Mi Rae’s Choice: Episode 11

Episode 11 puts the progress of relationship in the background and focus more on our heroine i.e. Mi Rae’s discovery of her career goal and concentrate further on developing her character’s growth. Even though the progress of relationship becomes secondary, nonetheless, it was well-covered in regards to how each of the 4 main characters should behave when all of their feelings are out in the open. More secret is unravel and we begin to understand Ajumma’s motivations and determination to do what it takes to change Mi Rae’s future.


The team sits around in circle in front of the bonfire as Oppa asks everyone to speak their minds about the program. Shin jumps in and declares he likes Mi Rae, looks at her directly and asks, “What about you?”

In an attempt to ruin it, Oppa also declares he likes Mi Rae too. He points at PD Lee and asks, “How about you?” Ha! The three boys turn Shin’s confession into a joke and Mi Rae, clearly upset, walks off. Shin follows her and wonders why they had to turn a serious question into joke. Mi Rae stops to correct him that he is the one that started the joke.

Conversation turns into an argument, to Shin, it was his most sincere confession but to Mi Rae, not only she is embarrassed but she feels no sincerity from it. Tears flooding through her eyes, she turns her back and walks away. *Pat on Shin* – I know you tried.

Yoo Kyung finds Se Joo sitting alone on a bench somewhere deep in thoughts. She asks him if she can join him and he lets her. She sits down but puts a distance between them. She tells him to ignore her confession and that prompted Se Joo to apologize, “I am sorry for that, you must have had a hard time”.

Se Joo:
“But why do you like me? When did you start liking me?”

Yoo Kyung didn’t answer immediately, her eyes searches Se Joo’s face for a reason to his question before she asks, “Why? Do you think it is because of money?” Se Joo is a bit puzzled of her conclusion to his question and he tells her it’s not that.

Yoo Kyung: “It was since then – Napkin.”
Se Joo: “Napkin?”

It doesn’t look like Se Joo remembers the impact of his action on her and Yoo Kyung continues as tears well up in her eyes, “Since I started working as a reporter, the only person who understand me and wipe my tears, you were the first. Is that enough?” She stands up and walks away, leaving Se Joo to digest this heartfelt information.

Somewhere at the park, Writer Bae has a heart-to-heart talk with Mi Rae. Mi Rae confides that she is upset because Shin fails to consider her feelings when he made the confession in public. She wants to concentrate on work and Writer Bae blesses her with encouragement for her undercover the next day. How sweet, I’m starting to love Writer Bae.

Undercover Mi Rae is being boss around in the kitchen at Grace Bar by 3-4 ajumma and Se Joo enters the kitchen to check on her and pretends to be a customer praising her good work in cutting up apples. Heh.

Meeting Se Joo outside, they have a quick chat and Mi Rae tells him she hasn’t gotten an opportunity to witness the process of fake alcohol in the make because the security is tight and there is only one professional and an ajumma that are allowed in the liquor room. Having been away for awhile, Mi Rae wonders if the team is doing well. However, Se Joo assumes that she is wondering about Shin and emphasizes the team is all doing well, including Shin.

Back in the office, Shin wants to know where Mi Rae is working but Oppa and PD Lee them all refuse to tell him. Writer Bae is kind to tell Shin the name of the bar and Mi Rae’s disguised name but does not let him get away without making the remark that Shin is dumb at expressing his feelings and often ends up getting misunderstood. Shin says nothing and immediately calls to find out where Grace Bar is and heads out.

Outside of the bar, he runs into a waiter (whose named on the tag is Won Bin, LOL) who recognizes him and thanks him for the subway incident because Won Bin’s mother was there. Won Bin wants to buy him a drink as a token of appreciation but he declines and instead, he asks Won Bin to do him a favor i.e. to watch over Mi Rae for him and he gives the waiter his number to contact if something ever comes up with Mi Rae.

Across the bar in a restaurant, Shin sits at a table beside the window and watches over the bar and at that very moment, Se Joo walks in to join him. Se Joo asks Shin why he didn’t go see Mi Rae in person (are you guys nuts? She is working undercover!). But Shin responds with a series of question directed at Se Joo instead, “When are you coming out? When are you going to go ‘ta-da’ and change?” I like that Se Joo uses a light tone with Shin and isn’t antagonistic like before when Shin speaks to him with attitude. He tells him casually that it has not been decided because he still needs to discuss with the board members.

