[Drama News] Let The Battle Begin for Lee Min Ho & Kim Woo Bin in The Heirs

Today’s first released photo stills have uri Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) dressed in all blue [得意地笑][得意地笑] [好爱哦][好爱哦] running. So hawt! As we know, Kim Tan will be reprimanded by Daddy Kim and prevented from going to school. It is unknown that how he goes from being kicked out of the house to eventually got himself back home (and mummy Ki Ae dressed him up looking de-li-cious) to being in house arrest and having Young Do (Kim Woo Bin) visiting him.

Angst will fill up this week’s episodes therefore we were treated with lovey dovey and overly sweet pinky moments before it stabs us hard and painfully into our little breakable hearts. Kim Tan is stucked in house arrest and Young Do comes to visit. Young Do fights with the guards but whether or not he is there to rescue his blue princess, we will find out in few hours time. This scene will air tonight in episode 15 on SBS. Stay tuned.

I hope you have recovered from your cold, dear.

Kim Tan informs his parents he is going to school…

Only to find out he’s not allowed to…

Daddy Kim gives consent to the guard that they can hurt Tan if he gets too difficult for them to handle… Ooohhhhh ~ physical pain? Uri Min Ho is best at portraying that. Ok, stab him! It’s the trend of this year where all main male lead get stabbed in drama land (e.g. I Hear Your Voice, Who Are You and The Master’s Sun).

Black Knight (No no, not Batman) has come to rescue his first love – Kim Tan! [哈哈]
The hair looks great on you, Do Do and makes you look friendlier.

Swan Fusion Restaurant?! [吃惊]
Young Do, why did you come out from a restaurant instead of Kim Tan’s house? [偷笑]
I know I know. You were trying to fill up your stomach so you have the energy to fight?

The dark horse black knight brings his men from Friend 2 to fight against Daddy Kim’s men. Hell Yeah!

Stay tuned to watch Kim Tan switches to City Hunter or Choi Young mode and fight through these guards with his side-kick from Friend 2.

Extra Photo Stills

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12 thoughts on “[Drama News] Let The Battle Begin for Lee Min Ho & Kim Woo Bin in The Heirs

  1. Am I the only one that can’t get enough of KWB’s new hair and wardrobe change? And LMH’s coat!!

    Ugh, cuties. My heart can’t handle. ♡


  2. Let me just say that I will be so MAD at KES if this whole fight scene is once again about Eun Sang. I mean, like, really? There was never a love triangle to even be excited about. I’m not saying that because I’m so blinded by Kim Tan’s greatness but because KES didn’t write Young Do to be a sympathetic character until 2/3 into the series – how’s a girl supposed to be interested in someone she’s afraid of (or is bullying her to death). Anyway, enough of that rant.

    This fight had better be because Young Do is helping Tan escape from his father. With 6 episodes left, I am so READY for BROMANCE. I hope Tan kicks brother Won’s ass for an episode or 2 because they reconcile because of everything Won put him through. And can we get some Hyosin please?


    • I know, I’m so over the KT-YD war over Eun Sang already. That was the biggest relief for me at Young Do’s 180 last week, that this repetitive fighting would finally end. And now, there’s more? Oy, I dunno how much more I can take.


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