The Heirs: Episode 14

After Tan’s revelation of his birth secret, the burden of it that hanged over his head has been lifted. There may be lot of trouble ahead and repercussion to face, but Tan’s burden had been eased. Eun Sang also took a leap and accepted Tan’s hand and outed their relationship to the whole school.

We saw some bromance between Tan and Won, let’s hope that Tan being kicked out, become the way to melt Won’s heart and accept his brother.

Rachel is gearing up and sharpening her claws and I can’t wait to see how Eun Sang protect herself and her love.


Tan get to the broadcast room and sees Young Do has Eun Sang pinned near the door. He tried to open the door but Young Do manages to lock it. Eun Sang tries to open the door for Tan but Young Do grabs and pins her again. He tells her that he said he will not mess with her, but the people around her like Tan and himself.

Tan furious, yells at Young do to open the door before he kills him and proceeds to kick the door until it finally break open. Tan angrily punches Young Do and grabs the nearest chair. He is about ti hit Young Do with it, but Eun Sang hugs his waist to stop him. Calming down, Tan lets go of the chair and takes Eun Sang outside telling her not to go in.

Tan confronts Young Do reminding him of his warning not to touch Eun Sang. Young Do answers that he will only stop if Tan lets her go. Tan irked by all of this, asks how far he’s going. Young Do tells him that he has to continue since fighting with Tan costs him his last meal with his mother. Everytime he sees Tan he wants to kill himself. I really don’t understand Young Do here blaming Tan for his own mistake. Tan tells him to grow up, he gave Young a lot of chances. Young Do tells Tan to stop pretending to be an adult. Tan replies than he did his best even when Young Do hurt him, when Young Do insulted Tan’s mom and when Young Do’s mom left. Young Do says it’s the reason he’s mad. Tan tells Young Do that hes always been like this hurting people ending up hurting himself. How can he not change.

Young Do asks if Tan is happy changing. He mocks at the big fight Tan has started and him breaking his engagement, saying he will only end up kneeling to his dad. Tan better go and kneel now or did he plan on making Eun Sang kneel for him. He says Tan is being reckless. Tan asks if Young Do ever fought a reckless fight.

“If I have to kneel, I will kneel. I just have to get back up. A day will come when I will not fall again. You will stay there Choi Young Do, I will no longer be there!”

Outside Rachel comes and ask Eun Sang if the fight was because of her. Before Eun Sang can answer Tan come out and drags Eun Sang out of there without a word.

Rachel questions Young Do about this stunt. He told her to shut her mouth but he did this. Young Do tell her that he was not planning to reveal Tan’s secret he only wanted to see someone for a bit.

Tan apologizes to Eun Sang outside. Eun Sang asks him about why he and Young Do always fight. Tan says it’s because of her they are in a love triangle. Yeah! I think Eun Sang already knows that. Eun Sang doesn’t buy it. No choice Tan tells her that he is regretting and Young Do is in self resentment.

At the broadcast room Young Do tells Rachel the same and continues that he can’t fight himself. He ask Rachel back what about her. She knows Tan did nothing wrong, Tan did not lead her on. Rachel broke the rules of a political engagement by being obsessed. It’s cheating. Can Rachel admit she was wrong and forgive Tan. It’s the same for Young Do he can’t admit it.

Eun Sang teases Tan that it looks like that Young Do and him are the ones in a relationship. She notice Tan wearing his uniform and he ask if she washed it. Tan complains that the fabric got damaged, so Eun Sang tells him to take it off. Cheeky Tan teases her “Right now? Right here? Take what off? Everything?” Eun Sang yells at him covers her eyes but peeks. LOL! Eun Sang is pervy too!

Bo Na is reporting to Hyo Shin about the broadcast room door on the phone, when she runs into Chan Young. He ignores her even when she called him. She runs after him to no avail so she pretends to fall, Chan Young still walks on without looking, but he is smiling. LOL! this two

Ye Sol approaches Eun Sang at the locker to ask her help in getting the script she needed for her audition the next day, from Myung Soo’s studio. Eun Sang agrees and ask if she’s okay. Ye Sol assumes that Eun Sang is thinking badly of her. Eun Sang notes that kids in Jeguk don’t know how to apologize. Ye Sol blurts out an apology. Eun Sang smiles and tells her she will give her a call.

