[Drama News] The Heirs: Episode 15 Preview

Episode 15 Preview is out and guess what? LOLLLL… Won has been called to school for Tan’s misbehavior. I did not actually think he would come but I supposed he is motivated in stealing a few glances at Hyun Joo.


Ji Sook: Young Do is 98th place. Do you know what place is Tan? 100th
Won: Is it nationally? (>> HAHAHA!)
(Drunk) Eun Sang: Kim Tan. Very handsome Kim Tan ~
Tan: Don’t be so cute. You are quite in danger now (or dangerous situation)
ES: I have started to like you
Ki Ae: I came because I want to officially renounce the engagement
Esther: Why an important matter like this I have to discuss with a person like you?
Ki Ae: I wasn’t going to do this (I am guessing it must be a photo of Secretary Yoon and Esther having a smooch!)
Tan: What should I do so that you would believe me?
Won: Give up the shares, return to USA and never come back
Tan: I change my mind. You want my shares? Come try and snatch it.
Tan: I’m off to school.
Daddy Kim: There is no need to.
Daddy Kim to guards: If this child becomes difficult to handle, it is alright to hurt him

Ooohhh the hair is still down, LOL!


4 thoughts on “[Drama News] The Heirs: Episode 15 Preview

  1. Here comes the angst! The quick hand-holding at the end was such a nice touch. They are obviously hiding it & just moved their arms/hands closer as they are passing through. Sweet! I hope it’s a sign that there’s no noble idiocy about to unfold & that they continue to fight the odds together even if they have to hide it. Glad to see Ki Ae on her son’s corner despite her ambitions (it will probably backfire but bless her heart) and Tan standing up to Won (enough is enough).


    • This is KES though so you never know. But agree – I’m gonna be so pissed if she starts waffling again on Tan. She spent half of the series that way so I don’t want to go back there.


  2. love KWB..love KWB..love KWB!! Yay, finally his hair will never up again, YIPPIE (more handsome, more approachable, more cuteee….)


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