[Drama News] Jung Yong Hwa & Yoon Eun Hye Engaged in Mi Rae’s Choice?

Newest released stills smack us all in the face and confirm that Na Mi Rae (Yoon Eun Hye) has decided to take the easiest choice i.e. accepting Park Se Joo (Jung Yong Hwa) as her future partner. Evidence? They both wear rings on the wedding finger! [生病]

A Little Musings:

I am having a mixed feeling at the moment upon seeing this stills. First off, I really like seeing the ring on Yong Hwa’s long fingers (LOL) and secondly is what happen to his hair (although he still look good)? And thirdly, my heart is broken badly for Yoo Kyung. Apart from SeKyung ship being torpedoed last week and now it has hit an iceberg! I’m not too fond of this picture for one reason. I am guessing Se Joo’s gesture signifies that he is on a protective mode because he has spotted Shin while Mi Rae is unable to look Shin in the face due to awkwardness.

To be honest, I was on SeMi ship before episode 4 and I did think they can work out too but not after seeing Mi Rae completely friendzoned Se Joo countless times. Mi Rae has never loved or liked Se Joo more than a friend. Her mind, heart and soul point towards Shin so in accepting Se Joo’s proposal, she has officially become the future Mi Rae in my opinion i.e. selfish. She is also on a rebound when clearly she has the choice not to accept Se Joo. Gaaahhhh don’t make me hate you.

And then there’s this idiotic Se Joo whom I no longer know (thank you, writer). I don’t know how he can withstand loving a woman who doesn’t love him back. Se Joo-ya, you need her, I get it but don’t you at least prefer to wait till she has let go of Shin and has the heart to love you back? The Se Joo who doesn’t do confession suddenly can’t stop confessing and now propose? Isn’t it too quick? What is the rush? Unless…

… unless he schemes and plans this to force Shin and Mi Rae to face each other? Is this possible in the plot? I just think it’s not plausible for him to propose so quick and does everything so unlike the Se Joo we knew but heck, let’s all just wait & see the ending next week! Fingers crossed.

I wouldn’t cross out this whole drama as a waste of time or discredit it completely, after all, I did enjoy 12 episodes of a really well-written story and even though I can’t make logic out of episode 13-14 but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t entertaining and that I wasn’t enjoying it. In fact, I still did. I would definitely finish this drama till its end because I want to know how it will end. Most importantly, I had fun watching this drama starring 4 great actors – Lee Dong Gun, Yoon Eun Hye, Jung Yong Hwa and Han Chae Ah. I also like the side characters like Miranda and Oppa. Love them to bits.

I think this hairstyle makes Yoon Eun Hye looks cute but the outfit makes her look old 😦

Other News Stills:

The stills that stabbed both Hanjae and my heart and chopped it to pieces that we couldn’t bring ourselves to talk about it when it first came out… [衰]

Baybaypig Emoticons 55 WAKE UP PARK SE JOO! Actually, maybe it should be WAKE UP, WRITER!

Baybaypig Emoticons 159 MAY BE THIS WILL WAKE YOU UP!

This affectionate look should have been for Yoo Kyung ~ but kudos to Yong Hwa’s acting ^ ^

It really does make me wonder now if in this parallel universe / timeline, is the original pair Shin and Mi Rae while the other is Se Joo and Yoo Kyung? Let’s all stay tuned to find out next week ~

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18 thoughts on “[Drama News] Jung Yong Hwa & Yoon Eun Hye Engaged in Mi Rae’s Choice?

  1. So..I’ll be waiting your recaps for two last eps, I can’t watch it…and please tell us the ‘positive’ massages from this drama 🙂 . Because what a good drama/books supposed to do is show the viewers/readers “RIGHT THING IN THE RIGHT WAY”.

    @uhnny, I think the people who always give comments in this blog love Sekyung pair…but don’t you think YK deserved someone better than SJ? Someone who can look and love her as much as she does? Maybe her character end at eps 13, when ahjumma said sorry to her.
    Tbh, at eps.12, I still had some hope for Sekyung but after eps 13..I felt content enough, because YK confronted the ’cause of the havoc’. And from the pics…we guess the writer choose to follow the pool.

