[Drama News] The Sleeping Beauties in The Heirs

Live shooting in The Heirs is taking a toll on our main casts. They are caught on camera taking a quick nap in between filming so that they can have the energy to soldier on & tackle the demanding schedule. In the newly released stills from the production team, we see Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin, Kim Ji Won and Park Hyung Shik stealing some snooze.

Being the main lead and one of the actors that have the heaviest on-screen time, it is no wonder Lee Min Ho can sleep anywhere and I wonder if he is indeed deep asleep because no one sleeps so beautifully as he does and it just makes me want to snuggle up to him and sleep beside him too.

Too bad this bed is too short for his long legs but nonetheless, it is a bed and can lie down for a quick 5 minutes rest.

Um… I was sure this is in one of the scenes so did Park Shin Hye really fall asleep? Nothing funnier when the star really did fall asleep in a sleeping / coma scene (refer to Secret Garden), LOL!

Hmm I think she did fall asleep, LOL. Well how could she not when she can actually lie down and snooze? For stars, every chance that they get they should rest.

Kim Ji Won looks exhausted and she looks like she is sound asleep, and beautifully as well. It’s so unfair they are pretty while awake and pretty while asleep!

Wait.. wait… Kim Woo Bin does not look like he is sleeping here. It looks like he’s rehearsing his lines but then I have seen BTS that the stars can rehearse their lines and dozing off so maybe this is one of those cases.

Cheeky Shin Hye took a photo of sleeping Park Hyung Shik, LOL. You know he is going to get you back? He’s Myung-Soo the paparazzi!

See. This is what happens when you take others photo and now you got one of yourself, hahaha!

Dude, you must be tired out by your other schedule coz Myung Soo doesn’t get that much screen time on the show… wish he had of course.

Image source: SBS | TV Daily


9 thoughts on “[Drama News] The Sleeping Beauties in The Heirs

  1. They are really cute sleeping or not! Agree so unfair that they look good all the time. Kim Woo Bin can sleep and rehearse his lines with me any time LOL
    And look at Lee Min Ho’s side profile OMG so HOT!!!!


  2. Aw…Daejang is so gorgeous in his sleep.
    I feel like tracing his profile. ๐Ÿ˜›
    @La Petite
    Right side profile is still the best! ๐Ÿ˜›


    • Wait! Which side was I rooting for? LOL
      Oops! I think I mean the left side is the best!
      The one with his funny ear. ๐Ÿ˜›


  3. LMH frigging looks amazing sleeping. He looks to be really resting. Live shooting is truly tough. Poor them. KJW looks totally exhausted in that pic. She’s a wonderful actress & quite pretty too. I hope she gets a lead role next time.


  4. I’m amazed at how good they look even while sleeping.

    Can I just look at lee min ho until I die? God, so perfect!

    That said, I feel horrible for the cast of heirs. They work too hard. Two hours of sleep? Omg, just horrible.

    Heirs fighting!


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