The Heirs: Episode 13

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This has to be one of the most emotional yet sweetest episodes so far! It is jammed packed with heart warming and cute moments with lots of revelations and character development. Most importantly we see Eun Sang taking courage, admitting to her feelings and standing side by side with Kim Tan. Basically in this episode one ship sails while others sink.

Eun Sang and Kim Tan are standing in front of the café looking at each other. Eun Sang sees Tan with a dazed and sad look on his face. He is close to tears. Tan unable to hold in the emotions and struggling to breathe lets out a breath as a tear falls down onto his cheeks. Eun Sang looks at him silently, almost like she is feeling what he is feeling, tears brimming in her eyes and as Tan cries she cries as well.

Eun Sang slowly walks over to Tan and asks if he is okay. Tan does not answer her, worriedly she asks what happened. Tan finally utters: “You promised in America that you would take my hand and run if I was in danger. Is that still valid in Korea?”

Eun Sang with tears falling down her face shakes her head. Tan devastated from hearing that answer says: “I see”
Eun Sang looks up at Tan and suddenly rushes over to him and wraps her arms around his neck, stretching as much as she can. Tan is shocked and relieved for a moment and then embraces her tightly. Both comforting each other with a tight embrace as they continue to weep tears.

The same goes with all of us!!! Weeping tears at this emotional and heartfelt moment. I’m just extremely happy and pleased that Eun Sang is finally there when Tan needed her the most. She has become his pillar of strength and courage. Now it is apparent why he went to see her before delivering the massive bomb on the family and the future in-laws business partner! He needed to see her face to get courage to carry through with exploding that bomb!

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Meanwhile the troubled mother and daughter are back in their house. Esther is pissed and asks if Rachel knew all about this. Rachel retaliates that mum should have checked his background before agreeing to the engagement. Rachel tells her mum to stop complaining so she can think. Mum instructs her not to think and continue with the engagement until a battle erupts between Won and Tan. She thinks this is bound to happen and when it does happen they will buy heaps of shares and the stock prices will increase. Rachel is amazed at her calculative mother and tells her mum she’s heading out. Well well Esther is a really bad influence on her daughter. Sure enough she can choose to marry for politics/business but look how unhappy she is! Does she want to see her daughter unhappy? How much money is enough?

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Rachel heads over to see Young Do. She yells at him for not telling her about Tanny. She complained that Tanny revealed the secret with his own mouth and wants to cancel the engagement. She asks what Young Do plans to do keeping this secret. Young Do replies that he plans to keep Rachel’s mouth shut. He warns her to not say anything. He tells her it’s the best thing he has done so far and it is the one thing that will hurt Tanny the most.
Young Do tells Rachel: “It seems like Tan is heading closer to Eun Sang. So all you have to worry about is your decision whether to cancel the engagement or not”

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Tan takes Eun Sang to Myung Soo’s studio. He tells her to stay there for the night but Eun Sang is hesitant. He tells her to stop making excuses since she has held onto his hand. She argues since when did she hold his hand. He takes it back and teases her that she just hugged him. Hahahahaha I love cheeky Tanny!!!!
He tells her to take a seat on the couch meanwhile he plonks himself right in front of her. The close proximity has Eun Sang all nervous. LOL girl I know what you are thinking!!!

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Jealous Tan asks where Eun Sang has been staying since the night she left his house. Eun Sang does not answer and instead asks Tan why he cried. They go back and forth both avoiding each other’s questions by asking their own questions. So so cute

Tan finally gives Eun Sang an answer that you would expect from a person who came 100th in class: “Due to global warming, penguins are endangered. That’s why I cried” Bwahahahaha Tanny is such an adorable kid!!! LOL

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Suddenly they hear sounds from outside. It’s Myung Soo trying to get in but smart ass Tanny has already changed the password. Tanny seems pretty impressed with his intelligence as well hahaha. Eun Sang wants to let Myung Soo in but he stops her by trapping her legs between his. She tries to get free and Tanny laughs at her for thinking that she can beat his strength. Myung Soo screams from outside saying that he could hear them, a girl and a boy.

After Myung Soo leaves Tan asks Eun Sang again, this time more serious, where she was last night. He sweetly tells her: “I couldn’t sleep because I was worried”. Eun Sang is moved but she’s only worried about Tan at that stage and asks if he is really not going home. Baby Tan tells Eun Sang that he’s not going home since it’s scary on the road at night. LOL OMG Tanny is just bringing on the cute!!!

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Tan senses Eun Sang’s phone starts to vibrate in her coat. He pulls the phone out from Eun Sang’s pocket and notice that it’s hot stalker Young Do. He teases Eun Sang that he caught her cheating again. Tan picks up the phone. Young Do complains why Tan keeps picking up Eun Sang’s phone. Doesn’t she have hands? Tan replies that it’s because he is always with her. Tan asks Young Do what he wants. Young Do gets Tan to tell Eun Sang to make her SNS account public or else he’ll hack into it. Tan tells Young Do there’s nothing to see on Eun Sang’s SNS account. Young Do wants to know if Tan is Eun Sang’s friend on SNS. Tan cheekily replies: “We are lovers” Bwahahahahaha Tan is really hitting home runs with his cheekiness. Totally adorable!

