The Heirs: Episode 12

Tan is offering his hand to Eun Sang, begging her to take it. Will she take it and finally go through everything together? Or will she refuse him and break his heart to pieces? I wish Eun Sang will see that Tan is doing his best to protect her and have more courage to take his hand.

Young Do is clinging on to Eun Sang because she the first person apart from Tan, to see through his facade of toughness. I just hope that he realize it soon the he is going about everything wrong.


Eun Sang pulls her hand from Tan’s grip and tells him she can’t do it anymore. Tan tells her

“I knows it’s hard and it’s my fault, I can’t guarantee that everything will be fine.” He extend his hand to her “Still come with me, take my hand.”

Young Do tells her not to. Eun Sang holds Tan’s hand in both of hers. Realizing what she’s going to do Tan begs her not do it. She tells Tan that they came far enough, they should not go any further. Tan yells that he said not to do it. Eun Sang let go of his hand slowly. OMO! That’s got to be so painful. Trying to hold her tears, she says that they see ech other around and leaves both boys. Tan is confused and Young Do before leaving tells him that Tan makes everyone leave. Way to rub it in Young Do.

Young Do goes after Eun Sang and blocks her. She’s crying so he comments that people might think he kidnapped her. She inquires if Tan already left. Young Do asks if they are over and why. She cries harder. Young Do says he feels like partying so why is she crying. Is that how you console a crying girl?! pfft! He suggest that they skip 1st period since it’s on P.E. and celebrate. Even while crying Eun Sang retorts that it is why he’s 98th place and leaves. HAHAHAHA!!! He say to him self that she won’t let him catch her.

Tan reflects on all the times he held Eun Sangs hand at the roof top.

At gym class, Tan looks at Eun Sang while she sits dazed at a far corner. Chan Young and Bo Na comes all sweet and cuddly. They see them and Bo Na runs over to Eun Sang and scolds her for going out too early not even eating breakfast. Eun Sang thanks her.

Chan Young goes to Tan and asks him why he called. Tan asks back why he did not pick up. Chan Young retorts he’s not Tan’s secretry, but Tan says it was that urgent. Tan asks if Eun Sang slept at Chan Young’s place. Seeing his surprise, Tan concludes Eun Sand didn’t crash at Chan Young’s house. They look at the girls. Bo Na ask Eun Sang about Chan Young’s pictures and she promised she’ll give it soon. Tan thinks back to when Eun Sang and him arguing about her going to Young Do’s hotel and to earlier that morning.

At the lockers, Tan asks Young Do if Eun Sang cried a lot that morning. Young Do comments that Tan is asking him bluntly. Tan tells him that if he’s thinking “maybe” he should forget it because it’s not his chance, but his. Couldn’t they be shirtless?! It’s the lockers!!!

At Myung Soo’s hang out, Young Do tries to search for Eun Sang’s SNS account. LOL! I think Tan is still logged on to her account so it will be funny if Tan will answer, hahaha! While Myung Soo and Bo Na argue about the pictures taken at camp. Myung Soo is posting pictures at the board when he realized something and Bo Na looks too. Seeing the pictures they are both surprised and asks Young Do if he really likes Eun Sang. Young Do asks if it looks that way. Bo Na points out that Tan and Eun Sang have something going on thanks to him, while Myung Soo tells him that there are a lot of girls around why get his first love from school. Bo Na is surprised it’s his first love. Young Do looks at the pictures. He comments, that this is how he looks like while looking at Eun Sang and starts to leave. Myung Soo tells him that first loves never work, it’s the law. Bo Na agrees saying look at her and Tan. Myung Soo say it’s not first love it’s her just running after Tan. HAHAHAHA! Bo Na retorts that who is he to judge her first love.

