The Heirs: Episode 10

Our OTP’s feelings are out in the open. Tan must find a way to give Eun Sang courage so she can stand by him when he finally takes care of the challenges ahead. Eun Sang needs to take a leap of faith and start to dream again for herself, for her mom and for Tan. I want to see them again all happy and bickering like normal teenagers.


After Young Do’s rude visit, Tan take him outside for a confrontation. Tan regrets underestimating and can’t believe that he was such a bastard. Young Do want’s Tan to kneel down to him, but Tan tells him the he is mistaken, if that’s what he wanted. Then Young Do spots Eun Sang coming back from school, busy texting her mom failing to notice them. Seriously! Eun Sang should be careful she might get into an accident texting while walking. He says his plan was succesful, Eun Sang coming to Tan’s house is unexpected but it’s a jackpot! Tan quickly says they had plans. Apologizing to Eun Sang that they have to postpone watching the show and go home. Eun Sang cottoning on, says it’s okay she’s going home and just text her. Young Do’ tries to stop her, but Tan blocks him and tells her to just go so she hurries out.

Young Do questions Tan finding it curious that Eun Sang can just come and go in his house freely. He assumes they are siblings, but Tan calls him stupid. He wants Tan to explain, if Rachel knows of Eun Sang coming here. Tan tells him that he and Eun Sang dating is a fact, adding that Rachel knows. Tan ask him if he’s staying ‘coz he has something to do. Young do assumes he’s running away. Tan says no he getting his revenge and Young do should come and watch.

Tan meets Young Do’s dad at Zeus Hotel. Young Do’s dad greets him pleasantly and praises him, when Young Do bursts in and tries to stop him. Dad tells Young Do to shut up and let Tan finish. Tan says he came to apologize for hitting Young Do twice. Dad replies that boys are boys and hitting is normal, it’s healthier to let anger out. Tan thanks dad and leaves.

As Tan walks out, Young Do braces himself for dad who gives him a slap. Tan walking out gives a smirk knowing the outcome. I can see the Lucifer Tan here, gives me the chills! Young Do should’ve never crossed the line.  Dad is angry at Young Do by losing twice not by being hurt. Young Do’s dad is the an ultimate jerk it’s no wonder Young Do is like that! Young Do answers back that Dad must really be healthy because he always let anger out and vent, while dad un bucles his belt intent on hitting him with it. They both hear a sound from somewhere, so dad orders Young Do to leave.

Young Do not at all surprise goes to look at the bathroom and he finds the woman from the photoshoot, who says hello to him. Young Do sardonically say to dad “Did you do this when mom was around? Or, was she one of those women?” Young Do, not waiting for a reply walks out. I wish he stayed and find out it will lower his arrogance if ever his mom was like one of those women.

While waiting for the elevator, Young Do remembers the day when he and Tan saw his dad with a woman. Very traumatic for  teenage boys.

When he gets inside the elevator Tan follows him. Tan tells him to leave out their family from now on, they already went through it once it’s his last warning. Young Do agrees, but adds that there’s only one person they could fight about… “Poor Cha Eun Sang.” Tan warns him to leave Eun Sang alone but Young Do only says, that it only makes him want to try harder.

Young Do is washing dishes at the hotel when Esther comes and tries to be a nurturing future step-mom. Young Do doesn’t want it though and tells her to just do it for her future son in law and root for the side that will benefit her the most. Esther still tries to be friendly, but he’s not in the mood so Esther leaves him alone.

On the way to Young Do’s dad’s office, she sees the woman from the photo shoot leaving and suspects something amiss. She calls Sec. Yoon wanting to meet. Coincidentally he is there, and already looking at her.

They are talking about old times when Young Do’s dad comes out of the elevator and sees them friendly. Esther explains that they were college friends. Young Do’s dad seems to not like seeing them talking and speaks rudely to Sec. Yoon, so after answering questions about work he excuses himself and leave. Young Do’s dad comments that Sec. Yoon is rude and arrogant. Geez! And you are not?! Esther quips if he’s jealous but he just grabs her and warns her about being seen in public. She fires back that should she just meet Sec. Yoon in her office like he always do, implying that she knows about his activities. Young Do’s dad is clueless.

