The Heirs: Episode 9

So episode 8 ended with a kiss and we had to wait all week to see how the kiss went. Not to mention what would happen between Kim Tan and Young Do in the punch up. Those who had high expectations about the kiss was disappointed whilst those who didn’t may not have been as disappointed. In this episode Eun Sang finally admits that she likes Kim Tan. But this did not make him as happy as one would expect. Read on and you’ll find out why.

Eun Sang and Kim Tan are on the school rooftop following the incident in the cafeteria. Eun Sang is weeping and Kim Tan looks worried. He asks if she’s hurt. She nods. Kim Tan wants to see where. She tells him not to come close since her clothes are ruined. He struts closer like a hot model and turns Eun Sang around telling her to stay still while takes a look at her hand. Angry Tan is so hot! Eun Sang gives in and let Tan examines her hand. OMO who wouldn’t give in!

That sweet moment is ruined by a phone call from the tripper Young Do. Kim Tan sees this and is extremely pissed! She tells him to let her answer the call since ignoring Mr Do would do her no good. Hot and bothered Tan tells her not to answer! She argues that Young Do knows she’s not new money. Kim Tan replies ‘So what if he knows! Don’t answer!’ He warns her again not to answer or else he’ll really do something about it! Ha! And he does. As she goes to answer the call he grabs her wrist and plants one on her lips to shut her up! Well well if only talking a lot means getting a shut up kiss from the kissing beast then I’m just going to be a Little Miss Chatterbox for the rest of my life!

They kiss and kiss…or is it just Kim Tan moving his lips since Eun Sang is not letting the beast in at all! Talk about being denied! I guess it’s expected since well she wasn’t expecting the kiss so reciprocating in that instance would seem out of character. But damn Lee Min Ho’s jaw line is just AMAZING!!! The position is hot too as long as they don’t give us a close up of the denied access of kissing beast.

This one is for @la petite ROFL

Eun Sang gets taken over by the hormones and drops her phone. They keep kissing to with ‘love is, love is, love is, love is….feeling’ playing in the background. Gosh how long is that kiss lip touching? LOL

Young Do not knowing about the love party up in rooftop continues to call Eun Sang wondering why she had picked up the call but not speak at all. Well her mouth is kinda pre-occupied!

Kissing Beast finally gives up and releases her lips. Both seem to be in some sort of daze from the euphoria.
Kim Tan still looking hot and bothered says: “Answer the call again that I told you not to answer…if you want to see me go MAD!” I want to see you go mad Kim Tan! That jerk who called you will be dead. There is no middle ground.”

Eun Sang finally wakes up and runs away totally forgetting her phone.

Now hot and angry Tan picks up Eun Sang’s phone and calls Young Do asking where Do was. OMG! He really is going to kill Do Do! Young Do still oblivious to the whole situation is more concerned with why Kim Tan is answering Eun Sang’s phone. He sees Eun Sang walking down the stairs and asks what they were doing up in the rooftop. Do Do dear I don’t think you would want to know the answer to that question!

Young Do hangs up and looks at Eun Sang. She gives him a disgusted look and continues to walk past him. He goes and grabs her hand but she flicks it away. Oh yeah!!! Young Do gets a shock of his life and Eun Sang gives him the death glare. I bet Young Do is feeling like shit at that point in time – just look at his face!

Eun Sang walks away leaving Young Do standing still in dismayed. Young looks like a lost child! That’s karma Do Do. You want the girl to like you then don’t trip and hurt her!

Myung Soo walks past and sees this. He asks Young Do what happened to Eun Sang’s uniform. Young Do said he tripped Eun Sang. Myung Soo doesn’t look impressed and asked why Young Do would pick on a girl since it wasn’t his style. Young Do replied that it wasn’t like other bullying incidents. This time he was curious about how he would feel after tripping Eun Sang. Myung Soo thinks Young Do is a little koo koo in the head and questions why Young Do doesn’t just ask her out like any other normal person instead of bothering/bullying her. Young Do tells Myung Soo to be quiet. Myung Soo suddenly realises his heroic verbal challenge against Young Do might land him in big trouble and runs off before Young Do beats him up.