Shin’s attitude towards Se Joo continues to be hostile and he asks curtly when he will get fired. Se Joo is confused at first but catches on quickly with Shin’s assumption. He clarifies that he isn’t a despicable person; he is a businessman who can separate business from personal matters. The best thing that he has said out of this conversation is his acknowledgement of Shin’s ability and importance to YBS by telling Shin, “To me, you are YBS’s best asset. You are still useful so can’t throw you out rashly”. Thumbs up for you, Park Se Joo, you made me proud!


Mi Rae takes a break with the waiter outside of the bar and the waiter gossips that he has met Shin and says Shin has asked him to watch over her. Mi Rae is secretly please. One of the ajumma overhears it and rushes to join in the gossiping. Mi Rae asks ajumma to keep it a secret.

Oppa: “What?”

Next morning, Oppa gets a call from his friend and is shocked to find out that Ajumma is truly his baby sister from the future. Meanwhile, Ajumma is under house arrest and forced to take sleeping pills to dream for Miranda. She doesn’t take them and flushes them down the toilet when Oppa calls her to come home. She readily agrees.

She meets with Miranda and feeds her with the most outrageous dream, ha! Miranda doesn’t believe it and tells her to dream again and she refuses. She pulls her rank saying that she is unni and Miranda can’t order her around, LOL. Seriously, Koreans and their ranking but it works wonder. Miranda asks her what she wants. She firmly tells Miranda to let her go, treats her illness regularly and if she does dream, she will let Miranda knows and walks off to meet with Oppa. Miranda is flabbergasted with her sudden change, LOL.

At a restaurant, having finally accepted Ajumma for who she is, he feeds her his bowl of dessert affectionately. Ajumma breaks down in tears telling him she misses their parents and him so much. Curiously, Oppa asks whether cancer can be cured in the future. Ajumma says the later stage is still incurable.

She also reveals that she hasn’t spoken to Oppa for 20 years in the future because Oppa is disappointed with her marrying Shin. Oppa prompts her to tell him who has died in the future.

Cut to Grace Bar, ajumma accidentally slices her finger and Mi Rae quickly Band-Aid it for her but she drops her guard and starts speaking with Seoul accent. Ajumma quickly whispers in her ears for reminder and covers up for her. At that very moment, a woman gets piggybacked out from the liquor room having fainted from sniffing too much of Ethanol fumes. Mi Rae purposely knocks a plate of finger foods on the ground to grab the thug’s attention and with success; the thug orders her to the liquor room. Ajumma tries to intervene in full knowledge what goes on behind the scene. The two struggle for a bit until the thug loses his temper and orders them both to get in there.

Before heading in, Mi Rae hurriedly texts a message with her spy phone but she gets caught. Oh noes! Luckily, the thug didn’t suspect and merely tosses her phone onto the kitchen bench top and ushers her into the room. Gaahh, my heart!

Inside the room, Mi Rae nervously scans the room to gather proof with her spy glasses. The man orders ajumma to perform a body check on Mi Rae and as she goes down further she notices a bump behind the apron, Mi Rae whispers and begs her not to say a word. Jesus, my heart is palpitating! Glancing at the Band-Aid Mi Rae puts on her finger; ajumma takes a deep breath and pronounce her clean. Oh, thank you ajumma! Mi Rae herself heaves a sigh of relief and temporary unable to move from all the nerves.

Mi Rae changes her apron to another and she leaves whatever is in there in that apron too. She films the making process with her glasses the way Se Joo taught her and it comes off too awkward and one of the thugs notices it. He smashes the glasses onto the ground in anger. After some pleading and threatening, ajumma gets sent out and she takes Mi Rae’s apron with her.

In the kitchen, Won Bin comes in to deliver drinks and notices Mi Rae’s absence. He sees ajumma coming out from the back room, telling him she didn’t see Mi Rae and straight after another man comes out of the room and whispers into another thug’s ear. Won Bin gets suspicious.

Meanwhile the thugs tie Mi Rae to a chair and while they are at it, Won Bin asks if he could enter and claims he is here to deliver them food. He steals a few glances at Mi Rae before leaving her, looking scared as ever. He calls Shin once he is out and then Shin informs Oppa. Ajumma hides in the ladies room and uses Mi Rae’s original phone and calls Se Joo for help. Se Joo is keeping watch outside, gets out of his car and heads to the bodyguard who he knows is secretly protecting him under Miranda’s order and demands him to quickly gather more men.