At home Tan is being badgered by Ki Ae about Eun Sang, asking if he saw her at school. Tan answers that he’s home isn’t he. She was afraid he will not come back home. He asks if he can do that. She nags him to straighten up, if daddy Kim finds out he might get kicked back to America. Tan asks if mom happy living in this house. Him not being able to call her mom in front of others. She says of course she isn’t, mom thought she will be married to daddy Kim after having Tan. Tan questions her, how can she want him to marry Rachel when that means he can’t introduce her as his mom. She replies that it will make her sad, but if Tan could be well off that will be her reward. Tan sighs. Ki Ae chides him saying why he looks like he does not have a mother when he has two. He smirks calls her mom no. 1 and makes her take off the socks she’s wearing saying it’s his. LOL!

Eun Sang goes around looking for an apartment. She text her mom to meet at 5 PM and request to bring her some clothes.

Tan goes jogging and meets Hyo Shin. Hyo Shin complains that Tan is not even sorry calling a senior before a college exam. Tan just burst out that he is not Ji Sook’s son and have a real mom. Hyo Shin thinks he’s joking. Tan say’s sorry for lying. Hyo Shin, say that if it’s true then why tell him all of a sudden. Tan replies that he is testing if it’s hard to say and it is, even telling it to Hyo Shin. Hyo Shin asks if he’s serious. Tan say yes and tells him he will go for another lap. Hyo Shin is bewildered.

Won is making coffee. Sec. Yoon is there, Won says he was thinking of how to ask him for the list of dummy names. But he’s not sure which side Sec. Yoon is. He hands Sec. Yoon a the coffee. Sec. Yoon asks if he drugged it. HAHAHA! Won replies that he thought about it a lot. Won asks what Sec. Yoon got from being dad’s dummy for the stocks. Sec. Yoon answers wittily, but Won wouldn’t have it. Sec. Yoon tells him instead, that there is one thing he can help him with, and hands him the news article about Hyun Joo joining Jeguk High as a teacher.

Won gets angry realizing it’s the reason Sec. Yoon met with Hyun Joo and that it will make everything difficult for her at Jeguk High, specially people knowing she’s a charity case. Sec. Yoon reveals that it’s all his father’s idea.

Won storms home. Goes straight to dad and is surprised Hyun Joo is there. Daddy Kim says that they were just talking about him. Won scolds Hyun Joo for not letting him know. Daddy Kim say he called Hyun Joo over to talk, Won says that dad should have called him first. Dad tells Hyun Joo that he is proud if her achievements. Won interjects that dad planned everything, letting everyone know her status. Dad tells Won this is why he acted on this, because he can’t handle a woman. Won asks dad to stop, but he continues and scold Hyun Joo for being shameless to dare see his son after all he has done for her. Wow! look who’s talking! Dad says they me long for each other and feel like they will die not seeing each other… Won yells for dad to stop, why is dad telling her about his feelings when he had not said it yet. Hyun Joo holding back tears, tells daddy Kim that she will reflect on his advice and excuses herself to leave. Poor Hyun Joo

Won tells dad that he was a good son and worked hard to be the best ti rise to the top faster than anybody. Dad interjects that he did not rise on his own, instead dad gave it to him. Won will not be there if dad did not get sick, he needs to straighten up and get married. Won agrees grudgingly.

Hyun Joo goes out of the Kim mansion crying. She runs into Tan coming back from his jog. Tan seeing her crying asks if she’s okay. Hyun Joo looks at him and says he must be Tan. Tan is surprised and asks if she knows him. She replies that they will see each other again. Tan asks if she going to walk to the main road, which is a long walk and suggests to call a cab for her. She just ask him to hold back Won when he comes as a favor.

When Won comes out, Tan tells him the direction she went and that she requested Tan to hold him back. Won replies that he is not going to follow and walks to his car. Won so cold. Tan stops him. saying he looks bad and asks what happened. Won tells him that dad put a tail on him, so Tan should be careful too. Don’t show dad any flaw.

