The Heirs: Episode 11

Episode 10 ended with another love triangle encounter. Young Do sees Kim Tan coming to the campsite and antagonises him by hugging Eun Sang. Will this love tug a war continue or will the Youngtanic sink? Will Eun Sang tell Kim Tan how she feels about him? Will Young Do get a chance to show his true feelings? Will Eun Sang be moved by Young Do’s sincerity? Will Kim Tan prove to Eun Sang what he means and walk the walk rather than just talk the talk?


So Hyo Shin is the dark angel driving Tan to see his girl. It’s not even one day and Tan has missed Eun Sang. I think the feelings are mutual though. They reach the campsite and Tan asks if Hyo Shin would be okay alone. Hyo Shin replies that it would be good if a virgin ghost would appear. Hahaha! Tan gets out tells Hyo Shin he’ll be back. Myung Soo spots Tan coming out of the car heading towards the campsite.

Tan is calling someone as he searches the campsite. He sees Young Do Eun Sang talking. Young Do is telling Eun Sang not to jump to conclusions since she has yet to see half of him. Young Do sees Tan approaching declares that he’ll show Eun Sang who he is and pulls her in for a hug. Tan is pissed! The thoughts of how dare you touch my woman comes to mind!


Eun Sang not enjoying the embrace pushes Young Do away. Gahhhh I’m at two minds here! I mean he is just HOT! But he is playing dirty! Damn you Woo Bin ahhhhh! Eun Sang demands to know what Young Do is doing. Young Do replies that he is showing Tan. Eun Sang doesn’t understand and Young Do tells her that virgin ghost Tan is standing behind her! Tan walks over. The two lovers start bickering and Eun Sang tells them to stop!


Young Do says to Tan: “You’re feelings for Eun Sang seems to be sincere.”
Tan replies: “And what if they are?”
Young Do replies: “Then can you relay my sincerity too. Tell Cha Eun Sang. I think I like her. She doesn’t seem to believe me when I say it. If you tell her, she’ll believe you. Annoyingly!” Young Do leaves.


Eun Sang is shocked. Jealous Tan sees Eun Sang staring off and releases his wrath telling her to focus. Tan is angry that he came all this way to see Eun Sang hugging hot Do! I love jealous Tan! So hot!

Eun Sang starts to explain: “I know you’re angry but…”
Tan interrupts her: “What do you know? Do you even think about me? Am I alone, the crazy one? I know you are having a hard time because of me, but it would be nice if your method of running away from me wasn’t Hot Young Do.”
Eun Sang is speechless and watches Tan leave.


Meanwhile Hyo Shin in the car waiting on the virgin ghost. Actually he is hesitating whether to call Hyun Joo. Angry ghost Rachel opens the door to Hyo Shin’s car, asking for Tan. How the hell does she know they came? Hyo Shin jokes that Tan is in the trunk but he doesn’t know if Tan is alive. Angry ghost says she’s not in mood to joke and gets into the car and declares that she’ll wait in the car. Hyo Shin tells her that they have booked a hotel, the one that the group will be going to the next day.


Rachel asks if Tan went to meet Eun Sang. Smart ass Hyo Shin says that he doesn’t like when his statements end up harming others. At that time Tan arrives and opens the door to see an angry ghost sitting in his spot. Angry ghost orders him to get in the back and they’ll talk at the hotel.


At the hotel room Hyo Shin and Tan are settling in. Hyo Shin is about to read his book. Rachel tries to kick Hyo Shin out in a bitchy and rude tone! Hyo Shin tells her he is the one who booked the room and Tan is using his room. I love that Hyo Shin does not take crap from Rachel! So rude! Rachel asks if Tan met Eun Sang. Hyo Shin can’t take it anymore and leaves. Gosh I like him more and more!
T an replies plainly that he saw her and is waiting for her call. Rachel wants to know if Eun Sang had tattled on her that she hit Eun Sang. Tan does not know so it’s obvious that Eun Sang did not say anything. Rachel is pissed again that Eun Sang is acting like she is protecting Rachel. Tan asks if that’s all Rachel can say. Hahaha angry ghost is not just angry she’s crazy!


Rachel is angry and reminds Tan that they are engaged and he should get hold of himself. She continues that they exchanged rings in front of their entire family, including her divorced dad. Therefore the fact that Tan likes Eun Sang holds no power.

Tan replies: “I know! That is why I am going crazy.” Rachel calls him a bastard! Tan warns Rachel that he will be worse to her in the future. He wants to tell her to break the engagement but does not get the chance since Rachel knows exactly what he wanted to say and walks out before he could finish the sentence. Rachel really has an attitude problem. I don’t know why she’s holding onto someone who obviously has no feelings for her. She even threatens him that it is an arranged engagement with the family’s approval. I just don’t know why an 18 year old would have such thoughts. You’re rich, you’re pretty and you’re young there’s plenty of fish in the sea!

Eun Sang returns to the tent and overhears the girls bitching behind her back saying that she playing with both Kim Tan and Young Do. Eun Sang is upset. Hot Do comes from behind and puts her hood on so she can ignore those girls. He tells her not to listen to them and don’t get hurt by them. Awwwww sweet but you know it is kinda his fault!
Young Do walks over and picks the girls shoes up and dumps them in the water buckets. He tells Eun Sang that he is taking revenge for her. Eun Sang declares: “I don’t know you that well”
Young Do replies: “I think so too!”
Eun Sang continues: “If they find out I’ll be the one in trouble”

Young Do tells Eun Sang not to worry and that it would be a lot easier than explaining why she is living at Tan’s house. Young Do goes one to tell her that he knows Myung Soo saw her and he thinks that she does live at Tan’s house. He tells her not to answer any questions that he asks her since if she gives him an answer he will not be able to ask her any questions.