Eun Sang is cleaning her school uniform in the bathroom. Bo Na who has been looking for Eun Sang gives her some clothes to change into. Awwww!!! Eun Sang thanks Bo Na. Bo Na pretends she’s not being nice and tells Eun Sang that she’s only doing it since she doesn’t want Chan Young to do it himself. Ha!! She’s cute.

Meanwhile Kim Tan is busy running around school looking for Young Do. He spots Young Do walking with Myung Soo. They look at each other like star crossed lovers! The hotties does the model strut towards each other and Tan fly kicks Young Do. Young Do gets the second shock of his life in one day. Both Myung Soo and Young Do are surprised by the Tan’s hot high kick.

Young Do quickly gets up and blocks Tan’s hit. He flips Tan to the ground. Ouch that looks painful! Kim Tan gets up and the boys exchange punches. Everyone gathers to watch the boys roll around the floor like lovers. They punch (instead of kissing) each other some more. Rachel sees this and instead of rushing to stop the boys from fighting the selfish bitch runs to look for Eun Sang. Don’t ask me about her logical thinking here! Meanwhile the boys are still damaging each other’s precious hot faces.

Eun Sang finishes changing into her gym clothes. Ye Sol rushes in and announces that there’s a ruckus going on in the corridor. Before she could finish her sentence Rachel is right behind her and grabs Eun Sang’s hair. Gahhhhh this really pisses me off! Bo Na grabs Rachel’s hand and asks if she’s crazy. Yep Rachel’s a crazy bitch for sure but Bo Na is just adorable in this episode.

Eun Sang demands Rachel to let go and talk to her. Rachel lets go of Eun Sang’s hair. Eun Sang ask what is Rachel’s problem. Rachel said that Kim Tan and Young Do are fighting because of a worthless Eun Sang! Worthless in the sense of money but Rachel doesn’t seem to know that to these boys Eun Sang is worth more than any money Rachel can dish out. The girls rush out to where the boys are fighting.

The hotties are now all bruised and battered from their love fight being separated by the students, luckily before any more damage is done to their gorgeous faces. Hyo Shin tells the boys to stop it. Eun Sang arrives and is shocked to see her property damaged! Little Miss Director arrives in her nice pink coat. She can’t believe the boys are causing trouble again. She tells them to follow her into the office.

In her office, Ji Sook angrily asks why the boys are fighting again. Young Do being a smart ass said that he was taught not to answer any questions without a lawyer. She shots him down by threatening that she will review the CCTV and determine whether she’ll contact the parents about the incident or not. Seems like Young Do doesn’t like this idea and immediately asks for a pardon. Do Do is like a kid still mighty scared of his abusive dad! She kicks them out.

In the corridor the boys continue their verbal love fight. Young Do mentioning that Ji Sook doesn’t care about Kim Tan’s injuries since he is not her son. Kim Tan retaliates by saying that at least he has a mum. Gosh these boys need to grow up! Young Do threatens he will reveal that Kim Tan is illegitimate. Kim Tan is not fazed by Young Do’s threat stating that he will not play that card since it is Young Do’s only card. There’s so much chemistry between these boys I just love it. They’re still hot even if their faces are all bruised up!

Myung Soo and the girls are sitting in his studio reminiscing about the old times when Young Do and Tan were friends. They wonder what had gone so wrong for them to hate each other so much. Ye Sol blames Kim Tan for liking Eun Sang and Bo Na sticks up for Tan saying that Young Do was the one who was out of line for his actions in the cafeteria. The girls bicker one rooting for Young Do and the other Kim Tan. Myung Soo complains that it’s hard enough without the girls arguing.

