Mi Rae’s Choice: Episode 15

An episode of little development and offers no solution to the mess Ajumma has created. Park Se Joo continues to struggle running YBS and getting Mi Rae to ‘see’ him. Shin starts afresh in NTN and confronts his fate while Mi Rae continues to waffle and mope around for most of the episode.


Ajumma is seen running on the street calling someone with the narration in the background that coming to the past changes nothing for her in the future.  Kim Shin signs his name on the contract and is ready to start working for NTN the next day. NOOOO!

Meanwhile Mi Rae finds out Se Joo was the person who saved her from the ocean. She wonders why he has never told her and that’s because he doesn’t want her to see him as someone who saves her but a normal man who approaches her. He holds up a ring that he has been carrying around for awhile waiting for the right time to give it to her. Se Joo asks Mi Rae sincerely: “Will you accept my heart?”

He puts the ring on the 4th finger of her left hand and while I rage, she actually looks touched. Se Joo then embraces her with a hug and excuse me while I go flip a table. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Shin arrives at NTN and sees a couple of reporters arguing with the news director as to why they can’t publish their articles. Hee Kyung (NTN V-P) assures him there is nothing to be concerned of. She shows him to his office with a very nice view to the whole city.

Meanwhile Se Joo has a meeting with the management regarding his new business project however it becomes all talk when the directors ask him where he plans to get the funds to broaden the communication network of the media station.

Se Joo gets Miranda’s approval for the funding with the condition that he has to marry the woman she chooses. He refuses to comply and tells her he will look for another investor. Miranda yells at him to sit back down and presses if this has anything to do with Mi Rae. She tells him he can date her but in no way she will approve of him marrying her. Gently and calmly, Se Joo replies: “I can’t if it is not Mi Rae. Just forget about what I said.” This is so not the Se Joo we know!

Oppa gets a call from Ajumma to meet her at a restaurant. She tells him what she found out and the both of them figure out that Ajumma must have travelled to a parallel universe instead of her own timeline. Ajumma realizes she has made a mistake and wants to tell Mi Rae about it but is stopped by Oppa. He doesn’t want Mi Rae to be hurt any longer especially now that she has settled down with Se Joo. He offers Ajumma shelter again when she tells him the time cop will try to catch her.

Mi Rae gets a call to pay Miranda a visit at Park residence. As she sits down, Miranda eyes the ring on her hand and feeling awkward, Mi Rae covers it. Miranda cuts to the chase and deliver her order with a smile: “Na Mi Rae-ssi, quit your job as the current broadcasting writer position.” She tells Mi Rae it’s time for her to learn the Park’s family tradition and she wants her to look presentable as Young Geon Group’s granddaughter in law. Mi Rae is taken aback with this request and politely insists that she and Se Joo haven’t reached the stage or talk about marriage. Miranda slyly requests Mi Rae not to mention it to Se Joo because he will be mad at her and to treat this as a secret between them. Mi Rae leaves the house with a heavy heart while Miranda marvels at her own grand plan of chasing away her grandson’s love. Sigh.

Shin reports his first 9 o’ clock news at NTN while Mi Rae watches him from home and wonders sullenly if he has gotten used to the new environment and is doing alright now. Oppa and Ajumma return home together as she quickly gets up and goes to her room, looking rather low spirited while Oppa and Ajumma give each other a knowingly look.

Hee Kyung takes Shin to a party of the powerful and explains to him what he is seeing before his eyes. Turns out Hom Group and Tae Geuk Group are one big family rather than competitors that outsiders think. She also hints at Shin to be her life partner.

Shin: “Why me?”

In a private room, Shin asks Hee Kyung’s father why they chose him since he’s neither a politician nor a prosecutor; basically, he is just a normal man. The NTN president explains their corporations need to maintain an image so they require a new face that citizens have utmost trust in. The president’s final words before he leaves the room are that he has opened the door for Shin and it is now up to Shin whether or not to enter.

They leave the party and bump into Miranda. Miranda exchanges friendly courtesy with the president and warns him to be careful because a dog (referring to Shin) that has been raised for 10 years will still bite their master when he is hungry. She excuses herself and throws Shin a disapproving look before she walks off.

