[Drama News] Lee Min Ho Sings for The Heirs OST!

Hell yeah! Lee Min Ho has opened his golden mouth and sang an OST song named ‘Painful Love’ for The Heirs. It will be a heart-breaking & emotional ballad that expresses Kim Tan’s feelings for the girl he loves. The CD cover for OST 9 has not been revealed and the OST will be released through various music channels on December 4 at noon (Korean time).

OH. MY. GOD! How exciting! [抓狂][抓狂][抓狂]  This has got to be the best news of the day! ^ ^ I can’t wait to hear the song and watch Lee Min Ho gives me lots of heartaches and emotions for episode 17 of The Heirs. I’m ready to have my heart torn to pieces through him [来] (C’mon, I’m ready!)

Credit Image to DongDongRu and gif to FlyMinHo

News source: TopStarNews, MWave


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