Mi Rae’s Choice: Episode 9

Secrets are out and change is happening in the background in this episode although obstacles have increased between the main OTP. Shin is being put to the test for his sincerity and heart for Mi Rae while Se Joo’s decision to never give up and giving his best to pursue Mi Rae officially kicks start.


Ajumma reveals to Oppa who she is but as expected, Oppa thinks she is crazy and proceeds to rush back to YBS. Ajumma desperately tries again and this time she manages to stop him at his tracks by yelling out the real truth to the cause of her scar on her back.

Turn out Oppa is the real culprit who spilled hot soup on Mi Rae. A flashback takes us to the day Mi Rae gets married and Oppa decides to tell her that it was actually he who did it and the whole family made the decision to keep from her because their father thought Mi Rae would hate Oppa forever.

The conversation is cut short when Oppa gets an urgent call from work. Oppa promises that they will discuss this matter next time.

At the abandoned house, Shin leans closer to Mi Rae for their first kiss while Mi Rae anticipates it with her eyes closed. The words Se Joo and Ajumma said to her suddenly flashes across her mind…

Se Joo: “You didn’t like him first but rather it is because he’s going to be your husband”
Ajumma: “Even if someone is going to die?”

With that, Mi Rae turns her head away and rejects Shin’s kiss. Taking in Mi Rae’s unwillingness, Shin did not force it and suggests they continue on with the filming. They went upstairs and Shin looks into the video camera saying 8 more minutes to the time that the ghost will appear; almost immediately, he nearly pees in his pants when he gets a fright from a mannequin (without a head) wearing a wedding dress. HAHAHA!

So mystery No.1 is solved – the lady ghost is actually the mannequin. As for mystery No.2 of a man screaming, it is because the man had cancer and his scream is the result of him experiencing excruciating pain. The woman and the man were married couple.

Shin and Mi Rae found the wife’s journal regarding how much in pain her husband was and also another note from the husband apologizing for his behaviour towards her when he was in pain. The man asked his wife to live happily without him. The note indicates the man has committed suicide. They also find a folded note from the wife to her husband behind the couple’s photo frame. Her note suggests that she too has committed suicide after he died.

Case closed – there is no haunted house but a house that lived a couple who love each other very much and were separated by sickness and suffering. Mi Rae is deeply affected with the couple’s story; she thinks back to Ajumma’s warning again and asks Shin if the couple are now happily together. Shin gives her an affirmation. She then tells Shin she knows what the ending narration will be and she cites it to him:

There is no ghost there
Instead it has hardship and pain
It lives the love story of a heartsick couple that love each other very much

When she finishes, the sun starts to rise and lights shine through the window onto both Shin and Mi Rae. Is this an indication of hope for their love too?

That exact scene shifts into a screen before Se Joo. Oh dear. He is editing the film. Se Joo sees the near kiss, pauses it and face-palm in frustration. Shin walks in, looks at what is on the screen and asks Se Joo why he is watching the video. Se Joo tells him PD Lee has asked him to edit it and that there are a lot of unnecessary scenes. He starts deleting most of the ‘intimate’ scenes between Mi Rae and Shin. Shin suggests to Se Joo if he is uncomfortable seeing those scenes and edits it by letting his feelings get in the way then he will get PD Lee to find someone else to do it or Shin himself will. Se Joo seems delighted to hear it although he doesn’t go away without commenting, “Then it would not be Pandora’s box but rather Pandora’s melodrama”. He thanks Shin for reducing his workload and walks out. (It is rather weird and scary that these two are talking to each other so politely and the whole time apart from that short moment of frustration when he is alone, Se Joo keeps up a cool and calm façade when he speaks to Shin).

Ajumma gets a fright as she turns around the corner and there stood Se Joo leaning against the wall. Se Joo questions Ajumma’s identity and her intentions. Ajumma is quick to tell him she is on his side and that she is his operation strategist/consultant.

At somewhere private, they continue the conversation and Ajumma tells Se Joo she is from the future and Kim Shin is her husband. Se Joo chuckles in disbelief but apologizes immediately. He asks Ajumma why she chose him and if Mi Rae knows about him being the heir. Ajumma stutters to tell him her reasons and lies that Mi Rae has no idea about him because if she does she would run away (Yeah right!). Desperately trying to succeed, Ajumma offers Se Joo to call upon her if he ever needs any help at all. Se Joo smiles, nods politely and walks off.