The other thugs hurriedly pack up all the evidences and move it elsewhere while Mi Rae is still tie up on the chair. Mi Rae threatens to expose them but the thugs sneer and laugh at her for she has no evidences against them. One of the men is called out to deal with Se Joo’s men who tried to force their way in. Se Joo decides to join in only to realize he is locked in the car and the bodyguard apologetically informs him it is Miranda’s order. Knowing his place, he sighs and hits the back seat in frustration.

Back inside, Mi Rae grabs the chance and kicks the thug when he turns his back to her. Still tied up, she tries to run towards the door but the thug throws her back onto the ground. Just as he swears at her, ajumma knocks him out cold with a bottle. Ajumma cries and apologizes while loosening Mi Rae’s robe. Ajumma is sorry for getting her hands dirty but she has no choice, she needed money for her son.

The police finally arrive and arrest everyone in the bar. Se Joo and Oppa rush to Mi Rae and demand to know if she is alright but Mi Rae only has eyes on Shin, who is also there but is talking to the police. The thug who gets kick in the behind tries to argue that there is no incriminating evidence against him, however, Mi Rae out smart him by declaring she has another backup micro camera on the necklace. Yay, you go, girl! Shin and Se Joo are both impressed.

Miranda walks out of an event and gets approach by Yoo Kyung. What are you doing, girl? Yoo Kyung asks, “Do you know Na Mi Rae?” and Miranda asks if she is talking about the maknae writer at YBS but Yoo Kyung replies, “No, not that Na Mi Rae but the older one.”

Oppa wants Writer Bae to write the script for the fake alcohol footage but Writer Bae tells him Mi Rae is ready and persuades him to let his sister try. Oppa turns to ask PD Lee’s opinon and PD Lee, this time round, would not dare to disagree so he is in full support of Writer Bae’s decision to let Mi Rae debut.

Mi Rae is overjoyed with the good news and she locks hands with Se Joo in celebration. Oppa looks at them with approval and comments that they look good together. Se Joo’s face lights up with hope asking, “Really?” but that makes Mi Rae feels awkward and she releases her hands from Se Joo.

And then Oppa starts drilling her, “Have you found the theme? Have you found the motivation behind our program – hope…?” Mi Rae is obviously stumped because she hasn’t thought about it and does not know. Se Joo tries to rescue her but Oppa asks him to keep quiet while he goes on full lecture about her being unprepared and doing things the wrong way round. He questions if she just wants to show off or she is rushing to boost her career and so on. Mi Rae is speechless and has no reasons to defend herself. Oppa heaves a deep sigh and tells Se Joo to follow through their original plan and commands Mi Rae to think up some pretty words to wrap up the program. He exits by sliding the door shut loudly while Mi Rae tries to hold in her tears.

Se Joo: “You know he did that on purpose, right?”
Se Joo: “It is because you are his sister so he wants you to do better.”
Mi Rae: “That’s why I want to do better but I lost grasp of the most important thing.”
Mi Rae: “Why am I so useless?”
Se Joo: “It’s okay, we can do this together. I will help you.”

Meanwhile, Oppa never left. He is leaning against the wall listening in on their conversation. He gets a call from Shin and half way telling Shin off again to leave his sister alone, Shin grabs his attention regarding something. Next we see 3 men sitting down in deep discussion; Shin suggests that they share a short footage of alcohol cover story with the news department and through that they can grab more viewers to tune in to their program.

Oppa is all in for the great idea but wonders if the news department would agree. Shin informs him it was them who suggested it; however, there is one person who disagrees and so they cannot proceed further. Oppa wants to know who and Shin turns to Se Joo knowingly and says, “Miranda”. Oppa could not stop cursing while Shin asks Se Joo for ideas to deal with Miranda. Heh.

https://i2.wp.com/farm3.staticflickr.com/2873/10975903984_58608060e2.jpg https://i0.wp.com/farm4.staticflickr.com/3680/10975717595_a1ae15cf76.jpg