Chan Young and Eun Sang are in the library talking about the incident. Eun Sang is convinced that Young Do knows that she is on the welfare scholarship. Chan Young comforts Eun Sang saying that it or may not be that Young Do knows and it’s best that she worry about things when they happen and not beforehand.

He sweetly tells her not to worry and he’ll fight alongside her. Awwwwwwww!!! Eun Sang tells him off for mentioning fighting. Chan Young asks if Kim Tan is in her heart and whether Kim Tan likes her. He warns her that it’s more dangerous if people find out that Tan likes her rather than her welfare status. Eun Sang does not understand. Chan Young explains that the kids at school are all waiting for Tan to fall and collapse and if they can’t get him since he is the son of Jeguk they’ll target her instead since that would make him angry. This is what Young Do is doing. Well I guess this is all based on Chan Young’s analysis however he would never have thought that Young Do may be romantically interested in Eun Sang.

Eun Sang walks home and Tan is waiting for her in front of the house. He returns her phone and she doesn’t pay attention to him. He questions why she’s not concern that he’s hurt. Yeah I wonder why too! She seems perfectly normal when talking to Chan Young. I would have been heaps worried if I liked the boy! Now she looks at him worriedly noticing his injuries. He complains that he got scolded by the Director and that he might get disciplinary punishment. He tries to get her pity saying that he might get kicked out and not get his high school diploma. Ha good try buddy!!! Yet kinda cute!

She shrugs it off pretending not to care. He asks how she can not show any emotions given that he waited for her for so long. She tells him not to grab onto her, don’t block her and in the future don’t wait for her either. He grabs her refusing to let go. She begs him not to grab her since she doesn’t want to argue with him in front of the CCTV. Too late! Daddy Kim has tabs of you guys already CCTV or not. Tan gets angry at the CCTV! He gets angry at Eun Sang yelling that she never listens to him when he tells her things or warns her. Eun Sang is close to tears unable to say anything.

Kim Won arrives interrupting the lover’s rift. He instantly notices Tan holding onto Eun Sang’s hand. Gosh Won really pays attention to detail. Eun Sang shakes her hand free and walks inside. Tan calls out his hyung who just motions him to move aside. Tan asks if Won was still staying at the hotel. Won doesn’t answer his question and asks if Tan was a guard asking useless questions. Tan wants to know when his brother is coming home. Won asks if Tan wants to live in the hotel instead then. Tan reassures his brother that he has no intention of taking anything from him. Mean hyung tells Tan that he has no control over what he wants. If the Jeguk Group makes a decision for him then he’ll have to want what they want. That’s why Tan’s existence itself is a misunderstanding, a dangerous opportunity and trouble. He adds in a one last nasty comment. That’s what an illegitimate child is. Ouch that really hurts, poor my little Tan Tan. Just got into a fight with ex-buddy for a girl who doesn’t even show that she cares and now a brother he likes is hurting him with his cutting words. I just want to give Tan Tan a hug!

Won tells Tan not to tell anyone he is here and he’ll leave as soon as he grabs his things. Tan is left standing there by himself hurt, battered and bruised emotionally and physically. It breaks my heart watching these people hurting him and he keeps trying regardless!

In his bedroom Tan texts Eun Sang to tell her not to go to the wine cellar since Won will be there. Too late Won sees Eun Sang about to take the wine his mum made for him. He tells her not to take that wine but she can take any other win in the cellar. She apologises. Won says he is not scolding her. He asks if she attends Jeguk High. She replies yes. He asks if she lives here and she also replies yes. He politely greets her saying that it was nice to meet her. She says likewise and rushes out in fear.

At the hotel Hyun Joo is waiting for Won. She’s happy to see him but he gets distracted by Rachel and does not see Hyun Joo. She’s jealous and little deflated seeing how happy Won is flirting with little Rachel.