Crazy Do complains that because she told him that she was a charity case they have one less thing to talk about. Dude you have dating issues! That’s no way to act or speak to someone that you like! Thank your lucky stars that you look good in the camping gear!
Ha! Eun Sang thinks he is absurd and asks if that is even a conversation to him.
Young Do asks: “Other than this, do you really want to have a proper conversation with me?” I think he is being sincere here. It’s just the way he approached the topic is just so wrong! And hence Eun Sang can’t give him an answer. He actually looks hurt! Poor clueless Do Do!

Because Eun Sang doesn’t answer he attacks her by listing the possible reasons she’s staying at Kim Tan’s house. LOL seriously I just think he wants to talk to her but just doesn’t know how. They just need time to discover things that they may have in common in order to talk to each other normally. At this point in time Young Do thinks he can only talk to her about the secrets she’s trying to hide. But Young Do doesn’t understand that his approach appears to be a threat to Eun Sang.

Obviously Young Do has yet to figure out that Eun Sang is the maid’s daughter so it doesn’t make sense to him. He is curious as to her identity. She doesn’t answer him. Young Do bravely asks a difficult question: “Do you really like Kim Tan?”
Eun Sang replies: “YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!” hahahahahaha!!!! She didn’t scream yes only a soft yes was her response.
Poor Young Do! This was obviously not the answer he wanted to hear. Young Do is close to tears. KWB is amazing here! Just amazing acting! Gosh I love him!

Young Do bravely says: “So I see, don’t touch the shoes. If you take them out I’ll take revenge.” He walks away his heart shattered to pieces. Eun Sang watches him walk away. Why you gotta go and ask those questions Young Do! I find it interesting that he tends to reveal his true feelings but they are always hidden between threats and bullying antics. He really needs to take lessons to express himself better. I think he will slowly learn. Kim Tan is a nice contrast to Young Do. He doesn’t like misunderstandings and is always honest about his feelings and expresses them. For him this is important because he doesn’t like to regret things.


Angry ghost is pissed sitting at the hotel lobby. Chan Young calls her saying that she needs to return before the teacher conducts a roll call at night. Rachel tells him she is staying at the hotel. Chan Young says her mum will be notified.
Rachel’s mom gets a phone from to tell her that Rachel is staying at the hotel near the campsite. Ester is at a night club or room salon looking for Young Do’s dad. She finds him with several friends accompanied by service girls. They talk outside and Young Do’s dad says it’s all business. Yeah right! Business is used as an excuse for everything. I’ve seen this multiple times I Kdramas and in real life!

Esther is annoyed but more so for the fact that Young Do’s dad had planned to have news of their marriage released tomorrow without consulting her first. She told him to hold off for two days since she has some stock issues to take care off. She turns around and sees Ye Sol’s mum asking Young Do’s dad who she was. He said that she’s ‘Madam Park’ the owner of the business chain.

Ye Sol is complaining to mum about her wet shoes on the phone whilst Eun Sang is in the tent. Ye Sol leaves and Eun Sang senses something. She turns around and sees Tan waiting for her outside. They are walking somewhere. Eun Sang asks where they were going. Tan says to just follow him. They arrive at a different campsite with caravans, a campfire and pretty lights. Eun Sang is surprised and happy. She smiles and asks Tan whether he had prepared the site.

Tan responds jokingly: “What are you thinking? It was already here!” Hahahah I love it when they act like teenagers teenagers. First love is really sweet!

Eun Sang is embarrassed and looks away. Tan asks as he takes off his coat and puts it on Eun Sang: “Why did you call me earlier? It cut off. I told you to wear thicker clothes.” Eun Sang is shy but happy! Awwww that is super sweet!

He grabs Eun Sang on her shoulders and gets her to sit down. Tan asks again why Eun Sang had called him. Eun Sang deflecting the question asks why Tan came back. Honest and gorgeous Tan replies: “What do you mean why? I came because I missed you” Awwwwwwwww Eun Sang is touched! Who wouldn’t be! I’m swooning!

Tan tells Eun Sang to pick between sleeping in inside the warm caravan and sleeping outside in the cold. Regardless of what she picks, they are staying together. Eun Sang smiles at this statement. Surprised Tan asks why she is smiling. Eun Sang replies that she likes it and it’s exciting. Tan still not sure what to say replies: “Really”

Eun Sang says: “Yes, Don’t send me away. I won’t go.” Tan’s mouth drops. LOL he is so cute! Tan thinks she is acting weird and starts to explain about why he got angry before. Eun Sang interrupts him midway and decides to tell him how she really felt.
She explains: “There were many things that I wanted to say before but thinking about it now I think I just wanted to see you. I missed you a lot.” Awwwww Tan’s heart must be beating fast with happiness!
She pats on the seat next to her motioning him to sit down. Tan didn’t expect the sudden confession and blinks in disbelief/shock/happiness or just a combination of feelings. Tan looks at Eun Sang suspicious thinking that something’s up.

