[Drama News] Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye ‘Fighting Spirit’ in Winter for The Heirs

Today’s first released stills are behind the scenes of actors fighting the cold while filming. Gaaahhhhh… I’m already shivering on behalf of them when I look at these.

Onion Head Emoticons 5

I often feel so bad for them when they have to wear so thin during filming (because they have to fashion the sponsor apparels) and also admire their dedication to complete filming out in the cold or snow! Nothing comes free without putting some hard work into it and this is what the actors are doing – fighting the cold to deliver us their best in The Heirs.

My least favourite couple romantic scene in Episode 11 [哼]
Why? Because of what Eun Sang said, “It’s like a dream” and what she did afterwards in the morning. It’s like a kindergarten level of ‘one night stand’. How can you tell the man you miss him, you like him and you snuggle up to him during the night but only to tell him it is the end of it and thank you for this wonderful night? What are you? Con lover? No matter how beautiful the sceneries was before, it was all ruined because of what she has said. Onion Head Emoticons 94

I now wonder if this red jacket is warm enough for you, Lee Min Ho.
To be honest, the Episode 13 preview worries me. I mean, don’t tell me Kim Tan fought in Episode 12 and rest or waffle around in Episode 13? Then fight again in Episode 14? I know he is hurt at the end of Episode 12, it’s also understandable that he needs a short screen time to recuperate but can we torch to his butt and let him quickly get a move on with tackling everything else? Look how quick Daddy Kim is laying his evil hands on Eun Sang! I’m worried there is not enough time to wrap things up!

Snow! First snow in Seoul and you are outside filming, Park Hyung Shik?

At first glance, I thought that was an ice pack and it was Rachel’s turn to get slapped! [阴险]

I really pity the girls in Korea. Do they have to wear skirts during winter too? [衰]

Hang in there The Heirs, it is almost over and stay warm and I shall see you all at the SBS Drama Awards! *Fingers crossed*

Source: SBS


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    • LOL I like the way you think. Ya, Kim Tan, come over here!

      I will be in Seoul for 9 days starting on Nov 29th. These pics are scaring the heck out of me. I like snow… but they tend to keep my energy level low. I hope its not too cold when I get there. I wouldn’t mind catching them shoot in front of Mango Six if its not too cold.


  1. i think if I was there…I will always feel warm because of lee min ho smile..his laugh amd his dimple…ooohhh gosshhhh!!! what a lucky park shin hye and kim ji won


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