Lee Min Ho: Beautiful Tears that Tear the Hearts

Standing in the middle of an empty room
Staring into his own reflection
The city lits up with bright lights
But his world is nothing but invaded by darkness and loneliness
Lost in the abyss once again where he thought he has found a light of hope
It was just a dream in the end
A beautiful midsummer’s night dream

Tears well up in his eyes as he recall those memories
Tears streaming down his cheeks as he tries to hold them back
Instead, the tears force itself through like a broken dam
He whimpers as he allows the pain consume him completely
He clutches his heart as it tears to pieces
His whole world shattered before him as he admits defeat
Unable to withstand the searing pain in the heart

He breaks down and cries
All those sensation rushing through his veins
Overwhelming him all at once
His heart emptied
It stops beating
He can’t breathe

Will he ever have the courage to get up again?

A Fan Made Video of Episode 16:


10 thoughts on “Lee Min Ho: Beautiful Tears that Tear the Hearts

  1. OMO! Tanny died, Eun Sang killed him! 😥

    This scene made me cry all night and made me want to go there and comfort Tan. How can they tear up a person like that 😥

    Lee Min Ho did an awesome job showing how Tan feels at that moment, how broken and abandoned he was! Bravo! LMH!


  2. You know when I felt like crying…when the two of them were saying bye by waving their hands like kids….so cute but i was feeling sad about what was to come later 😦


    • I hope so too, hopefully that will be the bottom sadness of this drama, no more of this sad to death ep, My eyes were swollen when I went work…


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