Tan follows Hyun Joo and sits next to her. He informs her that Won is not coming. She answers that she was not waiting. Tan asks who she is, if she’s his brother’s girlfriend. She does not answer. How did she recognize him. Did his brother talk about him. Hyun Joo says yes. She continues that Won said his brother was kind and honest, he got tall and have eyes like his. He was right. Aw! Wonny loves Tanny They both sit there for a while until Hyun Joo goes and Tan is left there thinking.

Hee Nam is texting Eun Sang that she going. Ki Ae walks in. Hee Nam informs her that she’s leaving by the end of the month. Ki Ae say okay but jumps up when she thought that Hee Nam was already leaving. Aw! She really didn’t want her to leave, LOL!

Hee Nam is waiting for Eun Sang at the convenience store. Young Do comes and sit at the table near her, talking to Eun Sang on the phone. He tells her that he’s happy she answered his call. She answers that she wants to know if there is trouble ahead. He was going to ask for her to eat with him, but Eun Sang hangs up on him. Eun Sang was about to go in the convenient store but see’s him there. She hurriedly hides and he calls again, she readily accept his invitation saying she is at the intersection and meet her there. He hurriedly leaves.

Eun Sang sits with mom. Mom informs her that she already gave notice that she is leaving at the end of the month. Eun Sang tells mom that she looked for rooms to rent and will be looking some more. Mom asks where she’s staying, Eun Sang says that she’s staying with a friend who has a nice face and heart. Mom is relieved and wished she brought some side dished for her friend. Eun Sang tells mom she needs to go to her next job, she will just text mom and hurries off.

Eun Sang runs to meet Young Do. He comments that she came from the way of the convenient store, he was there earlier. He notices the bag she’s carrying, same as the lady’s waiting at the store. He gets an idea and asks her to wait he has to go somewhere. She tells him that she’s not going to wait.

Eun Sang’s mom walks home and Young Do waits at the front door of the mansion, confirming his suspicion. I don’t like this! He greets mom and asks where Eun Sang is, if she’s at home. Mom replies shakes her head to say no. He asks if she’s Eun Sang’s mom and she nods yes. Young Do tells her that he’s supposed to meet Eun Sang, but can’t contact her. Mom is forced to answer by texting on her phone that Eun Sang is at work. He realize mom can’t talk.

Tan is on his way home, when he sees Young Do coming from the direction of his house. Tan asks why Young Do is coming from there. Young Do replies that there are lots of people he likes to see living in the neighborhood, perhaps he should move there. Tan repeats his question so Young Do asks why does he care. Tan tells him he does not care where he wants to go but he will not let it go if Young Do goes to his house. Young Do says that he does not have time, he has someone waiting for him and leaves.Tan gets a text from Won that they are going to play golf with Young Do and his dad the next day.

Young Do goes back to where he left Eun Sang, but she’s gone. Eun Sang is on her way to her part time job, when she get a text from mom saying some boy on a motorcycle came looking for her. Mom advises her to talk to the boy not to go to the mansion anymore. Eun Sang realizes that it’s Young Do and hurries back. Young Do is waiting there, seeing Eun Sang running back he notes that she’s a daughter of a maid with speech disorder. Young Do asks Eun Sang why she came back, she replies it the same reason why he’s waiting. He jokes that waiting has become a habit. Eun Sang is upset and tells Young Do that he knows now who her mom is. He should have waited since they are moving out soon. Young Do curses cellphones because she already found out.

Eun Sang angrily tells him that if he wants to tell others, go ahead. He can bully her as much as he wants, but don’t go there again until they leave. It’s her moms workplace. Young Do replies he did not say anything and invites her to eat noodles again. She snaps that he should not avoid the question and tell her so that she’ll be ready. What is he going to do to her. He gets angry too and yells “Do what?” He can’t even cope with his own scars, what more with hers. He was just sad she left and now glad she came back. Eun Sang is surprised. Young Do continues that her secret is shocking, that’s all. He asks if he said he will do something. It’s your fault, it’s obvious she did not want you to know!

