The Awesome that is The Heirs Episode 13 & 14

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The Heirs episode 13 and 14 left Frau, BBSwooner, The Crazy Ahjumma and I with many feelings that can not be expressed in just a few words. We decided to create this post with all our favourite scenes from the two daebak episodes. We will rant, swoon and die as we discuss each scene and why we love it so much. Come and swoon/rant/die with us!!!!

Episode 13

“The Emotional Hug”

Ducky: My first favourite scene is the emotional hug that we waited one whole week for! Why was it such a great scene and delivered so much emotions?

Frau: Yes, I love it! It was full of warmth and comfort as well as reassuring. It also signifies ES accepting Tan not only taking his hand but him as a whole.

BBSwooner: Perfection! The beauty of knowing someone loves you, that even at your lowest point, you can look to them and find comfort in their arms. When we look at the person we love and see that they’re hurt, without reason, it pains us in the heart. When Eun Sang looked at Kim Tan, that was what she felt, his pain.

Ducky: Perfection it was indeed! It shows Eun Sang taking that step towards Kim Tan. Embracing him and loving him when he needed it the most. They are connected on an emotional level. She feels the pain that he is feeling by just watching him tear up. When he asked her if she would take his hand and run like she promised. She shakes her head and he is broken from the answer. However, surprisingly her hug signifies that she’ll hold onto him now without running away.

Frau: Agree! You can see that on Tan’s face when she suddenly hugged him at first he was shocked and the relief that she’s there, enveloping him with her warmth as if saying she will always be there. I love how they conveyed those feelings without words, only with their eyes and expressions so much feels!

BBSwooner: Many times before, he asked her to take his hand and run away with him, to wherever the wind takes them, because as long as it is her next to him, nothing else in the world mattered. And though she rejected him many times before, with the last hope he had, he asked her one more time. She refused, instead she hugged him. I love this because it’s as though she is telling him that she isn’t running away with him, but she will be by his side, someone he can lean on. And I love the way he fully embraces her, as though his heart was at ease in her arms.

“Tanny Leg Entrapment”

 photo tumblr_mwlddntcsb1qjkud7o3_250_zps116045c4.gif  photo tumblr_mwlddntcsb1qjkud7o4_250_zpsd111dcb5.gif

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Ducky: Tanny entraps Eun Sang with his legs as she struggles to get free. Sweet, sensual and cheesy! But I want more of that cheese please!

BBSwooner: Cheesy, adorable, absolutely and ridiculously cute! I can’t help but giggle like a child.

Frau: HAHAHA definitely want more! Reminds me of those teenage days bantering with the best friend. Eun San was so aware of Tan when he sat there in front of her and she retreated!

Ducky: Agree! She was definitely affected by the close proximity. I think she’s scared what she might do hehehe.

Frau: That’s why she wanted to let Myung Soo in.

BBSwooner: While she was nervous about it, I don’t think Tan even noticed.

Frau: Yes, she desires Tan too! like the time in the US at the motel she regretted not looking when he changed shirt! I think he noticed, he was just tempting her!

Ducky: Anyone would regret not looking at Tanny!

BBSwooner: Hahahahaha, Eun Sang can’t resist Kim Tan’s charms, I don’t blame her. Ok I agree Frau, Tanny was having fun.

“Sweet Dreams”

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Ducky: Eun Sang struggling to concentrate turns around watches Kim Tan. Thinking that he was asleep wishes him “Sweet Dreams”. He speaks up and says the most romantic and sweetest thing ever! “I’m already dreaming. You’re here next to me.” Swoonnnnnnnnn

Frau: Tanny was right it was already a sweet dream, that’s why he was still awake.

BBSwooner: This Tanny, he never fails to make my heart flutter!

Frau: Yes, he says the sweetest and most heart fluttery things, no wonder Eun Sang who views having a relationship is a luxury fell for him.

BBSwooner: If only I was his good dream and not Eun Sang hahahahaha.

Frau: Yes, I think everybody wants to be Tan’s good dream! Eun Sang is so lucky!

Ducky: So fitting this scene. They’ve come a long way. Since to Eun Sang always thought being with Tan can only just be dream. He tells her that being here with her is the sweetest dream for him and since he is awake it’s not just a dream but reality! Eun Sang just go over and hug! LOL

“Teenage Boys”

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Ducky: The boys are so immature. When Myung Soo asked what else did Kim Tan and Eun Sang do after they hugged. Kim Tan motions with his lips that they kissed. Myung Soo couldn’t control himself and the boys giggle and laugh! Goshhh that scene made me laugh out loud. So typical of teenage boys!

BBSwooner: Hahahahaha I can’t help but giggle at how clueless Eun Sang was. Boys will be boys. I can’t believe Myung Soo can be so delightful after a night spent out freezing in the cold.

Ducky: Myung Soo is definitely a romantic. Do you think Myung Soo has kissed a girl before? I don’t think he has from his reaction LOL

BBSwooner: Hahaha I don’t think he has either! That’s why the thought of it tickles him.

Frau: I giggled too, when Tan made kissy motion indicating Eun Sang and him kissed so juvenile!!! I double giggled when I found out Lee Min Ho added that scene and realized he could be so cheezy and dorky!

Ducky: I think it was a great addition. Lee Min Ho always has good ideas.

BBSwooner: Yes he does! Hahahahaha Lee Min Ho, ma boy hahaha!

Frau: BBSwooner ma boy? I’m watching you!

BBSwooner: Swwwwwoooooooooooonnnnnnn

Ducky: LOL!

“Take Courage!”

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Ducky: Eun Sang and Tan walk to school together side by side. She looks at him. Gosh he is handsome! Swoonnnnnnn. She remembers when they first walked to school together. He was walking behind her.

BBSwooner: I love the smile he has on his face. Tan said: “What? Does it feel different to spend the night together and come to school together?” Awwwhhhhhh like a married couple aren’t they? He even calls her wifey!

Ducky: He calls her wifey and held out his hand for her to hold. She hesitates and looks around. He tells her to take courage. She does and grabs his hand. With a smile on her face she says: “Sorry I took too long”
Good girl Eun Sang! I’m so happy and proud she took the courage and grab hold of his hand!

Frau: I like it that Eun Sang took courage and grab Tan’s hand. Eun Sang taking Tan’s hand was so symbolic at that time because it was so long awaited and it had a nice build up since she refused it for so many times!

BBSwooner: I think I just died from happiness!!! Finally at last!

Ducky: Did you notice Tan’s sigh of relief? And the smile Tan had! OMGGGGGGG kill me! He really was so handsome! Who would in their right mind not take that hand!

BBSwooner: Yes, and the comment he made, “so you know how to smile?” He is always handsome! Ask me Tan, ask me!

Ducky: He was especially handsome in that scene. That side profile was gorgeous!

BBSwooner: I see him handsome all the time, equally hahahahaha, just one god handsome man!

Ducky: LOL! So bias!


Ducky: I love it that they walked confidently hand in hand into school with all those people gossiping and pointing fingers. That just made my day! This is all they need to do with every obstacle that comes their way. Hand in hand with confidence and head forward.

