[Drama News] Lee Min Ho’s Soundless Cries in The Heirs

Lee Min Ho will break thousands of hearts tonight when his character – Kim Tan from The Heirs is going to cry soundlessly near a locker at the school corridor. Episode 15 picks up the pace a little in terms of the main plot of ‘The One Who Wears the Crown, Bears the Crown’. Chairman Kim was furious when Esther Lee renounced the engagement and decided it was time for him to step in and put an end to the love bird’s relationship.

These TWO scenes* will air tonight on SBS whereby Tan enters the school ground and grab Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) out of class. He finds out the options his father offered to his girlfriend and gets upset. Although we don’t know for sure what happened after that but I’d assumed that Eun Sang has taken Option 2 and the two of them have no idea how to ‘solve’ this problem yet.

* Correction: Lee Min Ho isn’t wearing the same outfit as the other stills.

Tan standing in front of the locker, first in deep thoughts. Then he exploded in fury (although it looks more like resignation to me), taking it out on the locker (poor locker) and fury turns into tears of sorrow.

Do stay tuned to watch Lee Min Ho impresses the audiences with his acting of layered emotions once again.

A Little Musings:

As of now I must say I am still unsure of Daddy Kim’s grand plan for his sons and Jeguk Group. I hate to think shallow of Kim Eun Sook and her character – Chairman Kim that in the end, he is just that evil villain who tries to separate his sons from their loved ones and ultimately make them unhappy. What would this be different to Joo Won’s mother in Secret Garden?

What I would kill for is this version of Chairman Kim: he is preparing his sons and their loved ones to face the cruel real world and that before he dies, he wants to see them conquer all the obstacles that he had created in the past because he doesn’t want to see them walk the path he has walked.

I want to believe that he is forcing Won and Tan to face each other and face their fate. I want to believe that he is risking himself, hurting himself being that villain because ultimately his aim is to put everyone in their rightful places and also grooming the both of them into protect Jeguk Group together.

I want to believe that in this drama, no one is truly evil or villainous because nothing is more shallow or makjang when these characters get written similarly to ANY OTHER characters we have seen in other dramas or her past projects. To be honest, right now I am getting a bit of déjà vu here and there with some storyline in this episode. I saw a glimpse of Secret Garden and I also saw Boys Over Flowers. However, it would be fine if all these déjà vu gets overthrown by the ending she gives me in what I envisioned her characters to be.

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19 thoughts on “[Drama News] Lee Min Ho’s Soundless Cries in The Heirs

  1. Thanks for sharing the stills. Oh more angst on the way. I hate to see KT so distressed. KT and ES must stay strong. Can’t wait for the next episode. BTW you gals are awesome.


  2. thanks La Petite boss for the translation, I was waiting for this to be translated… jin jak nomu komawo!

    brace My heart for breaking tonight But at least tanny know it, I think It’s better for him.to know den eun sang just disappear after 2 weeks…


    • park shin hye already bring me to tear last night, added this scene will be worst, I think I gonna bring out a box of tissue tonight Liao…


    • actually LMH made me cry twice last night. That scene with Won and his Dad. With Won, the tears gathered in his eyes but never fell yet you can see his heartbreak. Then he takes it up a notch in that scene with his Dad. Pure wonderful acting. He really has improved so much over the past 4 years. He didnt manage to make me cry in Faith but somehow achieved that in Heirs. LOL

      PSH made me cry too. First, that scene with her Mom when she apologized right after she came back from the US. Wow – the expression before she cried and once her tears fell — so good! Then when Tan finally revealed who he is on Episode 5. I can feel her heartbreak to what could have been & a bit of shame due to her situation. She was interested/attracted but knew then that it could never be. Other than those 2, I think I raised my eyebrows at all the other crying scenes.


  3. He’s wearing 2 different things though. He is not wearing a tie in that scene in front of the locker. He is wearing this gorgeous coat (I love!) and tie in that scene when he dragged ES out of class. I am hoping the crying scene in front of the locker is BEFORE he dragged ES out of class and discovered ES’s ticket in MY’s studio. Because I would be so disappointed in ES if she still leaves after their talk.

    Based on the preview, i have a feeling Tan asked YD to hide ES. YAY – bromance is 100% alive now.


  4. Oh no! While my head is still wondering what exactly is going through Tanny’s mind in this heartbreaking scene (LOL at the poor locker. ha. 😛 ), and what he’s battling inside in his head at that very moment…my heart is already silently crying with him. 😦 Can I glomp him pleeeeeeeeeeeeease? I just want to comfort him. Really.:D

    I love your little musing thoughts. I, too, am hoping that in the end we truly see that Daddy Kim’s evil ways are out of true parental love for his sons. He’s using the only methods he knows his entire life to arm them physically and mentally in order to survive in the world of the elite where ‘survival of the fittest’ is a harsh reality.

    Thank you for the article uri La Petite. *hugs*


      • Haist! 👿 Unni Imja!!!

        I too, want to believe daddy Kim is not really that evil and just testing his son’s for future strife. It will really suck, if he’s just the same as other clichè chaebol parents in k-dramaland.


    • LOL @frau
      Please don’t send the grudge lady my way.
      Tanny desperately needed that love glomp from me. Hahaha 😛

      @La Petite @frau
      Agreeing with you both. We know that pure evil parents is like a requirement in dramaland, so here’s to hoping the Daddy Kim is an exception here. Plus, Daddy hurting his own sons (illegitimate or not) out of pure evil is really hard for anyone with a soul to digest! I’d like to believe that deep down he’s still the man KW’s mum (Daddy Kim’s first true love) loved and Tanny’s mom fell in love with is a man with compassion and a moral compass despite every outrageous thing he does that we may not agree with as “Chairman” of Jeguk Group to live up to his social status in order for his family to survive in that world.


  5. i agree with you about ‘the true daddy kim’.
    i think he’s not that cruel. i just got a feeling, because he used won’s mom birthday as a password. hehe ^^


    • LOL @La Petite
      We all know LMH’s crying beautifully makes you ‘feeeeeel’. Hahaha 😛
      But I really don’t want Tanny crying anymore TBH.
      I think I’ve cried enough with Tanny to build a dam! LOL 😀


  6. Love the stills and the musing, seriously bothered with the prospect of the heirs turning into makjang (no please no!) I feel like LMH is going to make me cry again, the same way he did in that Faith scene with the poisoned exiled king, ah the heartbreak. He’s such a great actor!


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    I Whatched these tears…And Something Happened to me-I began to Cry also…I Remembered -my tears when I found myself with a heavy lost when i was only a child…Things which happened to me-Which hurted me so much…So-I have to admit…I found myself in a powerful Catharsis…


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