Lee Min Ho Cries In 4 Different Ways in The Heirs

Over the course of 5 years since I first knew Lee Min Ho from Boys Over Flowers, he has excelled greatly in acting. The most obvious improvement started from City Hunter when I first noticed he has the ability to emote and convey the emotional changes with his eyes. He has beautiful eyes and this really does become one of his best asset when he uses it to express emotions. He pushes and challenges his boundaries even further when he took on the role of Choi Young in Faith.

Choi Young is written to be a stoic character so this really put Lee Min Ho to the test and challenges him to fully utilize his eyes and facial expression to emote and deliver the emotions across to the viewers. If you think he emote very well in City Hunter, he up the notch by another level in Faith. There was sooooo much unspoken emotions exuding out of that man.

His fans and viewers were skeptical when he took on The Heirs because it was similar to Boys Over Flowers, however, I have not seen any shadow of Gu Jun Pyo in Kim Tan. Instead, sometimes, I see a little of Lee Yoon Sung from City Hunter and Choi Young from Faith. The crazies and I have agreed that this is a drama for Lee Min Ho to practice and challenge himself with another type of performance – intricate and controlled acting. Apart from employing different tactic of acting in The Heirs, I hope the viewers have also noticed the different kinds of crying Lee Min Ho has shown us for the past few episodes. When they are all put together, I can say this boy always takes my breath away with his acting skills. I only have praises for him…

(1) Suffocated Cries

This is a silent cries whereby Tan feels suffocated and hurt because he has unintentionally hurt his mother and disappointed his father. Lee Min Ho delivers it so well by letting the tears stream down quietly from one side of his cheek and takes a few deep breath to indicate how suffocated he felt as Tan at that time.


(2) Controlled Tears

This scene signifies Kim Tan feeling the pain of losing his brother and father. It is also the cries of ‘the pain of losing hope’ that one day he can bring all family member together and make peace. This is a beautifully shot scene although I’d love to see a close up to his eyes in front view.


(3) Soundless Cries

There’s no tears in this one but you can sense or feel how much he is trying to hold them back and be strong at that moment.


(4) Heart Throbbing Painful Cries

… and he can’t hold back anymore because he has finally accepted the fact that he has lost that one person he loved, the only one that he has tried so hard to cling onto and beg her not to leave his side. This has got to be the best crying scene among the four. So much heartache… it is like the combination of all of the previous 3 and then adding a new one where he still tries to hold it in but couldn’t. He breaks down and starts sobbing because he can no longer contain the pain. She has taken a part of him away ~ his heart and gave him nothing else but darkness.


In my memory, Lee Min Ho doesn’t do a lot of crying scenes in his previous dramas. There are a few in each of them but they are more ‘controlled’ kind of crying and he has definitely improved since the crying scene in Boys Over Flowers. From Personal Taste to Faith, all the cries are much more manly and controlled so this is the first time we get to watch him cry so much, LOL.

And what’s the verdict you may ask? One of the crazies said crying scenes are like the most basic thing a Korean actor/actress should know how to do well but crying is also an art because there are different types of crying, right? And some cries are visually hideous while others’ cries really make your heart aches for the character and so on. Personally, I think he cries beautifully on-screen & stabs you in the heart so BRAVO once again to Lee Min Ho.

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7 thoughts on “Lee Min Ho Cries In 4 Different Ways in The Heirs

  1. Nicely put…and cry no.4 deffinitely stabbed my heart for days that i too feel the hurt in my heart as Kim Tan clutched his heart strongly while crying. Brilliant performance 👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️


  2. the best thing about LMH is that he doesn’t only look good visually but coupled with top notch acting chops, the boy has a bright future ahead of him. He may not be a triple threat like some of the other idols, I do believe that at the rate that his acting had improved , he will soon be in a league of his own in no time. Actually, come to think of it, he IS in a league of his own right now as compared to the other young actors of his generation. cheers 🙂


  3. Loved it!!!!!!!! you are so RIGHT when you say in each of his dramas he has been improving more and more! it is so evident he is the only actor I have seen so multifaceted, versatile that can deliver so much emotions that truly GRAB the viewer across the monitor and squeeze your heart and make you feel with him that is how I feel in each of his heartbreaking moments he truly captures my heart and the heart of so many viewers….


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