“Kim Tan the new Kpop Star”

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Ducky: Tan gets kicked out from home. He goes to see Eun Sang in a taxi and gets smacked for taking a taxi without money. Hahahaha!

Frau: Yup, I noticed he got smacked a lot that episode.

Ducky: What do we call that Frau – love and affection la petite style?

Frau: We call it here Cariño brutal but it’s Spanish! Brutal affection!

Ducky: She asks him what he plans to do. He says study hard. She told him to try out Kpop Star. He says he can’t sing. She tells him isn’t very good at studying! Super cute!

BBSwooner: Hahaha! Kim Tan really means it when he says he’s going to study hard. Look what love can do to us, so cute!

Frau: It was funny saying he can’t sing, when the Lee Min Ho had a world tour!!! And when he said he can’t sing he had the cutest expression!

Ducky: The whole hand gesture that Tan made when he said he couldn’t sing was Lee Min Ho’s idea. So cute!

BBSwooner: His finger shaking was cute, and since it’s Lee Min Ho himself who came up with it, it’s even cuter hahaha!!!

Frau: Yes, Lee Min Ho is doing a lot of ad libs and he’s having fun!

“Calling upon the three stooges”

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Ducky: When Kim Tan called upon the three cuties for help but they ignored him LOL

Frau: Tan was so cute asking for help, but still being so high and mighty about it. They did not believe him.

BBSwooner: This scene was so comical! I laughed so hard at Chan Young, Hyo Shin, and Myung Soo’s blank expression. Poor Tanny, you can stay at my place!

Ducky: He couldn’t fully explain his story. It’s funny that he didn’t even think about getting a part time job.

Frau: Only Hyo Shin knows about the secret. Hahahaha Tan the lazy ass!

Ducky: Hyo Shin did offer for Tan to stay over but his mother is the devil so Tan turned down the offer. I’ll rather sleep outside in the cold to be honest.

Frau: Yes, if I was Tan I would refuse too! And seeing that Hyo Shin’s mom is close to Ji Sook that will be an additional problem!

“Sadness that is Hyo Shin”

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Ducky: I was close to tears watching Hyo Shin begging his mum to stop. Particularly the line “Do you really want to see me die?”

Frau: Hyo Shin is so pityful, he needs courage like Tan!

Ducky: So heartbreaking that his mother sees it as a threat only and not that he needs her to listen to him. Hyo Shin needs help.

Frau: Hyo Shin’s mom is so cold thinking her son is only bluffing about suicide. I wish Hyo Shin won’t do it but his mom needs to learn a lesson. Hyo Shin should just stow away!

Ducky: Yes! Kim Eun Sook better not kill him. I’ll flip tables. I like Hyo Shin!

BBSwooner: Gaaahhhh I wish the writer would show us more of him! He’s a character that needs more screen time. I really feel sad for him, his mother is cruel! I hope what he has planned isn’t anything stupid.

Frau: Like what Tan said to Eun Sang take courage Hyo Shin!

Ducky: True Frau. I think he will take courage. Let’s wait and see!

“Brotherly Love 1”

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 photo tumblr_mwm8tt7HFx1r2tl2zo5_250_zps66c6d4ef.gif  photo tumblr_mwm8tt7HFx1r2tl2zo2_250_zps47c2f52b.gif

 photo tumblr_mwm8tt7HFx1r2tl2zo1_250_zpse1d20c03.gif  photo tumblr_mwm8tt7HFx1r2tl2zo6_250_zps21d9a573.gif

 photo tumblr_mwm8tt7HFx1r2tl2zo3_250_zps213d4a0c.gif  photo tumblr_mwm8tt7HFx1r2tl2zo4_250_zps58ddb049.gif

 photo tumblr_mwm8tt7HFx1r2tl2zo7_250_zps96d23481.gif  photo tumblr_mwm8tt7HFx1r2tl2zo8_250_zps403bfaec.gif

Ducky: Tan has nowhere to go and seeks out his brother who first turns him down but then changed his mind. Ahhhh Wonny is a softy on the inside!

Frau: Oh, those puppy eyes he gave Won, how can you refuse?!

BBSwooner: Won was so quick to close the door, he just had to, at least one time. Hahahahaha! Sorry Tanny, I laughed. But seriously now, I really love these two together.

Ducky: Tan can sleep with me any day. I mean stay in my room LOL

Frau: I’d grab him instantly he did not have to ask!!!

Ducky: I thought it was nice to see that Won does care for his brother!

Frau: Yes, I just hope he was not so cold and be more affectionate Tan is trying so hard!

BBSwooner: Won isn’t such a bad brother after all, he loves his little brother. I mean, he gave him shelter and fed him, who says that’s not love? It’s just some tough love he’s showing his brother. I can see them joining forces in the future and taking down their father.

The Crazy Ahjumma: Yes, true BBSwooner! Won loves Tanny is just that he did not want to or does not know how to express his feelings after all these 3 years.

Ducky: It must be the first time Tan got to sleep in the same room as hyung.

Frau: Yup, and when Young Do did not allow him to get a room he was so happy!

Ducky: Getting kicked out and prevented from hiring a room from the Orange Monster (Young Do) was a blessing in disguise!

Frau: Everybody thought Tan is scared of Won but it’s actually the opposite!

Ducky: I thought it was touching that Won drove Tan to school. Tan was like a little boy so happy to be taken to school by his hyung!

Frau: HAHAHA!!! Though grudgingly Won likes his brother, if he really hated Tan he will not do that.

La Petite: I think he’s torn between he should hate Tan for his suffering but he can’t help loving this lil’ cutie pie brother!

Ducky: I just love watching the hot brothers together. They have to be the hottest brothers in kdrama history right?

Frau: Tanny is hotter though!

Ducky: So biased Frau!

Frau: HAHAHAHAHA Wonny can’t wear turtlenecks, not like Tanny!

Ducky: We don’t know that!

Frau: Won has a thick and short neck not suitable for turtlenecks!

Ducky: But Young Do can LOL – okay we must not digress!


“The Donut Kiss”

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 photo DonutKiss_zps2893c9f6.gif

 photo DonutKiss1_zpsb2349441.gif

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 photo DonutKiss5_zps1baa5e79.gif

 photo DonutKiss6_zps929f4769.gif

Ducky: What can I say Frau, if Kim Tan wants to share a donut with me I’d gladly accept!

Frau: Oh, donut kiss was so cute and I like what Tan said after about them progressing slowly!!! Ducky off limits!!!

BBSwooner: Tan is so cheesy and cute! So close, so close. Hahahahaha Eun Sang always hit him, I love how she demands him to not make a fuzz. Tanny is whipped!!!

Ducky: LOL!!! I think this scene was acted very naturally by both Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. They really did bring on the cuteness.

Frau: Yes, it was and they really looked like teenagers bickering. Oh, and Eun Sang slipping again about doing more than just holding hands and Tan being cheeky is so precious!

BBSwooner: Hahahaha that was so cute Frau!

Frau: Yup, Tanny is always so cheeky and want lots of skinship!