Eun Sang answers that she has seen him do a lot of things, and even done it to her. Young do frustrated yells again, that’s why he can’t do anything to her now. All he could ask is they eat noodles together. He moves to leave saying he can’t play with her today, they should eat noodles some other time.

The next day. Dad informs Young Do that they need to do business with Jeguk so he should not make Tan an enemy, but put him underneath. Young Do asks if the game today has rules. Dad tells him he will make Won win, but Young Do has to beat Tan. Won and Tan come out of the clubhouse. As the walk Won tells Tan that Zeus Hotel is their only option, but they don’t know that. Tan should make it hard for them today so that they will not be complacent.

Tan and Young Do falls behind. Young Do again takes a dig at Tan by saying he should talk to his brother so that it will not be obvious that they are just half brothers. Tan tells him not to talk to him, but Young Do continues to make a dig about his illegitimacy. Tan barely holding it in warns him that he’s holding a golf club. Young Do replies that he’s hand is not empty too and he is also holding other things. He continues, what would be more shocking Tan being illegitimate or Eun Sang being the maid’s daughter. That’s why you will never get the girl. Or maybe Tan the bastard dating their maid’s daughter is more shocking. Tan shaking with anger replies, “So, you found out. Do we look good together?”

Young Do points out that his voice is shaking. Tan grabs him by the collar and warn him not to threaten Eun Sang. Young Do tell him his not threatening Eun Sang, but Tan. Hello! what the difference? He says that Tan should not continue protecting Eun Sang, because if he doesn’t he has no choice but to reveal everything. If Tan stops protecting her, he will keep all their secret. WTH!

Tan tells Young Do that if he decides to beat him at his game. Tan would have to back to who he was which he does not want to, since he now uses his brain. If he continues to do this things, Tan will have no choice, but to go back to the way he was and Young Do will surely die. Because beating Young Do will only be in his mind. Tan threatens that he will crush Young Do, his dad everything and everyone around him. Young Do laughs at him say what he could do he is only a bastard. Tan reminds him what he said before that if his father and that woman have a child it will be someone Tan.

Tan adds that even if he is a bastard, he is still Jeguk’s second son. If Tan gets his father on his side, would Young Do be able to match him. Young Do also reminds Tan about 3 years ago, when he said that Young Do will regret that moment for the rest of his life. He adds that Tan should have come sooner before he lost his mother.

Tan clarifies that he was angry, and only punished him for five minutes. We get to see a young Tan running back. He and Young Do runs to the deukbokki place, but his mom is already gone leaving to sets of utensils. Tan asks if he remembers the two forks on the table. Young Do missed the last meal with his mom just to beat Tan.

Tan continues that he does not care whatever Young Do do to him, but he should not touch Eun Sang. Also, they should treat each other as strangers, he has no time to fight him now because he has a bigger fight ahead.

Eun Sang sees Tan at the lockers, but he ignores her and passes her by without looking at her. How does it feel being ignored?!

At the broadcast club room, Eun Sang is surprised with all the gifts. Bo Na explains it’s for Hyo Shin who won the Asian Youth Short Film Festival. Bo Na remelbers something and whispers to Eun Sang that Young Do likes her. She tells Eun San to act like she doesn’t know since it’s a secret.

Hyo Shin comes in and notes that they are quiet, he assumes that they became friends by talking behind his back. Bo Na denies that they are friends. LOL! Tan bursts in and Hyo Shin tells him that only personnel are allowed in there. Tan replies that he is practically related to everybody. Bo Na whispers to Eun Sang that he’s talking about her. Tan says that he heard that. HAHAHA! I wonder if it was like this when they were still dating. Tan says that he saw at the bulletin board that Hyo Shin won something. Hyo Shin quips that it’s not a reason for him to go there. Tan asks what type of genre he made. Was it horror like Friday the 13th. Hyo Shin tells him he likes crime dramas, it’s Eun Sang that likes horror. Eun San confirms it saying she likes horror, thrillers, occult and even splatter. Her dream is to make a horror movie with hopes and dreams.

