The Expressive Faces of Cheeky Lee Min Ho in The Heirs

This is purely a fan service post for all Kim Tan’s fans – The Many Faces of Cheeky Kim Tan in just one episode, LOL! This actor has played dorky and dangerous in Boys Over Flowers. He plays an architect that dresses gay enough to be mistaken as gay (LOL!). He has also played a dorky playboy alias cool vigilante in City Hunter and he has played a heartbroken stoic legendary historical figure in Faith.

Each characters he has portrayed since BOF times have not shown me a Lee Min Ho as playful, mischievous looking and cheeky as Kim Tan. So bravado to Lee Min Ho for taking his career to the next step when it comes to displaying intricate facial expression, emoting through expressive eyes and controlled acting.


Shhhhhh~ don’t tell anyone you saw me in this blog, quick, hurry up and save me into your HDD!

It’s too late, I think my pictures have gone viral ~

Lee Min Ho: Too late girls, La Petite and I are lovers.

La Petite: Those lips are so mine! I need it for healing my splitting headache.

Jesus, look at this cutie pie with his mouth full of food ~

What? You think La Petite can’t fan-girl over me in The Heirs even though she has an issue with Kim Eun Sook? 😛

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** BONUS **

OMG… that honey-tan back.

OMG… that honey tan chest!

OMGGGGG those legs, that bump and that back~
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25 thoughts on “The Expressive Faces of Cheeky Lee Min Ho in The Heirs

  1. La petite – I’ll send you some panadol for the headache and borrow the lips, back, bumps, legs just for the week hahahahaha


    • OK! 🙂 That writer-nim needs a visit from LC! ðŸ‘ŋ LOL! I will need Tanny/LMHot after because Heirs is going to be angsty on the next episode! ðŸ˜Ĩ


      • LOL @frau
        Makes my heartache just thinking about this week’s episodes. ðŸ˜Ķ
        So, it would be my pleasure to LC writer-nim. 😀
        Just tell me when and where. Hahaha 😛


  2. Oh boy, LMH is handsome in all angles, even if he has that terrible curls in BOF, he is still goodlooking and with a historical look in Faith, he is so manly, but in heirs, i think he has used up all his good looks here coz he is gorgeous in every scene.


  3. Oh My ! He is cute! Hmm.. Wonder how much make-up they use on his face… Smoother than a baby bottom! …
    With / without make-up, still look HOT !


  4. LOL what a fun post! It’s really a blessing LMH can act. I tend not to fan-girl purely for eye-candy. Good thing he is both eye-candy & talented.


  5. WOW! An abundance of LMHot’s over-the-top cuteness and RS! **drooling**
    LOL @La Petite Clicked and saved in my HDD. Hahaha Thank you! 😀
    Since La Petite and frau are in dreamland, I’ll glomp Tan LMH’s front/back/sides.Hahahaha 😛
    **360 degree style glomped** 😛 😛 😛


  6. LOL!!!!!!! Chinguz here I come GRAB that VAULT N run LIKE HELLL!!!!! …..

    Anneseyong Chingus..Ittz SOOOOOOOOO.Gud to be back here!!! 😀


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