Tan sits down next to her. He asks her if she is being bullied by the other kids.
Eun Sang replies: “Why? Do I seem strange?”
Tan says: “Yes.”
Eun Sang laughs! Finally she’s laughing! She explains that since she’s far from home, it’s night time and he is here she wants to escape to her dream. She will do it for just one more day like a midsummer night’s dream. As Eun Sang rests her head on Tan’s shoulders she says: “I really wanted to do something like this”
Eun Sang looks up and comments that there are so many stars.
Tan quickly declares: “Don’t ask me to pick the stars for you. I can’t!”
Witty Eun Sang replies: “You can’t? Chan Young said to Bo Na that….”
Competitive Tan quickly interrupts her and asks: “Which star?” Hahahahaha childish Tan is just adorable.
Eun Sang being her strange self says that the situation feels like the movie “Friday the 13th.”
Tan lets out a sigh and asks: “Why do you always go from melo to horror? Why do you like horror movies so much?” Eun Sang replies that she likes horror movies because they are tragic so when she watches them it makes troubles and misfortunes seem less tragic.
Adorable Tan asks: “Am I one of your troubles”
Eun Sang does not answer his question she closes her eyes and says she’s tired and she’s going to sleep.

OMG they are so sweet! I love them! Finally they get a nice moment together. 

It’s early in the morning. Tan and Eun Sang are taking a walk in a beautiful park area. This scene is just gorgeous and romantic. The autumn tree colours give you a refreshing new beginning feeling.
Tan complains to Eun Sang: “I can’t believe you actually fell asleep.”
Eun Sang said that it was warm and she noticed that all the firewood was used. Adorable puppy Tan whines that his hand got rough because of the firewood. He tells her to have a look but Eun Sang says she doesn’t want to.

Tan asks if they could hold hands. Eun Sang said no! Quick thinking Tan just grabs her hand and says “Right, with these types of things you don’t ask for permission.” OMG finally! It is true you don’t ask the girl for permission to hold her hand or kiss her. You just sense the moment! Love is the moment…..Love is the moment…..!!!!
Eun Sang doesn’t fight against it. See! Action man wins every time! As expected they walk hand in hand.
Eun Sang asks if Tan remembers about the Hollywood sign they saw in America. Tan asks what about the Hollywood sign. Eun Sang continues: “Although the sign seems close it is actually far away. You are like that to me. When I look at you, you seem close but you are really far. But when I hold your hands like this I think I might mistakenly believe you are close.”

Eun Sang adds: “Yesterday you asked me if you were one of my troubles. No, You’re the relief to my misery” Gahhhhh I love this sentence and I can tell how moved Kim Tan was!!! Eun Sang you did well for telling him the truth about what he means to you.
Eun Sang continues that it is enough that he gives her happiness but she needs to wake up from the dream in order to live.

She says: “I’m sorry” Eun Sang lets go of Tan’s hand after saying sorry however Tan quickly grabbed it back and objects: “How much closer must I be for you to believe it? You’ve never even come, so don’t just assume it’s far away”

She gives in at that moment basking in happiness from his honest words. She knows it’s true, he is not far away it’s just she’s not yet confident or willing to get close to the Hollywood sign/dream. She needs to believe that she is good enough for him and that they can be together if they work hard at it together. Without trying and giving up she’ll regret it for the rest of her life!


Back at the campsite everyone is brushing their teeth. The girls are gossiping that Kim Tan came. Bo Na guesses whether that was the reason that Rachel spent the night out. Ye Sol remarks loudly in Eun Sang’s that Tan is leaving her and going back to Rachel. Eun Sang walks away knowing full well that he spent the night with her!

Ye Sol wonders why Bo Na is taking care of her skin even at camp. Bo Na replies that without active care there is no beauty and without beauty there is no boyfriend! Hahahahah gosh I she’s cute and funny! Chan Young arrives and starts giving directions. Everyone ignores him accept for his puppy love Bo Na.


The students go to a special leadership event arranged at the hotel. Rachel is already in the room waiting. The students see her and whispers. Rachel sits and glares at everyone. Eun Sang goes in catches Rachel’s glare. She sits down and Rachel continues glaring at her. Young Do comes in and he and Eun Sang look at each other awkwardly. Bo No asks if Rachel stayed at the hotel. Ye Sol asks if Rachel stayed with Kim Tan. Rachel asks if it seemed like that. Young Do snorts at Rachel’s statement. The penny drops and Young Do looks at Eun Sang in a suspicious yet curious manner. Eun Sang tries to act cool.

The kids walk into the hotel buffet restaurant. Eun Sang sees Tan and Hyo Shin having breakfast. She sneaks away to grab food. Myung Soo and Young Do also spots Tan and Hyo Shin eating breakfast. Hyo Shin teases Tan saying that it is an escape from love. Eun Sang tries to avoid them quietly but Hyo Shin catches her calling out her name. She greets them and sits at another table.
Smart, jealous and calculative Tan invites Young Do to sit down. Assuming he is doing this to prevent Young Do from sitting with Eun Sang! Jealous and smart Tan is so adorable.

Young Do sits down and Myung Soo leaves to get some food. Rachel invites herself to the table and sits down too. She asks if Tan slept well last night since she got up early. Tan awkwardly answers “Yes”. Eun Sang overhears their conversation in the next table. Bo Na comes and greets Hyo Shin. She asks if he also slept at the hotel. Hyo Shin said he did with Tan.


Bo Na is quick with gossip and asks: “Then what about her,” pointing her head at Rachel. She and Ye Sol tease Rachel about sleeping alone at the hotel. Tan jumps and defends Rachel saying that: “I spent all night in the hallway because Rachel wouldn’t open the door. Gosh she’s strong.”

