able to climb up to the social circle of her future fiance whom she had built using her intellect and ingenuity in business from her sweat and blood would work hand in hand with Tan one way or the other.

    With Kim Tan’s becoming a legal heir, and Eun Sang being a part of his social circle, and after 8 years of hardwork on their chosen field/career and being engaged secretly on their own. They finally informed their parents that they would like to get married.

    Scenario : Eun Sang is walking down the aisle with a free flowing Wedding Dress that accentuate her innocence and purity done by the top designer of Korea. The Church is filled with all the expensive and rare flowers that the flourist had assembled, not to mention the entourage’s wardrobes are also exceptional, together with all the trimmings of a Grand Wedding fitted for royalties, extremely rich and famous families – who would want to miss this grandeur of beauty and sophistication. The Grand Wedding will end in Kim Tan and Eun Sang’s passionate kiss with each other.

    As per any viewer’s opinion, Heirs high rates can be attributed on numerous areas:
    1) Cast of characters – its a plus point if they are popular in their craft
    2) Story Plot / Script
    3) Romance/Real-life act on a scene – its a plus point if the viewers had come to love the couple &
    they’re looking forward to a real-life act on the screen and
    the ultimate climax of the whole series.

    Not all TV Series gives due attention on wedding scenes, but true enough a Wedding full of glamorous people and a grand ambience with all the trimmings who would want to miss that — EVERYONE WOULD WATCH HEIRS LAST EPISODE IF THEY WOULD CONSIDER HOLDING A GRAND WEDDING FOR KIM TAN AND EUN SANG.( High rates is guaranteed to amaze even those who don’t watch the series, they would certainly get curious). Congratulations in Advance to Heirs Production Staff and the Whole Cast!!!


  14. Hi, this is what I predict.
    1) KT gave his shares to Won and his mum.
    2) Bo Na & CY still remains the happy couple
    3) YD reunite with his mum and spend quality time with her somewhere near a country side
    4) Ki Ae and Hee Nam reunite and Hee Nam continue to serve Ki Ae
    5) HS & Rachel starts to date
    6) Daddy Choi business failed
    7) Daddy Kim gets a stroke and remains hospitalised
    8) Ji Sook remains as Chairwoman
    9) MS becomes a photographer
    10) KT & ES leaves for US to continue with their study


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