It’s nice to see Won and Rachel having a normal conversation. If only they would act this civil in front of others as well. I find it interesting that Won is more polite to females (except for Tanny’s mummy) than males. He must like them pretty and young LOL.
Rachel wonders why Won is staying at the hotel. Isn’t he too old to be rebelling? Won says he is going through adolescent turbulence because of circumstances and not age. Rachel complains that Tan must be going through the same thing. She asked if Won noticed that Tan has been fighting at school. She reveals to Won that Tan is fighting over a girl and that he wants to date her. It occurs to Won that it must be Eun Sang that Tan wants to date remembering what he saw in front of the house. He teases Rachel and asks if that girl is prettier than Rachel. Rachel is not impressed. Rachel asks if Tan is really swollen. Awwww so she does have a caring bone in her body. Hahahahaha someone please tell Won and Rachel how immature they are. They need to stop thinking about themselves! Interesting enough these two seem fairly normal when together.

At home mum is wondering what happened to Tan. Tan lies that he fell over while kicking a ball. Hahahahaha so cute! She doesn’t believe him but he insists that’s the truth. LOL gosh he is adorable! Mum tells him if he wanted to lie he should have at least made up a better lie. Tan doesn’t argue and tells mummy that he is tired and wants to sleep. He pushes her out and tells her to sleep and that he loves her. Awwwwww!!!!

Tan and Eun Sang are thinking about each other in their respective rooms. Eun Sang reminisce about the kiss. Kicking herself for not opening her mouth for the beast to envelop her lips! cr la petite Meanwhile the other side to the triangle Young Do sits in front of the convenience store thinking about Eun Sang.

Next morning Tan is up early waiting to take Eun Sang to school. Sweet and polite Tan apologises to the driver for making him get up so early and thanks him. Awwwww what a sweetie pie! Tan waits and waits but there’s no sign of Eun Sang. Tan wonders what time Eun Sang had gotten up to go to school.

At school the teacher is talking about the “The Great Gatsby.” Tan, Chan Young, Young Do and Rachel all notice Eun Sang’s seat is empty. Eun Sang has skipped class! She’s sitting on the street just watching people walk by. This scene makes me feel sad for Eun Sang – sad, confused and uncertain of what to do next.

Tan is uneasy waiting for class to finish. Tan beelines for the door as soon as the bell rings. Everyone notices this, knowing exactly where Tan was heading. LOL so cute how anxious Tan is – this boy is really in love!

The teacher calls Eun Sang’s mum but she can’t answer and tries to communicate by tapping the phone. Mum finds out that the school has rung because Eun Sang did not show up at school.
Tan tries to call Eun Sang but can’t get through. He calls Chan Young asking where Eun Sang might be. Chan Young thinks she might be at the theatre since it’s free. Tan makes a run for it!
Tan finds Eun Sang in the theatre. He sits silently behind to watch her. The movie ends and everyone leaves except for Eun Sang. She just sits there. Tan waits with her.

Eun Sang is walking along the street with Tan following behind. She stops in front of the shop where she bought the dream catcher. She remembers back to when she gave Tan the dream catcher and slightly smiles to herself at his comment about catching a pretty girl through the dream catcher. She sees Tan’s reflection in the mirror and turns around.

Eun Sang asks what Tan was doing there. Tan without answering asks if the movie was interesting. Eun Sang realises that Tan was also at the theatre. Tan wants to know why Eun Sang didn’t come to school. Eun Sang worries back about Tan not being in school since he is awaiting disciplinary action. Tan tells her to worry about herself. “You’re going to die from my hands today.” He grabs her hand, and they walk together. OMGGGG can I just die! So hot Kim Tan!