Ki Ae is worried about Tan, Hee Nam consoles her and massages her hand saying she looks pale. Ki Ae thanks her. Tan arrives, Ki Ae rushes to him and asks why he told Young Do the truth. Tan asks why they can’t do that, what did they do wrong? Ki Ae replies that Tan did nothing wrong, but she did. Tan says sorry. I’m also teary, Tan really loves his mom and is pained to see her in this situation. She asks tearily, “What are you sorry about?” He says he’s sorry for everything. Hee Nam witness all this and seemed touch. Ki Ae teary about what Tan said, asks Hee Nam to prepare dinner for Him. Hee Nam is about to go, but Tan stops her to inquire about Eun sang. She’s not back yet.

Tan calls Eun Sang from his room but she’s not answering. He text her instead, that Young Do has left. She text back a simple thank you.

When Eun Sang finally comes home, Tan grabs her to talk in the wine cellar. Tan asks her if she’s not curious of what he told Young Do since they need to have the same story. He informs her that he told Young Do they are dating. Eun Sang can’t believe he told such a lie, but Tan argues, “Who said it’s a lie? We’re dating, we’re going out as of today.” Eun Sang exclaims, “Yah! Kim Tan!” Tan points out it’s the first time Eun Sang said his name.

Eun Sang says that he’s stupid and arrogant, did he not understand anything she said. Tan tells her he is stupid indeed. Liking her when she’s angry, liking her when she’s smiling, he IS stupid. Eun Sang annoyed, tells him that he’s such a brat not knowing how the world works. Say they did go out, and break his engagement and he gets kicked out of the house, will he still like her then. She will only get hurt. Tan asks how can she be sure that they will break up. She replies, didn’t he know that if his mom finds out she will kick her and her mom out and they will be homeless. With angry tears she adds that he should stop this foolishness, calling him “young master” to emphasise her point. That’s really low Eun Sang!

Tan clearly affected by those words says:

“Tan: Do you really take my heart for granted? My feelings mean nothing to you?

Eun Sang replies: My life means nothing to you then? Do you match with me? Do I match with you?

Tan: Yes, you are right! You don’t match with me. I’m too much for you. You know why? It’s not because you hurt my pride. It’s not because you mention my family problems and hurt me. It’s because I took the courage for you, but you don’t do anything for me. Yeah! if that’s what you want, then I will leave you alone. I thought you were a good dream, but you were just a bad one, Cha Eun Sang.”

At that Tan leaves, Eun Sang starts to cry bitterly!

The next morning, Eun Sang walks to school. Tan’s driver sees her and if they should give her a lift. Tan answers with a question “Can she and I ride together?” he repeats “She…and I.” Tan tells the driver to keep going. They passed her by, while she looks on. Regretting now Eun Sang?

At school the mean girls meet Eun Sang asking about her mom (Ki Ae) and the parents meeting. Trying to become friends wit her, but she refuses.

Young Do approaches Rachel and asks her if she had even been to Tan’s house. By Rachel’s reaction he guesses the she hasn’t, so he adds that he visited a friends house and saw something he shouldn’t, his friend got angry. Tan stops him and says his face is still swollen to say anthing, implying Young Do being hit by his dad. It got Rachel curious though. A teacher comes and calls Tan and Young Do out to do their cleaning duties.

Tan and Young Do are being supervised for their cleaning duties annoying each other in the process, while Eun Sang spies them from her class. Chan Young notes where she’s looking and passes her a note asking what happened at the parents meeting. She replies that someone else came. Chan Young says that she has lots of secrets from him now, then ask if she fought with Tan.