Seems like Eun Sang is a little jealous hearing this from Tan. Smarty pants Young Do seizes the moment and comments: “Why do you live so busily? Having a girl you miss and a separate girl you want to sleep. Is this American style?” Rachel and Hyo Shin are not impressed with that statement.


Tan sighs and says annoyingly: “I’ve made a mistake. Should you get up or should I?” I’m a little confused as to why Tan made that statement about wanting to sleep with Rachel. I know he is trying to save her face but surely there has to be a better way of doing it. By doing so people would misunderstand his intentions. Even though Eun Sang knows full well that he spent the night with her it just doesn’t seem right to me. Even if it was a joke, it doesn’t sit well with me given how adamant he was about his feelings regarding Eun Sang the night before.

Eun Sang doesn’t want to be around the awkwardness and gets up to go outside. Young Do tells Tan that he’ll leave and that it seems like they can’t even eat one meal together. Young Do follows Eun Sang outside. Tan and the others watches from their seat. Rachel looks at Tan and reminds him about what she said yesterday and he should stop watching. Tan ignores her and continues watching! Hahahahaha as if you ever had any power over him dear! Give up girl!

Outside Eun Sang and Young Do are doing the tango. Young Do is blocking Eun Sang’s path by the pool side. She walks past him but he grabs her and spins her causing her to lose her footing and almost fall into the pool. Mind you this is all done is slow mo. Young Do saves Eun Sang and they stare into each other’s eyes. Well maybe not Eun Sang who is scared shitless about falling into the pool. Young Do on the other hand is busy grabbing onto the girl and looking extra hot! I think I need to be dropped into the pool to cool down instead of Eun Sang!

An as shown in the spoilers Young Do drops Eun Sang into the pool. Gosh KWB you are so hot but Young Do you are a jerk and a half. So uncalled for! Inside Tan sees this and jumps from his seat. He orders everyone: “No one is to come out. I said no one!” One word HOT. Angry Tan is just HOT! 

Young Do with his cute smirk bends over and pretends to apologise saying that his hands slipped. Eun Sang is in the pool yells at Young Do: “Do you have to go this far? Is this the sincerity that you wanted to convey to me?” Right on Eun Sang! You tell him what a jerk he is!
Young Do replies: “No. What I just did is what Kim Tan will do to you from now on. Pretending to grab you…eventually letting you go. So before that happens, you let go. Let go and create your distance. I’m saying this for you.”
Eun Sang retaliates: “Thanks for the warning but I already know. That’s why I’m saying this. You’re dead in my hands. I’m being serious!” Young Do laughs it off and asks: “Really? I’m going to die by your hands?”

In the meantime Tan struts like a model towards Young Do and super kicks him into the pool! Eun Sang is shocked! Tan has a slight smirk on this face. All the students watch on from inside.
Tan using Young Do’s method apologises for his feet slipping. Surprisingly Young Do isn’t mad at all! Young Do exclaims: “This doesn’t feel too bad. It feels like I won.”

Tan bends over and reaches out his hand to Eun Sang. Young Do gets out at the same time and remarks: “What are you doing? Why? Are you going to let Cha Eun Sang be called a “mistress” like somebody?”
Tan grabs Young Do’s collar and angrily says: “Shut your mouth. Will you be able to handle the consequences?” Young D grabs Tan’s collar: “That’s why I asked. Can you deal with this engagement?”

Love angel and super hyungnim of the day Hyo Shin comes out to stop the fight. He screams at the hotties: “Have these guys lost their minds? Let go you bastards!” He separates them and continues: “The dumbest kids in class and all you guys do is get into stupid fights” Hahahahahaha OMG LOL I love it that they all tease Young Do and Tan for getting the lowest scores in class. I am loving super hyung Hyo Shin in this episode.

Chan Young and Bo Na also runs out to help. Before Chan Young can reach out to help Eun Sang, Bo Na helps Eun Sang instead so that Eun Sang can’t hold Chan Young’s hand. Hahahahaha she’s really cute! Hyung Hyo Shin sends Tan up to the hotel. Hyo Shin throws a towel are Young Do. Young Do joking says: “Wow, your voice when you’re cursing is really nice.” Hyo Shin warns Young Do: “You, try getting caught once more.” Hyo Shin screams at Tan who hasn’t left yet. OMG so handsome!

Tan leaves and Eun Sang stares after him. Young Do puts the towel on Eun Sang and tells her: “It’s cold. Don’t catch a cold.” Eun Sang is shocked! So am I! What is this? Let’s play hot and cold? Sounds very sadistic LOL hahahaha la petite I think Young Do might be the perfect man for you!
Cute Bo Na tells Eun Sang not to listen to Young Do and just catch a cold. Both Chan Young and Eun Sang laughs in disbelief at Bo Na’s comment.


Kim Tan and Hyo Shin are heading home in the car. Hyo Shin nags at Tan: “Do you think you’re the only one who has dated? Honestly it is the one with no experience that make a fuss.” Tan is annoyed and tells Hyo Shin to just drive. Hyo Shin reacts by asking Tan what he has done well and threaten to make him walk. Tan clears his throat and shuts up. Hyo Shin laughs. Hahahahaha I just love their bromance! Give us more of their gorgeous faces please!