What we see next is Se Joo walks into Miranda’s office, stands there and looks at her. Miranda nags, “Why didn’t you call before you come. If it is about Na Mi Rae, we’ll talk about it at home…” but before she can finish her sentence, Shin enters without prior notice. Clumsily she switches to yell at Se Joo, “You… a VJ… come into a chairman’s office as he wishes? Get out immediately?” HAHAHA! Smooth, very smooth grandma! Se Joo beelines to the couch, sits down and notifies her casually that Shin already knows. Miranda is confused, “What? Know what?”

https://i2.wp.com/farm8.staticflickr.com/7426/10975942833_43a82d4e89.jpg https://i1.wp.com/farm8.staticflickr.com/7445/10975714915_f276dff94d.jpg

Shin: “I know that you are Park Se Joo’s grandmother.” The look on her face is hilarious. Shin goes on further praising Se Joo on doing a good job and emphasizes that he has to come up here to tell Miranda this. Hahaha! So fake! And Se Joo gives a dignified expression. LOL!

Next we see the two men sitting next to each other opposite of Miranda. Miranda plays dumb and tells them it is a misunderstanding; it was the news director who objects to it.


Se Joo informs her, “I’ve already spoken with the news director and he says he has no problem with it”. Miranda glares at her grandson. HA! Se Joo pokes, “Did you object because of Mi Rae?”

Lord knows why Miranda tries to play dumb again by pretending she doesn’t know Mi Rae. Shin fills her in the details, “She is our team’s maknae writer. Someone I really like.” And Miranda responded with the funniest reaction ever, she reassesses Shin from up to down thinking, “Is it him? The person Na Mi Rae likes?” HAHAHA!

Shin and Se Joo take turn employing reverse psychology on Miranda, arguing on opposing sides. Shin plays the good guy insisting Miranda is not petty but generous while Se Joo plays the bad guy saying that she is. The smirk he gives grandma is just too cheeky and grandma can only swallow the excusation because she can neither deny nor admit. LOL.

Miranda isn’t an old fool so she catches on to their game immediately. She applauds and praises their good acting and marvels aloud, “The two that is always opposing each other unite together tacitly for a woman, that can only mean you both must really like her, however, what is the ending to this show? Who will win her heart?” Both of them look at which other as if they are saying, “May the best man wins”. Mi Rae, you are so lucky you know that?

Completely clueless what goes on behind the scenes, Mi Rae is too busy racking her brains for a theme. She receives a packaging from ajumma. Inside, there is a note thanking Mi Rae from preventing her becoming a shameful mother and she encourages Mi Rae to write more with the pen she encloses in the package.

Pandora Box goes on air and during broadcasting; Mi Rae has her attention on Shin while Se Joo has his on Mi Rae and Yoo Kyung’s on Se Joo. Shin wraps up with the conclusion that the fake liquor proposed law has been submitted to the National Assembly, although there is uncertainty that it will pass but there is light and that is hope.

“Hope is not a gift from someone but rather it requires us to explore and search on our own. Even though we get obscured by darkness and we cannot see, Pandora Box will persevere till the end in order to find hope.”

Shin gives Mi Rae a quick glance when he recites those lines and she smiles. Anddd… I wonder if this is a message or hint to the viewers from the writer. Oppa asks Writer Bae if she has revised the script for Mi Rae and Writer Bae says no. Oppa gives a little smirk of approval.

Mi Rae turns her attention to the screen when the credits roll out, happy and proud to see her name on the screen. Shin turns around with a smile but quickly evaporated when he sees Mi Rae is engaged in a conversation with Se Joo. He walks away low-spiritedly and Mi Rae’s eyes follow him and so did Se Joo.

Yoo Kyung waits for Se Joo at the corridor and asks him if Shin knows about him. She senses that when Shin confessed at the team outing, he is declaring war towards Se Joo. Se Joo affirms her that she got that right. Yoo Kyung advises him to be honest with Mi Rae if he wants her to love him for who he is even though she finds out his chaebol background. Se Joo tells her he is planning to come clean tonight and possibly too much for Yoo Kyung to listen to; she calls him cruel and walks away.

At the playground, the two Na siblings have a heart-to-heart talk. Oppa pretends to be tough but doesn’t fool Mi Rae this time since she heard from Writer Bae that Oppa approves of her. Still, Oppa tells her she didn’t contribute that much but Mi Rae is proud that her hard work has paid off and is under consideration to be made in a law.