She relocates to the roof top as we see her answer that she’s running away. She closes her eyes and remembers the kiss with Tan. Tan is also sitting at the rooftop, thinking. When he stands up to leave he sees Eun San at the other roof. Tan is staring at her when she opens her eyes. Being embarrassed and surprised at being caught she runs away while Tan smiles. LOL! That’s really embarrasing and she made it more obvious, hahaha!

Young Do sees Eun Sang trying to study in the library. He asks her if she got to watch the show. She replies that she was not able to because of him. He is curious who went to the parent’s meeting as her mom, since she already confessed that she’s a scholar and it does not compute that she work multiple part time jobs on minimum wage and her mom sponsors leadership training worth a lot of money. She replies it’s someone he can’t even imagine, and tells him to leave so she can study. Young Do fascinated exclaims “Who are you?!”

Mid terms, everyone is taking their exams. Tan answers seriously while Myung Soo tries to copy from him. Bo Na has doodles about Chan Young on her paper, Chan Young answers diligently, while Young Do marks all the A’s after looking at Eun Sang who is concentrating on her exam.

Results time. Chan Young is 1st and Rachel is 2nd. Bo Na is proud of Chan Young he is happy that Bo Na when up seven places too! Tan come and asks how he can be 1st, Chan Young replies that he’s born for this and Tan is like “Ah! Like I was born handsome!” HAHAHAHA confident much!

Myung Soo suddenly exclaims “Deabak!” and points at Tan and Young Do laughing. They look at their result Young Do is 98th, Myung Soo is 99th and Tan is last at 100th. HAHAHAHA that’s for always having Eun Sang in your mind. Everybody laughs at them and Tan is ashamed and is about to leave when Eun Sang comes running to look at her results. Tan blocks her so she will not see his result and tells her she’s 52nd commenting “You call that a score.” LOL! Eun Sang embarrassed by that score runs away, making Tan sigh in relief!

In class, the teacher reads the list of students not coming to the leadership camp Tan and Young Do are included. Bo Na asks Tan why he’s not coming and he just says it’s too cold. Myung Soo tells Young do not to back out he need to pay him back for the paint ball match. Young do says he now has a reason to go while looking at Eun Sang and tells the teacher he’s coming.

Rachel texts Tan to talk outside. Rachel tells’ Tan that her mom want to have a meal with him and he agrees to go. She also tells him that whoever he dates their engagement has nothing to do with it. She ask why he’s not going to the camp is he not afraid that she will pick on Eun Sang. She assumes that they cooled of, or he got dumped they look awkward. He answers the he is thinking of “How to protect myself from you and everyone else, how I would protect Eun Sang.” Rachel looks insulted and answers sarcastically. Tan tries to leave, she stops him by asking about what Young Do said earlier. Tan answers that like what she said, their engagement has nothing to do with it. She doesn’t need to know.

Hyo Shin sees them and approaches. Rachel asks what he wants and he comments that she does not seem to be the type obsses over a guy. She ask if she’s obssesing and he says yes, all the time. Rachel gets mad. He says he’s just jealous he can’t even do that.

Sec. Yoon is on his way to see Won at Zeus Hotel, inside the elevator was the guy he saw who had the Jeguk envelope. He catches the guy trying lose him by getting off on another floor.

Sec. Yoon report to won about business and adds that CEO Choi wants to play golf with him together with Tan and Young Do. Won tells him he will talk with CEO Choi the next day because he is going somewhere. Sec. Yoon asks him if he’s seeing Hyun Joo, he advices against it for a while and tells Won that Chairman Kim is having him followed. Sec. Yoon tells him that his father knows about Hyun Joo and him. We see Hyun Joo waiting for Won.

Won is curious why Sec. Yoon is telling him ,he thinks that he’s Dad’s side. Sec. Yoon says that when he was working for Won’s father and now working with Won, Yoon is just an employee. He says Won will have to choose, since the chairman is not one to wait. Knowing his father Won knows the chairman will ask if he will choose Jeguk Group or a girl. Sec. Yoon asks him what he will do.