    Not regret follow the recaps, I got to know HCA as a talented actress, JYH made a lot of improvement in his acting skill….but felt bad for all the actors and staff because of the crappy story 😦


    • Yoo Kyung does deserve someone who loves her, but I don’t think “better than Se Joo” is quite correct. For all that we’ve disagreed with some of his recent choices, Se Joo is a good man. He’s kind, considerate and not only cares about his staff but has a good vision for an improved YBS. The changes that Ajumma prompted have pushed him towards Mi Rae, but that doesn’t make him a bad guy in any way – as much as I wish he’d move on from his one-sided love for Mi Rae, he can’t help the fact that he doesn’t love Yoo Kyung in this timeline.


      • Kkkk….don’t get me wrong…I don’t say SJ is bad guy, he’s every woman dream…but in this drama…someone better for YK doesn’t mean richer, more handsome, but like I said “Someone who can LOOK and LOVE her too”.
        Heart can’t be dictated…so SJ and YK can’t help to falling in love to someone who doesn’t feel the same. But YK choose to do what she can do , stand by his side, confess to him (not every woman have the courage to do that), got rejected, let it go and move on. Doesn’t she deserved someone who can love her back? Like she said to Ahjumma ‘she would never make someone suffer for her own happiness’.
        SJ choose to do all he can do to win the girl he loves…I never blame him. Maybe Mirae can love him back, so they can live happily ever after 🙂


        • Yes, that’s why I agree that she deserves someone who loves her back. 😛 Not better than Se Joo, but simply someone who returns her feelings. I do wish it was Se Joo regardless, though, since that’s what SHE wants – it almost feels like she was ripped off because she never even had a chance against Ajumma’s machinations. I would’ve at least liked to see the two girls have equal chances, which would’ve made the love square more balanced, but we were never even shown Se Joo/Yoo Kyung’s original relationship.


          • Ha ha…so don’t mention ‘better than SJ’ …okay, dear 🙂

            ‘unless he schemes and plans this to force Shin and Mi Rae to face each other? Is this possible in the plot? I just think it’s not plausible for him to propose so quick and does everything so unlike the Se Joo we knew but heck, let’s all just wait & see the ending next week! Fingers crossed’,
            this..make me think a lot, actually I saw a lot of hints (maybe I’m wrong) SJ choose the yellow jacket for who? He has seen MR in yellow, and then when he sleep in MR room..he said ‘before he would hold her for himself, but now he only want her to be happy’. Seriously…watch this drama made me exhausted LOL.

            Btw…can I ask 1 favour? can you make caps from the YK scene with bubble gum…that’s the moment I knew she really fall in love with PSJ as a person not a chaebol. As a remembrance of this pair…if you could 🙂


    • Iyess.. the storyline.. T.T
      i’m just not into it.
      It’s JYH & YEH i watched this drama before, what a waste.
      Having no fun watching it, but having much fun reading ur recap, Le Petite.
      Plus pics of JYH & YEH, .. thanks!
      I didn’t follow all the eps before, so i may not know the whole stories but I’m on their side as a couple.
      My eye candies \(^,^)/


  2. The thing is that while they looked sweet together in the first 4 episodes which led us to think that there is a real possibility between the 2, thereafter all the stills of the 2 of them never really have a real smile on their faces. Mirae is constantly either not smiling or has a frown on her face everytime Se Joo hugs her or takes her hand. Her smile is just not the same as when she looks at Kim Shin, so sorry I still can’t buy it that she really loves PSJ, and that makes me unlike her and also PSJ for being so blind. Anyway we’re left with 2 episodes, so I guess all answers, be it good or bad will be disclosed tomorrow and Tuesday.

    Note aside, Yong Hwa looks damn good in a 3 piece suit and/or double breasted suit and I love this new hair style variation of his as well. Can’t get enough of his gorgeous face especially his expressive eyes.


    • I don’t think we are supposed to buy she loves him. She’s rejected him enough times for us to know she doesn’t. I think the logically (lol logic for this drama…) the end can only be 3 things, 1. she suddenly falls in love with Seju 2. She works things out with Shin 3. She moves on from both of them.

      Though knowing this writer none of those will happen.


  3. I was seething when I first saw then I went to what the hell is she wearing to saying Ha, whatever writer!
    Se Joo had a total personality transplant after episode 12.


  4. maybe the ending is mirae stoop up sejoo at their wedding OR maybe sejoo will say i do this heroic thing so you and shin will realize that you love each other

    im rolling my eyes by the way


    • i think writer-nim will be in big trouble if she make YEH the ‘running bride’. She better not cause i think then, she the one who have to do the running (fr both YH n YEH fans n possibly LDG fans also) hihihi


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