BBSwooner: Yes, he loves skin ship! Always trying to make a move on Eun Sang hahaha

Frau: Typical teenage hormonal urges! LOL

BBSwooner: When he said, “I think we’re moving too slow?” Hahaha Tanny! I don’t think you’guys moving too slow LOL

Ducky: I love it! I think it looked better in pictures since it went by so fast. I’ll keep watching gifs!

Frau: Slow mo GIF’s would be better!!!

Ducky: I just can’t get enough of Lee Min Ho’s expressions!

Frau: Yes, Lee Min Ho is bringing on the cute!

Ducky: And Eun Sang hitting him hahahaha! She’s a sadist and he is masochist! Perfect couple I’d say!


“Just to see you for a few minutes”

 photo KWBHot_zps7d2a35a6.gif

 photo tumblr_mwmi7nHwxW1qc6ihbo4_250_zps44111f97.gif  photo tumblr_mwmi7nHwxW1qc6ihbo1_250_zps4ad4369b.gif

 photo tumblr_mwmi7nHwxW1qc6ihbo3_250_zps99cad59c.png  photo tumblr_mwmi7nHwxW1qc6ihbo2_250_zpsdab6fafd.png

 photo KWBwalk_zps55369740.gif

 photo tumblr_mwm3kb0jpF1qc6ihbo1_500_zps757a0b8f.gif

 photo tumblr_mwm3kb0jpF1qc6ihbo3_500_zpscf14d57a.gif

Ducky: Okay bear with me girls. I know you guys don’t like Young Do that much but hear me out LOL. I thought it was sweet he booked out the cafe so he could see her and talk to her.

Frau: It was freaky for me, knowing Eun Sang will not appreciate it!

Ducky: He had good intentions although his approach was wrong. Pouring the drink on the floor was a No No!

Frau: Good intentions or not he went about it the wrong way!

Ducky: Did you see his awkwardness watching Eun Sang cleaning? I think he is just inexperienced and does not know how to express himself.

The Crazy Ahjumma: Yes I felt for his awkwardness when sitting and watching Eun Sang. Even more so when Eun Sang rejected him! Poor Young Do!!!

Frau: Yes, he was pitiful but Eun Sang had to do it!

Ducky: I was pleased that Eun Sang rejected him right out. I hate it when girls don’t say it straight out and giving them hope.

The Crazy Ahjumma: Yes! It’s good she did not beat around the bushes!

Ducky: He definitely has my sympathy. How can I not? He is just so hot!

Episode 14

“Confrontation scene – there’s more to it than just the girl”

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 photo TanDo_zps02331e86.png

 photo TanDo2_zpscfec4551.png

Ducky: I love the dialogue in this scene. But I love angry Tan more.

Frau: Tanny is right people learn by falling down and standing up again and Young Do is just too afraid to fall down that he stays there not making progress while Tan will be miles ahead.

The Crazy Ahjumma: I love Young Do’s reactions when Tanny lift up the chair about to hit him. The eyes that stare at Eun Sang instead of Kim Tan

Ducky: That’s because he can’t believe that someone is protecting him. No one has ever protected him when his dad beats him up. Maybe his mother did but she is no longer around. So for Eun Sang to do that I think he was moved!

The Crazy Ahjumma: True Ducky!

Frau: I don’t get why people felt Tan was too violent when he tried to hit Young Do with the chair I’m not saying it’s right but he was angry and people don’t think when they are angry!

Ducky: Tan is not violent at all. If some guy locked my girlfriend in a room I would get angry! Tan’s reaction is totally understandable!

Frau: Yes, I would be angry too and might not even be content with hitting him with a chair

The Crazy Ahjumma: Well, that’s the only equipment that is handy to lift up

Frau: Eun Sang was not protecting only Young Do but Tan too! She knows Tan will be hurt later
knowing that he hurt Young Do

The Crazy Ahjumma: Eun Sang is protecting both of them. She knows Kim Tan and Young Do have a good relationship but just don’t get why now they are at head lock.

The Crazy Ahjumma: Young Do will not hurt Eun Sang. If you take a closer look when Young Do pushed Eun Sang against the wall, the pressure is not strong.

Frau: Yes, but he was in the wrong! He should have not done that to Eun Sang just because he wanted to see her! It was clearly illegal detention.

Ducky: That’s why I say my love for Young Do is hot and cold. One minute I hate him the next I love him. Especially knowing that he never intended to reveal Tan’s secret he just missed Eun Sang and wanted to see her for a few seconds. Love sick puppy just doesn’t know how to do it correctly!

Frau: He is doing everything wrong!

The Crazy Ahjumma: Young Do is a lost puppy who long for love and attention and if possible a big hug!

Ducky: He just needs to direct his attention to me hahahaha. Eun Sang is long gone baby!

Frau: HAHAHA Ducky!

BBSwooner: OMG Frau I agree with you! You know, I don’t think people realize that Eun Sang was helping Kim Tan. Honestly, I think more so than Young Do, she was helping Tanny by stopping him! She knew he would regret hurting Young Do later, so she stopped him. She didn’t want to see him turn into a monster.

The Crazy Ahjumma: Indirectly, BBSwooner!

Ducky: I agree she was helping Tanny as well! But Young Do sees it as ES helping him.

Frau: Yes that’s what I thought to is she was helping Young Do she would have looked at him but she was concentrating on Tan.

BBSwooner: Sorry to Young Do and Eun Sang shippers but that’s the truth! Yes Frau so true! Seriously, just look at her she cares more about stopping Tan than about Young Do getting hurt! It just so happens that the two are related. I like how the writer does not make Eun Sang waver. Her heart belongs to Kim Tan and only Kim Tan.

Ducky: I love it that Eun Sang does not waver at all!

BBSwooner: She doesn’t have feelings even for a second about Young Do!

Ducky: I love a girl that does not go back and forth. I see it so many times in kdrama and I hate it!

BBSwooner: Yes! Thank god she isn’t like that!

Frau: Yes, as Ducky said Eun Sang is a one Tan woman

“Take it off Tanny!”

 photo TanSang6_zpscfbf4e9f.gif

 photo TanSang7_zps86f2de39.gif

The Crazy Ahjumma: Hahaha, at the park scene where Tanny threatens to take off his uniform!

Frau: HAHA, he was being cheeky again I love it!

Ducky: I like how he teases her about taking it all off! And she pretends to cover her eyes clearly she’s peeking!

The Crazy Ahjumma: Yes. He was cute when he says he will remove everything. Look at his cute facial expression hahaha

Ducky: LOL take it off Tanny!

Frau: I wish he did!!!

The Crazy Ahjumma: Me too!!!

Ducky: Kim Tan always wants to move fast!

The Crazy Ahjumma: I wish that park scene was longer where we get to see Tan remove his uniform follow by the white shirt button!

Ducky: Hahaha LOL @Crazy Ahjumma!

BBSwooner: I like how he teases Eun Sang all the time. She’s so “innocent.” Lol

Frau: Nope she’s not innocent at all!!

BBSwooner: Lol notice the quotes around “innocent?” LOL Of course she is not, she’s peeking at him!

Ducky: I love it that Eun Sang is sharp and is aware that the boys aren’t fighting just because of her. She thinks Tan and Young Do might be the ones having a love fight. She’s so sweet cleaning his uniform for him.