Hyun Joo is still waiting and gets a text from Won that he’s not coming today and don’t wait. She had an inkling that today, is the day they break up. She’s about to go in when a car suddenly parks beside her. Hyo Shin calls her and she’s surprised how he found out her place. He says that he looked for her resume from his mom’s room. She thought he was driving illegaly but he says he turned 18 last summer and she failed to notice. She scolds him for wasting time he has exams soon. He tells her that his tutor quit so suddenly without informing him and since she already quit he’s not her student anymore. He quickly grabs her face and kisses her forehead, say his good night and leaves.

Tan and Rachel are having boring lunch with their moms. (In Tan’s case his paper mom.) Both moms exchange pleasantries praising each others offspring. Esther mentions Eun Sang and her mom (Ki Ae) and inquires who she is. Rachel answers that Tan and Eun Sang are close. Ji Sook says it’s nothing a lot of girls are attracted to Tan. Rachel interrupts asking how she can get out of the engagement. She does not want to do it anymore, does she only have to return the ring. Both moms are shocked and asks if Tan and her fought. The moms decides to talk by themselves and orders the kids to go.

Outside, Tan questions Rachel’s motives. She says she wants to see Tan fall and see reality. He tells her he still wont date her. Rachels snaps that Tan he can’t date Eun Sang either. “Does he really think this is to break the engagement, let’s see how our family reacts.” Tan sighs frustratedly and says she’s the worst than he thought. Rachel asks him where was he when her affection turned to hate. Tan’s phone rings, it’s from his father. Rachel points out that it has started, she want’s to see if Tan can really give up everything for Eun Sang.

At the Kim mansion, daddy Kim wants an explanation for what happened. Ki Ae is eavesdropping outside, hears that Rachel wants to break the engagement, she hurriedly finds Eun Sang.

Tan honestly answers the he does not like Rachel. Dad is surprised by that answer as if it’s not important. Whoa! No wonder Won don’t know how to love properly! Dad tells Tan that Won was right, it was better that Tan stayed in the US. For Tan and Rachel, for dad and Tan, for Won and Dad, for Tan and Won. Dad adds that Tan is different from Won. Tan finishes the statement by saying “Yes, Because I’m illegitimate!” Dad angrily shouts, that why he need Rachel for insurance. Tan scoffs that he does not need such insurance and adds that their house gets more lonely when he’s there. Dad is shocked by that answer. Tan leaves.

Meanwhile, Ki Ae pry from Ean Sang if she heard something at school. Ki Ae wonders aloud why Rachel wants to break the engagement which surprises Eun Sang. Ki Ae asks her if Tan and Rachel are not getting along. Eun Sang don’t know what to say. Ki Ae snaps at Eun Sang and tells her she spent money on her for this purpose. Eun Sang apoligizes when Tan comes in to greet his mom.

Tan knows instantly why Eun Sang is there and scolds his mom not to make her spy on him. Ki Ae wants Tan to go to the leadership camp be nice to Rachel since girls always falls for that. Tan firmly says he’s not going. Ki Ae is surprised and tells him she spent a lot for that. Tan just says he did not ask her to spend that much and walks out.

Eun Sang follows Tan and asks him for a talk. She asks him why he’s not coming. He nonchalantly answers that he just didn’t want to see her. She tries to reason with him, but she can’t go up the stairs like there is an invisible barrier. She ask him to stay a moment. Tan refuses and walks up to his room. Eun Sang just stand there contemplating on what to do. She decides to follow him.

In his room Tan waits by the door, he peeks to see if she came up. Eun Sang stands by the door hesitating. When she takes a while, Tan sighs and opens the door asking what she wants. If she wants to say something go in. She still hesitates so Tan move to close the door, so she calls out “wait!” Tan open the door again for her. Eun Sang looks at the dreamcatcher and gingerly walks in. Tan asks what is it and what about camp. Eun Sang tell him that he should be the one to go and not her since it’s his mom who spent a lot of money for it. Tan asks what she talked about with Young Do in his hotel room instead of answering. Eun Sang asks what’s important about that… but Ki Ae knocks.