Young Do tells Tanny to shut up. LOL these boys are so immature I love it!!! He continues: “I heard you went public about being an illegitimate child. What were you thinking?”
Tan replies: “You will never understand so just go to bed.” Tanny hangs up on Young Do.

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Eun Sang walks over wanting to know what the boys were talking about. Tanny spots some pictures taken by Myung Soo of Young Do and Eun Sang. Jealous Tanny complains how Eun Sang could do this when he was only absent for a second. Eun Sang complains that Tanny is acting like a future overly-jealous husband.
Tan replies cheekily AGAIN!!!: “But my wife will be very happy!” LOL OMG Tanny is just adorbs!

Eun Sang brings her books over to the table. Tan wants to know what she is doing. She replies, “What would a student be doing? Right, how would a 100th place student know?”

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Upset Tan stomps over to the couch and lays down pretending to sleep. Baby Tan suddenly sits up yells: “My answers were off by one line!” LOLLLLLLLLLL OMG he is just too adorable. Tanny is getting better and better. Eun Sang just shrugs it off and smiles to herself.

Tan questions how Eun Sang can concentrate studying with him so close to her. Eun Sang shrugs again. Tan sits and stares at Eun Sang totally smitten and bathed in happiness. This is very heart warming to see. The Tanny who was so hurt that he cried now so happy to just be near Eun Sang!!!

Some time passes by and Eun Sang turns to look at Tan sleeping on the couch. She admires his hotness (at least I know I would) and wishes him: “sweet dreams”. To her surprise our Tanny is actually not sleeping but just resting his eyes. He replies to her wish: “I’m already having a sweet dream. You are there in front of me.”

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Morning comes and Eun Sang and Tan rush out the studio because they are late for school. Myung Soo has been waiting for them all night in the cold. He takes lots of photos to catch them in action. Lights keep flashing. Hahahaha Myung Soo is a little gem in this show just like Bo Na.

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The three kiddos ride to school together. Myung Soo stuck in the middle of Eun Sang and Tanny. Tan tells Myung Soo to delete those photos. He warns him: “You don’t know this but in the past I was able to hurt people with just a spoon.” LOL hahahaha
Myung Soo wants to know if Tan and Eun Sang are dating. Tan and Eun Sang answers differently with Tan saying yes right away and Eun Sang yelling at him. Tan brags that Eun Sang hugged him last night. Myung Soo is curious and asked what else they did after hugging. Tan motions a kissy face and Myung Soo giggles uncontrollable. Tan covers his mouth while smirking as well leaving Eun Sang confused with a raised eyebrows. Can I just say how much I love this scene! So young and immature and yet left me laughing so hard!

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Tan and Eun Sang are walking to school side by side. Eun Sang looks at Tan admiringly and remembers back to when Tan first walked her to school. He was walking behind her rather than beside her. She is shy when Tan catches her admiring him. Tan smiles and says: “What? Does spending the night together and going to school together feel different all of a sudden….Wifey?” Eun Sang stops and give that disapproving look. Hahahaha so cute I’m getting used to the term wifey now “buin”. Lee Min Ho is just so gorgeous in this scene. I think I felt what Eun Sang was feeling looking at Kim Tan. Just so so gorgeous!

Tan gives Eun Sang that look of love (I’m dead I think!) Tan holds out his hand to Eun Sang and tells her: “take courage” Eun Sang hesitates and looks around at all the students and slowly took his hand this time!!!!!! Gahhhhh let’s all celebrate Eun Sang’s courage!!! I’m so proud and happy for them!
She looks up at Tanny giving him the sweetest smile and says: “Sorry I took too long”

Tan continues to give her that love stare (OMG!!! just so handsome) and notes: “See, you can smile”. He takes her hand and they walk hand in hand happily not caring about the students gossiping about them. Rachel sees them from afar and has that I’m pissed with this whole world look.

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The happy walk is short lived with TanSang running into Young Do. Jealous Young Do is not pleased and stares at them holding hands. He asks what they are doing in this holy land of education where intelligence and liberal arts breathe. LOLLL
Tan sends Eun Sang to the broadcasting room and says he will meet her later. Eun Sang starts to walk off as Young Do tells her to answer her phone from now on. Tan tells her to keep walking. Eun Sang asks both not to fight before leaving.

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Tan tells Young Do not to call Eun Sang. Young Do jokes that Tan seems like he wants to shut down the mobile phone service for Seoul. Tan retaliates that it’s a pity they don’t own a mobile phone company. Tan motions for Young Do to move aside. Young Do wants to know why Tan had revealed his secret last night since it’s something that he has been waiting to do. Tan tells him it’s not too late since the other students don’t seem to know yet.