At the studio Eun Sang find Young Do there. She tells him she’s there for Ye Sol’s script, he point it out with his head. Without a word he stands up to leave. Eun Sang calls him and hands him a band-aid. He just leaves.

While Eun Sang is packing Ye Sol’s script, Bo Na come in looking for it. Eun Sang says she have it and ask Bo Na if she want’s to give it to Ye Sol. Bo Na just tells Eun Sang to give it to Ye Sol because she need it the next day and leaves. Eun Sang comments that Bo Na is nice.

Outside, Young Do is waiting for Eun Sang. He stretches out his hand and says “Give it. Band-aid.” Eun Sang hands it to him and he leaves. Aw! Young Do is changing!

Eun Sang talks to Chan Young about Bo Na while hanging up the laundry. She reports to Chan Young about Bo Na being concern about Ye Sol which he finds cute. Eun Sang advises him to make-up already before Bo Na is taken by others.

He Nam is making a list for the next housekeeper when Ki Ae goes in the kitchen. Ki Ae panics when she notice what she’s doing. Ki Ae just admit it, that you don’t want her to go. She complains that Hee Nam is rushing things, she haven’t even found a replacement yet. The other housekeeper comes announcing that Rachel had come. Eun Sang comes in, Ki Ae tells her to hide in her room, Rachel can’t see her here or Tan will be in more trouble. Eun Sang goes back to her room.

Rachel plays nice to Ki Ae and even gives her flowers, while En San hides in her room. I hate that this looks more like when Ki Ae was hiding too! She praises Tan for protecting Ki Ae saying it was admirable. Ki Ae is thankful that Rachel understands. Rachel asks her why she pretended to be Eun Sang’s mom at the PTA meeting. Ki Ae explains that she stepped in for Eun Sang’s mom because she can’t go. Rachel expressed that she feels that Tan likes Eun Sang and she has no desire to end the engagement, so Ki Ae denies it saying that they are just friends. Hee Nam of course hears everything.

Ki Ae’s explanation seems to pacify Rachel’s curiosity, but on her way out she sees a set of Jeguk High girl’s uniform. She inspects it and finds what she’s looking for. She calls someone to confirm her suspicion. Eun Sang goes out a bit later and notices her uniform gone.

Tan is waiting for Eun Sang the next day, but she does not show up. He tries calling her but her phone is off, so he looks for her.

At the lockers Eun Sang sees Rachel and demand where her uniform is. Rachel arrogantly answers that she threw it in the trash. Eun Sang runs to the trash bins and sort through it. When she finally finds her uniform Eun Sang cries because her mom bought it with hard earned money.

Rachel follows and confronts her, saying Eun Sang should feel the same as her when she found her uniform at Tan’s house. Pointing out Eun Sang’s nerve being a mere housekeepers daughter and pretending to be nouveau riche.  Eun Sang asks if she’s happy about it, but Rachel is not content and orders her to clean the trash just like she learned from her mother. Go! Go! Eun Sang teach her a lesson.

Eun Sang suddenly slaps Rachel, who is astonished that Eun Sang dared to slap her and tries to retaliate. OMO! Spunky Eun Sang! Eun Sang blocks her and hisses that Rachel could insult her but not her mom. Eun Sang asks how great of a mother Rachel has who teaches her such manners. Go! Go! Eun Sang teach her!!!

Enraged Rachel orders Eun Sang to leave school or she will reveal her status. Eun Sang is not cowed and dared her, but Rachel threatens that it not only her secret but also Tan’s. Unlike Young Do she has no misgivings doing so. Eun Sang angrily questions how Rachel could include Tan in their fight. Rachel answers that it is the only way she can make Eun Sang transfer. Eun Sang grudgingly answers that she will think about transferring. Suddeny Tan voice is heard asking “What thinking about?” having overheard them. He tells Eun Sang to leave so he can talk to Rachel and she leaves.

Rachel start to complain that she’s hurt, but Tan tells her to shut up and asks how she found out about Eun Sang living in his house. Rachel confesses she went there and saw his mom. Tan ask which mom, the mom she looked at as if she’s a bug? Tan tells her that he wanted to at least keep her as a friend but not anymore. He adds that since he can’t hit a girl in his mind he already did. You tell her Tanny!

