[Drama News] The Smiles behind Mi Rae’s Choice BTS Pictorials

Awwww… look at that. How sweet. I have always adored behind the scenes pictures because you get to see the actors true interactions and appreciate their hard work and effort. Four more episodes till we get to the bottom of Mi Rae’s Choice. I am happy and sad. Happy that I can finally take a break from recapping and sad that I’d have to say goodbye to my most loved character – Park Se Joo.

Never have I thought that my first drama of Jung Yong Hwa, I’d score myself a lovable character like Park Se Joo – such a complex character and the drama keeps challenging my brain. I am also delighted Park Se Joo comes hip to hip with other interesting characters like Yoo Kyung and Shin. Mi Rae still gives me that mixed feelings between like and dislike so it’s difficult to say, for now. ‘Nuff said, let’s just ogle at these beautiful photos.

The scene between Yoo Kyung and Se Joo, I am hoping that the look Se Joo wears is the glimpse of his heart starting to beat for Yoo Kyung… he does look a lot like he can’t bear to see her hurt and wants to protect her. However, Yoo Kyung has pride and is still stronger than Mi Rae so she refuses.


[生病] [生病] [生病] Why did they edit out the cycling scene? Those actors work hard filming it! I want to see all 4 of them interacting and having fun!

Seriously, Koreans can’t live without instant noodle. That said, I am hungry now.

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2 thoughts on “[Drama News] The Smiles behind Mi Rae’s Choice BTS Pictorials

  1. Looking at the smiles on the 3 faces makeme wonder what are they watching. They look so happy and relax which is great. Hope to see more BTS shots.

    BTW, PSJ looks like he’s finally taking note of YK which is a step forward, so I’m hoping for more interactions between them in thenext Ep.


  2. This drama make me frustrated, but I love all the actors, they really do great job. I don’t know how the writer can end this story wisely with only 4 eps left. I only hope she can give me a reasonable reason why the old Mirae can messed up another woman life/future. Was YK cheating with Shin? Or YK really a whore, who sleep with all PDs, so she’s not good enough for SJ?
    Anyway, I’m glad YK doesn’t care anymore about SJ…GO..GO GIRL, SOMEONE BETTER WILL COME SOMEDAY!


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