Young Do replies that he is planning it but needs to build up the impact a little more. Young Do asks Tan how he plans to clean up the mess. Tan replies that he is not planning to and he will just endure it. Tan continues: “The person you knew well and the person I am now are a little different. So don’t act friendly or like you know me.” Tan walks away.

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Eun Sang is in the broadcast room waiting for Tan. Rachel walks in and tells Eun Sang she has something to show her. Tan comes in later and demands that Rachel not talk to Eun Sang. Rachel slaps Tan in the face. Eun Sang gasps in shock. Rachel I want to slap her for doing that!!! Gahhhhhh rage!

Tan calmly says to Rachel: “Yes like this, bother me and not Eun Sang”. This made Rachel even angrier. She tells Tan to shut up since he is only an illegitimate child.

Rachel turns and asks why Eun Sang is shock, is it because of Tan’s secret or the slap. Eun Sang angrily responds that it’s Rachel’s attitude and rudeness that shocks her: “How could someone say things like that so lightly?”
Rachel haughtily replies: “It’s because bloodline is the crown in their status group. But since you are new money you would not understand this.”

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Rachel now turning her attention to Tan continues her haughty remarks: “She’s only at that level and you want to break up the engagement with me. You should be begging me to be your fiancée given your situation.”
Tan responds: “I’m sorry, but for me, it’s still not you.” Ouchhhhhh but oh yeah!! Go Tanny!

Eun Sang does not want to see this any more and walks out. Tan’s gaze follows her out the room. Rachel asks if Tan is planning to follow Eun Sang out. He replies yes and turns to leave. As he leaves Rachel asks about Tan’s birth mother and why she pretended to be Eun Sang’s mum. Tan tells her she shouldn’t be interested in his mum, Eun Sang or himself. Tan leaves and Rachel is peeved once again!

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Tan is standing waiting outside the girl’s toilet. Eun Sang is hiding in the toilet. Other students want to use the toilet but tan shoos them away. Bo Na is passing by and asks what Tanny was doing standing outside the girl’s toilet. Tanny tells Bo Na to use another toilet since Eun Sang is inside. Bo Na complains that she helped Eun Sang out by letting her stay at her place. Tanny is elated from hearing that news thinking that Eun Sang may have stayed at Young Do’s hotel. Tanny gives Bo Na a high five and this freaks her out running away to let Chan Young know that Tanny touched her! OMG they are both adorable.

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As Bo Na leaves Eun Sang goes out and hits Tan for embarrassing her. Tanny tells her to use the boy’s toilet from now on to cry. Eun Sang is frustrated at cute Tanny. Eun Sang ahhh, Tanny is one of those boys that you can’t live with but also can’t live without them!

Tan insists that it was not Eun Sang’s fault so why does she keep on crying. Eun Sang confess: “I don’t understand the world of corporates and shares…but is there really no way for me to protect you?”
Tanny with a smile and teases Eun Sang: “You hurt me when you told me to just protect myself and now you want to protect me?” Eun Sang bashfully replies: “ what?” Tanny just gives her that happy puppy look. Eun Sang is embarrassed and walks away and Tanny pleased with himself follows her. Gahhhh they are so cute!

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Eun Sang is by her locker and Chan Young comes and teases her: “Someone once told me that every hour unpaid is a luxury she cannot afford. But she was holding hands with a boy at school”

Eun Sang tells Chan Young to stop teasing. Jealous Bo Na comes and asks what Eun Sang is talking to her boyfriend about. Eun Sang says Chan Young is blackmailing her. Chan Young smiles while Bo Na is still acting jealous cute. Bo Na asked if Chan Young is blackmailing Eun Sang and Chan Young cheekily confirms. Chan Young leaves telling Bo Na to eat lunch without him since he has to go to the teacher’s office.

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Ye Sol comes to cause trouble. She tells Bo Na that Eun Sang has her eyes on Chan Young now and Bo Na should just break up! Bo Na doesn’t know why they should break up. Ye Sol tells Bo Na she’s too good for Chan Young who is just the son of a secretary. Bo Na is upset at hearing this. Bo Na replies: “I never felt that I was at a loss. Apologise right now.” Awwwwww!!!! Ye Sol continues to say that she doesn’t want Bo Na to end up crying similar to someone whose engagement was cancelled.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0206_zps2ca713ea.png  photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0211_zpsfe4c3597.png

Unlucky for her ice queen is passing by and hears the comment. She demands to know if that someone is her. Ye Sol is slightly frightened. I would be too with an eye for an eye Rachel.
Rachel asks: “Who says my engagement is broken?”
Ye Sol replies that Tanny and Eun Sang are holding hands so she thought that the engagement was cancelled. Everyone in the school is saying that Tanny cancelled the engagement because Rachel’s family is a joke. Rachel demands to know why her family is a joke and Ye Sol, who should really shut up now, tells her that it’s because her mum is re-marrying to target the men’s money.