Tan quickly grabs and hide her behind him and blocks the door. Ki Ae wonder why he is blocking the door. He tells his mom that he’s grown up so don’t just barge in his room and adds that he’s naked. OMO! Imagination going wild!!! Ki Ae apologizes and ask what his dad say to him. Tan replies that dad told him that he needs someone like Rachel as insurance because he is illegitimate. Ki Ae incensed by the harsh words to Tan, says her goodnight and promises to kill dad. LOL! this mother and child.

When Ki Ae is finally gone, Tan sees that Eun Sang is not breathing, he tells her to breath. She breaths deeply. She ask him to think about camp again. he still refuse, saying that if he goes only one between Young Do and him will come out alive. She has nothing more to say, so she tells him goodnight and moves to leave. Tan stops her and says she might run in to his mom if she go now. She says she could dodge her. He tells her no she can’t, because he will scream when she goes out. Eun Sang calls his bluff, so he shouts for his mom. Eun sang hurriedly covers his mouth.

Tan pleads, just a moment, just a minute. You’ve never been to my room. Eun Sang replies that she shouldn’t be there, his house and her room are worlds apart. There are doors she can’t cross and his room is one of them. She turns to leave, but he grabs her for a back hug. Eun Sang angrily says that he never listens, but he tells her…

“Just wait a while, I will make it that you can cross any door in this world. I’m thinking of a way to do that.Have fun at camp. I will miss you.”

Eun Sang is obviously touched by those words. And I’m not breathing at the moment! Tan how could you say such words so perfectly?!

At Myung Soo’s hide out, Bo Na is taking picture of couple stuffs for camping with Chan Young while annoyed Ye Sol looks on. Myung Soo tries to annoy Bo Na, but she’s not paying attention. She texts Chan Young sending him the picture of the couple outfits, he offers to buy it with her the next day, but she already bought it. She ask for other stuff instead, like a hug, a piggyback ride, holding hands and only look at her. Chan You jokes that all those are form of skinship and if he only knew he should’ve not held back all this time. Bo Na is surprised he was holding back and why wait calling him a pervert! Pffft!!!

At camp, while everyone are setting up tents, Rachel and Bo Na refuse to move. Ye Sol also refuses to help Eun Sang when Young Do offers his help. They are setting up the tent when Myung Soo comes and take their picture upsetting Eun Sang. Myung Soo check the picture and remembers where he first saw Eun Sang. He reveals, he saw her walk out of Tan’s house one early morning in her pyjamas. Eun Sang denies it, but it already caught Young Do’s interest.

Back at Jeguk High, Hyo Shin and Tan are talking like old friends. Hyo Shin is jealous of those at came saying they must be having fun. He asks Tan why he didn’t go, Eun Sang went. Tan replies that he wants her to miss him. Catching Hyo Shin calling her by her first name. Hyo Shin asks what wrong with calling Eun Sang, Eun Sang. He forbids Hyo Shin calling her that, but Hyo Shin just says who is he to forbid. Tan lets it slide saying he’s trying to be human. Tan brings up last year in the US, Hyo Shin finishes what’s he’s saying “What, my suicide attempt?” Tan is surprised he could smile about it and inquires if he’s still getting therapy. Hyo Shin say of course and his mom even counts his pills everyday. Tan asks if anything changed at home. Hyo Shin says no, that’s why he’s planning a big event, only he’s not sure if he will do it yet. Tan advises him to not do anything that will harm his health, Hyo Shin agrees because he doesn’t like hospital food and promised to never do that again.

At camp everybody plays paintball war games and parodies movies. So, cheezy!!! While Eun Sang sits alone thinking. You’re thinking about Tanny! Hehehe!!! Young Do interrupts her thoughts by shooting near her foot. She quickly stands up. Young Do asks if he should kill her, if she tells him why she came out of Tan’s house early in the morning he will let her live. Eun Sang denies it was her. Young Do doesn’t believe her, saying she could be there during the day even at night, but he finds early in the morning fishy. He asks who she is and if she’s adopted, Eun Sang suddenly shoots him. HAHAHA the look on his face is so funny!