Frau: Yes, she knew they are already angry at each other even before she came in the picture. I guess she figured it out that Tanny still cares for Young Do back when they were at Myung Soo’s studio after Tan talked to Young Do on the phone he was dazed for a bit looking sad

“Bandaid for the broken heart!”

 photo xr8s_zpsa0c13416.jpg

Ducky: Eun Sang offers Young Do a bandaid for his injured HOT face. He rejects it at first but then waits for her outside and asks for the bandaid. I think he might keep it for the rest of his life. Poor my Do Do!

Frau: Young Dp looked like a lost puppy there and I’m glad Eun Sang still showed him kindness.

Ducky: Me too! I just hope he doesn’t see that kindness in the wrong light

Frau: I think he refused it at first because his heart might waver and assume her kindness was a sign of love

Ducky: That scene shows a soft side of Young Do who is easily moved

Frau: Yup, I hope in the next episode he turns a new leaf

BBSwooner: I like it! It shows that he really isn’t as tough as he tried to be. He refused her at first, that’s normal of him. What touched me was him going back to ask for it. Is this the first time he’s ever accepted someone’s sincerity? He usually turns away from these types of things, wanting to appear big and strong.

Frau: Yes, I hope it means he is accepting Eun Sang’s friendship

Ducky: Yes I think so. I think him accepting it means he is letting people in and accepting his mistake/fault. I hope to see Young Do being the pillar of support for Tan and Eun Sang. Seeing the preview for episode 15 they need as much support as they can get!

BBSwooner: By accepting it shows he isn’t all that cold, he has a heart and when it’s broken, when it’s hurt, he as well needs to be loved. Me too ducky!

Frau: Tan and Eun Sang needs all the help they can get!

“The long awaited Rachel Slap!”

 photo tumblr_mwof15Q4AC1qdcel5o1_500_zpsebd5748a.gif

 photo tumblr_mwof15Q4AC1qdcel5o2_500_zps6617b0d8.gif

Ducky: Gosh I feel nothing but hatred towards Rachel!

Frau: Count me in on that Rachel hate! I really don’t get where she’s coming from!

Ducky: She’s gotten worse where as Young Do is getting better. It’s like she’s stepping into his shoes to make things difficult for everyone.

Frau: Tan did not give her any indication that he liked and it was clear to her that it was a political engagement and people keep telling her that so I don’t get her!

Ducky: What she did was low! Faking to be nice to Tan’s mum and stepping on Eun Sang’s mum! Just so low! She makes my blood boil!

BBSwooner: I hate the bitch, that’s all I have to say hahahaha

Ducky: I’m so glad Eun Sang slapped her! It was about time!

Frau: I wish Eun Sang slapped her more!

Ducky: So happy Eun Sang blocked her. My reaction was oh yeah!!!

Frau: I would have slapped her again when Eun Sang blocked her!

BBSwooner: I was so happy!

Ducky: Not to mention that Tan not wanting to be friends with her anymore and him hitting her in his mind LOL I LOVE it

BBSwooner: I liked that Tan put her in her place. Telling her, “what mother, the mother you looked down on like a bug?”

Frau: Yup, at least we know he wanted to hit her. And I don’t get why people are mad at Tan wanting to hit her and Young Do grabbing her collar just because she’s a girl!

Duck: Those boys will never hit her – she just went too far! It’s normal for them to react that way!

BBSwooner: I really don’t understand Rachel. To me, she doesn’t love Tan. She just hates the idea of Eun Sang together with Tan, so she wants to separate them. It bothers her that Tan choose Eun Sang over money. She wants Tan to want her, that’s all, she really doesn’t love him.

Ducky: I agree! It’s all about possession! Tan is an object to her. I hate her and I can’t stand her!

“Roof top run-away plan”

 photo TanSang8_zps43be7ec3.gif

 photo KimTan_zpsb064cf33.png

 photo TanSang9_zpsd17086c5.gif

 photo KimTan1_zps0125226a.png

 photo TanSang10_zps32de61c2.gif

 photo EunSang_zpseeac151d.png

Ducky: This scene is definitely touching for me. Eun Sang telling Tan that it was not his fault! It was never his fault!

Frau: It was all Daddy Kim’s fault

Ducky: Tan was so moved by what Eun Sang said! I think it’s the first time someone actually tells him it’s not his fault

BBSwooner: I think for the first time, someone told him it isn’t his fault, so he was touched.

Frau: Sec. Yoon told him it was not his fault but it had more weight coming from Eun Sang.

Ducky: Oh yes! You’re right Frau.

Frau: Eun Sang’s opinion is more important to him

Ducky: I don’t understand the criticism that Tan got for asking Eun Sang to run away

Frau: I don’t get why people think that Tan was being foolish asking that question, when he was just frustrated. He wanted for a while to just run away because everything was getting hard. He was not asking because he did not know the answer and Eun Sang’s response just reminded him.

BBSwooner: I agree! I don’t understand why so many people got offended by his question. He wasn’t serious to begin with. Can’t he be relieved of his frustration, at least just for a moment? Give him a break. He asks Eun Sang to run away with him, but I don’t think he was serious. Rather, he knew deep down the answer, that she was not willing to, yet he asked just because. He wanted her just to say yes, so for a little while, they can escape reality. That’s all. You can see, from her face, her answer, that she knew very well what his question meant. She even agreed for a second there.
But we can only escape reality for so long, someone must bring us back. She knew very well she could not let herself fall into the idea, because that was dangerous, for her, her mother, him and his mother.

Ducky: Well put BBSwooner I agree 100%! Tanny would never leave his mum if he had the choice. I feel so sorry for them. There will be more angst. I’m crying already thinking about it!

BBSwooner: My heart aches for them.

“Self Reflection”

 photo tumblr_mwp72gOgB71qjkud7o2_250_zps5592edf0.gif  photo tumblr_mwp72gOgB71qjkud7o1_250_zpsb2bf39f5.gif

 photo tumblr_mwp72gOgB71qjkud7o3_500_zps1f8dce6a.gif

Ducky: Another great scene is the self reflection scene with Kim Tan and Young Do. I particularly love the lines from Kim Tan: “I should have taken you no matter what had I known it would be your last chance” and Young Do “I should have gone with you had I known it was my last chance.” Both lines are full of
regret and admittance of fault.

BBSwooner: I love it!

Frau: Heirs brings us back to our teenage days!

Ducky:I think Kim Tan was willing to admit fault. It’s just Young Do being stubborn. Agree Frau it gives me butterflies!

BBSwooner: It shows that we are humans after all. It’s hard to admit we are wrong, so we’d rather just keep quiet.

Frau: But Young Do did not keep quiet he lashed out on Tan!

BBSwooner: I mean quiet as in, we won’t admit it.

Ducky: I think KT was right in what he said about Young Do. Young Do likes to make people feel miserable to make his miseries more bearable even though it does not make him feel any better he still does it anyway!

BBSwooner: I love that we as the viewers see how regretful they are, yet none of them are able to say what they felt

Ducky: Yes Sheng it was a touching and heartfelt scene!