Rachel is pissed off and pulls out a trump card on Ye Sol. She loudly asks Ye Sol why she hid that her mum works as hostess bar. Bo Na is shocked and the students all hear this. Bo Na can’t believe Ye Sol put Chan Young down given her family status. Ye Sol is close to tears. Rachel suddenly invites Bo Na to have lunch together.

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In the cafeteria Rachel is pulling a Young Do on Ye Sol. The only reason she wanted Bo Na to eat with her is so she can bully Ye Sol like Young Do bullies the charity cases. Tanny shows up in the cafeteria after hearing from other students. Chan Young shows up as well and Bo Na attempts to explain however Rachel cuts her off and tells Chan Young to let the girls do their own thing.

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Tan sees Ye Sol close to tears standing there. He sighs and grabs another student’s plate of food. To save Ye Sol the embarrassment he tells her to move and sits down eating the food pretending to whine about how hungry he was. Rachel asks Tan why he is sitting there and doesn’t he know that that seat is for. Tanny feigns ignorance and cheekily replies: “The closest seat to the food?”

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0271_zps19ba9a29.png

Now Eun Sang is also in the cafeteria followed by Young Do. Young Do heads over to Tan asking why Tan is breaking the rules. Tanny replies that since it is the rule that he made up he should be able to break it. Young Do counter that even if Tan made it, it was him who have maintained it so Tan can’t do this without his permission. Young Do continues: “You can’t break the rule without my approval. I will show you why. It’s because that seat is for this.” Young Do grabs the plate of food pours it onto Tan’s jacket. Everyone gasp in shock. Ye Sol is still crying.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0283_zpsb6bf6bf2.png

Tan calmly says as he slowly gets up and takes off his jacket: “Up until yesterday, this seat was for this, but as of today, this can happen.” Tanny says sorry to Eun Sang and throws his jacket at Young Do’s face. He tells Young Do to wash the jacket for him. The soon to be lovers stare at each with love and hate in their eyes!
Third wheel Eun Sang interrupts and grabs Tan to pull him away afraid that the boys will have another punch up. Chan Young also drags Bo Na out of there leaving Young Do and Rachel to ponder about their immature actions.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0303_zps54c17e26.png  photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0308_zps806b34c3.png

Eun Sang is telling Tan off for trying to start a fight with Young Do and asks if Tan feels good after doing that. Cute puppy Tan complains that it was Young Do who started it. Witty Eun Sang replies: “Young Do is an elementary school kid but I thought you would be better, at least at middle school level.”

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0317_zps72c16819.png  photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0319_zps6d03e24f.png

Meanwhile the other cute couple is also fighting. Chan Young wants to know what she was doing. Bo Na explains that it wasn’t her fault and she didn’t start it. It was Ye Sol had made fun of Chan Young for being a secretary’s son. Chan Young retorts that she shouldn’t behave the same way since Ye Sol didn’t say anything that was untrue. Chan Young thinks the reason Bo Na is angry is because she is embarrassed about his status. Bo Na angrily argues that it was not the case. Chan Young tells Bo Na he is disappointed in her actions. Bo Na is angry and screams at Chan Young to go away and get lost. Hahahaha is this their first fight? Why so cute. They’ll get back together in no time!

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Tan comes home from school and sees dad and mum sitting there waiting for him. Dad kicks Tan out and tells him to leave everything dad has provided for behind. Ki Ae tries to stop Dad and Tan, but Tan does what his father says. Tan replies to his father: “I will keep the school uniform but I will pay you back one day. I know Rachel is my life insurance. But my life can’t be about my insurance. Thank you for everything.” Ki Ae tries to stop Tan from leaving. Tan tells her he is not leaving but being chased out. GO Tanny!!!

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Eun Sang runs out from her store and asks what happened to Tan who is just standing by the taxi looking handsome and probably freezing his cute ass off. Tan asks her for money. He informs her he has been kicked out of the house. He asks her to pay for the cab ride and he’ll pay her back. Eun Sang hits Tan for taking a taxi after getting kicked out. LOL hahahaha of course you should think about money more wisely Tanny now that you are penniless.

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Tan and Eun Sang are sitting inside the café. Eun Sang gives Tanny some water to drink since it’s free! Hahahaha I can’t believe how stingy Eun Sang is LOL she should at least give him something warm
She tells Tan that he should apologise and admit that he’s wrong when parents want to kick you out of the house. Tan replies that he has done nothing wrong so he will not apologise or plead. Eun Sang questions what Tan will do since he has no money now. Tan thinks about it seriously and says he will study hard and succeed. Eun Sang thinks it’s better if he tried out K-pop star! Tan shakes his head and says he can’t sing. LOL hahahaha

Eun Sang reminds Tan that he can’t study very well either which upsets Tanny. Tan asks Eun Sang to call Hyo Shin, Myung Soo, Chan Young and Bo Na. Eun Sang wants to know why Tanny wants to call these people. Tanny says to borrow money. LOL hahhhaha lazy ass Tan!

 photo 139_zps7a4f2176.png

Tanny has gathered the boys at Myung Soo’s studio. He asks them to house him, drive him to school and feed him. Hahahahahaha OMG Tanny is doing so many cute and adorable things in this episode. The boys are confused and unresponsive.

