[Drama News] Lee Min Ho Ignores Park Shin Hye in The Heirs?

New stills released from SBS today show us Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) and Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) bump into each other in front of the Dreamcatcher shop.

Stay tuned tonight on SBS to watch this scene and find out how Eun Sang is allowed back in Seoul and how they meet and why or how Tan decide to ignore her. Is it because he thought he is imagining her appearing before his eyes?

As we have learnt from last night’s episode that Eun Sang is hiding in some countryside and Tan decided to give her up so that she can have her normal life back. It tore him into pieces to give her up and he goes into self-destruction afterwards losing any hope or courage to live on because living is too unbearable for him in that house, being who he is. I am just at awe that he only break now because any normal person would have gone into depression earlier than that being who he is and living in that house.

However, never say never too late because we finally see him break… and it has got to be the most times I have seen Lee Min Ho cried in one episode. He does it so well too. Watching him cry on the street – the size of tears streaming down his cheeks and watching him cry himself to sleep; no words can describe, I’ve none because I’ve been rendered speechless and hurt along with him. Helplessly wish he would gather himself and ‘stand up’ once again and soon (we don’t have much episode left, hahaha) and this time NOT because for or of Eun Sang BUT for himself!

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5 thoughts on “[Drama News] Lee Min Ho Ignores Park Shin Hye in The Heirs?

  1. Gosh, this is the most tears I’ve seen him shed ever. It’s too unbearable to watch. 😦

    @La Petite
    I agree! I hope Tan will learn to ‘stand up’ and be stronger for himself. I want to see him loving and treasuring his life more. By the way, since you love seeing Tan in pain, are you satisfied with this episode? It’s filled with angst. 😛


    • Yeah, this angst is much better serve in the middle of the show rather than this late in the game. I’m really interested in the journey of how Tan will pull himself up from this defeat, but with the time jump, I think we will miss out on that. It’s the same with YD, his transformation was rather too quick for me.


  2. La Petite my heart hurt with Tanny last night! 😥 I almost died with so much pain! 😥 Tanny be strong! I wanted to give him a hug 😥

    LMHot brought on the angst full blast, I thought I was prepared! 😥 😥


  3. Ep17 made me cry so much for watching Kim Tan crying and hurt. It’s not EunSang ‘s fault. She also loves Kim Tan. Kim Tan & Eun Sang fighting… Lee Min Ho is so great. Love LMH*PSH xoxo. Hope they are together in the heirs and also in real life. 😊


  4. Among all LMH drama, this is the only drama that he shed so much tears. My heart goes weak seeing him cried so much especially when he calls to Won saying “he is dying” At this point, it hurts him deeply like a knife piercing thru him. He could not bear to the pain anymore and willing to give up. Looking at Won’s facial expression, I think it hurts him as well seeing the brother that he loves is in such a bad state.


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