[Drama News] Mi Rae’s Choice BTS: Hot Chaebol Jung Yong Hwa and Future Wife Han Chae Ah

Look what we have here! Spunky reporter Seo Yoo Kyung (Han Chae Ah) versus Hot Chaebol Park Se Joo (Jung Yong Hwa) BTS picture from Mi Rae’s Choice. To be honest, there are so many stills released between Se Joo and Mi Rae that I am getting quite annoyed at the production team because we all know there is no possibility between them and yet they kept forcing us to ‘see’ them together.

So, I am in delight when this one came out last night! So much love for these two to be honest. They match each other so well as Hanjae has put it in her insightful post.

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Goshhhh… yes, I’m now gushing over the hot chaebol because mannnn as much as I like VJ style Se Joo but chaebol style Se Joo in coat is absolutely dashing! [花心] And… HAHAHAHAHA is hot chaebol lining up and buying himself coffee?

credit: 不二孜助 and deboxkr


6 thoughts on “[Drama News] Mi Rae’s Choice BTS: Hot Chaebol Jung Yong Hwa and Future Wife Han Chae Ah

  1. I thought I’m the only one who noticed about the stills. If for the amount stills and articles alone, you’d think Seju and Mirae are the OTP, which is obviously not the case.


    • That’s the whole irony of the marketing of this drama. TBH, I believe using Yong Hwa is not only for overseas marketing but for local as well. I love LDG and his past dramas but that’s the point, he is from the past and his 5 years absence from the screen made him less marketable compared to YH who is hot right now. If only they also cast him as the lead and re-wrote the story, maybe this drama would have done better in terms of ratings. But all that’s been said and done, I’m happy that YH is cast as PSJ who in my opinion is the most well written character in this drama. Looking forward to this scene of SK and YK.


  2. I think the PR team is constantly releasing stills of Mirae-Seju to bring hype to the drama & probably a way to sell the drama to overseas. I do admit I’m a bit annoyed too about this as I want to see more Yookyung-Seju stills together until yesterday these came out on my timeline. Can’t contained my feelings.

    Chaebol Seju has reappeared and I’m so excited about it cos Yookyung is there too. Yonghwa and his OTP….Coffee.


  3. I cant really decide which one i like more business-minded chaebol or gentle kind vj. Yonghwa is really doing great in this two roles


    • Hahahahaha 🙂 yes! I love gentle vj with his sweet stares to mirae, one of the best part was mirae and sejoo wet scene after the car shower accident. Those stares! I melted. Yonghwa perfected those stares. When he is chaebol i love him in suites! >.<


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