[Drama News] Kang Min Hyuk, Park Hyung Shik and Krystal BTS in The Heirs

Here we have some BTS photo stills from the supporting actors – Yoon Chan Young (Kang Min Hyuk), Jo Myung Soo (Park Hyung Shik) and Lee Bo Na (Kyrstal) in The Heirs. The peaceful trio from Jeguk High and the least vicious (more of no vicious) of them all. ^ ^

Lee Bo Na is really the rare one in Jeguk High. Although she can be bitchy but at least she doesn’t go out of her way to make others’ life miserable and she is more approachable kind of girl. It’s definitely sweet of her to take Eun Sang in (although the drive of it is Chan Young, LOL). However, it is still commendable that her parents thought her well because she has empathy for others. The fact that she did not laugh or mock Eun Sang’s mother disability, she has earn many brownies points from me.

I’m happy that I am liking her so much now because she really rubbed me the wrong way at the beginning as a jealous girlfriend of Chan Young’s and her bitchiness did not help… lucky lucky. The girl is a gem.

Yoon Chan Young is really not standing out among the bunch at the moment, actually, he hasn’t stand out at all. He’s just breezing through here and there or at the back and romancing Bo Na. But as best friend of Eun Sang, he hasn’t really been around much to rescue/help her, has he? To be honest, I’m starting to question what is the purpose of having him in The Heirs? Is he a necessary character or not because so far he seems rather not required most of the time… hmm.

Jo Myung Soo is perfectly harmless in my opinion but I do wonder if Kim Eun Sook is going to give him more screen time to tell his side of the story? We are only beginning to catch a glimpse into Lee Hyo Shin (Kang Ha Neul) just this week and 8 more episodes to go, is it going to be enough to cover the side characters? Myung Soo comes from family of lawyers, however, he isn’t smart and he knows that so instead of forcing himself to study, he lives his life happily the way he is. Myung Soo loves his parents but his parents are more interested in work so he is a child being neglected a lot and wishes to be loved too.

Jun Hyun Joo (Im Joo Eun) is like the adult Cha Eun Sang I reckon.  Her passiveness and that always so sad, inferiority expression annoys me. Kim Eun Sook is really bad in writing her female characters, they are always either a bitch or a damsel in distress and nothing else! /Flip Tables

Is it that difficult for her to write a spunky female character? Why must they be so pessimistic, so sad, so melo, so weak in personality…etc etc? Sigh, we still don’t get to see much and know much about Hyun Joo however again, I wish she isn’t just a vase looking pretty in the show. Please just let some of these characters DO something already.

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  1. That’s what happens when the writer/producer goes for quantity instead of quality. With so many characters in a drama, it’s not surprising that there is not enough time to have proper character development for many of them which is such a waste of talent.


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