[Drama News] Mi Rae’s Choice: Episode 13 Preview

Episode 13 Preview is out for Mi Rae’s Choice. Everyone looks shock that Se Joo (Jung Yong Hwa) is their boss and I cannot wait to see PD Lee grovels at Se Joo *evil laugh*

There is no sign of SeKyung moment in the preview ~ *weep*
Baybaypig Emoticons 11
I miss them so much that I even made fanart out of the previously released stills so please drama god, give us some SeKyung bar scene and show me a glimpse of light (hope) to their friendship turning love, jaebal.



3 thoughts on “[Drama News] Mi Rae’s Choice: Episode 13 Preview

  1. Hopefully Se Joo starts to notice Yoo Kyung and looks at her whenever she’s around or on screen. I love how Yong Hwa uses his eyes to convey his emotions, I find them especially expressive. Hopefully he starts transferring the way Se Joo looks at Mirae to Yoo Kyung.


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