Rumors spread around YBS that Mi Rae is engaged to Se Joo. The two meet up on the rooftop and naïve Se Joo jokes she must have missed him when they’ve agreed not to meet up at work. You wish! She goes straight into interrogative tone with him regarding the rumor. Se Joo chuckles at the absurdity of the rumor but quickly become serious when Mi Rae doesn’t find it humorous. He then tells her: “Let’s get engaged”. Gaahhh~

He asks her to consider the engagement and that Miranda is pushing for them to get married anyway. That’s very unromantic, Se Joo. Mi Rae hesitates a little and wants to tell her about ‘the secret’ but decides the better of it and goes back to work.

In the elevator, Yoo Kyung sees the ring on Mi Rae’s finger; Yoo Kyung tells Mi Rae that if Shin hadn’t ran into her car on the day that Mi Rae goes to Jeju Island, originally, it would have been her first meeting with Se Joo. I’m sorry but what is the point to this conversation?

Mi Rae walks back to the office and overhears how uncomfortable the team members are because of her relationships with Oppa and Se Joo. They feel like they are walking on a thin layer of ice with her around. She goes find Oppa and tells him of her decision to leave YBS and join the production company. She explains that she doesn’t want to cause both Oppa and Se Joo any trouble or rely on them whenever she faces some difficulty. Oppa agrees to let her go and informs her he’s going on holiday tomorrow onwards when in truth; he’s going to have the stomach cancer removed.

Se Joo listens to a staff reporting to him regarding the recent change of regulations of viewer ratings for the cable TV. He is given a list of politicians involved and he asks if the meeting is tomorrow night.

Mi Rae returns home and asks Ajumma if she had gone on vacation without her knowing. Ajumma denies sheepishly. At that moment, her phone rings and it was Se Joo. He slums into his chair handsomely, loosens his neck tie and asks her if she can dress up pretty and follows him to a place. Mi Rae readily agrees. Mi Rae goes back to her room while Ajumma bites her lips, obviously struggling with her guilt.

In her room all dressed up, Mi Rae checks herself in the mirror and is reminded of the time she has dressed up to meet Shin when she applies perfume. She shakes off the thought quickly and goes out to meet Se Joo.

They arrive at a luxurious dinner function and Se Joo confesses his worries that if he had told her earlier she may not want to come with him. She tells him she is willing to accommodate him and is also curious what kind of people he mixes with.

Coincidentally, the moment they walk into the function room Hee Kyung and Shin greet them. A-w-k-w-a-r-d. Se Joo introduces Mi Rae to Hee Kyung as his girlfriend in front of Shin and he clocks the rings on their fingers. Both couples sit at a different table while Hee Kyung muses to Shin that it is so Se Joo’s style for rejecting a long lines of girls and chooses a broadcasting writer. She gossips that Mi Rae and Se Joo are going to be engaged.

During the course of dinner, both Shin and Mi Rae look out of place and uncomfortable that they both excuse themselves from the table and go out for some fresh air on the balcony.

Mi Rae congrats Shin on his new job and they engage in a brief common courtesy of asking if each other is well. In return, Shin also congrats Mi Rae about her engagement. She touches the ring but says nothing. She points out that Hee Kyung must be scouting him that night on Christmas Eve so it was about work; Shin affirms it started out that way and lies that their relationship is more than employer/employee. Mi Rae decides to go back in and the moment she disappears, Shin has to cover his eyes to stop his tears, muster some strength in order to control his overwhelming emotions and stay composed.

Back inside, Se Joo greets Mi Rae with a smile and asks her gently where she has gone to since dinner is finished. They smile at each other while I find myself in the land of confusion (regarding the smile).

At home, Mi Rae tells Ajumma Shin looks better than when she was with him so she is grateful for what Ajumma did. She goes into her room brooding over the ring, Se Joo’s request for engagement, Miranda’s request and Shin’s blessings. Pressure weighs on her shoulder.

In the morning, Oppa pretends that he’s going for his vacation in front of Mi Rae while Ajumma apologizes that she should have gone with him. He enters the ward and finds Shin sitting at the sofa waiting for him, HA. Turns out Ajumma is so worried that she calls Shin to accompany Oppa when he has his surgery. They banter back and forth for a bit before Oppa relent and let Shin stay. Cute!

Ajumma is so worried that she decides to risk getting caught and sneaks out of the house when the dumb cop is not watching. Meanwhile the Pandora Box team can’t find a file only Oppa would know and he isn’t answering his phone so Mi Rae decides to approach the manager and wonders if he knows the hotel Oppa is residing. The manager decides to come clean with Mi Rae.