In the office, PD Lee is unhappy with the change to the theme of the abandoned house. Shin and Mi Rae want to report facts while PD Lee wants to make it into horror. PD Lee gives in and Mi Rae promises that she’ll do her best to make it interesting.

Mi Rae refuses to get her wounded ankle treated because she is trying to finish the script for the abandoned house. Shin sits close by watching and pesters her a little while Oppa clocks their bantering through a window with a heavy heart.

Back at home, Oppa asks Ajumma to show him the scar. Ajumma tells him she has removed it but offers to give him her hair for DNA test. Oppa still think it is ridiculous for Ajumma to travel through time due to her unhappiness with Shin so that forces Ajumma, in tears, to tell Oppa the whole truth. And… we don’t get to know what it is! Damn you, show.

Outside of YBS, Oppa tells Mi Rae that he has a friend who works in the production team and they require a writer. He tells Mi Rae to go there for her own career advancement. Oppa leaves and Mi Rae decides to text Shin asking him to meet her outside, she has something urgent to ask him.

Shin hurries down to meet Mi Rae with a smile on his face but is blocked by Oppa. Oppa tells Shin he is Mi Rae’s older brother (he has to prove it to Shin with the official document, LOL). He says he is sending her to another team. Shin is shocked, “Why?” Oppa looks at Shin contemplatively and then asks him…

Oppa: “Do you like my sister? Love her? Are you going to marry her?”
Shin: “Yah ~ you are asking these too early!”

Oppa tells Shin sternly that he is Mi Rae’s Oppa – her family and that he has the right to persuade her to join the other team and strengthen her writer’s position but not Shin. Shin is nobody but an announcer in the same team, he has no rights to interfere with Mi Rae’s life. With that, Oppa angrily snatches the envelope back from Shin and walks away.

Shin meets up with Mi Rae and she asks him if she should go and if he wishes her to go. With what Oppa has said ringing inside his head, Shin decides to let Mi Rae make her own decision.

Shin: “That is a problem that will affect your life so you should make that decision yourself.”
Mi Rae: “My problem? Is it only my problem and has nothing to do with announcer Kim?”
Shin: “Of course it has to do with me since we are on the same team.”

Mi Rae is hurt because that isn’t the answer she wants to hear. She tells Shin she has already decided to stay but she would like to hear someone asking her to stay because she feels abandoned by the team. She tells him she is not really expecting Shin to tell her not to go (are you sure?) but rather wishes him to lend her some strength to carry on. Shin could not say anything else but points out that he cannot interfere since they have separate life. Tears fall out of Mi Rae’s eyes as she takes in his words; she nods to indicate she understands him and walks away.

Se Joo: “Mi Rae-ssi!”

Se Joo stops Mi Rae on her tracks after being informed of the transferring by Oppa. Instead of Shin, sweet Se Joo is the one that asks Mi Rae not to go and tells her he wants to work with her. Aw. Mi Rae’s eyes start welling up with tears because she is touched.

Mi Rae: “Thank you. I asked other people, they told me to decide for myself, and they said they don’t know. Honestly, I wanted to hear those words.”

Mi Rae and Se Joo stand inside the convenience store slurping on instant noodles (‘coz when you are Korean, you must eat instant noodles) and they are having great time chatting. Yoo Kyung walks past and sees Se Joo. Her face lights up with delight but as she beelines towards him, Mi Rae comes into view. She stops. Se Joo looks up and sees her so Yoo Kyung waves at him cheerfully. She gestures to him asking if she can join them but Se Joo gestures back that it isn’t a good time. Although Yoo Kyung is visibly disappointed but she still gesture “Fighting!” to Se Joo before she turns and walks away. Poor Yoo Kyung. You better make up to this girl later, Se Joo!

Back in the convenience store, Se Joo makes sure that Mi Rae is feeling better and suggests that they should get along comfortably without feeling burdened. He also apologizes for making her feel uncomfortable previously and Mi Rae readily agrees.