Bo Na arrives and sees Chan Young. Bo Na is about to turn around and leave when Chan Young tells her to stay since he is about to leave. Pouting Tanny complains that no one is paying attention to him even seeing that he has been kicked out. Hyo Shin asks Tanny what happened. Tan explains the general reasons but does not delve into the details. Hyo Shin offers Tan to stay at his place but Tan turns him down saying that Hyo Shin’s mum is too scary. Hyo Shin agrees that his mum is scary and comments: “I’m jealous that you got kicked out.”

 photo HS_zps72d26cb3.gif

Depressed Hyo Shin is sitting at home fiddling with his sleeping pills. He texts Hyun Joo asking her: “When A is smaller than O and B is a natural number…where are you?”
Hyun Joo’s response is short: “Wrong answer”

Hyo Shin’s mother comes in with a suit and tells him she’s set up another college interview for him. Mum gives him a doctor’s note and tells him to lie that he was sick. Hyo Shin is shocked and mad that his mum is going this far! He angrily asks: “You want me to cheat my way into college as the son of the Attorney General?”
In anguish he continues: “You do things I can’t even imagine. How can you do this?”
He screams in desperation: “How far will you go? Do I really have to die?”

Without even hearing her son and feeling his plead she responds coldly: “You still think your bluff with your life is going to work? I will never let you give up on yourself.” I’m really sad for Hyo Shin. He is pleading with her in desperation but his mother just doesn’t want to hear it and forcing him to do things that she considers to be the best thing for him. I just wish parents would stop trying to live their children’s lives for them. Yes guide them all you want but let them make their own decisions and learn from it themselves. That’s all part of growing up and becoming a better person.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0331_zpsdde29836.png

Ki Ae has come to see Eun Sang at the café. She sees Eun Sang shutting shop. Eun Sang is trying to locate Tanny. She sees Ki Ae outside the café and greets her. Ki Ae seems worried about Eun Sang and asks if the cafe is her workplace and whether she sleeps there. Eun Sang replies yes and that the staff room is good. Ki Ae complains that Eun Sang is too heartless by leaving just because she said so. Hahahaha she’s so nice. I didn’t expect Ki Ae to be this nice.
She continues: “It’s getting colder and colder each day and since I know that you have nowhere to go do you think it will be easy for me to look at your mum? Would I stay warm at night after kicking you out or comfortably eat the food that your mum makes for me?”
She comments at how bad Eun Sang’s skin looks. LOL Awwwwwwwwww I think she’ll be an okay mother-in-law!!!

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0349_zpsa3176ba1.png

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0343_zpse36e1fe9.png

Ki Ae ask if Eun Sang knew that Tanny has left home. Eun Sang apologises but Ki Ae says it’s not Eun Sang’s fault but her own. Ki Ae wants to know where Tanny was and whether he came to see Eun Sang. Tanny suddenly shows up and Ki Ae hits him. LOL

She continues to hit him but he blocks her and holds her from behind telling her to just talk. He comments why all the women he loves have to hit him first. Hahahahaha

Ki Ae wants to take Tanny home and beg for forgiveness but he refuses. Ki Ae is worried that Tanny will move in with Eun Sang. She says his father will find out. Tanny responds that Daddy Kim already knows since he had someone follow him. Both Eun Sang and Ki Ae are shocked.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0362_zps53490277.png

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0366_zps9c183027.png

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0370_zpsa56f43e4.png

Ki Ae tells them to get into the car. She asks Eun Sang to be on her side. Eun Sang says she will return home with Ki Ae. Ki Ae is happy and takes Eun Sang’s hand telling Tanny that she’s taking Eun Sang as hostage. Eun Sang is doing this so Tanny would go home too. But Tanny still refuses to go home. He asks for his phone and his clothes. Ki Ae refuses to give them to Tanny so he starts to walk off. Ki Ae gives in and screams at him to take the phone and clothes. Haahahahahha gosh I love them!
Tanny comments: “You two look good together.” Tanny leaves telling Eun Sang he’ll call later.

At home Eun Sang’s mum asks how she was able to return home. Eun Sang explains that Ki Ae came to her café to bring her home and did not yell at her. Eun Sang asks what Tan’s dad is doing. Mum replies that he is shut himself in his study since Tanny left.

 photo 1311_zps234a4088.png

 photo 1312_zps52add7fe.png

Tanny goes to Wonny’s hotel room. Wonny opens the door and Tanny asks if he could stay with Wonny. Wonny closes door at first but then opens it again. Awwwwww who could resist Tanny’s puppy eyes and cute face!