BBSwooner: Reflection, it’s something we all need to do once in awhile. Because after thinking, even these two found their fight a little stupid.

Ducky: I thought it was funny how they showed us the flashbacks. HAHAHAHA

BBSwooner: I like it. It shows he’s regret ever bringing it to Young Do’s father in the first place. It showed us all the nasty things they did to one another, but in the end, they could not reason why. Why were they so cruel? Did the other really deserve what they got?

Ducky: Whao I never gave it that much thought. Good one BBSwooner! My head was thinking hahahah they’re lovers! I love them!

BBSwooner: LOL @Ducky!

Ducky: It’s nice to see that they are reflecting! Sometimes in life we lack the ability to reflect on our actions and why we did what we did. Without reflection we will never grow and learn from our mistakes. This is why this scene means so much. The boys have come a long way!

BBSwooner: It also displayed human nature, the aspect of us all that possess evil, showing the extent we would go to just to make someone miserable.Yes, I agree, it shows they’ve come a long way! Before, I thought I lost all hopes of them ever reuniting but for once, I am rooting for these two.

Frau: Tan got to the reflecting part sooner but Young Do refused to acknowledge it and did things so that Tan would react including messing with Eun Sang, but now I think Young Do is on his way to changing.

BBSwooner: Yes, Young Do is the one to always bother Kim Tan either way. If he just leaves Tan alone, they wouldn’t even be fighting.

Ducky: Without fighting they would never have gotten to where they are now. So in a way it is bringing what they are keeping inside out and solving it once and for all.

Frau: They would still get there if they talked it out!

The Crazy Ahjumma: Young Do is the trouble maker. He is the one that always makes the first move.

Ducky: Young Do is just an angry miserable person. But the redeeming factor is that he kept Tan’s secret regardless knowing that it was the one thing that would hurt Tan the most so I still see some good in him.

The Crazy Ahjumma: Young Do still has feelings for Tan. That’s why Young Do did not reveal Tan’s secret.

Ducky: HAHAHAH you make them sound like lovers!

Chan Young is my oxygen!

 photo c3o7Q9a_zps6723707a.gif

Ducky: Bo Na never fails to bring on the cute in each episode. She declares that she’s suffocating! He’s my oxygen. I can’t breathe without him. I feel like I’m in outer space.

The Crazy Ahjumma: Hahaha, the expression on Chan Young’s face upon hearing the declaration from Bo Na is just so funny!

Frau: HAHAHA Bo Na is so cute I never knew I would like her, she’s simple minded and does not discriminate between the classes like her peers!

BBSwooner: Hahahahaha these two make me smile.

The Crazy Ahjumma: Bo Na is the easy going type.

BBSwooner: Bo Na is such a cute girlfriend.

Frau: Bo Na is so scared of losing Chan Young maybe because Tan disappeared on her so suddenly when he was sent to the US.

The Crazy Ahjumma: Bo Na is the happy go lucky type as long as she gets hold of Chan Young!

Ducky: I like that Bo Na is true to her feelings. She never once looked down on Chan Young. She may high maintenance but she’s a nice and pretty girl at heart. Just like what Eun Sang said about her pretty inside and out!

Frau: Bo Na is the total opposite of Rachel!

BBSwooner: I like that too, the fact that she doesn’t see him lower than her. She loves him just the way he is.

The Crazy Ahjumma: I think true love is where one sees a person heart deep inside not on the outside. Just like when you pick your life partner, you choose love or money!

Ducky: I choose both LOL!!!


BBSwooner: Hahahahaha

The Crazy Ahjumma: In the case of Rachel and Tan’s family they just want power but at the expense of both Tan and Rachel’s happiness which I find sad.

Ducky: Rachel will be unhappy like her mother

BBSwooner: Rachel won’t be. She doesn’t have a heart. All she needs is money.

Frau: Rachel would be pinning for the love she lost like her mom and would go for one man to another!

BBSwooner: But Rachel doesn’t love anyone. That girl is heartless!

Ducky: Rachel loves herself!

Frau: When she finally finds a love BBSwooner. It’s a curse of their family! LOL

BBSwooner: Her mother at least loved secretary Yoon but chose money over him. So it makes sense that she has regrets. But Rachel, the girl loves absolutely no one. And yes I agree, only herself! Frau I will wait to see that day she finds love! Only when she knows how to love herself then she will be able to understand Tan’s decision. Hopefully then she will realize how cruel she was.

Frau: I would love to see that day too BBSwooner!

The Crazy Ahjumma: Rachel will regret to the root for being a bitch!

BBSwooner: Yes Crazy Ahjumma I hope that hurts her for the rest of her life.

Ducky: They better not make her and Young Do end up together. OMG I will flip tables! The poor boy needs a nice girl not a bitch!

BBSwooner: I don’t think so. I know a lot of people think they will but I see nothing between them.

Ducky: Me neither!

The Crazy Ahjumma: Nope, Young Do and Rachel will not end up. Young Do has only Eun Sang in his heart.

Frau: Young Do does not see her as a love interest so I don’t think so!

BBSwooner: These two have absolutely zero chance!

Ducky: Well I pray they don’t force it down our throats cos that would suck big time!

Frau: Even Tan since the beginning put her in the friends only zone!

Ducky: I’m glad he took that back! He doesn’t even want to talk to her!

BBSwooner: Yes! He’s always told her that in order to not marry her he must first engage her, meaning, “I am not marrying you!”I love it! I love how he told her, “don’t talk to me. Hopefully never!”

Ducky: Me too BBSwooner! I love it! Tan is my hero when he said that! and he didn’t even look at her!

BBSwooner: His eyes were fixated on Eun Sang! I love him!

Frau: Tan is a one Eun Sang man!

BBSwooner: Eun Sang is also a one Tan woman!


BBSwooner: Lol

The Crazy Ahjumma: Rachel is not worth a penny to Tanny.

Frau: I want Rachel to find out about her mother’s affair with Sec. Yoon so she can be pulled down a peg

BBSwooner: Lol I realize this became a rant about Rachel hahahaha!

Brotherly love 2

 photo tumblr_mwp4ofDDeX1qjkud7o1_500_zpsd88a2b55.gif

 photo tumblr_mwp4ofDDeX1qjkud7o2_500_zpsd4cad3e3.gif

 photo tumblr_mwp4ofDDeX1qjkud7o4_500_zps4f8578f3.gif

 photo tumblr_mwp4ofDDeX1qjkud7o6_500_zps953f300f.gif

 photo tumblr_mwp4ofDDeX1qjkud7o8_500_zpscac90f31.gif

 photo tumblr_mwp4ofDDeX1qjkud7o7_500_zps02298dc0.gif

 photo tumblr_mwp4tedNKV1qjkud7o3_500_zpsf9b884e9.gif

Ducky: I love this scene for the bromance. Won clearly could have ignored Tan and kept walking but he was worried about Tan. He asked Tan why he is sitting there. Doesn’t he have a key? This shows that Won likes that Tan is staying with him! I think it’s a beautiful scene with them sitting side by side, although not speaking they were both happy to be in each other’s company.