Hyo Shin arrives home. Mum is waiting for him anxiously. Hyo Shin apologises for staying out. Mum doesn’t care that he stayed out all night. She’s more pissed that he didn’t go to the college entrance interview.
Hyo Shin replies: “I never said I was going! Although right now I’m more shocked that me staying out all night isn’t a problem.” Mum asks: “Does that make any sense?
Hyo Shin continues: “Shouldn’t the person who put the application in go? I’m pretty sure I said I wasn’t interested in law school. Mum yells at him: “Why are you like this?”
Hyo Shin brimming with tears responds: “Now you ask why I’m being like this? You’ve never asked why I don’t want to go to law school, why I collected sleeping pills and why I took them. Do you want to hear the answer now? I am ready to tell you.”
Mum replies: “Later, after your exam finishes. Go in.”
Gosh I’m actually close to tears. My heart breaks for Hyo Shin! The mum is still not listening to her son. Can’t she see he is close to tears? What is wrong with these parents wanting to live their kid’s life! Bravo with the acting! Spot on! Yes I have soft spot for Hyo Shin!


Ji Sook is at Tan’s house talking on the phone. She sees Hee Nam and ask for Tan’s mum in a rude manner. Hee Nam flips through her notebook for an answer and Ji Sook notices something from the notebook and asks to see it. Hee Nam shakes her head and backs away. Ki Ae arrives in time to ask what is going on. Ji Sook wants to see Hee Nam’s notebook but Hee Nam shakes her head at Ki Ae. Ki Ae gets the hint and freaks out. She tells Hee Nam to run and blocks Ji Sook. Ki Ae tells Ji Sook to leave her precious ahjumma alone. Hahahahaha so cute I love Tanny’s mum.
Ji Sook says that she knows Ki Ae has put someone on her. Ki Ae is shocked. LOL at her expression! Ki Ae pleads Ji Sook to end the fight so they can get the family registry straightened out. Ji Sook is pissed at Ki Ae and threatens that she will soon show Ki Ae how low her place is.

OMG this is hilarious! Ki Ae and Hee Nam are negotiating on how much each note page is worth. Hee Nam motions three per page. Hee Nam thinks it’s expensive and offers two per page (I’m assuming it’s 2ooo won). Hee Nam agrees. Bwahahaha they are so cute together! Future in-laws, I think they’ll get along fine!


At school the news of Rachel’s mum and Young Do’s dad getting married is announced. The students are all gossiping about how messed their family is. Rachel hears the gossip as she walks past the students.
Young Do and Rachel are by the lockers. Young Do remarks that normally when people become siblings like this, they start to like each other. Rachel throws it back at him saying: “I’m starting to think that might be the best way to stop this marriage. It’s not too late, is it?” Young Do responds: “It’s too late. I’ve started to like someone.” Rachel is about to say: “Don’t tell me…” but kids show up and pretend to congratulate Young Do and Rachel about their families getting together.

Eun Sang hears this from her locker. Young Do sees her. Bo Na is also there next to Eun Sang. Bo Na comments that all those students have two faces – making fun of Rachel and Young Do on the inside while congratulating them on the outside. Eun Sang thinks that those students are congratulating them because they are friends. Bo Na tells her the truth that there are no friends at Jeguk. It is just a network of acquaintances! Rachel walks away and Eun Sang looks at her sadly and possibly pity.


Rachel is now outside struggling to not cry. Tan comes to see if she is okay and tells her to not to pay attention to those kids. Rachel asks if he is happy her situation got worse. Rachel tells him to stop paying attention to her and not act like her fiancé. Tan corrects her that he is asking as a friend. Rachel gets mad and tells him he is the worst! Rachel starts to cry. Tan tells her: “When you don’t know the right way to vent your anger…why are you pretending to be an adult?” Rachel lets it all out and starts to cry properly. Tan pats her back with slight hesitation. It’s really sad that Rachel can’t just accept Tan’s friendship without being a bitch. We are supposed to feel sorry for her here but I just feel nothing at this point in time!


Eun Sang is sees them from school bridge. Young Do comes and asks: “If you are jealous, should I hug you instead?” Do Do with your intelligence why would you want to be the rebound boy? Rebounds never end well!
Eun Sang is concerned and asks if Young Do is okay? Young Do asks: “what?” Eun Sang continues: “The news…it’s about you as well.” Young Do has that disbelief look on his face. He is moved by her concerns. Awwww this is sad that it might be the first time someone is concerned about him!


Eun Sang goes on: “I hope you are okay. Thinking about it, you’re also only 18 years old. I’ll push back the thought of getting revenge on you.” Young Do just stares at Eun Sang still speechless and moved! Tan catches them talking and notices the look on Young Do’s face and the fluttering in his eyes!


Gorgeous Tan in his gorgeous coat walks into the broadcasting club room looking for Eun Sang. He sees her sitting in the recording studio with headphones on. He looks at her and decides to block the door to the studio so she can’t leave. Hahahaha so childish I love it!
He starts talking to her through the microphone. He says hello Sydney! LOL!!!!! Eun Sang is about to get up but he tells her to wait.

Tan explains: “Listen to what I have to say for just a minute. What I want to say is…my existence alone is often a misunderstanding to someone and those misunderstandings can’t be clarified. So the misunderstanding I can clarify I will try hard and clarify them. First, the thing you saw earlier between Rachel and I is just friendship so don’t misunderstand. Second, when you fell into the swimming pool, I am sorry for not bringing you out. I held it in because people were there and I didn’t’ want to give you a hard time. But if I had known that I’d be feeling bad about it for all this time, then I would have pulled you out and let you be in that uncomfortable position. I regret not doing that. Awwww so sweet! I’m swooning at the sweetness. Eun Sang is moved and happy!