Oppa wakes up from the anesthetic and he is disgusted because the first person he sees is Shin. LOL! Ajumma tells Oppa that Mi Rae knows and that she must have found out at work since she isn’t the one who told her. Upon hearing that Mi Rae is on her way to the hospital, Shin decides to leave. Oppa forcibly utters a thank you to Shin before he goes, LOL.

Ajumma confesses her mistakes and apologizes to Shin. He asks if Mi Rae knows, Ajumma says she doesn’t know how to tell Mi Rae. He then wants to know why Ajumma decides to tell him. She wants him to right the wrong she has done as Mi Rae still harbor feelings for him but Shin declines. He has caused Mi Rae enough pain and he doesn’t want to give her more so he also decides it is best that Mi Rae doesn’t know and that Se Joo is the person that will give her happiness. NOT.

Mi Rae arrives at the hospital and cries her eyes out apologizing for being a bad sister. Oppa wakes up and tells her off. Mi Rae is so grateful that Oppa is fine that she thanks Ajumma for being at Oppa’s side.

Yoo Kyung is busy setting up the eating utensils for all the men on the table while the PD rants away about a junior he taught a lesson on being too arrogant. He continues to crow that he’s working on a script named Human Etiquette. That’s when kickass Yoo Kyung slams a container of utensils at him and challenges him to try it out himself. Yoo Kyung: “You need experience before you can write a good script so start from the basic.” She orders him to set out the eating utensils accordingly and with manners. The PD is furious and Yoo Kyung scoffs: “You can’t do it right? You should change the title to Human Ignorance and Violence!” GO! GO! Yoo Kyung!

Se Joo is seen sending off a few men (must be the politicians) outside a Korean restaurant. He bows to 90 degree as their cars drive away. When he gets up, his eyes are cold and cutting.

He decides to go on a walk on his own and can’t help but smile when he sees a happy family having dinner in a restaurant. He takes out his phone to call Mi Rae but she is unreachable. Disappointment crosses his face with a lonely sigh.

He goes to the Japanese restaurant and is delighted to see Yoo Kyung sitting at a table. He stands behind Yoo Kyung and asks: “Do you have time?” Yoo Kyung assumes it is some man who is trying to disturb her, all annoyed, she declines: “Very sorry but I’m waiting for my boyfriend.” She turns around and is surprised to see Se Joo while he teases: “Boyfriend? You already have a boyfriend?” Yeah and how we wish it was you! ~”~

They sit across each other on the table as Yoo Kyung tells him she is applying for a scholarship to study overseas. Se Joo offers to help find her a house and she declines saying that she’ll be fine on her own. Se Joo nods with a lonely smile.

Mi Rae finds out from the nurse that Shin was Oppa’s guardian on the day of his surgery so she calls him to thank him. Their conversation was cut short when Hee Kyung’s voice was hurt from the other side of phone.

Shin joins NTN president and his friends for a golf session and overhears they discuss about the humidifier issue that’s giving them some trouble.

Two reporters approach Shin requesting that he must report news regarding the humidifier’s sterilizer being harmful to humans. Management in NTN refuse to air/report this incident due to the pressure that Tae Geuk group is their top advertising company. Shin sends them away asking for more proofs because he is not reporting unless they have proven it to be factual.

On her way to her new workplace, Mi Rae notices a man with signboards hanging on the back and front. She approaches him, tells him she’s a broadcasting writer and asks him to tell her what happened and offers that maybe she can help. The man tells her his child died due to the poison in humidifier’s sterilizer and how Tae Geuk Group put the blame on him for mishandling the humidifier. He begs Mi Rae write his story.

Mi Rae arrives at her new workplace and immediately asks if she could write about the humidifier. Her supervisor looks a bit reluctant to go up against Tae Geuk group but nonetheless gives her permission to research and prepare her story before any decision is to be made.

Mi Rae goes back to the man for more details and sees the two reporters from NTN. She catches on quickly that this must be the issue that ruined Shin and calls Ajumma for confirmation.

She goes see Shin at NTN and tells him this is the issue that will ruin him. Shin asks her curtly: “So what would you have me do? Shin fires her with a string of questions that if he is to do the right thing and be ruined, will she pay the debt for him and so on. She tells him she doesn’t have any idea she came to see him because she is worried. He tells her to mind her own business and stop meddling into his life especially she of all people should know how annoying that is.

