[Drama News] The Heirs: The Reasons Behind The High Ratings?

The new set of released stills give us more insights to friendly atmosphere behind the scenes for The Heirs. I picked Kim Ji Won as the featured image because it is so rare to see her smiling on-screen so it is precious to see a smiling Rachel Yoo 🙂

Undeniably, The Heirs has received lots of attention since April 2013 when the rating queen Kim Eun Sook announced that she is producing a new drama and casted Lee Min Ho as her lead male character. Regardless what fans or netizens think, Lee Min Ho is buzzing hot internationally and is the hot item that would sell around the world. Through the help of promoting The Heirs with Lee Min Ho’s name and we add more actors and actresses that are just as buzzingly famous such as Park Shin Hye and rising actor Kim Woo Bin, how can this show not capture viewers’ attention?

I was under the impression that Kim Eun Sook did not like to cast idol actors but looks to me she has changed her mind and casted a fair few idol actors and actresses into The Heirs. Luckily they are all doing a fantastic job as their characters and they didn’t disappoint and come out stiff. *Thumbs up*

Reason 1: Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang’s relationship is blossoming and the cute has officially kicked in!
Kim Eun Sook is famous for the cute and is also famous for her creative unique cute moments. So in The Heirs, we got to see such moments like the ‘knee-lock’ and ‘donut kiss’ scenes. Other than that, Eun Sang has finally come out of her denial, gained courage from Tan and ready to face the obstacles with Tan side by side.

Reason 2: Kim Tan has stopped talking the talk and moved into action.
Outing himself as an illegitimate son is his first step and what is up on his sleeves for the next 6 episodes? I am really interested to see how an 18 years old is going about to fight for what he wants in happiness and life. I want to see how is he going to dissolve Won’s grudge against his illegitimacy status and openly love him as just a brother. I want to know if he would help Won and fight side by side against daddy Kim and then together, run Jeguk.

Another thing that is very different from Boys Over Flower and I approve is that Tan is fighting to be with Eun Sang. Nothing annoys me more having to see a boy declaring how much he loves the girl but can’t do anything to be with her or forced to abandon her due to threats or noble idiocy. That kind of storyline is ancient and glad that I won’t be seeing it the next few years *fingers crossed*. Maybe it is too early for me to be happy because I don’t know what is in stall for us for the upcoming episodes but then I do have faith that Tan is not going down without a fight. If he gives up then there is no point to this drama, to be honest.

Reason 3: The Friendships Developing Among the Kids & Adults
It’s heart-warming to see that Bo Na and Eun Sang are slowly becoming friends. Eun Sang used to dislike Bo Na and vice versa but through several occasions, they have sort of bonded and Eun Sang is seeing the nice and cute side of Bo Na who means no harm to anyone.

We also have unraveled the misunderstanding (well, so-called) between Kim Tan and Young Do and the reasons why Young Do hates Tan. There was a moment of déjà vu that mirror the scene in School 2013 when Tan and Young Do sat side by side facing the white papers but wrote nothing. The boys have so much they wanted to say to each other and apologize but both are too hard headed to admit wrong first and hug each other. Who will be the bigger person and take the first step? That’s something that I believe viewers are interested to find out.

Mummy Ki Ae and mummy Hee Nam’s friendship are adorable too, no? ^ ^

Reason 4: Intriguing Characterization (with a little of my own ranting included)
Kim Eun Sook is well-known to write interesting male characters but she pales when it comes to female. It is actually the same for The Heirs. We are introduced to intriguing & strong male characters like Kim Tan and Choi Young Do where their screen presences are very strong. It would be unfair if I don’t acknowledge that both Kim Woo Bin and Lee Min Ho have indeed delivered outstanding performances throughout and the dynamics between the both of them are just daebak.

Next we have side characters like Kim Mi Kyung and Kim Sung Ryung delivering some comedic moments between their employer-employee relationships. What about Ji Sook and Ki Ae? What would become of them. Are they or will they ever resolved their hate against each other?

Other characters that have the potential to be intriguing and appealing to the audiences are Hyo Shin, Kim Won, Hyun Joo, Rachel and Cha Eun Sang. It is quite unfortunate that some of these characters are under developed and 2-dimensional. 6 episodes left we probably won’t be able to see more stories or get to learn more about Hyo Shin or Kim Won and Hyun Joo’s relationship.

Hyo Shin’s story is actually in real life a rather interesting matter to tackle because kids these days are very much pressured (in Asia) to excel academically. It would serve as an encouragement for students through Hyo Shin if his story can be developed properly. As for Won and Hyun Joo, there is so little background story to them that I feel bad for Choi Jin Hyuk and Im Joo Eun. As an audience, I really would love to get to know them more and love them. It would also be extra icing on the cake if we get to learn more about the grudges Won hold agaisnt Tan.

Is Rachel going to be a bitch for the rest of her life? Will this girl have her own redemption time like Young Do? We learnt nothing about Rachel and the reasons behind her behavior to be honest. With Young Do, his story was told but not for Rachel. Why do girls get so little screen time compare to the boys? My only answer is the writer is bias. LOL.

Cha Eun Sang isn’t the most interesting heroine written by Kim Eun Sook either. She is just that realistic ordinary girl you can find in real life so why does she intrigue and attract dangerous boys like Young Do and Kim Tan? Love cannot be defined or explained, it hits you when you are most unaware of so that’s probably the case for the boys and she, in their eyes, are different to the girls they have grew up with in their social circles.