Tanny is enjoying his dinner. He smiles and looks at Wonny but Wonny doesn’t look at Tan. Tanny tells his hyung that daddy slapped him. Wonny replies that he has heard. Tanny complains: “Daddy didn’t say anything when you packed up. How can he kick me out without a penny? Is it because I’m an illegitimate child? That hurt.” Won shows some reaction to this.

 photo tumblr_mwm8tt7HFx1r2tl2zo1_250_zpse1d20c03.gif  photo tumblr_mwm8tt7HFx1r2tl2zo6_250_zps21d9a573.gif

Wonny gets a call from Sec Yoon. Yoon notifies him that when Ji Sook’s transfers her Jeguk stock to Kim Tan on his birthday, it would cause him the most trouble. Wonny asks if this is based on the assumption that Yoon will himself also hand over his stocks to Tan. Yoon replies yes.

Tan asks hyung if they are talking about him. Won asks: “Can you really not understand or are you just pretending? Won coldly tells Tanny that he can’t sleep with Tan and throws his credit card on the table.

 photo 13xxx_zpsb531acf2.png

Tan tries to book a room in the hotel but Young Do has awfully drawn a picture of Tan to prevent him from booking a room. Orange Monster shows up (its Young Do in his hideous looking orange oversize bathrobe). They bicker again like lovers. Young Do brags that Tanny would need to go back to his brother’s room. This actually works out to be in Tanny’s favour, who wants to stay with hyung. Tan gives a victorious smile and says thank you to Young Do. Young Do feels the sting of his plan backfiring on him. Hahahaha so cute but Young Do please please throw that crap thing out right away!!!

 photo tumblr_mwm8tt7HFx1r2tl2zo3_250_zps213d4a0c.gif  photo tumblr_mwm8tt7HFx1r2tl2zo4_250_zps58ddb049.gif

In the hotel room the hot Kim brothers are sleeping. Tanny is on the couch smiling and Wonny is on the bed. I’ve never seen anyone so happy sleeping on the couch. I guess if I shared a room with Choi Jin Hyuk I would be happy too. Maybe even happier if it was the bed LOL. Tan asks if Won is sleeping, and there is no answer. Tan says: “I have a lot to ask you, hyung. I also have a lot I want to say. But you’re sleeping too early, hyung.” Won who is actually not sleeping opens his eyes but says nothing. Goshhhhh I love them. Why can’t stubborn Won see things straight? What does it have to take for Wonny to accept Tanny’s affections and return some? Maybe if Won was less of a stubborn, greedy and stupid shit he might actually be happy for once!

 photo tumblr_mwm8tt7HFx1r2tl2zo7_250_zps96d23481.gif  photo tumblr_mwm8tt7HFx1r2tl2zo8_250_zps403bfaec.gif

Won takes Tanny to school the next morning. Tan smiling and happy since it must be the first time Won has taken him to school. Tanny asks if Won can pick him up from school after work. Won gives him a dirty look and so Tan shuts up. Tanny says good bye and leaves, still with a smile on his face. .

From his car Won sees Hyun Joo walking towards the school. He is about to get out from his car but stops.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0400_zpsccfd1b68.png

In class Hyun Joo introduces herself to the students. She’s teaching the heirs class. She comments: “I heard that the kids here discriminate each other based on money. So I’m going to do the same to you by your grades.” Tan remembers that she’s hyung’s girl. She continues: “There are only two kinds of students for me, smart students and bad students.” She looks over at Young Do and says: “You over there with the raised eyebrows. Put your phone down and your eye brows down too.” Hahahahaha LOL Young Do is embarrassed and the kids snicker.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0415_zpsc568209b.png

Daddy Kim, Yoon and Ji Sook are having a meeting. The spy tells Daddy Kim that Yoon seems to know that they are spying on the Kim brothers. Yoon learns that the Daddy Kim has also been spying on him too. Daddy Kim tells Yoon to stop meeting Esther. He instructs Yoon to stop his task of revealing the names of people who have been holding his stocks underneath their name. He tells Yoon to buy back stocks from anyone who seems like they will try to sell stocks to Esther. Daddy instructs Ji Sook to win over Esther again.

Daddy gives more instructions to Yoon. He wants Yoon to look at the option of sending Eun Sang overseas. He remarks that sending her to Jeguk doesn’t seem to be working. He underestimated the variable of youth. Gahhhhh evil daddy is scheming again!

 photo DonutKiss_zps2893c9f6.gif

 photo DonutKiss1_zpsb2349441.gif

 photo DonutKiss6_zps929f4769.gif

Back at school Eun Sang is sitting by a bench as Tanny walks over. Eun Sang remarks that she just noticed how good looking he was! Confident Tanny replies that he is used to the compliments. Tan tells Eun Sang he noticed that she was late. Eun Sang said she slept in because she was sleeping well. Tan can’t believe that she could sleep without him.

She asks him how it was with Wonny yesterday. Tan says they ate together, chat and slept together. Eun Sang knows it’s a lie. She tells him to just come home and rebel there. Tan remarks that his mum must be paying her. He asks about his mum and whether she’s been drinking. Eun Sang tells him that he’s making her into a spy.
Eun Sang offers him doughnuts but instead of eating his own Tanny cheekily reaches over with his mouth and bites the same donut that Eun Sang is eating. OMGGGG so cute. I have to re-watch since it happened too fast! Slow gifs are pretty good too.