Tan then marches towards Eun Sang on the roof. Mad at Eun Sang, for not leaning on him. Eun Sang answers that he already overwhelmed with difficulties. He counters that he was born with those difficulties.

“My mom had to be hidden. My brother hates me. My father’s wife spitefulness. My father who made all this. My friend angry after he found out my secret. Being abandoned in a strange land for three years. None of this is your fault, so…”

Eun Sang cuts him off and says it’s also not his fault. Tan is stunned at that. He sighs frustrated and asks if Eun Sang wants to run away with him to America. Eun Sang answers it sounds good, but she can’t leave her mom again just like he can’t leave his mom again. They both stood there quietly knowing the answer in their heart.

Tan and Young Do meets with Ji Sook. They are both being punished for damaging the broadcast room and this it’s going to be full punishment. Young do is told to also bring his dad. Tan tries to stop it,  but he is also ordered to bring Won.

Hyun Joo counsels them in detention. She makes them write what they did wrong, but both accuse the other so she makes them write what’s the others fault is. Tan and Young Do reflects on what wrong each has done.

Flashbacks to the time when Young Do’s mom asked Tan to take Young Do to the snack shop. Tan noticed she has a travel bag and was in a hurry. He tries to bring Young Do but he refused and insulted him. When they finally go there Young Do’s mom is gone.

Back to the present Tan thinks he should have insisted more that time and Young Do thinks he should have followed sooner. When Hyun Joo come back they stiil have not written anything and she questions them why do they fight if no one has done wrong. Those word struck them.

Eun Sang thinks about Rachel’s threat.

Inside the broadcast room Bo Na is badgering Eun Sang about Chan Young. Hyo Shin reminds her of the broadcast but she keeps yapping. Hyo Shin sneakily puts her on-air, so when she tells Eun Sang that she misses Chan Young and that he is like air to her it gets broadcasted to the whole campus. After the broadcast Bo Na walk the hallways embarrassed. Chan Young run after her, but she refuse to listen.

Eun Sang and Hyo Shin are happily looking at the couple when Hyun Joo come by. Hyo Shin finds out she is now a teacher in Jeguk High. Hyun Joo asks him to congratulate her but he refuse saying how could he when his first love is a step away.

Myung Soo and Young Do are at the studio. Myung Soo asks how Young Do’s first love going. He ask if Eun Sang is truly his first love. Myung Soo quips that she is, if Tan isn’t. LOL! bromance to a different level. Myung Soo advises him to quit it, since he does not see Tan and Eun Sang breaking up. Myung Soo asks how much Young Do likes Eun Sang but he can’t answer. Myun Soo asks if Eun Sang and Young Do falls in the water just like in Titanic who would Young Do save. Young Do answers that he will save Eun Sang that way she will be indebted to him and will not be happy with Tan. Myung Soo points out he always choose the tragic ending, and adds what Young Do will do about dad.

Tan walks Eun Sang home, she tells him to go home. He says it’s too early for now, he plans to go home together with Won, but he is first plans to get Won to come to school. Eun Sang jokes that he will not get to the second plan.

At the hotel lobby Tan sits there thinking, when Won comes in. He sees Tan and walks over and ask why Tan is sitting there. Tan says he was just thinking. Won sits with him and they sat there quietly for a while, until Tan points out they are both funny, they have a nice house but lives in a hotel. Won says it’s because they left home. Tan asks why Won hates him, Won says why would he like a half brother. Tan says he will do better, but Won tells him not to since it will be uncomfortable.

Bo Na is giving out invitations and give one to Young Do. He asks what’s it for. She tells him it’s for Chan Young and her reconciliation celebration, to which Yound Do teases her that men don’t like those because it as if saying “I’m a moron.” Bo Na takes back the invite and spots Ye Sol. She runs after her to invite and they up each other with apologies as Tan passes by and snipes one invitation from Bo Na without them noticing. So much like CityHunter, LOL!

Tan goes to the broadcast room to ask how Hyo Shin is doing, and advices Hyo Shin to do well on the exams. Hyo Shin cheerily says off course.

The day of the exam, Hyo Shins mom drops him off at the exam venue. She tell him to do well while she prays for him and leaves before he gets in.

Tan hangs out at Won’s hotel room, he sees a folder with a list of stock holders names and notices Sec. Yoon’s name. He remembers the conversation he heard between Won and Sec. Yoon. Tan calls Sec. Yoon to ask about it, but Sec. Yoon tells him that he will call back and hangs up.