She says regardless if the law passes the motion; at least it would make a small difference: like pouring a fresh vial of water into the polluted ocean, if they keep pouring more of the tiny vial into the ocean, wouldn’t one day the ocean be cleaned up?

At that very moment, Se Joo arrives at Na residence with a bottle of wine. He gets informed by Ajumma that Mi Rae is with Oppa at the playground.

Mi Rae tells Oppa she has decided; she wants to be a current events writer to help change the world. Oppa is gratified that his baby sister is all grown up. She adds, “There is someone who make me this way, I like him, Oppa.” Mi Rae admits her feelings for Shin just as Se Joo arrives at the playground. Oppa goes ballistic and throws a fit. He warns her if she dates Shin he will kick her out and storms off, not giving her a chance to explain that she has changed because of Shin.

Se Joo overhears everything with his hand clutches tightly to the handle of the wine packaging. Meanwhile Oppa storms all the way home after arrange a meeting with Shin. He asks Ajumma if she can tell Shin everything.

Mi Rae is still at the playground; talking to a wall of wood and pretending she is talking to Shin. She asks if they can be happy even though he might be ruined and they don’t have money. Se Joo is seen nearby in the shadow, listening to her every word wearing a heavy expression.

Oppa storms into the private room at the Japanese restaurant where he asks Shin to meet him. Oppa has difficulty spitting out words with his temper still flaring up. He tells Shin he has brought Na Mi Rae and turns out it is Ajumma.

Meanwhile Mi Rae is locked out of the house because Oppa has changed the password, LOL! These two siblings are cracking me up, seriously. Se Joo appears few minutes later and calls out to her. She borrows his phone and calls Oppa but he hangs up on her. Se Joo’s grave manner cuts short her frustrated complaints regarding Oppa as he finally voices, “Mi Rae-ssi, let’s talk. Sincerely.”

Oppa asks Ajumma to tell Shin everything before he leaves Shin with the DNA report. Shin is thoroughly confused at Oppa’s rage (poor thing) and is even more confused when Ajumma tells him he will be married to Mi Rae and they will have a son named Geun. He literally freaks out when Ajumma starts tearing up.

Ajumma finally drops the bomb and confesses that Geun is their son and she is the woman he married, that she is Na Mi Rae.


This episode reminds me of what my co-recap partner Hanjae has mentioned before:

“Mi Rae’s choice isn’t about Mi Rae making a choice between the two men but it is about the choice that she has to make between the tough path in both life and love or the easier one, as well as the choices that then result from the first.”

In addition, it is also about how the choice she made helps her in her own character growth. As we know, she dives into the fake alcohol project without any idea of how it relates to the Pandora’s Box theme. She knows that she wants to be a writer but then she does not see far enough into her future what sort of writer she wants to be, thus, she hits a road block and Oppa lectures her hard on it. It was Oppa’s tough love when it comes to how he treats Mi Rae but he has to hammer it into Mi Rae’s fickle mind for her own good. And finally, through another lesson learnt in the life and death situation and with inspiration from Grace Bar ajumma, she finds her goal and this is the main focal story of this episode.

Frankly, I like the writer’s approach in an attempt to shape Mi Rae into someone totally opposite of Ajumma. The old Mi Rae would have been a weak person who relies on Shin a lot and even though is in a relationship with him, the relationship is on an unequal ground where she would always have to swallow her hardship and words because Shin is strong minded with a sharp tongue.

Here we have a new Mi Rae who speaks her mind and is always fighting to be seen as an equal being and asking for proper acknowledgement for her hard work. I believe the writer is trying to convey the message (through Mi Rae) is that love isn’t everything and most importantly, there should be a balance between love and bread. This episode looks to me that it has rounded up on its development of Mi Rae’s career as she officially debuted as a writer and thus, the next thing Mi Rae will need to tackle on and fight for is her love for Shin.

Mi Rae will have to be firm and fight hard to convince Oppa that Shin is worth it even after knowing what their future could turn out. Oppa’s good intention is clear; he worries A LOT for his one and only baby sister. He has the responsibility to make sure his sister has a good life since he is the parent after their parents died. It is fairly difficult for him to leave Mi Rae to make her own decision even though she is 32 years old. A younger sister will always be a younger sister in Oppa’s eyes and Mi Rae is not exactly an independent and smart girl to begin with so it will take him time to acknowledge that his little baby sister is growing up ‘mentally’ and no longer is the flighty and clueless Mi Rae he grew up with.