Tan continues: “And most important thing is number three. What were you talking to Choi Young Do about? What on earth did you talk about that his eyes were shaking like an earthquake! If you keep on shaking up Young Do’s feelings, do you want to die? Hahahahaha jealous Tan I love it!!!!

Eun Sang gets annoyed and takes of her headphones. She starts to leave when Tan tells her not to come out since she has no right to speak. She opens the door and finds the blockade in front of her. Hahahahahha! Tan is pissed that the door opens the other way! Eun Sang can’t believe it. She remarks: “There sure was a reason why you came 100th.” Tan can’t believe she looked at his score. Eun Sang exclaims: “It’s my first time talking to a person who ranks last. It’s quite amusing!” Tan laughs off his embarrassment saying that she should show more concern for him. He gets mad and leaves. OMG I love it when they are teasing each other. So cute!


Buddies Young Do and Myung Soo are in a little spicy rice cake snack bar where they used to go when they were younger. Young Do teases Myung Soo about his written goodbyes to his crushes on the wall. It seems like player/clubber Myung Soo used to have the hots for Bo Na and Rachel. Myung Soo wonders why Young Do had to travel this far to get ddukbokki. Young Do replies: “Today the whole county witnessed how messed up our family is. It all started here. The place I lost everything.”

Young Do remembers through a flashback. Tan is running towards Young Do calling him to come to the snack bar in front of the school. Young Do refuses to go. Tan tells him that there is no time. Young Do calls him a bastard. Tan says Young Do will regret this moment forever. Young Do walks away.

Back to the present Myung Soo asks what Young Do missed out on. YD replies: “Mum… Friend.”
Myung Soo remarks: “You lost your mum’s friend?” OMG everyone has a clueless friend right? ROFL
Young Do has no response to Myung Soo’s level of intelligence!


Won sees Yoon in the office hall way. He tells Young that Esther’s marriage news came out today. He asks Yoon why he and Esther broke up. Yoon is surprised that Won knows about it. Yoon asks Won: “Why did you choose to break up with Hyun Joo.”
Won answers: “I didn’t break up with her. I just ranked the order of importance. Jeguk is first and then Hyun Joo”
Yoon tells Won: “That is the choice. Why do you think we would wait? Yours and Esther’s decision to rank the order of importance…is the choice.”


They get interrupted by Ji Sook who has come to warn Won about Tan’s birthday and that Tan might be getting the same number of shares or even more from Daddy Kim. She alerts Won that Dad is gathering all the stocks back that was held under different names. Ji Sook doesn’t care for Won. She’s doing it out of spite. She wants Ki Ae and Tan to suffer. She wants the brothers to fight and when both are injured she’ll take over. Since she had no kids you would have thought she would have loved Won more and treated him as her own son. Maybe if she was a better person she would be reaping rewards from her efforts such as Won loving her regardless of whether she was his biological mum or not.

Won calls for Yoon to gather up a people who Daddy Kim has been using their names to hold the stocks. Ji Sook reveals to Won that Yoon is the one who is holding most of the stocks for Daddy Kim. Won is shocked and probably feeling somewhat betrayed since Yoon never mentioned this to him. Ji Sook asks Won if there was anyone in the company that would be on his side. Won sighs knowing full well that no one likes him. This is really his fault. He was too eager to lead and win his dad’s approval without thinking about how he could build his own empire from the trust and respect of the people in the company.

At a board meeting Won thinks about Ji Sook’s question and looks around. He does not see anyone that would be on his side. He looks sad and disappointed. Yoon sees this. Interesting! I wonder who’s side Yoon would be on? I hope he helps both brothers out. Go Yoon!

At the Kim mansion the maid asks Eun Sang if she could change the incense sticks. Eun Sang tries to sneak past Tan’s room unnoticed. Ha! But super sensitive Tan already knows she’s there and pulls her into his room. Jealous Tan is still curious about what she said to Young Do. Hahahahaha jealous Tan is so adorable! Tan sure has amazing senses!
Tan continues asking: “Did you get a confession again?
Eun Sang asks: “What are you going to if he did?”
Tan remarks loudly pointing his finger at her: “You’re a criminal caught in the act! Kim Tan’s personality has gotten better. I let you be instead of putting you away in jail” OMG LOL so so adorable I love him!

Eun Sang is not impressed and starts to leave. Tan warns her cutely: “If you’re going to turn your back I’m going to hug you.” Eun Sang replies: “You’re going to die”
Tan continues: “If you talk back, I’m going to kiss you.” Shut me up too Kim Tan! Kiss me! I’ll keep talking and turning my back on you!
She turns around and he leans his face close to her. Eun Sang gets a pleasant shock and she softly asks: “What?”
Tan says: “I’m asking you to talk more affectionately to me.”
Eun Sang feeling the hotness boiling up inside her replies: “Later.” OMG why wait? You know in the crazy9 blog if you snooze you lose right away! That’s why you have to seize the moment!
Tan asks: “When later?”