Sec. Yoon is looking at the list of people being re- assigned. He goes to Won and comments that Won started a war. Won tells him to chose which side he is or he will put his name on the list. Daddy Kim gets a call from his brother in law about the re-structuring Won is doing and is furious.

Tan goes to meet Eun Sang at a restaurant. But it was a trap by Ki Ae, since he won’t answer her calls. Tan asks mom if she brought some clothes, Ki Ae gives him a bag with a coat.  Ki Ae tells him that Rachel went to their house and seems to know about him and Eun Sang, what does he plan to do. Tan answers that he is going to be happy. LOL! Ki Ae asks how when Rachel is not planning to break the engagement. She advice them to break up, but Tan tells her she suppose to bribe him with an envelope full of money for that. HAHAHA! Tan watches a lot of dramas  Ki Ae tells him that dad won’t leave him alone for long, so Tan says that’s why he has no time for this and leaves with Eun Sang.

Tan and Eun Sang walks outside. He asks her if she was bothered by what his mom said about breaking up, she answers no she was just baffled. Tan is astonished that she’s not scared.

Tan ask if they are just going to walk like that and says he wants to hold hands. Eun Sang offers her hand, but Tan wraps his hand around her shoulders instead. They walk like that as Eun Sang whines, Tan scolds her for allowing his mom to make her a hostage. She says that it’s the other way around since she wanted to see him, Tan is happy about that.

They argue on what to do next, so Tan reminds Eun Sang about him kissing her if she talks back. Eun Sang breaks out from his arm and excuses that she needs to go to work. Tan stops her with a backhug, saying she stopped him like that at the broadcast room. He asks if she ever stopped other men like that before all pouty with jealousy. She sighs that he will be an over jealous husband and shrugs out of the backhug.

Tan hugs her the right way with his coat enveloping her, suggesting she stops him like that next time. Eun Sang complains, he says that he is only demonstrating. Tan being cheeky again so cute! Eun Sangs feels something and finds 50,000 won in his coat. Surprised, Tan releases her immediately. She’s amazed he released her for money. LOL! such a weird turn of events Tan gets a call from Sec. Yoon asking to meet, he apologizes to Eun Sang.

Tan confirms that the list of names are the people holding his birthday present stocks and that Won has started to fight their dad. Tan realizes that if Won wins this fight he will be the next target. Sec. Yoon reminds him that he was born with a lot but have to sacrifice a lot too, like what he wants. Tan knows that and also knows that dad is making him fight so that he will not dream of other things.

Bo Na and Rachel is at a salon. Rachel tries to pry from Bo Na information about Eun Sang, but Bo Na wont give it to her. When Rachel hinted that she will go to the party Bo Na warns her not to come.

Young Do gets a text from Rachel saying she is at Eun Sang’s work place. Oh, no! He rushes out to check on Eun Sang. Unknown to him Rachel is following. What a sly snake! When he gets there he realized he had been fooled.

At the party everybody is having fun specially Chan Young and Bo Na. It turns sour though when Rachel arrives. She tells Bo Na that she ordered drinks for the party, which surprises them.

Young Do waits for Eun Sang to warn her about Rachel, she tells him not to worry. She reminds him that she has a lot of knights protecting her like what he said before. Young Do says that he think it was that time when he told her that, that he started to like her. He adds that he’s still woried so call him. Eun Sang goes in to work, her boss tell her that they have a catering order and hand her the address. Warned by Young Do she calls Chan Young to confirm the address of the party.

Tan is at the hotel thinking. He get a text from Eun Sang asking if he’s at the party, he replies that he is going there in a bit. She tells him the she is going there too, and don’t be surprised when he sees her there. Tan texts back that he thought she was at work so why will she be at the party. He gets no reply and when he calls her phone is already on voice mail. Tan curious rushes out of there walking pass Young Do who just arrived.

Back at the party Chan Young and Bo Na thanks everyone for coming. Everybody is happily teasing each other when Eun Sang arrives announcing the catering service. She greets the couple and congratulates them. Chan Young goes over to Eun Sang and guesses it’s Rachel’s doing. Everyone is surprised and asks her why she doing a part time job, but before she can answer Tan walks in. Tan tell Eun her to go with him outside, but she insists.  Tan asks when will she be finished, she answers after all the drinks are done. Tan flips the table with the drinks and say now it’s done and drags Eun Sang outside.