They are HOLDING HANDS! So cute but too short! As they are walking holding hands Eun Sang says to Tan: “You’re getting ruined because of me”

Tan reassures her that it is not because of her, but Eun Sang doesn’t believe him.
Tan responds: “Even so, I’m not going to let go of your hand. I’m going to keep going like this. If I keep going, you’ll be at the end of the road, right?”
Eun Sang replies: “No. I won’t be there” Tan stops and drops her hand in SLOW mode for impact! HAHAHA!!! Tan looks at Eun Sang disappointed!
Eun Sang continues: “I would have ran away by then”
Tan says: “It’s okay. I will find you.”
Eun Sang begs him not to since she has no other place to go.
Tan raises his voice: “Then what do you want me to do? I like you so what should I do!”
Eun Sang finally admits: “Me too! I like you too! But, so what! Everything I wanted, graduate from school without problems. Live confidently, even at your place. Even simple things like these are getting messed up, so what if I like you? What meaning does that have?”
Tan remains silent just staring at her. Eun Sang cuts him with her final statement. “The other kids don’t know about your complicated family relationships, right? You can’t protect me. Just protect yourself.”

Flips table! How could you say such mean things to him after declaring you like him! Poor Tanny! I know you want to protect him but it’s just too sad.

Tan is hurt and can’t respond. He turns and just walks away. Eun Sang steps forward but she doesn’t follow or stop him. She stands there and cries watching him disappear and knowing that she has hurt him with her words.

Young Do armed with Eun Sang’s entry form is looking for her old address. He locates where she used to live and confirms his suspicion that she is not new money. The old landlord tells him that Eun Sang has moved to Pyeong-Chang (known as rich neighbourhood) but she does not know the exact address. It’s interesting and nice to see how polite Young Do can be given his usual behaviour and attitude.

Hyo Shin comes home to a very cold and distant mum. His mother appears to be so rigid. I feel sad for these kids with their lives controlled by their parents. Always studying and pressured to be successful. Mum tells Hyo Shin that Hyun Joo has quit and there’s a new tutor. This new tutor does not meet Hyo Shin’s standard. Hyo Shin texts Hyun Joo for help and he gets are quick response from her. Gosh she’s so smart! I’m impressed! I like intelligent girls. Hyo Shin asks why Hyun Joo had quit so suddenly. Hyun Joo does not give him an answer and simply replies that he can continue to text her any questions in the future.

Hyun Joo is in a café and secretary Yoon comes in to meet her. She gets a last message from Hyo Shin implying that he is disappointed that she still only treats him like a student. Yoon has offered Hyun Joo a job at Jeguk and says that she can refuse if she does not want to take the job.
Hyun Joo replies knowing that when it comes to Daddy Kim ‘No’ is not an option: “I thought that too, but I know that with something like this, I really have no choice.” Yoon tells Hyun Joo that Won does not know about this. Hyun Joo asks Yoon not to tell Won yet since she wants to tell him herself.

Chan Young and Yoon are at home preparing dinner. Seeing how things are for Won and Hyun Joo Yoon is worried about Eun Sang. He asks how Eun Sang is going at Jeguk and Chan Young has not caught on yet. They playfully bicker like usual.

Eun Sang is working at the café getting ready to close the shop. Two young customers have deliberately caused trouble to ask for her number. One of the boys grabs her hand saying that he would not cause trouble if she gives him her number. She threatens to call the police. Super hot Young Do comes in and announces: “The police are here.” He kicks the guy down from his chair. The boys run away once they recognize who Young Do was.

Eun Sang does not think he is hot at all! She’s not impressed or happy to see Young Do again. Young Do arrogantly says: “If you were going to be taken advantage of, it should be by me and not by those petty bastards.” Young Do baby! You really just cancelled your good deed by merely making that statement. You really have no idea! You’re so lucky you look hot in that leather jacket!

Young Do didn’t expect that reaction from her requesting a thank you for his heroic efforts. Eun Sang flatly tells him that he is worse than those boys causing trouble. She says he is the reason she can’t go to school.
She asks: “Why are you pestering me? Why are you bothering me?
Young Do plainly replies: “I’m not pestering you. Would this be a bit bothering? I went to the house you used to live at.” Eun Sang is taken back by his comment.
He starts to list the facts about Eun Sang proving that she’s not new money. Eun Sang cuts him off and tells him straight that she’s not new money.
Eun Sang feeling tired of the threats tells Young Do: “So what are you going to do? Are you going to chase me out of Jeguk High?”
Young Do appears hurt from this and his cute yet mischievous smile disappears from his face.

