[Drama News] Lee Min Ho’s Kim Tan Style Hugging Collection

Aw. I’m really going to miss Lee Min Ho on my TV screen very soon. (T_T) These new set of released stills are really pretty and cute for collection.

Us crazies have waited for him on TV for over a year since Faith and now it is almost over. Looking at these pics warm my heart because eek… I’d love to be hugged and enveloped by him like that & feel his warmth transmitted to my body (only if it’s cold or else it can be annoying, hahaha). Have his arms wrapped around mine… aigoooo. I feel so sad now. LOL!


Love the captured expression of Tan when Eun Sang found money in the coat, LOL!


These hugs are a little sadder to look at and look how tight both embrace each other. It transmit how much they miss and don’t want to lose each other.

From SBS


There has been rumours flying around on how The Heirs will be like The Great Gatsby whereby Tan will lose Eun Sang and die and so forth and we would get a sad ending. This is not the case from what I have gathered from a reliable source. It is said that only in episode 17 Tan is the incarnation of Gatsby and it is implied we would get angst in this episode and as you all know with the leaked photos, Tan has found Eun Sang somewhere in a village so let’s not freak out yet. I don’t believe we would get a sad ending at all and the source did not say we would either. Stay optimistic, shall we? ^ ^V

source: Galaxy41 @ Baidu


13 thoughts on “[Drama News] Lee Min Ho’s Kim Tan Style Hugging Collection

  1. I love their hugs. It’s always tight and you can feel how much they love each other. I don’t think KES will give us a sad ending, I have watched SeGa and a bit of City Hall. The episodes of these dramas towards the ending were always heartbreaking but I am hoping that like the others she will give us a happy one.


  2. Lee Min Ho is a cutie pie. Period.

    I’m gonna miss him so much…i don’t know when we’ll be able to watch him again in a drama as he has a movie next and maybe will go for military service after that 😦


  3. You’ve made a beautiful post for my new week. I love hugging coz it is always the most body parts tied together.
    I have watched LMH hug other his co-stars in dramas but until this The Heirs I feel his hug is the most passionate because of the big difference of LMH and PSH’s height and body size. I forget that their characters are the same age. He is like a giant holding, protecting, leaning toward his little woman.


  4. is it just me or looking at these it really doesn’t look like they have chemistry. although lee min ho exudes the lovey dovey type of affection I think CES falls short all the time. Well except when she was drunk but I’m comparing her acting with Yong Hwa and it’s different with Min Ho… I don’t know. Or I’m just biased because I ship CES with Young Do. hehe


  5. Is it Lee Min Ho’s first time working with an actress who is a few years younger than him? I remember him working with actresses who are older than him. Anyway, it’s nice to see him working with Park Shin Hye. She’s a great actor with a great personality. She’s someone you want to talk or joke with because she is an understanding person. I love the way Eun Sang and Tan hug each other, just fit like a glove. I can’t wait for the episode 17 and 18! I hope Tan and Eun Sang would get back together again.


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