[Drama News] The Heirs: Episode 13 Preview

Preview is out! Did Tan temporary run away from home? Hahaha!
It seems like Daddy Kim plans to send Eun Sang off to study abroad to separate uri Heirs couple. Dirrrrtyyyy! [怒骂][怒骂][怒骂]

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Rough Translations

Rachel: What are you planning to do?
Young Do: I plan to shut your mouth.
Young Do: This isn’t a request, it’s a warning.
Tan: I am asking you who were you with at night? You have been caught.
Eun Sang: Do you have morbid jealousy?
Young Do: Are you two friends?
Tan: We’re lovers.
Tan’s dad: Is it named Cha Eun Sang? Prepare her to send her abroad.

Eun Sang: What are you going to do now?
Tan: I’ll study hard and succeed.
Eun Sang: You might as well go to KPOP Star!
Tan: No no, I can’t sing well.
Ki Ae: Where is Tan? Did he come to see you? He came, right?
Tan: I came, why!
Ki Ae: Let’s go home.
Tan: I’m not going.
KA: Are you two planning to together or what?
Eun Sang: Have a good dream.
Tan: I’m already dreaming. You are there.

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10 thoughts on “[Drama News] The Heirs: Episode 13 Preview

  1. Daddy Kim is playing dirty again! I have faith in Secretary Yoon in helping the kids out. Eun Sang likes to hit Kim Tan hahahahaha finally we gets some lighter and cuter moments!


    • I think they will probably give us 1 episode worth of squeal-worthy antics from Tan-ES before it comes crashing down on ep 14. Hahaha! I hope the co-habitation happens for more than 1 night (HeHeHe) although you know ES’ mom is gonna put a stop to all that soon. I’m so looking forward to the bromance too – both with YD and Won.


  2. Waaaaaaaaah uri dream catcher couple is playing house again? 8-0 😛 My heart is going to burst waiting for Wed to come around. Eeeek! OMG! Look at gorgeous Tanny laying there on the couch with his lips sort of puckering (or is my mind running wild? ha!) up just waiting. **frontal attack glooooooooomp** 😀 😀 😀 **running off before La Petite and Frau gets here** LOLLL

    Kamsa for the preview, La Petite! *hugs*


  3. Isn’t it cute how much Tan relished telling Young Do “we are lovers”, not friends. LMAO. He’s such a teenager esp with his jealous raging and insecurity. Some people tend to forget these are guys are supposedly in high school & probably in love for the first time. Those were good times man!


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