As they walk back to the office, they hear PD Lee’s loud voice from one of the rooms. They follow his voice and find out that PD Lee is asking a writer to re-write Mi Rae’s script. Mi Rae is upset that there is nothing can be done to change PD Lee’s mind because she is only a maknae writer.

Meanwhile, Se Joo is in an office with PD Lee asking him to apologize to Mi Rae and use her script. Upon hearing it, PD Lee jokes, “Wow Park Se Joo, someone will think you are the PD.” Se Joo remarks to leave their roles of PD or VJ aside, they are in the same team and the person who thought up the topic and run around was Mi Rae. PD Lee slams his water bottle on the table. PD Lee warns, “Listen carefully. I am the official PD here and you… you are the very lowest here, a VJ. With a word from me, you’re out.” And then he shouts, “What are you blabbering about in front of your PD!”

Mi Rae runs in to apologize and tries to get Se Joo to step out. Se Joo eyes PD Lee coldly while PD Lee digs his grave further by making fun of Se Joo’s resume and orders him to know his place because he is only a VJ. The cold chaebol Se Joo appears and replies, “My place? I will be careful” only this sounds more like a warning to PD Lee to watch his back. Se Joo promises Mi Rae that she will get to work on the program again and turns to give PD Lee an attitude look before he walks out. PD Lee just chuckles. Oh, you have no idea!

“What? Mi Rae is being pushed out?” exclaims Oppa in shock. Writer Bae complains to Oppa hoping he can have a word with PD Lee since it’s impolite towards his own teammates. Oppa is furious but decides against it because that program is PD’s responsibility and he can’t step in due to personal reason. Shin overhears it and decides to have a word with PD Lee. Oppa rushes out to stop him.

Oppa snaps at Shin, “I am her brother! Do you think I am fine right now? If I acted according to how I feel right now, I’d run there immediately and grab Lee Sae Joo’s head and thrash him, and even if I broke a few of his teeth I don’t think I’d be satisfied, but… but I’m holding it in right now. What right do you think you can do anything about it?” Oppa reminds Shin again that he has no right. Shin asks, “What if I do like Na Mi Rae? What would you do?”

Somewhere outside, Mi Rae tries to treat and clean her wound. Her wound has worsened; she winces and moans in pain while trying to withhold her tears to no avail. A hand appears with cotton pads in the air, it is Se Joo. Se Joo has gone to the pharmacy and bought her a fresh roll of gauze too. No conversation is exchanged between them because Se Joo knows Mi Rae doesn’t need to hear anything at that moment. He quietly passes her a piece of tissues to wipe her tears and she gratefully takes it.

Oppa looks at Shin sadly and says, “No” and Shin asks, “Why?” Oppa tells him he can’t be trusted because of his stubbornness with principles. He tells Shin that those principles will make Mi Rae’s life difficult and he does not want his sister to go through that hardship. Shin is rendered speechless and hurt with a bit of teary eyes upon hearing the cruel truth from Oppa.

Yoo Kyung joins Shin on air for their first pilot program of Pandora’s Box. She whispers at Shin asking where Se Joo is. Shin tells her he has brought Mi Rae to the hospital.

At the hospital the doctor declares that Mi Rae wouldn’t be able to walk for a month if she lets it get worse. Se Joo asks if it would leave a scar and the doctor tells him she has scrapped off all the skin so it definitely will leave a scar.

Se Joo: “What to do? You got another scar?”
Mi Rae: “It’s not a scar. It’s a mark. A mark that I have done everything that I could. It is also a lesson. When I’m tired I will look at it and encourage myself to work harder.”

In the control room, PD Lee acts like he is high on drugs giving instructions on what he wants with the abandoned house while Writer Bae glares at him disapprovingly. Mi Rae and Se Joo return just in time for it. PD Lee is turning it into a horror documentary and Mi Rae sits there enduring the insult. Se Joo gives her a pat on her back and Writer Bae squeezes her hand for more encouragement.

