[Drama News] Mi Rae’s Choice: Lovely Atmosphere Among The Casts

Oh my god, LOVE! Baybaypig Emoticons 60
This would have to be my favourite one released from the newest bunch today. Viewers don’t get enough SeKyung stills and so these are pretty precious since we only have 4 episodes left and we are unsure if they will get together.

Baybaypig Emoticons 52 Their love needs time to grow and it’s exactly like this piggy with the knitting, the heart takes time to heal and be ready for the next ^ ^

We don’t get enough romance between Mi Rae and Shin either even though they love each other. I didn’t mind that because through what they are going through, they are learning and grooming themselves to be better suited for each other…

Sigh ~ I was once on this ship and I foresee ship sinking so I jumped ship, LOL!

Oppaaaaa! Writer Baeeeee! These two are my favourite side-characters now.

Baybaypig Emoticons 68 That head on the left is Se Joo, isn’t it? Why isn’t he in the shot? Then I will have another SeKyung shot. That said, the girls need to develop their friendship too.

The brother in-law you wish you had, Oppa. Hahaha!

A Little Musings:

Episode 11 left us a message through Shin: “Hope is not a gift from someone but rather it requires us to explore and search on our own. Even though we get obscured by darkness and we cannot see, Pandora Box will persevere till the end in order to find hope.”

Episode 12 gives us four broken hearts, a short time jump and a first snow. In addition, we have new clues and development that even Ajumma does not know about.

To me, the last 4 episodes signify a new start in a new year for all four characters and finding new hope for their future. Doesn’t that sound great? It sounds to me that the last 4 episodes will tie up all the loose ends (duh!) and give us new development for all four of them, for the better too.

Shin and Mi Rae will persevere and we will watch them break down/through their fears, fight against the suffering and happily ever after with a son (off-screen maybe) while Se Joo and Yoo Kyung will hopefully also find their way back to each other. I can’t help but be positive about how Yoo Kyung affects Se Joo at the end of episode 12. As we know, Se Joo is always gentle or icy cool so for him to have such a strong and spontaneous reaction (including losing his cool) towards Yoo Kyung at the club, doesn’t that mean something ‘more’ about their relationship/friendship? Maybe it’s just me… hmm.

I am beginning to think Mi Rae’s Choice is not all about fate at all. It’s about the ‘choices’ these four characters make and the choice that was made that becomes their ‘fate’. Am I making sense? That said, the belief in fate or destiny and coincidences are a topic without a definitive answer so I’m leaving it as food for thoughts and prefer to wait for the ending to find out the answer.

As I have mentioned before, Mi Rae’s Choice is an in-depth (deep & meaningful) drama that requires one to think and see beyond the surface of the messages that the writer wants to convey, so it may be the reason why it doesn’t appeal to the general public as much because who wants to use their brain again after a tiring day of work or school? Most viewers want to relax and watch a show that is entertaining and straight forward with comedy or romance or actions. So I understand why some people are  upset with this drama and think this isn’t what they signed up for. A lot of people also complained about I Hear Your Voice not being a rom com too but heck, it didn’t matter to me at all what it was advertised because in the end, I got a lot more out of it not being a rom com!

I do not for once think that the writer has ruined the plot or story of this drama. I believe she knows what she is cooking. She did drag out the Se Joo-Mi Rae love a little too much but I like to think she has good reasons for the both or three of them i.e. Shin, Mi Rae and Se Joo.

  1. Mi Rae needs to stop waver and confirm her heart.
  2. Shin needs that middle finger salute from Se Joo to learn his place & stop abusing people with ranks.
  3. Se Joo needs to learn his hard effort doesn’t always get rewarded & what he learnt from an unrequitted love may put him in a better place for his next.
  4. Yoo Kyung learnt that scheming resulted pain & suffering that eats on her consciences.

I would probably criticized this one thing i.e. the dreams that Mi Rae and Shin had seem forceful and unconvincing for them to suddenly be aware of each other especially Shin. That is something I think the writer has indeed messed up. There are probably many more little flaws that we can nitpick but let’s stay optimistic for the last four episodes and the forming of two pairs of OTPs.

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4 thoughts on “[Drama News] Mi Rae’s Choice: Lovely Atmosphere Among The Casts

  1. I’m enjoying a lot this drama not bcos my bias yonghwa is in thre..i admit his acting iscbit lacking here and there before..but now i am proudly say he improved a lot not just little but tremendously..
    I dun mind if this drama is lacking in romance.coz i think the writer has done good job in developing the character and potrayed it..but mayb in term of plots and timing..
    I’m so sad cz with we hav only 4 ep left..im gonna miss the cast a lot..n plis let us more see seju n yookyung scenes..i ship both of them..^^
    Lastly.. i love to read ur recaps and articles regarding this drama..hope the writer can give the best last 4 ep..


  2. This drama is frustrating me to hell mostly because I find the main lead characters, Mirae and Kim Shin not strongly written. Like you said, it is not convincing how Kim Shin fell for Mirae and vice versa and this I think is due to the choppy writing. I love YEH and LDG and that is why the not so perfect characters written for them makes me frustrated as I so want to love the main leads. However I am glad that the second lead couple characters are nicely written and just wished there was more. So my wish is for the last 4 episodes to wrap up everything nicely and plausibly.


  3. I love how you and Hanjae review this drama, without prejudice or judgement, and keep the hope in a positive thinking 🙂 MHIYD isn’t a success drama but it’s a meaningful drama if a person want to use her/his brain 🙂


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