Hyo Shin asks the obvious, why Tan and Eun Sandg are avoiding eye contact. Bo Na again thinks it’s because of her. HAHAHA! Tan say the since he’s been caught, he should go. Hyo Shin asks why he even came. Tan replies that he wants to see…. Hyo Shin: Who? Me?! Bo Na: “He’s talking about me.” HAHAHAHA!!!

Tan meets with Ji Sook to apologize about the brunch with Rachel and her mom. WTH! is with those shoulder pads?! Also, to request for Ji Sook to arrange for them to have dinner at home. Ji Sook says she’s busy, but stops short remembering what she told Ki Ae about making her see her rightful place. She agrees to do it.

Esther has an event at the golf club. Rachel is there to act as a good daughter, but when she talks to her mom she is vexed at why it’s taking long. Esther sees the Ye Sol’s mom who at the moment is talking to Ki Ae. She reveals to Rachel that Ye Sol’s family business is not water, but the biggest hostess bar in Gangnam.

Ye Sol’s mom is advising Ki Ae about Eun Sang and Tan. She tells Ki Ae not to let Hee Nam go, because she know a lot. Hee Nam goes to Ki Ae and informs her that Ji Sook is there and is busy preparing for Rachel and her mom’s visit. Ki Ae is surprised.

Ki Ae rushes out demanding to know what’s going on and why is Rachel coming all of a sudden. Ji Sook tells her to shut up. She tells Ki Ae it’s a dinner between in-laws. Ki Ae says that there are a lot of restaurants and hotel where they could do that, why here. Ki Ae suspects that Ji Sook is doing this on purpose. She tries to stop Ji Sook by saying that she needs to ask permission from the lady of the house. Ji Sook asks who is it, she’s only a mistress. Ki Ae replies it’s right, and challenges Ji Sook that Rachel and her mom will be pleased to see a mistress is the lady of the house, and adds that she does not even have permission from the Chairman. Ji Sook arrogantly tells her that the chairman knows and asks if Tan has not told her. Ki Ae is suprised. Ji Sook mockingly tells her that Tan learned to ignore his foolish mother from staying in the US. Ki Ae asks what she means. Ji Sook tells her that it was Tan’s idea. Where is Tan anyway.

Tan is waiting for Eun Sang at her part time job. Eun Sang stares at him and he walks over. She asks if he sees her now. Tan asks if everything’s alright. Is she happy now after leaving his house, not seeing him and letting go of his hand. I was nice seeing her in his dreams last night.

Eun Sang says she has to go to work, but Tan suddenly plants a kiss on her. Tan say if he’s someone who will listen to her. After leaving him at the crosswalk she did not even call or text and now she’s telling him to leave. He adds that she misses him too. She denies it, and again he kisses her. Eun Sang is about to scold him, but Tan dares her to lie again. HAHA! Tan clearly knows Eun Sang well! He tells her not to go home today when she moves to leave. She answers that she already left. Tan tells her not to go whatever happens even if his mom calls and tells her to go in.

At the Kim mansion Rachel and her mom have arrived, Ki Ae refuses to go in her room. Ji Sook orders to let them in. She asks if Ji Sook is getting her revenge. Ji Sook says that she told Ki Ae that she will show her, her place and orders Ki Ae to go. Ki Ae tearing up is forced to go. This is what Tan was telling her and she is pitiful.

Ki Ae is crying in her room. Hee Nam brings her water and informs her what’s happening outside. Ki Ae asks if Tan has arrived and thanks Hee Nam.

Outside, the future in laws are having dinner. They make small talk and dad praises Rachel for being pretty and smart when Tan arrives. Tan apologizes  for being late and offers to take Rachel in his room if she’s done with dinner.