The Crazy Ahjumma: Ducky, that scene shows Won is concerned about Tanny cuz he knows Tanny has no place to go.

BBSwooner: I like it! It shows that these two are indeed brothers, very different but a lot alike in some ways. Don’t they just seem so much like brothers sitting there together?

Frau: I don’t know what’s stopping Won from liking Tan or just being warm to him, I really do hope it’s not all about the money!

BBSwooner: I don’t get his intention either

The Crazy Ahjumma: I think Won wants power. Won is afraid Tanny might wear his shoes!

Ducky: Won never said he hated Tan. He only said he has no reason to like Tan – it’s a lie though. Clearly he likes Tan!

BBSwooner: He does, he loves his little brother.

The Crazy Ahjumma: Deep inside Won heart he loves Tanny but refused to show it

Ducky: Won is hard to understand! He picked Jeguk over Hyun Joo as well

BBSwooner: But why? Why is his only priority money?

Ducky: Maybe being the president of Jeguk is more important to him? He’ll live to regret it if he ended up losing both Tan and Hyun Joo. He’ll be miserable like his father!

BBSwooner: Yup, he takes after his father.

Frau: I know he likes Tanny but what is stopping him in showing it?! If only he just shows it everything will be easy.

The Crazy Ahjumma: Not until he gets full control of the company

Ducky: I think if he accepts Tan officially it would make his battle against Tan difficult so he keeps

BBSwooner: I really hope that too but as of now I doubt it.

Ducky: Well let’s just enjoy the bromance for now. We just have to be happy like Tan. I just love Tan and his comment about him continuing to try harder! Kim Tan is just perfection

Frau: Yes I hope Tan finds a way to melt Won’s heart!

BBSwooner: I don’t know who wouldn’t melt at the things Tan does. He’s tried enough, his brother is just very hard to break in!

“Envelop back and front hug”

 photo tumblr_mwmkz8I13k1t1j5xfo2_500_zpsc3665c36.jpg

 photo tumblr_mwmkz8I13k1t1j5xfo1_500_zpsd264ded9.jpg

 photo tumblr_mwme5svKi01t0z18io3_250_zps07811f08.gif  photo tumblr_mwme5svKi01t0z18io1_250_zps2715f7c7.gif

 photo tumblr_mwme5svKi01t0z18io4_250_zpse353d850.gif  photo tumblr_mwme5svKi01t0z18io2_250_zps0f8a4390.gif

Ducky: I’m melting at the moment. I want to be enveloped by Tan as well. I’m dead!!

BBSwooner: I think I just died. This is so cute!

Frau: Ducky I love the scene before that with mom too! Keeping Eun Sang as hostage and Tan telling his mom she needs to give him an envelope full of money when she told them to break-up.

BBSwooner: Hahaha I love Eun Sang and Ki Ae as well. I see a future mother/daughter in law.

Ducky: I love them. They’ll make a lovely family

BBSwooner: They will, him and her and both their mothers.

Frau: Yes, they will be a perfectly cute family!

The Crazy Ahjumma: I would be happy if they are in laws

BBSwooner: I love how he back hugs her then when she pulls away, he front hugs her again.

Frau: It was funny how he let go when she found 50,000 won in his pocket!
Tanny has no money to go dating with Eun Sang and he can’t possibly rely on Eun Sang hard earn money!

BBSwooner: Eun sang’s comment, “you let me go for 50,000 won?!” LOL

Ducky: HAHAHAHA yep that was so cute!

Frau: Yes, so he’s trying to find a lot of ways to get money!

The Crazy Ahjumma: we should get a scene where Tanny goes earn his own pocket money!

Ducky: I think Tan is a very affectionate person. Even Won said that to Hyun Joo!

The Crazy Ahjumma: Yes. That scene at the bus stop makes me cry! So touching!

BBSwooner: Made me cry too!

Ducky: Definitely very touching! Tears!

The Crazy Ahjumma: Imagine how Tanny feels when he heard that statement from Hyun Joo!

BBSwooner: Yes that’s why I was so deeply touched that I cried.

The Crazy Ahjumma: Tears of Joy!

Ducky: I particularly love the statement “we have the same eyes” that’s Won accepting that Tan is his brother!

BBSwooner: Tanny must be so happy. Then a part of him must have felt so bad for having misunderstood his brother, for having mistaken that he didn’t love him.

The Crazy Ahjumma: All those 3 years in exile was a blessing and torture to Tanny!

Frau: Tanny should talk to Hyun Joo more to find out more about Won!

BBSwooner: So now, no matter how much Won acts cold towards him, he doesn’t care.

The Crazy Ahjumma: Yes!!!

BBSwooner: It doesn’t matter, because he knows deep down, his brother loves him.

Ducky: Hahaha and we digress again. This is what Heirs does to us!!! We can go on and on about this scene and it leads to another hahaha

BBSwooner: Hahahahaha yes, heirs have taken over my life.

The Crazy Ahjumma: Tanny knows one day Won will come up and give him a tight hug. If that scene were to happen, I will cry a river of tears!

Frau: We will all cry Crazy Ahjumma!

Ducky: I think I’m going to cry in Episode 15! The hand holding is just heartbreaking

BBSwooner: I know I will cry. I am ready. I knew I would cry for them one day.

Frau: Yes, even if it’s just the preview the hand holding scene was heartbreaking so much FEELS!!

BBSwooner: My heart is already aching just thinking about it.

Frau: I’m going to prepare lots of tissues!

“Knight in shining armour – not me?”

 photo DoSang_zps92d8b02e.gif

 photo DoSang1_zps4763b682.gif

 photo vvem_zps80c2dc31.jpg

Ducky: This scene Young Do gets a new hairstyle and turns over a new leaf. So fitting I was touched that he came running and apologised that his actions might end up hurting her. I felt his sincerity!

The Crazy Ahjumma: WOOHOO

BBSwooner: I like his new hair.

The Crazy Ahjumma: I love that hair style. Hot Hot Hot

Ducky: He is always hot! Hair up or down LOL!

Frau: Oh, Young Do asking Eun Sang to call him if she’s in trouble.

BBSwooner: But in the end, she texts Kim Tan. I think he realized then, he really does not have a chance. He saw Kim Tan walk pass him in a hurry, he knew that could only mean one thing. She ran to him instead.

Ducky: But he still offered his help. Not in a romantic manner and not being forceful either!

Frau: I was sad for him he knew he will be the last person Eun Sang will call if she needed help but still he tried.

BBSwooner: I felt sorry for him too. I can see his sincerity. I’m sorry he’s just too late. For once, I felt if there had been no Kim Tan in the picture, I might have liked these two.

The Crazy Ahjumma: Young Do has not given up yet!

Frau: No, Crazy Ahjumma he already gave up, but he still cares so he offered his help!

Ducky: Eun Sang is a one Tan woman. Her heart is filled with just Kim Tan.

Frau: Eun Sang is a one Tan woman indeed!

Ducky: I thought Eun Sang was so sweet when she was concerned about him being in the cold. That’s the type of friendship he should try and keep.