Evidently, Oppa has acknowledged Mi Rae’s growth over the few episodes although he continues to worry about her. I am certain, in time, he will learn to let go and give her his blessing at the end of this drama.

I don’t think this episode has slowed down or has no relationship progress. Feelings are out in the open and it is only logical that it takes time for everyone to calm down and deal with it, especially for Se Joo. Yoo Kyung’s confession came at quite a surprise to him and I am happy that he is at least curious enough to want to know the reason(s). Se Joo can’t be hold responsible for Yoo Kyung’s heartbreak, the man does not know and as inexperience as he is with love; his reaction towards the post-confession is actually considered as commendable. He apologizes for his inconsideration and acknowledges that he must have given Yoo Kyung a difficult time rather than reverting to his cold chaebol side and rejects her like he did to other girls.

There is very little Se Joo can do about Yoo Kyung’s feelings, there is no need for him to reject her because she knows where his heart lies and one cannot expect him to drop his feelings for Mi Rae immediately and accept Yoo Kyung’s because wouldn’t that make it a rebound relationship. If he had, netizens would also be furious because that just means he didn’t truly love Mi Rae. Funny how either choice can make him the bad guy, hey?

Personally, I like his approach with Yoo Kyung and that includes what we saw in next episode’s preview. He is being honest with Yoo Kyung, he treasures her friendship and at this point in time if he reciprocates her feelings, he would be an insincere jerk so it would have been best they stayed as friends. This does not mean friendship cannot develop into love in the future.

Se Joo’s persistence is often mistaken as stubborn, but I think by the next episode it is very clear that he is leaving Mi Rae to make the decision and he would wait but he will not be around her anymore. Is that really stubborn? I do not think so. He was only trying his best to pursue the woman he likes because Mi Rae’s behaviour and wavering heart gives him that false belief. Besides, if he does not think Shin can make her happy and he has the confident that he can so why not try a little harder? However, fear not, he is waking up now after over-hearing her confession at the playground.

I like that he is not the annoying kind of guy who pushes the heroine to love him back whenever he gets the chance. He is always seen around Mi Rae, helping her with work and protecting her but he doesn’t pressure her at all. He only wishes that one day Mi Rae would ‘see’ him. Mi Rae is the person that is blinded by love. She never seems to ‘see’ Se Joo being there for her. She only ‘sees’ Shin, her eyes always searches for Shin. I believe it is fair to say from the beginning of the drama till now, both men have contributed a lot in helping her but Se Joo’s kindness and helpfulness never really touches her heart as Shin does.

Up until this episode, I still firmly believe that Se Joo is a far better written character with multi-faceted layers rather than 2-dimensional and with more promising character development than the other three. I loved that my faith in his character is confirmed when he acknowledged Shin being the biggest asset of YBS and that he is capable of separating business from personal matters.

It would be grand if the writer will start telling Yoo Kyung’s story now that she has put her feelings out there. I wish that through Se Joo, we would see and get to know more about her and her upbringing.

Turns out Yoo Kyung is quite sensitive and vulnerable now that her feelings have been stripped raw. She isn’t as strong as she portrays herself to be. When Se Joo asked her why she likes him, her immediate reaction was to worry that he thinks she is a gold digger. I am delighted as well as heartbroken for her on that confession.

When she told Se Joo he was cruel, she didn’t realised how much she doesn’t want to hear the truth from him, even though she is the one who advised him to come clean with Mi Rae. Listening to Se Joo’s decision and confirmation cuts her a thousand times. Se Joo wasn’t being insensitive to her feelings though; she brought it up so as a friend, he tells her his plan, and there was no ill intention to hurt her. A part of Yoo Kyung wants to be there for Se Joo, as a friend and help him, but another part of her (her heart) can no longer bear the pain which is why the outburst of that statement.

As for Shin, I feel sorry for his confession turning into a joke. The man meant well and is actually taking that one big step forward as Mi Rae requested. I also understand his retreat now that Se Joo has come out with his identity. As I have mentioned countless time, Shin may seem confident on the surface but he is, however, a very insecure and inferior person so it is only reasonable his reaction towards Ajumma’s revealed truth is to avoid Mi Rae. It shows that he truly loves her and wants the best for her and thus, he turns into that noble idiot because he has no courage and confident to make sure that their future will not turn out the same way. Mi Rae is ready to change her future and in the latter episode, it will be Shin’s turn to learn and fight for a different future.