Meanwhile Shin looks at the written ending script and hesitates with PD Lee yelling at him that he is missing the time to narrate it. Just as Mi Rae gets up to avoid more embarrassment, Shin speaks. He recites the ending narration that Mi Rae has told him when they filmed at the house. Tears start to well up in Mi Rae’s eyes and her heart is touched by Shin’s action. She whirls around and starts to stammer downstairs to see Shin but the moment Shin finishes the show he walks out of the studio to his car. Mi Rae did not catch on to him. She keeps calling his phone but he decides not to answer because of what Oppa has said to him.

What comes next is a night of torturous wait for Pandora’s Box team. All of them are worried about the ratings and the result will not be released until 7 am in the morning. Mi Rae and Oppa keep refreshing the websites while Shin tries to concentrate on verbal exercise by picking words out from the dictionary randomly, however, he gives up after two attempts of picking out words like ‘small gourd’ (ruined) and ‘repeal’.

Morning finally came and the only person who is calm, cool and collected is none other than the chaebol – Se Joo. He sits at the couch quietly reading newspaper and sipping a mug of coffee. He checks his watch and asks the assistant if Miranda has waked.

Oppa stirs from his bed and checks his phone for time – 7:07 am. He quickly sits up and checks his laptop. Nerves kicking in as he tries to look for ‘YBS’ and the rating. He finds YBS ranking No. 12 and is disappointed to find out they have only gotten 9.8%. He kicks around on his bed and curses PD Lee for that 0.2% when Mi Rae starts screaming in happiness that they have passed. Mi Rae runs to share the good news while Oppa tells her the bad news, and then they realised they were looking at two different sites. Eventually they work out that the average is exactly 10% and they wonder what will happen to them.

“Of course cut. It has to be cut”, declares Miranda. Ever so calmly, Se Joo tells Miranda the rating has passed but Miranda argues it should have passed in all areas, not just the Seoul metropolitan region. Se Joo continues, “For an 11 pm liberal arts program, if the average is over 10, you know that’s amazing? But just because one place is off by a decimal, it’s repealed?” Miranda says fine the show stays but she wants to reshuffle and remove the writer who causes the drop in the rating at the end. Se Joo’s eyes narrowed and his face turns cold immediately. He asks, “You mean Mi Rae-ssi?” and Miranda pretends not knowing.

Se Joo stands up from his comforting sofa and begins his reverse psychology on Miranda. He tells her he doesn’t want to take over YBS anymore because he does not want to look incompetent when he takes over a petty company. Miranda is stumped by her grandson… heh.

The whole team wait in anticipation and nervously for a phone call from the management. The phone rings and it is from Miranda herself. She tells them she will give them the 11 pm Tuesday time slot for their show. The whole team erupts in cheers and Shin heaves a relief sigh at his own desk.


Se Joo: “Thank you, grandma.”
Miranda: “Don’t forget your promise, after a month you are returning to the 15th floor.”

With the cutest grandson to grandma’s smile Se Joo says, “Okay!” He gets up but Miranda stops him and asks if it is time she gets introduced to Mi Rae. Se Joo is puzzled because grandma has met her once. Miranda says that doesn’t count because that was done secretly and this time she wants to be properly introduced since Mi Rae is the woman that her grandson likes.

Se Joo smiles and nods in agreement that he shall arrange a time but he tells Miranda that they cannot let Mi Rae know about his identity because she will run away. Miranda is appalled at the idea and wonders what’s wrong with them (being rich). Hahaha! (Love these their interactions whenever they are on-screen).

Smart Se Joo is skeptical about grandma’s impression on Mi Rae so he decides to suss it out from the bodyguard, LOL! Funnily, the bodyguard reports Miranda’s impressions like reciting a pre-written script and of course Se Joo catches all the lies. Heh

While cleaning Ajumma gets a call from Se Joo (Oh no!) and he takes up her offer to help. Yoo Kyung turns around the corner and runs into Ajumma in time to hear her on the phone with Se Joo. Yoo Kyung wants to know what they were talking about but Ajumma only advises her to give up on Se Joo, its game over now.

Meanwhile Shin goes to see a colleague who has worked on a special program on Young Geon group before and he asks if there is any family member who could not participate because they were abroad. Shin asks his colleague to contact him if he finds out if he finds anyone that is of age 28. At that exact same time, he gets an urgent text from Ajumma asking him to meet her at the Chinese restaurant across the square.

