More Kim Woo Bin Hotness BTS in The Heirs

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Yes! More Kim Woo Bin Hotness BTS from the Heirs have been released. I don’t know why I keep putting myself at risk of dying at his hotness but I just can’t help it!!! Kim Woo Bin is dashing in a suit! I don’t know if I like him more in black and white or in colour. 

I often ask myself what is it about him that makes us swoon? He is not the convention handsome man with the flower boy features but there is something about him that oozes sexiness yet is cute and approachable. I agree with Woo Bin’s assessment that his face suits the bad boy image but I do think when he smiles he is the most dorky and adorable person.

In some of his selcas his hot structured face leave myself and Hanjae in awe, speechless at how handsome he is! His look is definitely an acquired taste and it is a taste that I have acquired and LOVE!

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Goshhhh that stare it’s killing me!

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What a fine looking specimen!

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Lots of pictures of Kim Woo Bin and Kim Ji Won preparing for their scenes.

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Just some pictures of Hot Woo Bin himself!!

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 photo 144440117_22_zps4100f162.jpg

 photo 144440408_25_zpsf5be610b.jpg

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HAHAHAHAHA I love it when a man cares for his look! Woo Bin getting his make-up retouched and examining his hotness in the mirror! Applying lip balm? Ready for me to kiss him? Wait a minute…I’ve never seen Kim Woo Bin do a kiss scene OMG!!! I hope he gets a leading character soon with a love interest pleaseeeee

 photo 144440663_28_zpsf54aa145.jpg

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Nothing beats a happy and smiling Kim Woo Bin! So adorable I’m lost for words!

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 photo 144441033_32_zpsff85a057.jpg

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My groom is here so I’m going to go to happy land! Yes, I’ll marry you Woo Bin Ahhhhhhh

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Just before I go here’s the selca I was talking about earlier! Swoonnnnnn with me!!!

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14 thoughts on “More Kim Woo Bin Hotness BTS in The Heirs

  1. Oh yes indeed, KWB in a suit is a thing of beauty! He can wear a gunny sack and look good, but a suit on him is something special. These pics are amazeballs. *drooooool*


  2. his face is truly a gift. Iike you said, his face suit the bad boy image but when he smile he looks so dorky and adorable. I love when he smile, his eyes were gone, CUTEEEEE…. And when he wink..i’m dying. Good note from you, we never see he has a kissing scene. Lets hope soon we rewarded with KWB kiss scene.

    And btw do you remember the picture of him with Han Hyo Joo for InStyle? It’s like he want to eat HHJ, LOL. Seeing that pics i wish someday both of them have a drama or movie together as a couple and please LOTS KISSING, hahahhahahaha


  3. Omg, thank you for the pictures!! Lately my obsession of KWB has come to a point where I found myself just squealing at the sight of him! Damnit KWB!! This noona is fangirling all over you!!!


  4. To really challenge himself, he needs to take on a role that is subdued – not of another bully. He had such rare, quiet beats in The Heirs – I think mostly episode 9/10 & 14 – that shows he can act & hold his own. I would hate for him to be type-casted because of his looks & the roles that got him really noticed (School, Heirs, Friend 2).


  5. I would love to see him playing a playboy who fall in love with an ordinary bullying but a totally playboy… Must be so much fun to watch..


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