He replies: “No, because I started to like you. But you don’t like me, right?” Eun Sang doesn’t answer. Poor Young Do, what do you think mate? You really think any girl would like to be treated like that? You need to be best buddies with Tanny again and learn from him real quick or else you’ll get no loving!

Meanwhile Tan is waiting for Eun Sang to come home. He checks the security camera monitor in his room to see where she could be. He sees Eun Sang sitting outside the house. As Tan is about to go down and see her he notices her mother approaching.

Eun Sang and mum are sitting and talking outside the house. Eun Sang wonders whether the school had call mum since she did not go to school today. Mum replies “Yes” Eun Sang asks mom why mum isn’t scolding her for not going to school. Mom replies: “You must have had a hard time that’s why you didn’t go to school so if I ask you about it then it may be even harder for you.” Mum comforts Eun Sang by holding her hand. Eun Sang has tears in her eyes and promises mum she will go to school tomorrow since they  had spent over $1000 on the uniform. Awwwwwww

Eun Sang returns to school the next day to stares and whispers from the students. Rachel is not happy to see Eun Sang and seethes in hatred! Eun Sang and Tan see each other in the hallway but they just kept walking without looking back.

Tan’s mum is eating when Eun Sang’s mum rushes into the room asking her to answer the phone call from the school. Tanny’s mum helps her out pretending to be Eun Sang’s mum. The teacher wants her to come to the parent meeting. Ki Ae tries to get out of it for Hee Nam’s sake saying that they have reasons that cannot be explained. The rude teacher just hangs up insisting that she must go to the meeting. So rude!!!
Ki Ae is as pissed as I am and offended by the teacher’s rudeness decides to go in Hee Nam’s place. Hee Nam warns her not to since her secret as Tanny’s mum will be revealed. Ki Ae says she’s not going to attend as Tanny’s mummy. Hahahaha she’s going to pretend to be Hee Nam.

Rachel approaches Eun Sang in the hallway. Rachel asks how much money does Eun Sang’s family have so they can put her in the hierarchy. Eun Sang tells her to stop being childish. Rachel reminds Eun Sang that she and Tan are engaged and there’s a lot of money involved so Eun Sang should not interfere. It’s a promise between two corporations that can create millions or billions in profits. OMG can someone shot Rachel in the head?
Rachel continues: “You find this childish? You are now interfering in this huge deal but you think this is childish? Now answer me. I asked you in America as well, didn’t I? Who are you?”
Eun Sang replies: “You’ll find out who I am, soon because Young Do knows.” Ye Sol overhears the conversation and is super jealous. She loves Young Do!!!

Ki Ae shows up at the parents’ meeting in style armed with a nice and rare handbag. All the rich parents are there. Ki Ae introduces herself as Eun Sang’s mom! Hahahaha gosh I love her attitude.
The parents are all shocked. They go around praising each other for good deed the rich parents have done in donating things to the school. More like showing off their wealth. Ki Ae does not want to be outdone decides she will sponsor whatever is left over for the leadership camp.
Ji Sook arrives at the meeting and is shocked and pissed to see Ki Ae there. Ki Ae starts to praise Kim Tan. Hahahaha I love her. She just couldn’t help herself. She said she’s heard so much about Tan and how handsome and tall he is with a refreshing personality. However, her smarts got the better of her when she said if she had a daughter she would want to have a son in law like Tan. Ji Sook shoots her down saying that she does have a daughter. Ki Ae escapes to the toilet. Ji Sook and her bicker in the toilet. ROFLLL

Eun Sang is getting picked on in class by Ye Sol and her friends. Ye Sol nudges Eun Sang on the shoulder demanding that she reveal what her family does to be new money. Tan is about to step in unable to withhold his annoyance any longer. However, Young Do beat him to it telling Ye Sol not to touch Eun Sang. Okay kinda sweet!!!!

