[Drama News] Mi Rae’s Choice Episode 11 Preview

Mi Rae’s Choice Episode 11 preview is out and oh dear ~

1. Jung Yong Hwa – you look exhausted! Quick, someone kidnap him and let him sleep!
2. It does not look like Mi Rae has accepted Shin’s confession at the outing
3. Interesting development! Seo Yoo Kyung approaches Miranda herself! I wonder what will Miranda’s impression of Yoo Kyung be?
4. Looks like Se Joo will hear Mi Rae confiding the truth to Oppa… should I bring out the confetti now?

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5 thoughts on “[Drama News] Mi Rae’s Choice Episode 11 Preview

  1. I wouldn’t mind Sejoo not giving up on Mirae for whole 16 episodes if this drama does not have Yookyung. The second lead relationship ( Sejoo and Yookyung) is just as valuable as the main pair.


  2. oow..Yonghwa does look exhausted. I read that he went straight from shooting to Japan and sing in concert without getting any sleep.last two weeks. Boy needs some rest. Hope that Seju give up on Mirae after hearing the confession. Please look at Yookyung too, she fit you better.


  3. I don’t think it’s up to her to make him move on completely. He knows she doesn’t like him and likes Shin already. I hope hearing it from her mouth + remembering what YK said will cause some change in him. The drama has been going in circles since his failed confession and her fight with Shin.


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