Se Joo and Mi Rae arrive at the Chinese restaurant together and the waiter takes her upstairs to a private room while Se Joo makes a call to Miranda and asks her to come in 10 minutes time. When Miranda arrives, Se Joo introduces her as someone who has been kind to sponsor him studying abroad and he plays it off by inviting Miranda to join them.

Meanwhile, Yoo Kyung sneaks into the cleaning ladies’ locker room and searches through Ajumma’s belongings for the journal. She gets confused with the content regarding Shin and finds Mi Rae’s number carves at the back of the journal. She reads on and finds another entry that dazes her completely – it states that Yoo Kyung is Se Joo’s bride and that Mi Rae feels a bit jealous about their relationship.

At that exact moment, Shin meets Ajumma at the restaurant and as they arrive upstairs, Shin catches a glimpse of Se Joo, Miranda and Mi Rae having dinner when the door to their private room open.

Shin gets a text from the colleague saying that person Shin is investigating is Miranda’s grandson and the person that will become their future boss when he takes over YBS (Uh oh!). Just at that moment, Se Joo turns his head and sees Shin. Se Joo gives Shin a smirk.


Ajumma continues to meddle in every possible way she can although we see less of her in this episode because she has recruited two partners in crime for her scheme to stop Mi Rae from marrying Shin in the future.

The first person is Oppa. It is very unfortunate that we still don’t get to find out what she has told him. Now it just begs the question whether the person who dies is Oppa and it has become clear that Mi Rae’s scar is possibly just a tool used to convince Oppa that she is from the future.

The second person Ajumma comes clean with is a huge surprise to me – Park Se Joo; although she lied about Mi Rae not knowing his real identity. However, the biggest surprise would be Se Joo teaming up with Ajumma. Judging by how much we learn about Se Joo’s character, he definitely does not believe Ajumma but he is playing smart by keeping her on his side.

Se Joo is not joking when he tells Yoo Kyung his story. He really is going to put up a good fight to win Mi Rae and possibly use any means to achieve it. The catalyst to his decision is the near-kiss, which prompted him to seek out Ajumma. So far he has not done anything despicable although his scheme of letting Shin see them having dinner is not exactly commendable.

*Light bulb* *Déjà vu*

It just occurs to me that Se Joo’s scheme echoes Yoo Kyung’s from episode 5. I think I am going to name these two ‘scheming couple’ from now on. The technique used is so similar that no wonder they are the one true pairing in the original timeline because they both have similar traits – the initiative and willing to fight for what they want.

Se Joo’s confidence and his sincerity towards Mi Rae is his best weapon at the moment. He would not have gone to this length and taking these kinds of measures had Shin not provoke him by abusing his sunbae position in last week’s episode. Sigh. As for not telling the truth about his identity and how can he when Ajumma instils into his head that Mi Rae will run away if she knows?

As for Mi Rae, she still can’t make up her heart and mind with the boys. Her heart clearly wants Shin because the first person she calls and wants to hear assurance from is Shin however she rejects him because of Ajumma’s warning. It does not help that whenever she gets in trouble or has her heart broken by Shin, she runs to Se Joo or accepts Se Joo’s comforting quietly. By doing that, she is giving false hope to Se Joo. Although she is a mess with her relationship but she has to be praised in regards to her approach with her career. I like her optimism and her approach with the new scar.

There is one major question I need to raise and that is does Mi Rae believe Ajumma regarding Se Joo’s chaebol background? It is utterly confusing that she acted as if she has no idea that Se Joo is the heir to YBS when clearly, Ajumma has told her!

Shin is clearly falling deep and hard for Mi Rae but with Oppa as the major obstacle between him and Mi Rae, he took another step backward by getting put off by his own inferiority complex and his uncertainties (of marriage) towards Mi Rae. There is no character growth for Shin in this episode and I am unsure if there will be for the next. In the end, both Mi Rae and Shin are still waffling and neither one is willing to speak first nor commit to each other.

Lee Dong Gun gave an impressive and memorable performance at scene (34:30) when Oppa tells him his stubbornness on principle is his failure and will not be able to give Mi Rae happiness. The hurt (of the shocking truth) emoting from his face and eyes were clear and heartfelt.