Myung Soo runs into class after receiving a phone call from his mum asking about Eun Sang and her family. He announces that Eun Sang’s mum came to parent’s meeting in the nicest and most expensive car making the rest lose confidence. He also said that Eun Sang’s mum would sponsor most of the leadership camp. Tan knowing the truth is suspecting something.
Eun Sang exclaims in shock: “My mom SAID she would take care of everything?”

Esther is at her company’s photo shoot. Rachel rushes over to her demanding why she didn’t answer her phone calls. Rachel is curious about Eun Sang’s mum. Esther says that Eun Sang’s mum was carrying a very expensive and rare bag. Rachel can’t believe this!

Bo Na knowing that Eun Sang is on the welfare scholarship finds the news about Eun Sang’s mum strange. Ye Sol is busy whining about Young Do. Myung Soo wants Young Do and Tan to make up, suggesting that they need to be locked together in a closet. Bo Na thinks it’s a bad idea since only one might be alive the next day.

The hotties are supposed to clean the school as punishment but neither wants to do it. Young Do is about to leave but Tan stops him kicking the bucket to block him. Tan starts to leave. Young Do jabs at Tan asking if he is going home to see his real mum. Tan retaliates that today is the parent’s meeting so why didn’t Young Do’s mum come. He adds that he forgot she ran away. Ouchhhhhhh that really is Young Do’s weakness! Young Do is pissed. Tan reminds Young Do that he started the whole thing. Three years ago and now too!

Eun Sang is texting her mum on her way home to find out what had happened.
Tan is at home with mum and finds out that she was the one who went to the meeting as Eun Sang’s mum. He gets angry. She immediately apologizes concerned that she has made her son angry. She told him she was just curious about the kids that went to school with him and what their mothers were like. She wants to know what a parent’s meeting is like since she’s never been to one. Awwwwwww. Tan feels bad for getting angry at his mum and tells her to drink less wine since he’s worried. I love them!

The maid introduces a guest saying that it’s Tan’s friend from school. Young Do and his extremely long scarf strolls in freely smiling and saying “Annyeong Tan-ah” Goshhh he is sooo cute. If only he wasn’t such as jerk!

Ki Ae is concerned. Tan is definitely not impressed! Young Do asks for Tan’s mum saying that he should greet her. Ki Ae tries to quietly sneak away. Young Do stops her, knowing well that she might be Tan’s mum, calls her ahjumma and asks for water. Ki Ae obliges but Tan stops her and introduces her as his Mother! In your face Young Do! Tanny you made me proud! Gosh you’re perfect Tan!!! Aja Aja!

YD feigns ignorance pretending that he didn’t know since she looks different from the mother that he knew.
Tan tells Young Do to come with him before he kills Young Do! Do it Tan do it!!! Punch him!
Outside Tan and Young Do are talking.
Tan says: “I’m sorry… I didn’t know you were this much of a jerk”
Young Do replies: “Now that you know, you only need to kneel down. But I was patience in front of your mother”
Tan: “If that is what you want then you did not plan right! Choi Young Do”

OMO Young Do sees Eun Sang walking towards them and gets excited. Gosh he is such a delicious devil. Gahhhhhh I hate you Kim Woo Bin!
Eun Sang is oblivious to her surroundings.
Young Do exclaims: “I planned just right!” Eun Sang now sees Tan and Young Do standing there. Tan turns and sees Eun Sang standing there.
Young Do continues: “You live here too? I didn’t come here to do so. It’s a jackpot!”



1. Young Do’s scarf is way too long!
2. Please stop making Kim Tan wear his dad’s sweater!
3. Another hot leather jacket!!!!!!
4. Eun Sang tells him she likes him!
5. Young Do has gone too far!
6. Let’s not talk about that kiss again. At least the hand holding is cute right?