The love affair is interrupted by Ki Ae who comes into Tan’s room. Ki Ae has been suspicious and asks if they have been dating behind her back. I’m surprised at how cluey Ki Ae is given her display of intelligence so far! Uhhhhh Ohhhhh I smell trouble for the dream lovers!
Both Tan and Eun Sang tries to explain but Ki Ae tells them to shut up. Tan tells mum to talk to him and sends Eun Sang downstairs. Awww sooo sweet. I have no doubt Tan will protect his girl.
She turns to Eun Sang and asks if Eun Sang is out of her mind: “Since you live in this house do you think it’s your house? Do you think you can come into this room when you have something to say to him?”
Tan tells his mom to stop. He tells mum that Eun Sang is already having a hard time because he likes her. Ki Ae is shocked wondering what her son is talking about and thinks he has gone mad.
Eun Sang tries to explain making up an excuse but Ki Ae tells her to be quiet.
She turns to Tan and asks: “Tell me again. What did you say?”
Tan repeats loudly: “I LIKE her and I hate you treating her like this.”
KA tells him to be quiet or his dad will hear. He already knows!


Tan tells Eun Sang to hurry leave and pushes her out the room. Ki Ae warns Tan that this is not the time to be dating someone like her since his brother is the president seat right now.
Tan replies: “Because it is hyung’s position in the first place.” Ki Ae wants to know if Tan wants to see her die. All mothers say this!
Tan continues: “Don’t tell me to go and get the things you want to have. No one can decide what I have to have or who I have to love. Don’t decide it as you want. I will decide that for myself. I’m in the process of leaning towards Eun Sang. Please cheer me on, mum.” Yes cheer him on mummy! He needs your blessing and support. Do you want him to be unhappy like you are?
Ki Ae is speechless and leaves his room.


Frightened Eun Sang goes to her room. Mum notices instantly something is wrong. Eun Sang is explain what happened to her mum but is interrupted by Ki Ae.
Ki Ae is angry shoves Eun Sang aside. She starts to scream at Hee Nam: “Ahjumma are you in your right mind? Are you going to repay my kindness like this? How did you teach your daughter? I gave you a place to stay, fed you and gave you a salary because you have nowhere to go. I even sent her to Jeguk but how dare she goes into his room without knowing her place?”
Eun Sang quickly apologises. Mum starts to sign that it was wrong that Eun Sang to go to Tan’s room but she defends her daughter saying that it is Tan who keeps asking for Eun Sang so why is Ki Ae only blaming it all on Eun Sang without listening to the whole story.
Eun Sang doesn’t translate this and just says sorry. Hee Nam hits her! Ha! I love Eun Sang’s mum!
Tan comes and drags his mum away and apologises to Hee Nam. Ki Ae yells that Tan is not leaving this house, and that Eun Sang needs to leave this house right away!

Only Eun Sang and mum are left in the room. Eun Sang apologizes to her mom for making her hear those kinds of things.
Mum signs: “Because I can’t talk, I’m sorry for not being able to be on your side, my daughter.”
Eun Sang says: “No, I am sorry, I am very sorry for liking him mum.”
Mum suggests that they leave the house. Eun Sang agrees and pleads for a transfer as well. Mum asks Eun Sang to wait till the end of the month for her to find a replacement. Eun Sang nods and mum and daughter hug. *Tears* I love their relationship. They may have no possessions but the love they have for each other is more than any money can buy.


Tan is in the wine cellar, calling and texting Eun Sang to talk just for a moment. She won’t respond.
Tan finally just goes to Eun Sang’s room, but no one is there. He finds Eun Sang’s mom in kitchen. He pleads to Hee Nam to do him a favour and tell him where Eun Sang is. Hee Nam gives in and says Eun Sang left to sleep over at a friend’s house.

Tan runs out looking for her. He calls her but she doesn’t pick up. Eun Sang sees the missed calls and messages from Tan. Eun Sang decides to call Bo Na. She asks if Bo Na can let her stay the night. Bo Na says: “No”
Quick thinking Eun Sang said that she will go to Chan Young’s place instead. Bo Na immediately gives her address to Eun Sang and demands that she gets in a taxi and come right away. Hahahahahah I love her more and more. Eun Sang never had the intention to go to Chan Young that’s why she called Bo Na first.


Eun Sang is at Bo Na’s house. Eun Sang reveals that her mum is a maid. Bo Na already knew that Eun Sang was not new money since she worked all those part-time jobs. Eun Sang also tells Bo Na that her mum can’t talk. Bo Na is shocked and apologises for her reaction to the news. Bo Na wonders about the woman that donated for the camping trip. Eun Sang doesn’t answer but Bo Na decides she doesn’t want to know. If she knows everything then they might have to be friends. Bo Na requests for a childhood picture of Chan Young for the room fee. Bo Na is cute. I think Bo Na can’t deny that she cares for Eun Sang now. They are already friends.


Both Eun Sang and Tan can’t sleep.

Eun Sang leaves for school really early, so early that the school gate is not even opened. She walks to the nearly convenience store. She spots Hot Do eating ramyum at the store. Young Do is surprised, yet happy to see her.

Eun Sang goes into the store and heads over to the milk section. She looks over and Young Do is not longer eating his ramyum. Young Do shows up next and says: “I am here” Gosh he is so gorgeous giving her that smile! Eun Sang says she’s not looking for him.
Young Do says: “It’s about time that you start looking for me. Did you spend the night out?” She asks him the same question. He is exclaims that he lost the first question to her again. He asks why she left the big mansion.
Eun Sang responds that he does not need to know.
Young Do switches the onigiri that Eun Sang chose with another one claiming that his is better. He tells her to trust him since he has eaten pretty much everything in the store.
Eun Sang asks why someone rich like him keeps eating at a convenience store. Young Do replies it is because it doesn’t seem weird eating alone here.
Eun Sang gives him a sympathetic look and starts to say: “Are you always….”
Young Do interrupts her and says: “Don’t look at me like that. It makes me nervous.” He has a slight grin on his face. Happy that she cares and is concerned about him. Gahhhhh Young Do ahhhhh stop falling for her! Your poor heart will break into pieces. She be friends with Kim Tan and Eun Sang. You’re too late! But he is so HOT!