Bravo to Jung Yong Hwa too with his scene against PD Lee. I could sense the sudden drop of temperature the moment PD Lee says Se Joo is just a VJ. The subtle eye movements and glares Yong Hwa showed were ice-cold and it really gives me the chill and I start to pity PD Lee, not. Last but not least, Yong Hwa-ssi needs to visit the beauty shop and do some facial, LOL. I’m starting to see some pimples on his perfect chaebol face, LOL.


9 thoughts on “Mi Rae’s Choice: Episode 9

  1. Crossing my fingers that the writer will not turn sejoo to be so evil. Thanks again for recap, always visiting this site for update. About the pimple thing, LOL that guy has no rest no wonder his skin is no good


  2. You are right in that there is no character growth/improvement in Kim Shin. In fact the more I see him, the weaker I think he is. He is insecure, rude and a bully, I still cannot buy the idea that Mirae can fall for a guy like him. I love the development of Seju in this episode as we get to see more of the ‘dangerous’ side of him, which makes his character even more multi-dimensional and interesting. He made Kim Shin shiver at the beginning of Ep 10 when Kim Shin realised that Seju’s going to be his future boss and I can’t wait to see the same fear in PD Lee when all is revealed. I think Ep 9 is thus far the best episode in this drama with the right balance of romance and action.

    Yong Hwa is doing a great job in showing 2 totally different sides of Park Seju. The gentle and caring Seju who took care of Mirae when he handed her the dressing/gauze. I love that scene as there wasn’t any words necessary to convey his concern for her. And of course there was the cold stare he gave to PD Lee and the ending smirk he shot to Kim Shin that showed the dangerous side of Seju. As for his breakouts, I’m not surprise considering he is doing the drama and an arena tour at the same time. I’m more concerned with the increasingly large eye bags that are developing. He needs proper sleep more than a facial.


  3. 6 eps to go, right? Im gonna really flip the table if yookyung ang sejoo love story will start on the last ep and all we gonna see is smile, nod and embrace. Arghhhh!!!!!!!?


  4. I hope the writer does not drag the love triangle (square?) anymore when the viewers are pretty much fed up with it. This drama could have done so much better than that. I like it that Sejoo shows his dangerous side, that sets him apart with Kang Shinwoo of You’re Beautiful. What I don’t like it is if later he’s going to use his YBS CEO status just to get rid Kim Shin out of his jealousy.
    Hopefully Yukyung’s confession will wake him up that the girl he needs has always been beside him all along.


  5. I seriously want to see flashbacks of Seju & Yukyung in the original timeline, as much as I want to see how they will both deal with the confession. That might explain why it was only Seju’s feelings which seemed to be affected by FMR’s meddling. Like many viewers, quit it with the triangle already. It was obvious, Seju never stood a chance on winning Mirae’s heart (which boggles a lot of viewers). I’m not so sure what to feel about Kim Shin’s confession as a woman (I honestly didn’t feel giddy because it was so random. lol ), but glad he did it because it will signify the start of resolutions (hopefully).


  6. Agree! Only 6 ep left, so little time for sejoo and yookyung! Dont drag the messy love interest, its not working anymore, its been dead since the subway. I hope the writer will the ff: settle sejoo-yookyung love story; who really died; sejoo as ybs owner; miraes shoulder scar (i really think it has significance coz it shown immediately in ep 1, thus it have deeper relationship with sejoo or his parents death?; time cop where is he? Whos hes talking on the phone with? Sejoo-yookyung past,


  7. Yes I agree, as a Seju supporter, while his moments with Mirae are always very sweet, but it’s so obvious her heart is never with him and will never be with him, so it’s damn frustrating to see him get lead on and repeatedly being rejected. I want to see how he realises who his true partner should be quick and hopefully he has to do some courting of Yoo Kyung instead (I don’t want Yoo Kyung to make it so easy for him to get her…hehe). I don’t believe when he reveals himself to be the boss will he use his position to fire Kim Shin just to get the girl. Like he told Grandma and Yoo Kyung before, he is not a petty person. He strikes me as the kind where he will still acknowledge the person’s skills and use them for the good of the company. However he will make sure these people toll the line and never abuse their power again.


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