What an ending to episode 9. I think Kim Tan will be smart enough to think of a way out of this mess.
I’m really tired of the boys fighting over something that is really beyond their control. I mean I want bromance!!! Give me bromance!!! Their circumstance and dysfunctional family life should really have brought them closer. They could have actually understood each other’s pain. I don’t understand Young Do’s pettiness and stubbornness over this issue. So what if Tan’s mum is a mistress…it’s not Tan’s choice. Tan can’t even call his mum ‘mum’ in public.

Both Young Do and Won needs to direct their anger at their fathers who are the cause of their miseries and unhappiness. Actually I think this applies to Rachel as well. Rachel is angry that Tan doesn’t pay attention to her then she should tell him this. If she likes him then tell him so and stop acting like an arrogant bitch around him. I really think she had a chance but lost it. If only she had a better attitude or personality Tan would have liked her and confided in her.

What I liked about this episode is the depiction of the love that a mother has for their child particularly the similarities between Ki Ae and Hee Nam even though they are worlds apart in status and personality. Ki Ae loves her son unconditionally. She wants him to be happy and adores him to bits. She’s willing to be embarrassed and put down by Young Do if it means her son can be protected. She doesn’t like upsetting her son. Same with Hee Nam who seems to understand her daughter and gives her space when needed. Hee Nam gives support through the simplest form, a touch of comfort and understanding.

I also love the hand holding, confession and semi-break up scene. Well it can’t really be a break-up if they haven’t even started dating. That kiss does not count! I find the scene of Eun Sang walking and feeling overwhelmed by her mixed emotions really touching. I can imagine how hard it must be for her who just wants to graduate, find a job, earn enough money to look after her mum and improve her current living conditions even if just by a little. She’s got her whole future to think about but then her heart is telling her it wants something more than just that. It wants to love and embrace Kim Tan. But Eun Sang does not have the courage and confidence that she can achieve both. Well not yet anyway.

I find her admission that she likes Kim Tan quite timely but also sad because it was supposed to give him happiness and not sadness. She took away his moment of happiness by hurting him with her harsh words. I can understand that she did it to protect him but I couldn’t help but feel so sad for Tan. He tried so hard, he fought hard and all he wanted was for her to say she likes him, she believes in him and she’ll fight for him like he is fighting for her.

I just hope we see Eun Sang fighting as hard as Kim Tan when she realises how important he is to her. I want to see them united and fighting together for their happiness. I want to see Young Do and Tan to get over this childish battle and become friends again and I want to know why Young Do is so stubborn about this issue. Is there more to his story?

Lastly I want more development for Kim Won and Hyun Joo. There’s just not enough time dedicated to them so I have no comments because the writer has not given me anything to comment about!!! Give me more Wonny Kim Eun Sook!

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  1. Thanks for the witty recap.

    I was all ready to forget about the rooftop kiss given the context it came about (& how it was shot). So unromantic. But are we gonna get a repeat of an out of context (unromantic) kiss again in ep 12 based on the preview? I don’t even…..

    Why can’t she write her kiss scenes better? You have 2 people who obviously like each other, have confessed to those feelings and have squeal-worthy moments EXCEPT when it comes to kissing. I don’t get how she can mess up this part so badly.

    Well, technically, she’s also messing up a lot of the conflicts (which remain unresolved) and characters (such slow growth for everybody). Lucky I’m far too invested in Tan-ES already not to give up hope that the plot progresses faster soon.


  2. @Tombrady’s girl
    Thanks for reading it. I do agree that it is slow. I don’t mind the speed as long as they give me adequate character development. I’m definitely invested in Tan and Eun Sang like you.
    But I really want more Won and Hyun Joo. I want more development in the friendship department as well.
    I hear that there might be a kiss scene where Eun Sang reciprocates. Let’s cross our fingers and toes that there will be a romantic kiss scene that makes us swoonnnnn in envy.


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