Eun Sang hits him and tells him he is not to whine. Tanny points at the donut box exclaiming that he didn’t say he was eating just that. Eun Sang points out that Tanny tries with any chance he gets. Like a teenage boy Tanny whines that they are moving too slowly. Eun Sang reminds him that they didn’t just hold hands….. Cheeky Tan uses this to tease Eun Sang saying that they can talk about that kiss now if she wants. Eun Sang blushes and gets up to leave. She says she has to go to the broadcasting room since Hyo Shin isn’t at school. I love it TanSang are too cute!

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0453_zps7cd68fac.png

Hyo Shin is at the college interview. He isn’t answering any of the questions asked properly and starts to space out.
Tanny is calling Hyo Shin but Hyo Shin does not pick up. Tanny is concerned. Meanwhile he gets a call from Ji Sook.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0465_zpsd73236a8.png

Tan meets Ji Sook in her office and apologises. Ji Sook is still angry informs Tan that she and daddy Kim did not lie all these years just to protect him but more so to keep others from attacking. Apparently Daddy Kim had to fight hard against his siblings and their kids form grabbing the company. Since Tanny has revealed his illegitimacy status daddy Kim’s siblings will be wolves trying to take over the company. The consequence is that Tanny and Wonny will now need to fight them off.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0468_zps325a07c7.png

Tanny is disturbed by what Ji Sook said. He sits in golf class thinking. Myung Soo walks over and asks what Tanny was doing sitting there. Tan replies that he doesn’t want Eun Sang to see him like this. Myung Soo asks what kind of face. Tan replies: “The face counting the number of obstacles that we have to cross over.”

 photo KWBHot_zps7d2a35a6.gif

Eun Sang is working at the café. Her boss tells her that a customer has reserved the whole café for the next two hours. Young Do shows up. Eun Sang says she can’t take his orders since the place has been reserved for the next two hours. Young Do tells her it’s him who has reserved the place. Eun Sang wants to know why he reserved the place.
Young Do says: “It’s because you wouldn’t answer your phone and you wouldn’t go eat noodles with me. You always avoid me. I had to pay to see your face again.” Awwww this is kinda romantic…I know I know it’s stalkerish but you have to admit it’s kinda sweet.

 photo tumblr_mwmi7nHwxW1qc6ihbo1_250_zps4ad4369b.gif  photo tumblr_mwmi7nHwxW1qc6ihbo4_250_zps44111f97.gif

Young Do gets Eun Sang to make two drinks and cutely tells her not to spit into it but Eun Sang only makes one. Young Do sits uncomfortably in silence while Eun Sang pretends to look busy cleaning up around the café. Awkward Young Do remarks that she’s doing unnecessary work and tells her to sit down for a second. Eun Sang ignores him and continues wiping the floors. Annoyed Young Do starts to spill some of his drink on the floor. He threatens to spill the rest of it if ES doesn’t sit down. She sits down. Not cool Do Do not cool at all. That’s not how you show a girl that you like her. Why do you always go about things the wrong way? You do a good thing but you mess it up with your anger and frustration.

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0495_zps7c6f33bb.png

Eun Sang sitting across from Young Do angrily asks what he wants from her. Young Do stops, a little hurt by her attitude, and slowly answers: “I want you to answer your phone. Talk to me when I’m talking to you. Say hi when you see me.” Okay I think he is being sincere but you just can’t force these things upon someone. Still it was very sad to hear this. Young Do is just feeling lonely and being near Eun Sang warms his heart up.

Eun Sang responds: “Now I get. I get that you like me and I get why you didn’t reveal my secrets. I’m sorry I only avoided you. There’s only one thing I can do for you now.”
Young Do’s expression changes and she wallows hard knowing full well what Eun Sang is going to say.

Eun Sang breaks his heart and says: “I’ll have to refuse your heart. I’m sorry.”
Young Do’s feelings are hurt and he looks at her and then away. Even though it was the answer that he would have expected the response cut his heart into pieces. He breaks the silence and says softly: “I just got rejected. Can I get revenge?”

Eun Sang replies that she hopes he doesn’t but if that’s all he could do then go ahead since it’s what she has to face for rejecting him.

 photo KWBwalk_zps55369740.gif

Young Do truthfully tells her: “I can’t pick on you anymore. That will break my heart. I’m going to pick on everyone except you.” He tells her to take 20 minutes rest and gets up to leave, walking away sadly. I just don’t know what to say. I mean on one hand it breaks my heart to hear him say those words but threatening to hurt others around her is not exactly a good thing. Young Do keeps giving me mix feelings. I like him but I don’t approve of what he is doing or saying. Aishhhh Kim Woo Bin why you so gorgeous (minus the orange you!)

