[Drama News] Lee Min Ho, Choi Jin Hyuk and Kim Woo Bin Playing Golf Together

This is weirding me out! So the rumour is true? The love triangle has ceased and bromance will rekindle?

They really look like they are no longer in antagonistic situation in all these pictures. HOOOOORAAAAYYYYYY!!! How they make up and how it gets here, I want to know and I am dying to know! I’m sick of seeing them going up against each other because it’s too cliché these days for these sorts of story. I would rather see them use their brains and outsmart all the adults! Use that brain, wear the crowns and bear it!

Orrrr they are using golf to determine the winner to Eun Sang’s heart? Errr…. that’d be childish, guys.

What surprises me the most is Tan is standing beside Won! Again, there seems to be no love/hate atmosphere between the two in that picture! *Fingers crossed* that these two made up too…

I think we need a new stylist here. The boys are sporting miss-match Renoma Sports Wear. I know they are amazingly tall and beautiful but I don’t think they can always miraculously make everything look good on them with those horrible colours.

From Renoma Sports and Naver


4 thoughts on “[Drama News] Lee Min Ho, Choi Jin Hyuk and Kim Woo Bin Playing Golf Together

  1. Beautiful pics! I remember YD’s dad asking for a golf 4-some with Won & the 2 boys. This could be why they are together – as part of some corporate maneuver. Agree though that it is nice to see them relaxed at the course (sans tension).

    I was so psyched to see Won & Tan standing together. I’ve been waiting for this! I truly dislike the way Won’s character is written. It’s hard to emphatize with his character when you are not given a back story on his anger & bitterness towards Tan. I think having an illegitimate brother who might threaten your inheritance is not a good enough reason to be so cold & heartless towards someone who share the same blood as you. But that’s just me.


  2. They look like models! Well minus Daddy Do. Gosh so much hotness in one scene! I don’t know if my heart can handle such hotness.
    I do agree the writer needs to do more with Won’s character. Give us something to discuss or reasons to empathize with him. It would be such a waste of Choi Jin Hyuk’s acting abilities.


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