[Drama News] Lee Min Ho ‘Forehead Kiss’ Park Shin Hye in The Heirs

Just when I was happy celebrating that the ‘donut kiss’ wasn’t as romantic as the photo stills shown and then I get a stab to the heart with a romantic ‘forehead kiss’. Bleurghhhh ~ *consumed with jealousy* all over again! Alright, so in tonight’s episode Rachel (Kim Ji Won) somehow finds out where Eun Sang works and she orders a take out for Bo Na (Krystal) and Chan Young’s (Kang Min Hyuk) getting back together party (huh? you kids have nothing better to do). Eun Sang makes the delivery in her Mangosix apron and everyone sees it. Secret is out in the open and Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) to the rescue.

I have to express my disappointment at Min Hyuk (LOL), he’s supposed to watch over and spy on his hyung-soo but instead he gets side-track playing dating with Krystal, hahaha!

So Ki Ae mummy brought you a scarf too, Tan?

How will Eun Sang handle the pressure, with Tan?

Tan: May I have a dance?

Taking off her apron off her… this is sensual.

Tan must have asks Eun Sang to let down her hair (coz he doesn’t want others to ogle at her neck) and puts a corsage on her, awwww. Are we in high school prom night? *giggles*

Close that mouth of yours, dude! What is with all those cameos, ruining a good kiss (>> referring to Faith).

Love is the Momentttttt ~ ♪


14 thoughts on “[Drama News] Lee Min Ho ‘Forehead Kiss’ Park Shin Hye in The Heirs

  1. 😥 😥 😥 Waaahhh!!! I’m jealous!!! Why does she get lot’s of kisses?!!!

    Anyway, it’s romantic and sweet and LMH rocks it again!!! So proud!!!

    @Ducky I’m watching!!! Off limits!!!


  2. I actually liked the donut kiss – it’s so in-character for Tan to be so sneaky. HaHaHa! I agree with LMH that the frequency of skinship in this drama is so off-the-charts. It’s surprising considering how ‘prudish’ some dramas come off (even those with adult leads) with the leads hesitation to even hold hands or touch an arm (so far from reality). The amount of hand-holding, wrist-grabbing, kissing and affectionate displays in The Heirs is killing me. We may not get passionate kisses (yet) but the squeal-worthiness of the rest works for me. It’s quite fitting for your first love and high school.

    I was dying last night – too many cute moments. Loved it when Tan held down ES hand and kept her in place using his knees. *fans self* He was being playful but jeez, I practically fainted. LMAO. The donut kiss was hotter in pics because it passed so quickly. But that and the playful banter made it extremely cute.


  3. Didn’t the PDTeam said the gonna try out all kind of kisses on IT and ES. So LMH and PSH are their test objects. So more kisses to come.


    • This episode was done so well ESP the last 5-10 mins. I hope they can top it because the ending hit all the right notes for me.

      Actually I really liked a lot of the beats in this episode. The growth shown all around. While episode 13 was fun & enjoyable, this took it up a notch. No spoilers for @lapetite so I won’t mention more. Lets just say I’m glad I can say each episode gets better & better for me since episode 10. I hope it continues this way after the uneven & repetitive conflicts earlier. After all, the romance was never going to be the problem in this drama. Not after you have an almost-confession by the end of episode 2.


    • Ducky, I know what you mean.
      I’m quite jealous of ES right now.
      My gosh Kim Tan, I want to kidnap right now. 😛

      @La Petite
      Hurry and catch up with us.
      We need to swoon together. 😀


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