[Drama News] A New Ship Blossoms Between Lee Min Ho & Kim Woo Bin in The Heirs

[偷笑] They may look like they despise and hate each other but truly everyone knows they [心] each other! HAHAHA! Honestly, they have the best on-screen chemistry. The buzzing antagonistic tension when they hated each other’s guts (for no particular reasons) and to now sitting together, connected by the string of fate while sucking on mango milk shake and ogling at the same girl. [哈哈] Excuse me for my delusional ramblings but seriously, they look awesome together. Plus, there will be no angst if they get together and combined their brain power, they can fight their parents. BWAHAHAHA!

I love Lee Jong Suk x Kim Woo Bin but I also like Lee Min Ho x Kim Woo Bin. I wonder if TRUGEN wish they have kept Lee Min Ho and get these 3 boys to be the sponsor? I have my eyes set on them: three tall boys with so much potential ~ who wouldn’t want to grab hold to them?

Goshhhh seeing them smiling and laughing like that really put a smile on me too! So infectious!


HAHAHA ~ this orange rug is seriously funny

*Frustrated* ~ Aishhhh I really want to get a scotch tape and tape her eye brows so she can no longer frown. There is just too much frowning from Cha Eun Sang in this drama [哼]

Hmmm so we have a new loveline between Hyo Shin & Rachel and it’s Love at First Kiss [亲亲] HAHAHA!

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  1. OMG @la petite – you had to include a picture of the Orange oversize bathrobe. My heart breaks LOL. In one of the photo it seems like ES is the third wheel hahaha I love TanDo ship!!!


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