Ajumma goes out to receive a parcel from the postman but turns out he is another future cop in disguise. They tell her that she has to go back because Shin is alive and waiting for her. She faints upon hearing the news. Mi Rae reaches home and gets a shock when she sees the future cops with Ajumma. They take her to the hospital when she doesn’t wake up. Mi Rae finds out from the time cop Ajumma and her are not the same person.

Se Joo prepares to leave work and decides to call Mi Rae, she tells him about Ajumma and he rushes to the hospital to join them. He asks what has happened and Mi Rae tells him she is unsure.


The two reporters have gathered enough proofs for Shin to report the humidifier incident and tell him he is all they can rely on reporting the fact. He gets ready in front of the camera with two different news scripts, contemplating whether or not he should do the right thing while Mi Rae and Se Joo watch him on TV at the hospital.


This is another episode that has so many level of WTF. First of all what does Mi Rae think when she accepts Se Joo’s ring? It’s just funny that she expects people not to think that’s an engagement ring when it’s worn on her wedding finger. What normal man would buy and give a woman a ring if he didn’t want commitment? But that said, I think she shouldn’t have gone to Se Joo with a blaming tone as if he is the one who spread the engagement rumor. I believe I’ve said it many times in the past, she shouldn’t string him along and she definitely shouldn’t accept the ring if she isn’t ready to commit. Ring = BIG commitment! And Se Joo-ssi, she’s not pregnant so no need to do a shotgun marriage! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Their relationship is so lopsided that it was so uncomfortable watching the both of them on-screen because (1) their interactions are nothing but awkward (2) they can’t be honest with each other on what they think and feel. Se Joo still fear that Mi Rae will run away from his chaebol dinner if he had told her beforehand so he decided he would just let her find out then and there. Okay, that’s a no-no mister! Meanwhile she still thinks of Shin.

On the other hand, Se Joo and Yoo Kyung are so at ease with each other that it really pained me to see that they are not together. Their interactions with each other keep convincing me, as a viewer, that they should be the couple and fit perfectly with one another. Yoo Kyung is that empty piece of puzzle to his heart, not Mi Rae. Sigh~

I don’t get why everyone is so protective of Mi Rae and all of them try to decide her future for her. It is her future after all, let her make that decision because she is 32 years old and not 18. How is she supposed to grow if these so-called adults try to hide everything from her? Let her be on her own and make her own future. I believe the major failure in Ajumma’s life must be because she was over-protected by people around her.

There is this scene I didn’t like where Mi Rae approached that man and offered to help him without consulting with her supervisor in advance. In a real-life situation, she is giving false hope to the man and that showed how naïve she still is because she could have easily made him an empty promise.

It is the same with Se Joo when he talked about broadening the communication network before thinking about where the funds come from and then run to grandma for financial support. I would blame this on the writer because I don’t see the old Se Joo being this short-sighted, it is as if Se Joo has a personality transplant and lost his businessman hindsight or capability. It feels as if he suddenly gained this idealism from Mi Rae and acted against all odds. Did we have a change in writer too? Or… or… I have to believe in alien abduction and need to embark on a rescue mission to Area 51 with MC / MHIYD fans?

It was such a relief & enjoyable moment to watch sharp tongue Shin bicker with Oppa. I must admit I miss this Shin rather than the current man who doesn’t really do much but brood and dawdling around.

Bravo to Yoo Kyung to finally stand up to those male chauvinistic co-workers. I am so happy that in the end she decided she has had enough and decided to do the right thing and start respecting herself. I really want to give her a huge hug and a tight squeeze for how kickass she was when she stood up for herself!

All in all, this episode resolve nothing so all the wrap up and loose ends are going to be dealt with in the finale. It isn’t crap or unenjoyable to watch but it just lacks logic (again) because it is a continuation of WTF from last week’s episode, LOL.


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  1. Se Joo is more relaxed and he smiles, smiles genuinely when he’s with so it boggles my mind as to why the writer kept shoving Mi Rae and Se Joo down our throats when it’s so annoying seeing them together.
    Yoo Kyung was the only reason that I stuck with this show till the end but her scenes became too short as if she’s not one of the main characters.


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