[Drama News] Kim Woo Bin and Park Shin Hye Love is in the Water

The newly released photo stills give us evil Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin) holding Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) by the edge of the pool in the upcoming episode of The Heirs! A lot of the Young Do shippers will loveeeee this stills because he is looking sizzling hot and evil in the stills. A girl shan’t love if the boy isn’t bad, eh?

That said, this scene used 4 hours to complete. Kudos to the professionalism for both of them since they have to soak themselves in the pool and complete the scenes in ice-cold water in the winter *Shivers* unless the pool is warmed up for them. Either way, let’s look forward to this scene where Young Do once again tries to impress his girl in the worse possible way and watch him getting kick into the pool by Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho), LOL! Somebody take this boy home and give him a lesson about pursuing girls, please? As for Eun Sang, the one good thing I see from the stills and preview trailer is that she isn’t carrying the ‘I am despair’ look on her so here’s to hoping we get spunky Eun Sang back!

Hmm looks like Park Shin Hye also had an accident before. Fans are worried about her soaking in cold water because winter tends to give the old injury pain… the same goes to Lee Min Ho. Fans are speculating that he uses his left foot to kick Kim Woo Bin in episode 9 because of his past injury and he has been in pain when it gets too cold. As for as things concerned, this is just a talk on the net but nothing is confirmed from the actors regarding this. Nonetheless, let’s hope everyone complete The Heirs without getting hurt or sick. Stay warm.

The boy still want to look cool when he’s all wet, LOL! That gel on your hair is really strong!

From TopStarNews