The Crazy Ahjumma: But then, Eun Sang will not accept his help cuz Tanny is the jealousy type which might cause further misunderstandings

Ducky: Tanny is jealous all the time LOL

The Crazy Ahjumma: Well, I don’t blame him. If I am in Tanny’s shoes I will do the same!

Ducky: I find his jealousy cute!

Frau: Eun Sang is used to Tanny being jealous that will not stop her from being friends with Young Do if ever.

Ducky: I find his jealousy cute too. It would be odd if he wasn’t jealous. Young Do keeps declaring his love for Eun Sang and those looks he gives Eun Sang, who wouldn’t be jealous. Even I’m jealous it’s not ME!!

Frau: Yep and he declared his love in front of Tanny too! He even asked Tanny to tell Eun Sang he liked her, who would not be jealous! But Tanny’s jealousy is harmless!

Ducky: Well I felt really sad for Young Do. He looked really broken in the party scene. Just watching TanSang staring into each other’s eyes!

The Crazy Ahjumma: At the party?

Ducky: Yep Crazy Ahjumma. My heart was at two places. Heartbroken for Young Do and happiness and euphoria for TanSang!

BBSwooner: I felt bad for him, he realizes now that he has absolutely no chance with her. The look he gave them was one that said he knew his place now, she isn’t his to take.

Frau: Young Do is such a sad character, and he is more masochist than Tan LOL!

“Starting over with a forehead kiss”

 photo nx88_zps50c407b2.jpg

 photo 4sle_zps7b2ea89c.jpg

 photo pykf_zpsfe4ef175.jpg

Ducky: This scene is just perfection! No words can describe it enough!

Frau: The look of relief on Eun Sang’s face and Tan being so proud of her. I just love it!

Ducky: The removal of the apron OMGGGGGGGG and how she moved her shoulders looks like he is taking off her clothes. So sensual! I’m dead I tell you!

Frau: I don’t if it was Tan or Lee Min Ho but his hand was shaking when he took the apron off!

The Crazy Ahjumma: My feels is when Kim Tan’s fingers slowly remove the apron from Eun Sang and let her hair down.

BBSwooner: “Nice you meet you, Cha Eun Sang of the Social Care Group. I am Kim Tan, an illegitimate child.” I cried at those words.

Ducky: Yep those words echoed a new beginning BBSwooner! I had tears in my eyes!

BBSwooner: He is no longer the heir to jeguk group, he is just kim tan.

Frau: I like it when he said that it’s like introducing the real them to each other, no pretence and no social classes!

The Crazy Ahjumma: Yes. Indeed that both declare their true self.

BBSwooner: Yes, both on equal grounds, no one above the other, just two people meeting.

Ducky: It definitely wasn’t cheesy at all even with the lighting and music

BBSwooner: I really can’t explain how it makes me feel, I just know it’s so sweet I want to cry.

Ducky: me too! I loved how her hair fell when he took off the hair tie. It was beautiful and she looked so innocent!

Frau: The way Tan kissed her forehead so sensual and tender and Eun Sang finally closing her eyes accepting it, so much feels!

Ducky: I love how he cupped her face and gently kissed her forehead like for ages!!!

The Crazy Ahjumma: With the background lights the scene was so romantic!

Ducky: Just beautiful! When Eun Sang closed her eyes and smiled that was just ahhhhhhhhhh she’ll remember it for the rest of her life!!

BBSwooner: After this scene, I can’t help but wished all introductions were like this. No misunderstanding anymore, she sees him for who he is and he sees her for who she is.

The Crazy Ahjumma: Yes, very true BBSwooner!

Frau: You can see that they are so in tuned to each other!

Ducky: They were in their own world

The Crazy Ahjumma: When Tanny planted that longgggggg forehead kiss I just LOVE IT

BBSwooner: I love the apron untying and hair falling, so sweet, so gentle!

Ducky: My heart is fluttering just talking about it now!

The Crazy Ahjumma: The feelings deep inside me makes me want to have that forehead kiss too. Hahahahaha

BBSwooner: I love the way this scene was set up

Frau: It made me giggle like a teenager like I was back in high school!

The Crazy Ahjumma: Then endings was PERFECT!

BBSwooner: I am jealous of their high school years. I’ve never felt anything close to being that sweet. This is just one perfect scene that left a deep impression on me!

Frau: LOL, BBSwooner!

The Crazy Ahjumma: BBSwooner you will get to that!

Ducky: It only happens in kdramas! LOL

BBSwooner: Crazy Ahjumma can it be with Lee Min Ho? Please?

Frau: I don’t know if there is a Tan in the real world BBSwooner.

Ducky: We’ll take Lee Min Ho LOL He’s real!!!

BBSwooner: I don’t think Tan exists in the real world.

Frau: Ducky Off limits!

BBSwooner: That just suddenly made me really sad. Is there really no one like him?

The Crazy Ahjumma: Pray and your wish will come true!

BBSwooner: I guess that is why he is a drama character he’s too perfect to be real.

Ducky: So how many times have you re-watched the ending? Hahahha for me it’s 5 times and still counting!

Frau: 7!!!

BBSwooner: You can guess LOL I can’t stop loving it

Ducky: BBSwooner would have to be at least 10 times!

BBSwooner: It touches me every time! Hahahahaha you know it Ducky! Just so deeply touched

Ducky: Yep agree. I’m really touched and stirs up so much emotions that cannot be expressed in words!

BBSwooner: I will have to say much better than the one in Secret Garden. Yes Ducky! I can’t explain the feelings I have for it. I just know it makes me so happy that it hurts!

 photo 2bh_zps27d7e043.gif

Final thoughts

We must give credit to the cast for giving us two great episodes. Everyone’s acting was impressive. Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye’s portrayal of longing and loving made all our hearts flutter. Kim Woo Bin’s portrayal of a heartbroken, lost and regretful Young Do was perfection and made our heart ache each time. Kim Ji Won made all of us hate her in her portrayal of a selfish and devious fiancée. Kang Min Hyuk, Krystal and Park Hyung Shik never fails to give us laughs with their cute characters. Kang Ha Neul made me worry so much about Hyo Shin. He gives us a depressed yet witty Hyo Shin. Finally my hubby Choi Jin Hyuk, although his scenes are limited and Kim Won is somewhat underdeveloped I still find that he has so much screen presence. I particularly enjoy his nuanced performance of a Kim Won with mixed emotions.

Credit as tagged.


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  1. Finally! A place for me to swoon to my heart’s content. 😛

    The Hug!
    Thank goodness ES hugged him because I was planning to jump into my screen to comfort the poor puppy. 😀 That look on his face just pierced my heart.
    Oh, and the music is just right for the scene.
    Bbswooner, amazing gifs of that scene. Love it!


  2. The Leg Entrapment!

    Hahahahaha, I simply love naughty Tan. 😀
    I’d love to be trapped like that if ES wants to escape. I’ll happily take her place. 😛
    He’s totally having fun with her while looking innocence and casual about it all.
    That mischievous boy! Love this side of him. 😀
    Oh, and that small smile and shoulder shrug, I’m swooning. LOL


  3. By the way, I think I have you all beat. LOL
    That ending scene…I must have watched it over 50 times by now.
    Maybe more, not sure anymore. Lost count! 😛
    I cut out that scene specifically and have it on repeat on my laptop.
    Yeah, I know I should be studying for my finals, but I just can’t help myself. 😛
    Studying and watching the scene at the same time. 😀
    I know, I’m setting a bad example for the rest of you students out there.