During BBQ, Myung Soo keeps shooting pictures while Chan Young and Bo Na sneak into the woods. Hhhhmmm, what are you two up to?! Eun Sang eats quietly, Young Do looks at her. She ignores him so he kicks the table twice. Annoyed she tries to walk away, but he volunteers her to wash all the dishes then cheekily asks if she wants help.

Eun Sang is forced to wash dishes, while Young do is sits there justa watching her. She snaps at him, if this is his idea of help. He says his presence is already a lot of help. Chan Young come and ask why is there a lot of dishes and why she’s doing it alone. Eun Sang meaningfully looks at Young Do. Chan Young ask if it was his doing. Instead of answering Young Do asks him how long has he been friends with Eun Sang. Chan young ignores his question so he changes it asking if he knew Eun Sang was a charity student. Bo Na comes scolding Chan Young for helping Eun Sang with the dishes and Young Do also asks her. Bo Na tells him to keep it down afraid someone would hear. With their reactions Young Do assumes he’s the only one who was in the dark. As if you have the right for the information!!! Myung Soo comes too, but everybody is quiet so he assumes they are talking behind his back. Young Do starts to ask him if he also knew, but Eun Sang interupts asking to talk.

They walk away to talk. Eun Sang starts bye asking as a favor, but Young Do is derisive. He stresses that she only pays him attention when he does something bad. He asks again what is between Tan and her. She recoils that what is it to him if they are something, what’s he going to do about it and who gave him the right. She continues the he should just pick on her like he used to, she’s not scared anymore. She walks away as Young Do stands there stunned.

Eun Sang sits alone away from camp, takes out her phone and looks at it thingking of calling someone. She stands up and calls Tan finally, but hes not answering. Rachel passes by, also making a call and sees her on the phone. Rachel suspects something and comes over. She takes Eun Sang’s phone and sees she’s calling Tan. She slaps Eun Sang and asks if it hurts. She continues that she had put up with Eun Sang and does not care whoever she is and apologizing is no use. Eun Sang replies that since she had already been slapped, she will now do something worth that slap. Eun Sang ask for her phone back to call Tan. Rachel lifts her hand to slap her again, but Young Do stops her. He tells Rachel, that he forgot to introduce Eun Sang, from now on she is his and only he can bother her. Young Do grabs Eun Sang’s phone from Rachel and drags her away.

Away from Rachel, Eun Sang tells him that this is more like the Young Do she knew. Young Do replies that she should not assume anything, she has not seen everything about him. At that moment, he sees Tan walk out of the woods calling someone on his phone. Eun Sang all the while is unaware that Tan is there.  Young Do tells her “I will show it to you from now on.” He suddenly pulls her for a hug, Eun Sang is surprised. Tan looks at him with rage and Young Do challengingly looks at Tan.


I love the relationship between Eun Sang’s mom and Ki Ae. I hope that Ki Ae can see Eun Sang’s mom as a true friend and not as a servant and perhaps she could learn something from it.

I can’t wrap my mind around how despicable Young Do can be, he should never bring other people in a fight between him and Tan. I’m not saying that Tan was commendable, he was awful too, knowing fully what will happen to Young Do. I understand what drove Tan to do that, I don’t think anybody in their right mind will just let it slide, if their mother was insulted in front of them even if she’s a horrible person.

Eun Sang should step up more and take a leap, she needs to up her game. She can’t just let Tan do everything for her. He can’t do everything alone. He needs Eun Sang to be there at the end of the day after a long fight.

Tan needs to put everything into action soon, because I don’t think Eun Sang will be around forever. She might be keeping him at arms length, yet she’s also not running away. I’m afraid that if Tan took so long she will become like Hyun Joo. I know Tan will have a different choice from Won, he does not value money and power like his hyung. I will wait for the day when Tan fights for the people he cares about.