When Tan and Eun Sang are gone, Bo Na furious blames Rachel for ruining her party and wanted to give her a beating. Go Bo Na teach that “…” a lesson!!! Myung Soo calls Young Do to come saying the party is a mess and it’s fun.

Outside, Tan scolds Eun Sang for doing this, even though she knows what Rachel intended. Eun Sang answers that Young Do could work, why can’t she. Is it because, her family don’t own the cafe, that it’s embarrassing. Tan clarifies that it’s not what he meant. He just does not want Eun Sang treated that way. Eun Sang yells that she’s more embarrassed because of lying, of being called nouveau riche, not being poor. Tan says he knows, but can’t she go the easy way. She says that she came to out the secret. She had spent sleepless nights since the lie began, always scared of being outed. Just like Tan revealing his secret that he kept since he was born.

Tan tells her he knows from experience that’s why she should not do it . She will not be happier when she reveals it, she will just be hurt. Eun Sang insists, Tan ask why she is so stubborn about this. She tells him she learned it from him. To go ahead even when you know that you will be hurt. She tells him she will be back and leaves.

Tan stays there looking at Eun Sang go. Rachel comes to gloat, saying it would have been better if Eun Sang was nouveau riche, but she’s not even worth it. Tan not even looking at her tells her to not talk to him, hopefully ever.

Tan waits for Eun Sang to return,  just when he’s thinking of calling she arrives. she unloads the drink containers as Tan approaches. She tells him not to stop her. Tan apologizes for making it hard for her, by making her lie. He adds that if she finds it hard, give up and go to his arms. Eun Sang nods and says they should go in.

Inside, Eun Sang reveals to every one that she’s working to earn money and that she’s not nouveau riche. Young Do comes in. Everybody is mad. Eun Sang apologizes for lying and says that she transferred as a charity case. Chan Young moves to help her, but Tan stops him. The kids are flabbergasted and accuse Eun Sang of seducing Tan when she is a charity case. They asks Tan if he was fooled. Tan says yes and walks over to Eun Sang. He continues while intensely looking at Eun Sang, that he was fooled when she said that she will be alright, but she’s trembling. This surprises everybody, Rachel walks out.

Tan then tells Myung Soo that there’s no music. Myung Soo getting it says of course not, giving Tan a wink. Tan tells the other kid that the drinks are self service since Eun Sang clocked out.

The lights dim and music starts. Tan and Eun Sang looks at each other. Eun Sang relieved, says she did it. Tan say to her…

 “Nice to meet you Cha Eun Sang of the Social Care Group. I am Kim Tan, an illegitimate child.”

Young Do, goes out quietly.

Tan tells Eun Sang they should party now and proceeds to slowly take off her work apron. Waaaahhhh!!! It’s so sensual how Tanny does it! Tan also carefully untie her hair and put a corsage on her hand. Tan then tenderly holds her head and gives her a kiss on the fore head. aaawwwhhh!!! Eun Sang closes her eyes to take all this in and smiles satisfactorily.


Young Do is slowly changing, I hope that this is the start of mending the broken bromance between him and Tan. We are beginning to see a more likeable Young Do and I hope he continues with the change.

Tan continues to move forward, we see him fight for the people he loves with his all. What Tan told Young Do is true, when you fall, all you have to do is get up and learn from your mistakes to make you stronger.  If you are afraid to fall you will not learn. Eun Sang learned it from Tan and she now took steps and took courage.

Tan and Eun Sang are learning and giving courage to each other. I hope when the time comes when they have to face their biggest challenge they are strong enough to stand it.

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  1. just saw a translated interview with Min Ho on this scene and here’s how he described it:

    “The kissing after taking off the apron was written as ‘Be sexual’ in the script. I also acted out the part thinking that what I am taking off is not an apron but something else (Smile). When I act, I am not someone who rehearses with an actress in advance. I only said that I am going to be intense when acting out the scene. I prefer an immediate response and interaction. The script sets the concept to ‘Be sexual’ and after that, the rest is all up to actors and actresses.”

    aigoooo~ fans never miss a thing. so he was really intending it to be a bit sexual. hahaha!


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