But what does Tan and Young Do really see in her, I am unsure too. The fact that when we were 18, I don’t think I ever think too much about why I had a crush on the boys. They just appeal to me, end of story. Hahaha! It was the moment that matters and we were too young to think about the future or forever. At that age, we’re supposed to live, to study, to love and to enjoy. Personally, I like my female lead to be a little chilli pepper with spunk. Cha Eun Sang lacks that from E5-12 and it was getting tiresome to watch. However, I am just glad that the girl is finally on the same page as the boy and is smiling a lot more! Park Shin Hye is wayyyy prettier if KES lets her smile so yes, please let her smile more.

Reason 5: The One Who Wears The Crown, Bears The Crown
As we have reached the last 6 episodes, it is time for the heirs – Kim Won, Kim Tan, Choi Young Do, Rachel them all to start wearing their crowns and bear it. I have no idea how KES will end the drama and I believe I have very different intepretation and expectation from her so I’ll just have to sit this through till the end to find out.

Reason 6: Fashion Parade by Beautiful People
I had to add this in because her drama is always wrapped up with pretty pink bows and presented to us through pretty people in pretty clothes and accessories. One of the hype will definitely be all those designer clothes I see the stars wear. I’m not complaining, there are beautiful winter clothing minus some major failure such as the purple rug Rachel wore and the bright orange furry coat Young Do was sporting, LOL! Thank god Kim Tan has moved out of those sweaters and moved into blue turtleneck!

Reason 7: The Plot & The Stars’ Performances
Personally, I don’t think the drama is very well written and in-depth (if she had I wouldn’t have the little rant on top) but the writer does beautify her story with memorable, beautiful dialogues and cute or beautiful moments. There are many gems in the storyline and it is easy to watch. She is also good with references to fairy tales, literature and recently, Schindler’s List string version playing in the background when Tan speaks to Secretary Yoon, LOL.

She has also hired good actors and actresses to carry the drama through so rather than saying her story is good, it’s more of the actors and their performances that are carrying her story through to the high ratings, in my opinion. By now, the audiences have become invested in the characters and have grown to love them too. The never really existed love triangle does draw in a lot of attention – both positive and negative and the cliff-hanging love triangle scenes for almost each episodes excite the viewers and make sure they tune in.

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15 thoughts on “[Drama News] The Heirs: The Reasons Behind The High Ratings?

  1. I admit that I’m a fan of PSH but over the time I realised that her acting range is limited. In almost all the dramas she starred in, her expressions is more or less the same. And I couldn’t like the character Cha Eun Sang thus I dropped watching from ep 6 onwards. Another reason why the drama is so popular is because the prod team spent so much on the promotions which started as early as late March~April and they cast a strings of actors and idols.

    It’s will be spicy if she takes on a mean role next. That will be spicy! Just my 2 cents……..


    • Not at all.. only her character in flower boy next door might be similar to cha eun sang.. her character in heartstrings n you’re beautiful totally different.. n i like her character in heartstrings.. so bright..cheerful..n funny… I think u’re not fan of PSH..


      • I have been watching K-Dramas for the past 15 years dear and I became her fan thru stairway to heaven. I did not say that all her characters she played are like Eun Sang. What I wrote is that her expressions are mostly the same in all the drama she acts. Maybe I just want her to try a different genre for once..just my pov..peace ~


        • I don’t understand what you mean that her expressions are the same. Shouldn’t they be? After all the characters are all played by her. Should her smiles, frowns, her bugging eyes when she is surprised be different? What kind of expressions are you expecting? Just wondering.


    • Just to see if she’s a really good actress, I would like to see PSH take on a totally different role from all of the characters she’s done so far. Say, a super sexy mean villain?


    • are sure, your parkshinhye’s fan the way you wrote. i doubt it? if your really a fanatic of psh, you shouldn’t talked that her acting range is limeted. she’s voted best actress how come you say that words. maybe your just saying that your a fan but the truth your not… sorry but psh is very talented actress and well loved of many people and i’m one of them.


  2. I started watching kim eun sook’s drama from city hall to secret garden, n gentleman dignity.. Things that i like bout her writings n dramas r how the heroins r ready to fight for love and didnt back off when people tried to separate them through money or power. Kim sun ah, ha ji won, n park shin hye.. They stood bravely even in reality, imo how big is the burden to be with the super rich n powerful heroes. I also agree with your point that KES writes beautifully for the heros character but the heroins r so plain. No wonder i saw something off in ha ji won’s charactr also in PSH.

    ending me cringed (esp durintheproposal scene)


    • *opps..i made errors on the last sentence. Just ignore it. Plus, im not an english native speaker so please pardon for any grammatical mistakes.. 😛


  3. I watched all the episode and it was far more better den city hall…i like lee min ho ..ofcourse,park shin hye..she is really a good actor(specially,her crying skill ,really make me melt^_*) i want them as couple in real life<3


  4. I may be sounding really bias over Park Shin-hye since I’m a huge fan, but really, every time I see Park Shin;hye in every piece of her work, I fell in love with her even more. You know, there’s something about her that you would want to keep knowing about. I know, other PSH’s fans that can read this understand what I’m trying to imply here. We’ll be rooting for Park Shin-hye until the end. 🙂


    • You are so right. As I get to know her better, I’m falling more deeply in love with her. I’ve never been this addicted to anyone my whole life that I would check her fan pages and watch all her past and present shows and videos. I love the way her facial expressions transition from one emotion to another that it feels so natural. Maybe because she doesn’t try to maintain the prettiness when she acts, it seems like she doesn’t care if she still looks pretty or cute in a certain scene though his acting with hot guys. Nonetheless she’s the prettiest actress, i’ve seen crying, that sometimes it destructs me, when i’m about to cry w/ her bec I end up adoring how pretty her crying face is, maybe bec she doesn’t have to try too hard that it looks really easy to watch.


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