So, we have another clue to Ajumma’s secret and it boils down to my first suspected reason for Ajumma’s time travelling: The death of their son. If this is indeed the truth then I would definitely understand why she decided to change history. Old Mi Rae went through at least god knows how long of marriage with Shin and she sticks to it until one day, she lost her son (which we see she blames Shin for the lost). Assuming she was able to endure the hardship because of her love for Shin in their marriage and quite possibly she draws strength from their son to stay strong and be with Shin, thus, losing her son is the last straw and she could no longer bear it. It motivates and drives her to go to such extreme as time travelling. I would still throw in my second belief that Oppa, too, died in the future rather than she has not seen him for 20 years. Oppa clearly marries her off to Shin even though how disapproved he is regarding their get together but I do not truly believe that he would break contact with her. It also does not explain the tears and her reaction when she first saw him in present time and also Oppa’s picture with “I am so sorry” stuck onto the attic’s window.

What is unclear is why Ajumma chose to change her future completely at this timeline rather than right what was wrong at a timeline before her son died. I can only assume she decided to wipe out Shin and the son completely because she thought the ‘wrong’ begun when she married Shin and she will still have a son to love if Mi Rae marries Se Joo.

Unlike other viewers, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I find myself sitting back and enjoy the wistful stories the writer throws at me. I didn’t mind the lack of romance or little comedy because what I have gotten in return is a drama with depth involving character growth. We also must look beyond the surface and realise that with each big events that is presented to us, Mi Rae and others move a step forward in their character development. First event, the message was clear: fate can be changed by choice. Second event at the abandoned house, it was a message to our OTP that they have to overcome pain and suffering together for the love they have for each other. The third event secures and opens up Mi Rae’s career path and introduces ‘hope’.

One thing I love about this drama is that there is no villain and everyone is flawed but they are a human being’s flaws and no one is evil to the core, even Se Joo or Yoo Kyung. I don’t feel frustrated with the arrangement that Ajumma Mi Rae keeps her secret from the viewers because I understand the necessity to keep this as mysterious as and drag out as long as possible to create the tension and arc. However, it is another story if the ‘reason(s)’ of Ajumma’s return is unconvincing, LOL.

Last but not least, Kim Shin and Park Se Joo’s scenes really take my breath away. Not only one of them was hilariously well done but I love the idea that if these two ever decide to work together in YBS, they would achieve so much success and do many great things. This is the choice Shin would have to make whether to leave YBS or not and I wish, as a businessman, Se Joo will ask him to stay. Their bromance is simply daebak.


5 thoughts on “Mi Rae’s Choice: Episode 11

  1. The best scenes are kwhen Kim Shin and Se Joo are together, their subtle and sometimes not so subtle rivalry is intense. I’m glad that Se Joo is finally seeing the light on his relationship with Mirae and hopefully moving on to Yoo Kyung. I must give praise to Jung Yong Hwa for his sensitive portrayal and the sadness in his eyes when he sees Mirae slipping from him. It really makes my heart ache for PSJ.


  2. I read excerpt of JYH interview in Arena Homme. During practice, he asked Eunhye “Why can’t noona see me?’, then noona will answer, ‘It’s not that I don’t want to see you, but the script told me to do so.'” LOL. These two cracked me up.
    Anyway, I see people hating on Seju now, saying that he was disrespect, persistence, selfish, and some other blah comments. But I understand now why Seju did not give up on Mirae. He just wanted to see the woman he loves happy. As opposed to other people, I don’t see Yukyung as the victim here. That woman is tough, though she breaks down sometimes. And Seju never gives her false hope.
    My favorite scene in this episode is when Seju asked why did Yukyung like him, and Yukyung’s expression and answer were heart-wrenching.


  3. When I watched this episode, I find myself was frustrated. But then, I read your recap and felt better. Your recap was really positive. Glad to read it. Thank you.


  4. When I watched this episode, I find myself was overly frustrated. But then, I read your recap and felt better. Your recap was really positive. Glad to read it. Thank you.


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