Eun Sang and Young Do are standing at a cross walk. Young Do keeps looking at Eun Sang. Tan angrily gets out of his car across street. Goshhhh I love the boys in their gorgeous coats. Young Do sees him but Eun Sang doesn’t.
Young Do asks Eun Sang: “By chance are you avoiding Kim Tan? Should I help you?
Eun Sang replies without looking up: “I don’t need your help.”
Young Do asks: “Let’s gamble it once. You don’t have anything to lose. Whoever wins, just clap.” He pulls her close to him. I’m so jealous of Eun Sang! Excuse my fangirling mind!
Eun Sang struggles to get out of his hold as Young Do holds on tight. He tells her to be patient even if she doesn’t like it, though it would be better if she did like it. Ha! He cracks me up!
He continues: “I want to see what Kim Tan will be betting”
Eun Sang doesn’t get it and looks up and finally she sees Kim Tan across the road! Gosh Eun Sang needs to be more aware of her surroundings

Green walking man says “GO!” Young Do drags Eun Sang across the street holding her close. Tan crosses the street as well. Tan and Eun Sang looks at each other. Do Do looks at Eun Sang. You can tell instantly who the third wheel is in this scenario!

It looks like they are just going to pass by each other but Tan grabs Eun Sang’s wrist and she turns around. Young Do in turn grabs Tan’s wrist.
Tan asks Eun Sang to look at him. Young Do tells Tan to let go. Tan tells Young Do to “SHUT UP”
Eun Sang pulls out of Tan’s hold. Tan is shocked. Tan throws away Young Do’s hand.
ES says to Tan: “I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry.”
Tan replies: “I know you’re having a hard time. I did wrong. I can’t promise that it will be okay in the future.”

Tan reaches out his hand towards Eun Sang. “Even so, let’s go. Hold onto my hand.”
Young Do interrupts the emotional plea: “Don’t hold it.” Shut up Young Do! You can hold my hand instead!
And the end!


There are still two things that Kim Tan needs to do before Eun Sang can confidently hold his hand and fight for their love.
1. He must be a free from his engagement. After all he is still officially an engaged/taken man. For her to confidently and publicly hold his hand he needs to be available for her. Not just his heart but everything.
2. He must be able to be the real Kim Tan. Not one that is believed to be Ji Sook’s son but the second son of Jeguk from a mistress/hidden wife. He must free himself from this secret before both Tan and Eun Sang can truly be together.

That said Eun Sang must come to realise that Kim Tan is her dream. In order to make that dream come true she would need to believe in it, fight or work hard for it and keeping heading towards it. If she keeps running away and doing the opposite of what her heart tells her then she will regret that it for the rest of her life. The dream in front of her will disappear.

Remember when she said she wanted to just go anywhere as long as it is away from Korea, away from her misfortune and miseries. But Eun Sang doesn’t realise that having a hard life is okay as long as there is someone to share the good and the bad with. Tan is exactly that person. He is her happiness and relief from misery. Just thinking about him makes her laugh and smile.

What I really like about this episode is that we get some development for Hyo Shin’s character. Yes, I do have a soft spot for him but it’s because I feel his character is the most mature yet vulnerable. Plus I pity him for being under so much pressure and having no choice as to his career path. We know that he attempted to suicide in America but we have yet to find out the reason for this. Is it purely just the pressure from the parents or is there something else? What is Hyo Shin planning? I hope he doesn’t kill himself to prove a point to his mother. Please don’t kill him. I kinda like him. I love how he acted as a mature hyung without losing the humour and cuteness. I also thought Kang Ha Neul’s acting was great in the confrontation scene with the mother.

Another great thing about this episode is Young Do’s slowly changing behaviour of course minus the stuff up jerk action by the pool. Since discovering how much he likes Eun Sang he has been trying to be as sincere as possible although his execution is still left to be desired. I do hope he doesn’t turn into an unreasonable heartbroken jerk. I really hope he finds friendship from Tan and Eun Sang.

Ultimately my two most favourite scenes are the couple scenes – the bonfire and walking scenes. I love that Eun Sang admits to Tan that she misses him and that she has wanted to lean on him. This symbolises that Eun Sang feels that Tan is the person that she can share her troubles with and lean on when she’s having a hard time. She wants it but she doesn’t dare to grab it. The scene was especially sweet and romantic.

Again I love it when the lovebirds were walking and Eun Sang telling Tan that he isn’t the cause but the relief to her misery. I thought that confession was nicely timed and the scenery was beautifully filmed. You could see how happy Tan was from hearing the unexpected confession. As I said earlier to get Eun Sang to believe that Tan is not too far way he needs to first be unattached and second be the real Kim Tan. And even after that if Eun Sang does not grab hold of him then I will take him for myself. What more can Tan do? Eun Sang needs to pull her own weight in order for them to get together.

Let’s see who comes out as the winner to the three-way wrist grab! Will Young Do lose his bet sinking his Youngtanic? Will Tan finally get to sail his ship? Will Eun Sang grow stronger? These questions will hopefully get answered in the upcoming episodes if not the next.