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0509_zpsd9733ad5.png

At school the next day Young Do resting his head on the table feeling dejected from yesterday’s encounter with Eun Sang. He has an idea and gets up heading towards the broadcasting room. Young Do is making an announcement. Everyone in school can hear Young Do making his announcement. Young Do states that he has something to reveal about Kim Tan. We see Eun Sang speeding down the school hallway whilst Tan is walking slowly elsewhere.

Young Do continues stating that he will reveal the secret in 60 seconds. He stalls the process as if waiting to be stopped by someone and comments: “Your enemy is not the person standing in front of you with a knife. It is the person standing next to you with knives behind their backs. This perfectly describes my relationship with Kim Tan.”

 photo tumblr_mwku3lIcdp1r53jvoo1_250_zpsbffd9df5.gif  photo tumblr_mwku3lIcdp1r53jvoo2_250_zpsb12b092b.gif

Eun Sang rushes into the broadcasting room and shuts off the microphone as Young Do announces: “Right now that person has arrived”
Young Do continues: “The person I was waiting for.”
Eun Sang yells at Young Do asking what he is doing. Heartbroken Young Do points out that Eun Sang only rushes when it involves Kim Tan.

Eun Sang tries to pull Young Do out of the room but he pulls her back. She demands him to let her go but Young Do refuses stating that he will have to do it later so he’ll just hold her here for just a brief moment. He tells her to just endure this for a brief moment. Softly Eun Sang says: “Stop this, Young Do ah”
Young Do pushes Eun Sang against the wall and says: “Don’t call me like that.”

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0523_zps43a4fa86.png

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0599_zpscda9c9e8.png

Tanny is standing outside the broadcasting room. He looks through the window and sees Young Do and then he realises that Eun Sang is also inside. He tries to open the door but Young Do locks it. Angry Tan kicks the door furiously, yelling at Young Do to open the door before he kills him.
Meanwhile inside Eun Sang reaches to open the door but Young Do blocks her. She asks him to open the door. Young Do replies: “When I said I would torture all those around you, it included Kim Tan and me.”

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0587_zps65fe1d8f.png

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0522_zps7c437324.png

 photo C0C1C18DC790B4E4E13131120HDTVH264720p-HANrelavi0603_zps1c564050.png



How wonderful it is to find someone who can sense your feelings without even having to utter a word. In this episode it feels like this is the relationship that Eun Sang and Kim Tan shares. There are generally no particular reasons as to why one loves another. It’s just what the heart feels and beats for. Eun Sang it the catalyst for Kim Tan to start dreaming and to become stronger. I feel that Eun Sang is the strength that keeps him going forward with the decisions he has made.

This is the first decision that he has made for his life. That decision is to be the real Kim Tan. He does not want the identity of just being the second son of Jeguk. This does not define who he is ( well maybe to society). But to the people he loves most he wants to be Kim Tan the son of Ki Ae, Kim Tan the half brother of Kim Won, Kim Tan the boyfriend of Cha Eun Sang and Kim Tan the best friend of Young Do (okay this last one is my wishful thinking but I would love some bromance!)

In his life he has never been able to decide or have a choice
1. He did not pick to be a mistress’s son
2. He did not pick to be the illegitimate second son of Jeguk
3. He did not pick to have a brother that resents him so much
4. He did not pick to get ostracised to America living lonely for 3 years with no dreams and no goals
5. He did not pick to lose a friend over his status as an illegitimate child
6. He did not pick to be engaged to Rachel
7. He did not pick to sit by and watch his mum live a hidden life with no recognition as the wife of Daddy Kim and mother of Tanny

But this is the first time he has decided on something for himself. He wants to be free, he wants to live his life, he wants to dream, he wants to acknowledge his mum in public, he wants an improved relationship with his father and brother and ultimately he wants Eun Sang. These are the things Kim Tan wants and fighting for with all his might. With Eun Sang by his side I think he will have the courage to keep fighting for his dreams and what he wants in life and not something that dad thinks he should have or what is better for him.

I find it difficult to list the reasons as to why Kim Tan loves Eun Sang only that she gives him comfort. He finds solace in her and is someone that brings him happiness by just being in the same vicinity as her. Just one hug from her can lighten up his sunken feelings and he becomes the young and innocent (well not so innocent) teenage boy who just wants to live his teenage years as a teenager.

Why does he have to worry about family battles over power and inheritance, the power struggle of running a business and political marriages at the age of 18. Your childhood, your youth and your teenage years can never be replaced. Once it is taken from you for whatever reasons, like the responsibility for being the second son of Jeguk, you will not be able to get those years and those innocent moments back. I feel that Kim Tan has been forced to grow up faster than what he is ready for. If Kim Tan is forced to give up all the things he has dreamed of just for the sake of becoming the biggest shareholder in Jeguk he will become jaded and unhappy just like his brother Wonny.

If being rich means missing out on happy youthful years I think I’d rather be poor. Well maybe not poor like Eun Sang, maybe average then.

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