[Drama News] The Heirs: Stills of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye Doing ‘The Hug’

SBS has finally released stills of the upcoming TanSang hug for The Heirs Episode 13. There were fan accounts and bts pictures of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye doing ‘the hug’ but with the release of the stills we know it will happen for sure! 

Gosh that is one awesome hug! Do you think there will be a kiss? No?

It looks like Eun Sang initiated the hug as well! So happy she’s comforting Tan when he needed it the most! This has to be one of the most emotional hug and I’m sure it will deliver the feels for us!

Arms locked tight and no gap! Yep it’s a good hug!

So sad yet so beautiful. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode! I’m swooninggggg already. I think I’m going to die in tonight’s episode. The Heirs is killing me!


16 thoughts on “[Drama News] The Heirs: Stills of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye Doing ‘The Hug’

  1. I went….. “Aaawww” when I saw the pics. Personally I don’t think there should be a kiss. This hug is meant to be emotional and comforting. A kiss here means its being done to comfort Tan rather than due to romance. Not that it’s a bad thing to comfort someone you care about. It’s just that their first kiss could have already been placed in a much better context. The 2nd round of kisses – although pecks – was cute but not mutual. So the next one had better be something they were mutually anticipating, excited about and better prepared for. Like that almost-kiss in the pantry. *Fans self*


    • I agree! In the context of the situation a kiss might take away what the hug is supposed to convey, which is like you said, an emotional and comforting feeling.
      I do wish for a romantic, sweet and passionate kiss. Maybe at the end of episode 13 or even in episode 14.
      What is even better is that they give us cute kisses and hugs in every episode, only after a passionate kiss! They gotta give us a passionate kiss!


  2. OMG… the hug was so…… *nosebleed*
    I really feel this couple eun sang and kim tan…
    Yeah we want at least one mutual kiss… hehe


  3. Ducky, you can’t die yet.
    Need to be alive to watch it first. 😀

    I agree with everyone above.
    The hug is perfect the way it is.
    They don’t need to kiss at this moment.
    The perfect kiss will be when both are ready to do it. 😛
    I want to see something like in the pantry.
    Want to see desire and longing from Tan.
    Hopefully, this time around, ES will reciprocate. 😛


  4. OMEfffffing Gawd!
    What I would give to be on the receiving end of that squeeze from LMH! **dreaming**
    So jelly of PSH again! Arrrghhhh!!!!
    That’s my ultimate dream, cuz anything else would be wrong and criminal. Hahaha 😛

    My dreams aside, this looks like a beautiful and heartwarming embrace. **melting**
    I’m so happy ES doesn’t disappoint me, and initiated the hug.
    My heart is relieved and happy for Tanny!
    I’m over the moon excited for this week’s episodes. 😀
    Heirs Fighting!!!

    Thank you, uri Ducky. *hugs*


    • LOL and kamsa for the hug uri @Ducky
      **high-five, babe**

      OMO! Should I glomp Daejang before La Petite & frau gets here? Hahaha 😛
      **running away…** 😛 😛 😛
      Even if I get LCed, it’s all worth it for skinship with Daejang. 😀


      • Imja, I see you still retain your infamous glomping habit. 😛
        Luckily, I still have Tiger balms around, so glomp away. 😀


        • OMO! LOL and Annyeong uri Daejang!
          So happy to see you here! **grinning** 😛
          If you insist..**glomped again** Hahaha
          And no worries. I’ll FedEx more tiger balms to you Goryeo style if need be. LOL 😀
          I’m going to get LCed again, but totally worth it. LOL

          See, uri Daejang approves of sneakiness.
          Send ES over, so I can teach her a thing or two. Hahaha 😛

          @La Petite


          • Happy to see you here as well Imja.
            Give Young-ah a hug for me.
            If you are planning to send me more tiger balms, then please use Young Do as your delivery boy. 😛

            Alright! I have to go now. I’ll see you another day.


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