Upstairs Rachel stops at Tan’s door and when he ask why she stopped she tells him that she’s giving him time to hide whatever it is that Young Do saw. Tan answers that he’s not hiding anything , but warns not to be surprised when he reveals everything. She asks what it is and he says it’s his weakness. Rachel says that it will make her understand him more. Tan says she got the jackpot today, she does not understand. Rachel notices the dreamcatcher and is amazed that he brought something cheap with him via first class. He makes Rachel sit and she comments that it’s ironic that she did not get invited to his house when they got engaged, but was invited when she gave back the ring.

Tan apologizes, Rachel says he does not need to. Tan says that he’s apologizing in advance , because he is going to reveal what Young Do saw now.

Meanwhile, Ji Sook is at Ki Ae’s room. She’s reminding Ki Ae about 18 years ago when she discovered her affair with the Chairman. She says that Ki Ae mus not have known that even after those years nothing has changed. Ki Ae angrily yells at her to get out, but Ji Sook throws water at her saying she should know her place.

Tan comes in, Ji Sook orders him to get out. He sees his moms condition. Holding his anger in, he walks over to his mom and quietly wipes her wet face. Ki Ae tells him that dad might look for him. Ji Sook comments that this must be why people have children and leaves.

Alone with mom, Tan holds her hand and tells her to not let go. He drags Ki Ae outside where Rachel and her mom is. Esther recognizes her as Eun Sang’s mom and Rachel is surprised. Tan says that she’s mistaken, the person next to him is…. Ki Ae tightly presses his hand to stop him. Tan determinedly say “My mother.” He continues

“My birth mother. I’m the second son of Chairman Kim Nam Yoon of Jeguk group. An Illegitimate son.”

Tan adds the he knows what his confession means to everyone, that is why he is calling off the engagement. Rachel is livid and Esther can’t believe it. The Chairman calmly tells her that he will call her, but Esther says that she will decide when to call and leaves dragging Rachel along. Ji Sook runs after them. Go Tan!

The Chairman slaps Tan twice furiously. Ki Ae pleads and says it was her fault and tells Tan to also beg. Tan tells her to stop. He says that he wont beg right now. He will live first and if he regrets this decision today he will beg then, because he is confident that he will not regret. Yes, show that awful day of yours!

Chairman calls him stupid, a moron and a bastard. Tan answers the he could chase him out, but not his mom since she’s his woman dad should take responsibility. The chairman leaves, Tan breathes deeply while Ki Ae hits him asking how could he do this.

Ki Ae cries in Tan’s room. Tan pleads for her to stop or she will get sick, unless she wants to punish him she should not get sick. Ki Ae asks why he did that. She suffered those 3 years for him. Waiting for him to come back. Tan say sorry but he thinks differently. Ki Ae continues her crying.

At work Eun Sang’s mind is wandering. Her boss scolds her for making mistakes all day. She throws the trash outside.

At work Eun Sang’s mind is wandering. Her boss scolds her for making mistakes all day. She throws the trash outside. On her way back she sees Tan standing there looking lost, eyes teary.  She stares at him wordlessly. Tan struggles to breath all the pain and hurt stuck in his throat, then finally his tears fall. Eun Sang also starts to cry seeing him in pain.


I still struggle to understand Young Do’s motivation in hurting Tan. In the flashback it was his own arrogance that cost him to miss his last meal with his mother, and still he blames it on the friend who was the only one who understands him. I don’t know how he could redeem himself later on but he really should start assessing himself.

Hyun Joo was really pitiful while Daddy Kim berates her and Won could not even protect her. I don’t know what to say about Won but he should really get his priorities straight and take a page from his brothers book. Just like what Sec. Yoon said, she will not wait forever, clearly Hyun Joo should not.

And lastly Uri Tanny, I’m so proud! It took a lot of courage and preparation yet he has done it! I can’t wait for the outcome of what Tan did today, I love it that the first person he went to and show vulnerable side is Eun Sang. I hope Eun Sang will finally take his hand and give him the needed strength and motivation to fight this battle.