    Goodness! Tanny is so perfect in that scene.
    I’ll gush more later.
    Now, back to studying again.
    Else, I’ll end up in 100th place like Tanny. LOL


  4. @Daejang think molecules and not donuts! Lol good luck in your finals!!!! Ranked 100th nationally isn’t too bad hahaha
    OMG 50 times!!!! And you cut the scene and have it on repeat ROFL!!!!


  5. AWESOME!!! I have a feeling that people a little bit older have a different perspectives than the younger set. “Older” generation has more insights on life and can read between the lines. I myself is mystified if we are all watching the same thing. I guess those folks see superficial going – ons and still has to experience what life has in store. Thank you so much. I truly appreciate that I am not the only one frustrated with some comments I read. I also re watch my fav parts of each episodes. Talking about obsession. Geez. Withdrawal will be a bitch.


      • Don’t think it’s possible. PSH will be in China right after Heirs and LMH in Singapore on Dec 17th for Innisfree. Given they are shooting every day & cutting it really close to air date already, it might be impossible for them to work in 2 additional weeks. I’m sure they have Christmas fan events planned too given they are brand endorsers for many companies.


        • Yeah I know it’s pretty much impossible but I’m still hopeful lol. I think the Heirs really do need an extension unlike most other dramas where an extension actually ruined the pace of the drama. There’s so much to cover so I don’t know if 6 eps will be adequate. I guess we’ll wait and see.


  6. Wow!!! thanks for all your wonderful, cheerful, insightful comments…i think I love Eps 13 and 14 the most so far….it started with that NoWordsHug and ended with the NewStartForeheadKiss, it’s truly exceptional. Definitely a KES work and no one better to portray KT and ES as LMH & PSH. That was truly a beautiful scene, something you’ll never forget, and makes you remember what first love was about….truly MAGICAL!!!


    • Thanks for reading. Glad you enjoyed reading it. We had a great time creating the post. Definitely the best episodes so far!


  7. You missed out all the Tan-ES- Ki Ae scenes too! They are shaping up to be such a trio. I loved it when Tan just so casually says “take care of my gf, Mom” & when he wrapped his arms around her to stop her from hitting him. So funny too when he said his Mom needs an envelope of money to discuss breaking up with ES. LOL


    • Yes we love those scenes as well but the post was getting long lol. Actually we pretty much loved most the scenes in 13 and 14 hahaha! But thanks for pointing it out!


  8. Woah! An entire post dedicated to swooning, swooning and more swooning! 😀
    I’ve been living and breathing Ep 13-14 of Heirs, so it’s like this post was made just for me! Okay, for Daejang too. LOL 😛 Love it! It’s making me nostalgic just reading this fun post! And the gifs you created are beautiful, BBSwooner!

    I can’t express in words how much I loooooove the gentle rocket launch hug ES initiated (FINALLY she’s taking a step closer to the Hollywood sign :D), the sweater wrap hug and the best prom-like scene I’ve ever seen in dramaland and in RL! I swear LMH gives the most beautiful & heartwarming (yes, I can feel it from my seat. :P) hugs ever! Love how these two are helping each other grow and become stronger! With them meeting for the first time as equals, can we all agree that they’ve broken the social status barrier down together? One down and X to go. 😛 ES and KT fighting!!! 😀

    Like you all, my imagination ran wild at the donut kiss and knee locked scenes. Hahaha 😛 And of course I went straight into the gutter when he undressed her at the stripping pole. LOL and how symbolic was that? Ha!

    Besides “Nice to meet you, charity case Cha Eung Sang. I’m an illegitimate, Kim Tan,” one of my other favorite line in last week’s episodes is “I’m already dreaming. You’re here next to me.” *melting into a pool of goo** In the US, it was Tan who was awake and gazing deeply at ES sleeping on the couch. Now back in Korea, we have ES gazing at Tan who’s supposedly
    asleep on the couch. 🙂 These two are completely smitten and in love! 🙂

    Tanny’s a really over jealous future hubby like ES said. LOL But, I agree with Ducky that he’s toooooooootally cute, especially when he acts like a petulant child (think he got that from KW :P).

    Finally, I was overjoyed to see that KW is softening up to Tanny a tad bit. Loved it when he voluntarily sat down next to Tanny in the lobby even though the brothers are just reflecting in silence. That is vastly different from the cold KW who would have walked right past Tanny without a glimpse in Tanny’s direction. And LOL at ‘Would you mind picking me up after work?’ in Ep 13’s car ride to school. Pushing it eh, Tanny? Hahaha It felt good to see that Tanny’s not so bothered nor hurt by his brother’s coldness anymore now that he knows KW loves him. And agreeing with Frau that Tanny should learn more about what KW thinks about him from HJ. 😀 Let’s hope they give KW more scenes with Tanny in the remaining episodes, and it would be refreshing to see KW smile once or twice!

    Thank you, Ducky, Frau, BBSwooner and Crazy Ahjumma for the awesome, neurotic and swoon worthy post! Now, I’m going to be a nostalgic mess at work for the remainder of the day! LOL
    *hugs to you all*

    P.S. For BBSwooner and myself: TANNY/LMH, I LOOOOOOOOOVE YOU! 😛


    • @Imja
      How about the 101th place?
      Then I’ll be right behind Tan Tan. 😛
      Or, I can be 97th like you said.
      Being in front of Do Do is not bad. 😛


      • LOL @Daejang
        Of course you would love to be behind Tanny or in front of Do Do. 😀
        Stop watching the ending scene of Ep 14 for the bajillion times. Hahaha 😛
        (that goes for BBSwooner too :P)
        Daejang is smarter than KT and YD put together, so you at least should get a point or two higher than them or else. LOL 😀

        And Young-ah also sends you a big bear hug hug! *hugs*
        Good luck with your studies, Daejang!
        Aja! Aja! Fighting!!! 😀


          • Now that you have mentioned it, I should just kick out Myung Soo and take his place between Do Do and Tan Tan. 😀 99th place is not too bad. 😛

            Oh, give Young-ah a sweet kiss for me. Is he watching Heirs with you?
            Tell him that Tan Tan and Do Do are not good role models, so don’t copy them.


            • LOL! Just rank 99th, and I’ll LC you! Hahaha 😛

              I will give Young-ah a jub jub for you tonight. Kamsa, Dajeang! 🙂
              He has only seen a few scenes of Heirs so far, and he’s loving the forehead kiss one the most. He’s been saying ‘Nice to meet you (in Korean)’ and kisses my forehead for days now. LOL 😀 I’ve been told Young-ah bullies his classmates too at times in his capacity of a 5.5 years old, so you see he’s already a Tanny and Do Do Jr. Hahaha 😛 Let’s hope he grows up like the Tanny we know today. 😀

              Have an awesome Thanksgiving, Daejang!
              Jub Jub 🙂


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